PREUP Electric Glass Kettle – 1 – All you need

Modern, match my home decor with its glass surface. Not only that, but it can keep the water warm at any time i want, winter, or morning coffee. Really coordinate my life style.

I’m a massive tea drinker, so having a quick boil kettle is essential. It’s not mentioned that much in reviews, but i bought it and 100% do not regret it. The lights in it are admittedly a novelty, but is still pretty cool. It’s really easy to use, it’s quiet and it’s super fast. I don’t know what more you’d want in a kettle. Also the water filter near the lip is really useful too, especially in uk where i live with the hard water.

Probably a bit quick off the mark with the last review. My mum has got fed up with the constant annoying beeping that others have mentioned, so she’s told me to send it back.

I love this kettle, best i’ve had by far , really controllable with the heat settings could perhaps be a bit quicker boiling but i wouldn’t swap it.

Bought this kettle for my new semi renovated kitchen. A lot of additional options, but i need it mainly for boiling water. Most importantly to me, is that it keeps the water hot.Quiet enough, overall it is nice, easy to use and convenient kettle.

Fab kettle, really eye catching and fancy in the kitchen. No problems with limescale as many people warn about glass kettles. The temperature control saves on continuously re boiling the kettle water so a great gadget indeed.

Very pleased with this kettle. It holds plenty of water, boils quickly and i love the keep warm feature. Two metal rings keep the limescale from ending up in the cup and it has a dealing feature that i have yet to try. The design is modern and attractive.

Took it out to have a look only because it’s a xmas present.

Compared to my old kettle, this is sophisticated and different. I thought it would not switch off and thought the automatic switching off function did not work. It does take a long time to auto switch off but would normally be turned off manually anyway. I bought it for the safe non toxic materials it is made from. . But also very pleased with how it performs. Quick to boil and not noisy.

I really needed one cos my previous one stopped working.

Lovely new kettle which compromise design, new features and functionality. It is nicely illuminated and looks well in the kitchen it also has different options to set temperature as required starting from 40 degrees up to boiling.

This kettle is all your really ever gonna need. You really don’t always need to go for advertised brands because for example this is absolutely up to standards with them and is for a cheaper price too. Would be recommending to a lot of people.

Only annoying feature is it beeps every time you put on, remove or put pot back. Here are the specifications for the PREUP Electric Glass Kettle – 1:

  • 🌄【Double-wall & heat-resistant design】The double wall design is highly resistant to thermal insulation. The outer plastic layer provides touch security and collision protection, ensuring that no BPA consumption is absorbed by the FDA approved internal glass. Ergonomic handle, soft touch and intimate angle. The opening of a button can be operated with one hand. Stainless steel border, separate base, 360 degrees to place.
  • 🌄【Visualization of cooking】The fully transparent body allows you to see the state of the pot at a glance. Tap water contains calcium and magnesium ions, which become limestone after heating. The scale hidden in the pot during cleaning is often overlooked. The thread of the anti-lock spout filter, the scale of the impurities is easily removed.
  • 🌄【Variable temperature control】This electric kettle can adjust the temperature according to the needs of different drinks. There are the following states: Boiling, MILK (40 ℃ / 104 ° F), TEA (70 ℃ / 158 ° F), STERILIZATION (80 ℃ / 176 ° F), COFFEE (90 ℃ / 194 ° F), DECHLORINATION (100 ℃ / 212 ° F). Food grade 304 stainless steel heating plate, fast heating, corrosion resistance, no rust, easy to clean, even heat.
  • 🌄【Large capacity, easy to boil】1.7 liter capacity, the whole family can share together; 1650 watts of power, fast boiling water does not wait. The thermostat allows each drop of water to boil completely, preventing only half of the water from boiling. Water is on, auto power off, dry burn, auto power off. Once removed from the 360 degree rotating base, the kettle is wireless and has an insulated bottom.
  • 🌄【After-sales warranty】Excellent customer service, due to quality and product safety issues, we offer unconditional money back guarantee and a 30-day quality guarantee. PREUP is confident in the quality and safety of its products. If you have problems with the products before and after the sale, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to solve for you, so you can buy and use with confidence.Also we provide 1 year quality warranty, and 24h friendly customer service and email support. Her

Just perfect for brewing green tea. Easy to see and clean the inside because of its glass body and large lid.

I love the product, it is the same as the pic and it came just in time. I would recommend this product to others. It works really nice, it was worth buying this product. Also the seller was really kind amd helpful, loved her attitude towards customers.

Looks good but the instruction manual is not very clear. I have to keep turning it off at the main switch because sometimes the kettle will switching itself on randomly especially if it has been used on different temperature settings.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • functional and modern
  • All you need
  • Very stylish kettle with variable temperatures for different teas