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The most important thing is to perfectly place the projector. It has good image quality, full hd is seen perfectly. Many options to get a good screen. Very fine color and sound options. Good connectivity, good internal sound, perfect handling with its control, not very noisy and dissipates heat well.

Have been thinking about buying projector for some time. Looked at a few reviews and found that this was the best. Have also used it outside although bright could still see the picture. We use it for family film nights and love it.

I gave 5 stars for this projector only because in this price range i think is the best. Of course you can’t compare mercedes with toyota but:the sound is more than ok for a 40sqm room. I’m using it only for movies. The quality of image is good but i’ve seen better but for this price?just grab itthe only annoying thing i find is the cooler noise. This fan is blowing a little bit noisy,but you can take it. Very well packed, send it straight away, i was impressed. If you are tight on your budget and you are looking for something under £200 this is the onegood luck.

I never owned a projector so didn’t have much idea about buying one. Reviews and the product specifications do help and hence i started reading reviews of different projectors before i made to decision to buy wimius p18 video projector hd 4000 lumens led projector. I ordered the projector on saturday and it was delivered to me on sunday. The projector came well packed. Once unboxed, connected it to the mains and it was ready to project movies and pictures. The projector comes with 1 ubs port, 2 hdmi port, 1 audio in, 1 audi out, 1 pci-rgb abd s-video input. Accessories provided are 1*av cable, 1*hdmi cable, 1*power cable, 1*vga cable, 2in1 av cable, white remote control, lens cover, 1*lens wiping cloth. Connected the chromecast via hdmi port and i was projecting movies from netflix. The pic quality was brilliant.

The picture quality is great on netflix and movies, so don’t be worried about the blurriness in the corners when you initially plug in your laptop and are going to netflix or your movie. I don’t have a projector screen; my walls are pretty close to white so i didn’t really see the need. Even so, colours are very rich. I’ve had this for a few weeks now and use it almost daily and it’s great.

Adjustable focus meant that even though my room was small i could get it to display clearly on the wall, a bit heavier that expected, it generates a lot of heat but is quieter that other projectors ive used.

I was very happily surprised at the quality of this unit. We use it to watch movies outdoors and it fits the bill perfectly. The projector itself is very compact so it takes up very little room. The speaker is decent so if you don’t have speakers available, you can get by with the onboard one. The projector is bright and detailed. The image is detailed and evenly bright across the screen. Very happy with how easy it was to set up and how versatile it is. So far it works with anything on my computer.

A valuable product to buy, it will save me in a long term to go to cinema, just need a projector and a netflix. The control of the project is really easy, with a remote control and the controller within itself. The picture quality is perfect as good as we watch in cinema. Sound quality just average compare to my boss speaker, so i have to plug in with my boss speaker to watch movies. Super love the feeling of home cinema.

  • Fantastic Projector – Brilliant Pictures, Worth the buy
  • Fantastic
  • Fantastic Value Projector

Projector,WiMiUS P18 Video Projector HD 4000 Lumens LED Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Theater Projector Support 1080P HDMI VGA AV USB for Home Entertainment, Party and Games (Black)

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Bought this as a present for my son so he could play his ps4 through it. Very surprised by how good this is. Good image from it at different sizes and easy to set up and use. I’m very impressed with the quality for the price i paid.

Bought this projector for my family have to say im really happy with my purchase the picture is really bright clear giving a huge picture on the opposite wall and very happy with the sound quality has a built in led lamp which can last weeks it has two hdmi connections allow conection to tv and computer at the same time. It has a high resolution and a high display quality even when you have your light on you can watch this very clearly. It is a great buy very pleased with this purchase at a great price good size and durable.

At first, i purchased the projector for gaming. I was disappointing as the quality was very good for watching films at 1080p. However, the gaming wasn’t as good quality. My projector seemed to be slightly faulty so i was contacted by the customer service department after my original review of 2 stars. We managed to have an agreement on a deal which i gladly accepted. By far, one of the best customer service teams i have ever metoverall, do not buy this projector primarily for gaming if you are a gamer. You will notice the difference compared to watching films. However, the projector is amazing for watching films.

Good: picture is very good, though you need to place the projector horizontally. With keystone correction i couldn’t get it to focus. Brightness great, led supposed to last a long time. Price is fantastic for this. Not so good: fan a bit loud, focussing on my possible on horizontal, no fixing mount included (hardly surprising for the price). For this price, the negatives are negligible. Summary: for a cheap projector this is really good. Only had it two days, so not sure about longevity.

Bought this projector after having returned a dearer wifi one. Super happy with this purchase. Now i get it why they say that hardware alone is not enough to make a high quality product. I’ve seen alternatives with same or better hardware at the same price range, but the overall experience was poor*colour* the colours are really clear. Resolution is quite enough to create a stunning cinema effect. *brightness*image is really bright even with the lights on: it takes it a minute to get into full strength*keystone*it’s not an obvious but important component, especially not obvious to those who haven’t used projectors in the past: depending on the tilt of the projector, output image gets distorted. With this make/model it’s really easysoundhad a problem with initial projector i was sent but got in touch with helen at wimius and she replaced the projector straight awayexcellent customer service.

Everything about this projector speaks quality. So pleased with the unit especially after being totally disappointed with previous units. It’s not a fair comment to say its a budget projector given the sharpness lighting sound and aesthetics build of the set. No input for micro sd card but had an adapter for usb so happy days. Highly recommended for anyone trying to sift through all the reviews and jargon which one to buy or even upgrading.

