Projector – but good value.

Very good product for its price been impressed of its quality. Ours got faulty unfortunately but the seller was very prompt in solving our issue.

Very pleased with this product excellent qualety. Would recommend this for home use.

My first 720p projector, needed one for my side table to project on a wall 2. 95 it is the cheapest 720p projector out there. It comes with lens cap, keystone adjustment, focal ring. Quality is great as i can read the subtitle text without issue. I don’t use the ir remote control or viewing capability of the projector as my content coming from h95+ tv box, hence during my review i only use the power on/off button once i’d set the source to be hdmi and bump up the volume to 100%. It is the only projector i come across that supply vga cable. The only issue i got is the fan noise. As the side table just next to me, i can hardly ignore the noise.

 i’ve been looking for a projector for while but they were always too expensive. Now you can get a good quality one for less than £150it was a little hard to pick one because many of them on amazon appear to be the same: around £100 with 4-star ratings. Well, i can assure you this one is a good purchasethe picture quality is only about dvd quality but that is overshadowed by the spectacle of a 100-inch screen in my opinion. You can get a high-quality picture from other devices but you’ll have to spend hundreds more and get a proper screen. This picture looks pretty good using just my wall. Streaming devices like chromecasts and roku’s work. You can also easily connect modern and old video game consoles thanks to the hdmi and av inputs. Games look great too but a game with a lot of movement like fifa will be a tad blurrier than on a tv. Luckily the fan isn’t too loud and the speakers overpower it. You can easily connect other speakers to the projector, though, which i recommend. The projector comes with a remote that allows you to control all the functions easily. You can also use the buttons on the projector for setting up your program and the projector mounts to a tripod if you have one, and have left it on for several hours with no overheating issues whatsoever. Overall i am pleased with my purchase and would recommend this projector if you’re looking to get started.

 first and foremost, this projector has exceeded every expectation i had before ordering it. It used to be that you needed to spend £300+ to get a projector with this kind of performance, so £145 (as of writing) is a bargain. I can’t see any other projectors in this price bracket with so many lumens, so this is a bright projector for its price. The projector comes with composite cables, a vga cable, a hdmi cable, a remote, a cleaning cloth and an instruction manual. Setup is easy, connect up the power and input cables and switch the projector on. Use the remote to select the correct input. There is an adjustable foot at the front used to raise the height of the projection, a knob at the back used to adjust the tilt of the projection and the lens at the front can be rotated to focus the image. In daylight, the image is visible but colours are somewhat washed out. With the blind shut and the lights on the picture is a bit better. In darkness (blind shut and lights off) the projection is fantastic, it looks like i’m watching on a massive tvthe fan noise isn’t too loud, it’s not annoying or over the top.

I got this bought for me for xmas and it’s excellent. Plug my firestick straight into the hdmi with bluetooth connection speaker and i’ve got an instant cinema experience. From 3 metres i’m getting 10ft wide clear/sharp projection, see attached photo. . I’d definitely recommend, superb for the price.

The customer services from wimius-uk has been exceptional, they couldnt have done more with any queries i have had. The project gives a great picture and the high lumens means i can watch it in the day or night. Really pleased and wouldnt hesitate to use them again.

This is the second projector i purchased after returning the first. The main reason behind the change, was this projector includes zoom controlthis projector works well and is great value for money. Performs very well and connects to my pc and xbox easily. Reasonably quiet fan but is still audible. I have this set up in my living room and its fine to watch tv even at a low volume. The best feature is the ability to zoomzoom feature:one of a key features i required was the ability to easily control the size of the screen. The remote control lets you select different zoom modes with approximately 16 different sizes. This is perfect for matching the screen size to your requirementsplease see the attched images.

Good product, excellent picture and easy set up. Fan is a little noisy but acceptable, but you will need good speakers as the sound from the built in speaker is not great. Overall im very satisfied with the product and would recommend it for the price.

Poor lamp power and focusing not so good as my previous projector.

