Prestige 2-in-1 Tea and Water Kettle – we love it! it is great for TEA fans

Tea making function (not used yet). The only downsides are the fact you need two hands to fill it, one to remove the lid and one to hold the handle. I also think the straight handle which i like the look of compared to the usual curved handle makes it slightly less easy to manoeuvre. Very happy with this product overall.

Just received today after it took a while for to be dispatched. However, the item arrived in good condition. Have not started using it yet. It is all glass with metal infuser. That is what i am looking for. Dont mind having to manually pull/push down the infuser. Come with a separate cover to convert to a kettle.

I’ve had this a few months now (it comes with a 2 year guarantee) and. It looks clean, smart and simple and is the closest i could get to an all glass/steel kettle (ditching plastics wherever i can). There is a rubber or silicon seal on the base around the heating element which directly contacts the water, and the underside of the removable lid is plastic which indirectly contacts the water via steam. The pouring spout and the top section of the kettle are all steel. I can’t detect any kind of taint in the water (i don’t have a particularly sensitive sense of taste anyway, but even i noticed that water from this kettle really does taste better than water from plastic kettles). This kettle doesn’t have led lights (most glass kettles seem to) but i didn’t want lights anyway – seeing the water bubbling is a very appealing effect by itself. I have come to love being able to select different temperatures (thinking about it i have no idea how accurate the thermostat actually is, i might investigate with my meat thermometer sometime). Green tea tastes way better at 70, coffee tastes better at 90, so the thermostat definitely does something at least. The selection panel is easy to use but sometimes i have to press the start button a few times before it registers (the temp buttons work first time every time).

This by so far the best kettle in the world.

Haveonly had this kettle for a few days and have used the tea making facility. I love the ease of use and it’s overall appearence, all in all a great product.

Like the product but lid design needs to be reviewed. Lid cap was snapped off within two days of use.

If you like cheap tea bags, i advise to buy a cheaper kettle though.

At last a decent cuppa – most modern kettles just don’t boil to 100% anymore.

Here are the specifications for the Prestige 2-in-1 Tea and Water Kettle:

  • 1.5 litre capacity with 3000W high-efficiency concealed element
  • Cordless 360° swivel base power base unit
  • 4 different temeperature settings: 70C, 80C, 90C and 100C
  • Detachable lid with tea filter
  • 2 year guarantee

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Would buy again
  • Lid design
  • I love this kettle