Premium 2 in 1 Extra Large Buffet Warmer & Hot Plate – 3 x 2 : the second of these that |I have purchased – great for Sunday/Christmas lunches (usually about 12 of us) and

I bought this buffet server as i have family over for sunday/xmas lunches and was fed up with the amount of time spent dishing up. This keeps the food hot and eveyone can help themselves. Unfortunately mine had a dent underneath the hotplate and the thermostat dial was very loose. One phone call and 2 days later a replacement arrived.Very pleased with the server and customer service.

A perfect addition to our coffee shop.

This has made serving meals much more relaxed as it keeps the food hot whilst busy seeing to other things and everyone can help themselves to how much they want and second helpings are still nice and hot.

This product worked really well for my wifes curry night. The 3 dishes kept really warm all evening.

Only used once so far for a family curry night, kept food warm whilst we chatted.

Ordered this on the 28th december, it arrived on the 30th. It was brilliant, thinking of buying another one.

Very nice during christmas or get togethers.

Well pleased with this item. A great asset when cooking for large number of people.

  • This was a brilliant buy! We bought it to use at an
  • the second of these that |I have purchased – great for Sunday/Christmas lunches (usually about 12 of us) and
  • Great For The Small Kitchen Family Home.

Premium 2 in 1 Extra Large Buffet Warmer & Hot Plate – 3 x 2.5lt capacity and Keep Warm Function

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Used to keep food warm for party of about 40 people ( used 2 large pots on the warmer plate as containers were too small – containers would be enough for dinner party of 10 to 12 people ).

This was used at christmas when we had friends over it worked very well.

This product is being used for family dinners, christmas etc. We have a large family, up to 18 of us meet regularly, so after using it for the first time, we ordered another one. I thought the dishes a little light, that is why i only gave 4 stars for durability, however, i have never used anything like this before, so i have nothing to compare it to and i could be wrong.

I used this to pull me out of a hole at christmas as my oven was never large enough to keep everything cooking and warm having a small kitchen i was limited to room and because my oven is one were the oven door slides in underneath the oven, it gives you even more less room in the oven. So i saw this and thought, what the hell i will give it a try and what a helping hand it gave me. I should have bought this years ago but never thought. I was able to get the christmas dinner out with ease this year and i am now looking forward to doing the same on new years day and every sunday dinner for that fact. Do yourself a favour, if you are having the same problem as i did, get one. The product itself worked like a treat and there is a temp level gauge so you can set it to your flavour. Its also very easy to clean.

This food warmer is based around the 1/3rd gastronorm size of 325 x 176mm. Each of the three container’s maximum usable internal dimensions are 300 x 150 x 60mm deep. As can be seen from my photo, the product consists of an hotplate, a frame which fits over the hotplate and three separate stainless steel containers. The containers appear to have polycarbonate lids, although i haven’t tested one to destruction to prove the point. Of course, with this arrangement, it is very easy to dispense with the frame and containers and use your own containers directly onto the hotplate. The mains power-lead is disappointingly short at 800mm (around 2ft 6ins). It powers-up ok and works so far; i’ve only had the item a very short while, so i can’t comment on its longevity.

Excellent product even though the electric cable is a little short.

We didn’t actually keep this as we purchased it as a christmas present and low and behold so did someone else, so we were asked to return ours which we did with out any hassle. The warmer looked good, decent size and substantial. I liked the fact you could use with or with out the containers it came. The returns procedure was very good, especially as this had been a christmas present bought a few weeks before and unable to return it till i got it back a week later. Great service and very understanding.

I used it once, but it is alright for me.

  • This was a brilliant buy! We bought it to use at an
  • the second of these that |I have purchased – great for Sunday/Christmas lunches (usually about 12 of us) and
  • Great For The Small Kitchen Family Home.

Premium 2 in 1 Extra Large Buffet Warmer & Hot Plate – 3 x 2.5lt capacity and Keep Warm Function

Kept vegetables and sauces warm without overheating them. Not of heavy duty durability but with a little care (especially of the plastic lids) should last well. Good value for money overall.

Highly delighted with the buffet warmer,better than i expected can’t wait for christmas day 🎄🎄🎄.

This was a brilliant buy we bought it to use at an exhibition where we needed to keep food samples hot and found it did a brilliant job. It easily kept the food above 63oc so above the food safety danger zone. It is a big piece of kit – so do check that the measurements suit what you need it for and where you hve to use it & store it before purchasing. It would be ideal for family events where you want to hold casseroles, chillies or even desserts like crumbles hot .

This the second of these that |i have purchased – great for sunday/christmas lunches (usually about 12 of us) and parties keeps food really hot easy to clean.

I liked the size of this unit. Only had it a few days so too early to confirm durability. Appears a very good purchase. The selling company would appear to be very good at customer service. Used for large family gatherings.

Wouldn’t of managed christmas dinner for 14 without it.

I bought this item for the christmas. . It came at the right time and made my dining table look posh and very presentable and kept the meals warm.

Brilliant addition to the resource for big meals. It has very generously sized trays and works very efficiently and effectively.

Great item which was very useful for keeping the food warm when we had 10 guests round for christmas dinner.

I have previously struggled when having family for christmas as there’s usually between 10 and 15 for christmas day and boxing day. I decided to try this for last year and i can honestly say it was fantastic. It just made dinner more enjoyable for myself and my daughter as we are usually the last to sit down, as others are finishing their meal. This year we were able to sit down much sooner.I was very surprised by how much veg i could put in each container too. Would definitely recommend it.

We had a friends and neighbours party at the weekend and needed something to keep the vegetables warm for the buffet. We were catering for 20 in all with cottage pie and vegetables for the mains. We used the warmer for the vegetables of carrots, peas, cauliflower and broccoli. The warmer was excellent and warmed up very quickly. We kept it on full heat and the thermostat worked well keeping everything hot. Washing was easy and the large containers were perfect. We’re ordering another for larger numbers in the future. Professional piece of kit and looks the part.

Brilliant this is the second christmas that we’ve used these for a big family christmas dinner. Essential for keeping the food warm.

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