The projector works fine the only issue is the noise it makes.

 it’s kind a big , but it was worth it. This home theatre video projector is a great value, for its price n specs. I had low expectations for the this one here since i never had any experience in the past. After using it for a few days, it is way beyond anything i could have thought. The only con is, you have to move the projector to make the picture bigger or smaller. Overall it is not a big deal and can be overlooked for the price and picture quality. Basically it is very easy to use, you just plug in, and that is it. Just a little tricky to sort it out the screen. You can adjust pretty much everything from the projection size, the audio, the frame and the brightness from the remote. Also to mention, you need a connect a sound bar.

Had it a few months now and found it a great item for the money. I have a 10 ft screen and it looks great. So much so my mates all want one and they have big expensive tvs 500 to 1000 pound. Projector 145 screen 25 projector mount 20 a no brainer really. Either watching kodi or xbox360 its a must in fact gaming with 4 people split screen is something to see, aswell as no arguments over who is wherenot when you all have a 5ft screen each. I held off reviewing it because i wanted to give it a run for its money and it has done everything i asked it too do and more. I paired it with a panasonic surround sound off gumtree for 40 pound. 145 quid just buy it enough said.

For the price and output of 720p with zoom function this projector is fantastic. I had previously purchased another make/model for around half the price but returned and purchased this one instead, and i am really glad it did. The picture and sound quality meet my needs and i have recommended this product to my friends. I have watched normal tv programmes and films from sky q and bluray, and also films from a usb drive. I really like the zoom function on the remote (11 settings) which allows you to reduce the size of the image. This means for me that i can have the projector at the back of my room on a table, and reduce the size to the wall space i want. Without this function due to the size of my room, i would have to have the projector closer to the projected space, which would be inconvenient. For the price and quality i would recommend to anyone with a budget of under £150.

Works well but can’t find a bluetooth function to run through external speakers, but good value.

There was a fault on this product as it wouldn’t produce any audio. The product was returned without a problem. However, setting up for using the product was very straight forward.

The main thing that took me by surpise was the picture quality. For the value and size of the product, the quality is brilliant. As with all projectors, the quality is best when the room is dark. I wasn’t expecting too much from a projector at this price, but it’s fantastic.It supports every type of media you can throw at it and projects a crisp, sharp image on to any smooth surface.

 short version===========a brilliant performing mid range projector offering outstanding visual content whether it is a movie, including animations, or a document with text and images. Having a multitude of inputs, both analogue and digital, means its versatility lends itself well to many applications. Features such as ceiling mount compatible and remote control means that it can be permanently fixed in to place at a height and controlled without any issues. Build and presentation==================the device itself is what you would expect from such a projector at this level of spec and price. It is well made and has a reassuringly solid feel to it. I like the black gloss casing although a bit of a finger print magnet when fixed in to place and out of reach won’t suffer from grubby prints being left from wandering hands. Like most projectors on the top of the unit are various menu control buttons with the buttons themselves having a firm click to them, this i finds help prevent accidental key presses when thumbling aorund in the dark, plus also gives an idea that they should last well if manual operation is likely to be a regular method of operating the projector. In addition to the built in controls there is the remote. The remote itself is a good size with it being similar to many tv remotes with it having a good selection of mode or feature buttons making operation simple enough. Unlike lesser priced or spec models, the infra red remote receiver is located on the front as opposed to the rear or side which is the ideal given that the permanent location for the projector is to be at the back of the room behind any users.