I have it set up about 4 meters away from the wall and mounted on the ceiling and it’s a 200” image and is perfect. I have set up a tivo box and ps4 to it, it plays perfectly in hd and the sound quality is also brilliant. Completely exceeded my expectations and when i had a question in regards to mounting it, the customer service response was fast and helpful. (the pictures do not due the image quality justice).

This projector is amazing, i was able to use it on a bare white wall just for testing it out. The quality is simply amazing, the packing was perfect. This will make our family movie nights awesome. I would purchase the product again for a separate room or even for my office. Shipping speed was on point as well :).

  • Fantastic Projector – Brilliant Pictures, Worth the buy
  • Fantastic
  • Fantastic Value Projector

Projector,WiMiUS P18 Video Projector HD 4000 Lumens LED Projector 200″ LCD Home Cinema Theater Projector Support 1080P HDMI VGA AV USB for Home Entertainment, Party and Games (Black)

I’m really pleased with this projector. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now i’ve had no problem at all with it. Good image quality, i am using an 100 inch 1080p pull up screen, it still amazingly clear. Noise level of this projector was not too bad. The results from this projector are amazing and when you consider the cost of a tv with an equivalent screen size it is great value for money.

We have always wanted something easy to setup to have movies under the stars in the summer time for our family and this did not disappoint. We have this setup on our back deck and have used it for a couple days. Ridiculously easy setup, the picture is bright and has incredible clarity. I have the audio running through a theater setup but tested the speakers that are built into the unit and can say they are great given their size. Overall i would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a projector that won’t break the bank but still provides superior quality.

I purchased this as a projector to use on my cousins wedding now i am using it at my bedroom. Weight isnt that heavy and easy to carry around. Design is great and love the white color. The manual focus is great and can be adjust easily. The instructions in manual is easy to follow. It connects well with my hdmi to computer or other gadgets. It has its own speaker though its not that loud but enough to use in a regular size room. I am using a separate speaker and can easily connect to it which is amazing. The quality of the videos is awesome which make it totally worth the price of me buying it.

Worked straight from box,come early,well packed. Picture quality very good and i am so pleased with it. Very useful providing you don’t require subtitles, some text may appear hard to read but picture makes up for it.

I think i got a perfect home projector. It feels no different from the cinema. I can watch european movies in bed.

This is a fantastic projector i was slightly worried that the quality would be poor because of it’s bargain price, i was wrong, i’ve paired it with a 100′ screen and the picture quality is awesome for family film nights (dvd’s and prime on a firestick) it is produces a cinema quality picture. My kids use it for gaming and are equally as impressed with the hd picture with no lag or blocking / juddering. Sound quality is surprisingly good from the built in speakers with effective surround-sound available on the audio menu which easily fills our small cinema room. The slight fan noise is quickly lost in the speaker output. The remote control is simple but effective, the instruction book is pretty basic, but setting up the projector was a doddle. I didn’t have to use the supplied cables but everything need to get you going is provided in the box. Item arrived quickly, and a query with customer services was answered quickly and effectively. Overall i am very pleased and impressed with this projector and for the price i would highly recommend.

This is a good solid projector, if you are on a budget but want to enjoy large screen sharp movies at home i would say this is a good one. The picture is pretty sharp, 720p provides a hd experience, easy to operate and fairly compact. Worked fine for me straight onto a light coloured wall. You need there to be a dark room to get best results. And i would recommend a separate sound system for the best sound effects. Led light source means this should last as long as any good television out there.

Can really see the difference between my old 1800lumens projector with this 4000 lumens one. The video quallity is crystal clear, i couldn’t see any pixels, very pleased as it’s for watching movies at home for my family. Kids are enjoying it as i turned our spare room into a little cinema room. Just have to buy now a holder mount so i can fix it on the ceiling. The price is excellent, ive seen same specs which has a higher price so this is really value for money. The projector is well constructed.

 i ordered through non-prime and the product arrived much quicker than they stated. Having used the projector for over a week, i am very happy with my purchase so far. The main feature is that it performs like the high end projector in terms of the picture quality for an absolute bargain of a price. You can see from my video that i took it intentionally on a half-lit environment yet the image details are stunning and very comfortable to look at. The sound quality is great too, but i would recommend using an external speaker to match the quality of the images. It does produce some sound but i don’t have any complaints for this price. In the box, you can expect the usual cables plus hdmi and dvi cables which is very generous. There is also an instruction manual with clear diagrams and english, but its already easy to operate so i didn’t even read the manuals. So far, i am really enjoying this product and i would definitely recommend this product to everyone else.

This is our first projector and we’re very impressed with the picture and the sound. We have this in our bedroom as we don’t have he room or the money for a big screen tv. The fan is quite noisy but you soon blank it out when you get watching something. Would recommend especially for the price.

Absolutely brilliant picture even with well light room.

Bold pictures, images appear real and original, the projector design is attractive and very portable to carry, the features of the machine are not complicated, self explanatory and easy to operate.

Projector is very easy to use. The interface is easy to understand and navigate through and the instructions are direct and helpful. The picture and sound are both fabulous and is true 1080p ,no issues at all.

I bought this for my kids for watching cartoons because of the price but researching other ones on amazon for the same price i found that this this one had the best spesifcations over other ones in this price range, when it came and i tried it i was blown away by the picture quality and believe it or not the sound, most projectors you would need an additional sound bar and the room would need to be dark to see a picture but believe me i had the lights on in the room and projecting the picture on to a cream wall and picture was still absolutely fenominal, only thing i can say is if you are looking for a projector and don’t want to spend close to a thousand pound then don’t underestimate this one you will be blown away just like i was, the overall performance it can deliver for this price is unbelievable, well done wimius for delivering an amazing projector for an unbelievable price.

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