It is brighter than the other 3200 lumens budget projector i bought. Whilst you can hear the fan again it is better/quieter than the other projector. I project onto a 100′ screen and it works well. I think if you are buying a budget projector then this is well worth a look.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great mid-range projector
  • Fantastic Product, Great Price, Excellent Picture
  • easy to set up

 i recently bought an xbox console for my kid (though me and my partner also seem to be playing a lot of games on it) – but didn’t want to connect it to our main tv. Initially thought of buying another tv but wanted to save space and bought this projector instead. This projector is very compact and has good lumens (required for projecting videos in even moderately lighted rooms). For the price, you get good connectivity options – 2 hdmi inputs (a good cable is included), red / yellow / white analog inputs (cable included), vga input (again, cable is included). The remote is full function and you don’t need to touch the projector to operate it at all. The projected video is very clear (see the video i uploaded from a game on the xbox – the character moves from the shade to the sunlight and you can see both scenes clearly – though my cell phone doesn’t do justice to the projected video). This projector comes via prime (so no waiting), and is securely packaged – can be gift wrapped directly if required.

Excellent product and service for the price.

Excellent product, excellent aftersales team. This is incredible for watching films, normal tv and playing games. The resolution is good enough to connect a pc through it too. The speakers are better than i imagined they would be, the output is bright enough to be viewed during the day with just the blinds closed.

There is a lot to like about this projector. It’s not going to be amazing at this price point. It is 720p and bright enough and cam with an hdmi cable. Not as noisy as others i have tried. Worth a try – however if you will use a projector regularly and can afford a higher price point i would spend more for a higher specification.

 the wimius ‘projector, video projector hd 3200 lumens portable led projectors 1080p 1280*800 multimedia home cinema theater for games and parties support pc laptop smartphone xbox tv box(black)’ is a fantastic projector that will make your tv look small. The wimius t4 projector has a display from 60 to 150 inch which is brilliant for games and films. For the best viewing quality, it’s best to use this in a dark room, outdoors at night but usable in an ambient room – best to draw the curtains or blinds. If you’d like a projector good enough for a home cinema at a reasonable price, this is the one to buy. With its 1080p quality, powered by a led bulb making the display 20% (3200 lumens) brighter than the avarage mini projectors, while saving power, why would you not like it?this is a low powered, durable and energy saving projector that you are able to mount using its screw mounts and play games, movies/tv shows or display pictures onto an entire wall with excellent quality. The remote control has a simplistic design and works at a decent range and has everything on there that you need. The menu is easy to navigate, there are also 2 hdmi ports which you don’t see on many low cost projectorsthe only thing that can be considered a bad point is the noise from the cooling fan, however it’s not hard to overcome with its in built speaker or external speaker(s) and i’ll take a well working cooling fan over an overheating projector any day. The contents of the box includes:• av cable• hdmi cable• lens cloth• power cable• projector• remote control• user manualit comes with a 1 year warranty and great customer service, should you ever need it. I tried this out on an old curtain as i did not want to buy a large projection screen untill i knew that the projector was going to work the way io wanted it to,now i know it does i shall be investing in a decent screen to watch my movies on. I would recommend this projector to anyone wishing to upgrade to a large screen whether it be for playing video games, watching sport or movies.

Takes a lot of setting up and its hard not to have slightly blured corners without spending ages making very tiny adjustments its got to be very level and square to the wall but the sound quality is great, i was a bit concerned when i first turned it on because it was very very loud but it must have good noise reduction because its almost as quiet as my last projector once its connected to an output.

Ok but not quite up to what im used to,, ok for a first one though :-).

Very fast delivery to, when i received was very surprised me, so small and light, and then immediately try in the living room, the picture is very clear, the sound quality is very awesome, i don’t need take my children to go to the cinema anymore , at home you can feel like you are in a cinema. It’s really wonderful and perfect.

Great service and product from this seller.

Needs darkish room but that’s to be expected.

Easy to set up and will be used to bring back memories for my wife’s 50th after converting cine to dvd.

Nice movie pic quality at this price range. Only downside is fan noise as mentioned by others.

Uk/dp/b06zyxtqd7/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0 i bought this projector to be used with an outdoor projection screen, we held an outdoor party,it was a pleasant surprise for us. 3200 lumens for bright picture as a rear projection,the image of this projector is crisp. We’ve have watched a dozen or so shows/movies so far, but i love how easily it connects to our tv (and thus: iphones/ipads), dvd player, and laptop.