Prop Ideas for Your Blog Photography

I’m forever looking for new ways to improve my blog photography and recently shared with you guys some ideas of how you can get your hands on free backdrops for your blog photography. In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you my ideas for fun props you can add to your photographs to help spice them up a little and add personality.Hair Care Routine

You may have seen this photo on the blog recently and that’s because it belongs to my hair care routine post. You see those glistening, little silver stars dotted around everywhere? Just think, how dull would this photo look without them there? I’ve started out with this prop idea because it is quite simply the cheapest and quickest way of adding a little character to any photo. This box of silver star confetti* is by Talking Tables, who are predominatly a partyware company, but everything they stock is just pure home heaven.Freya Necklace
One department on their site that they rock is the Tableware section. I’m a coaster hoarder and just love any kind of coaster. Don’t ask why, because I don’t have a reason other than, ‘I simply love them’. So to my delight when I opened up their parcel, I found 6 of these Gold Marble Coasters* which are displayed in a neat stand for easy storage. Better yet, if you flip them round you will find a grey and gold stripe pattern as an alternative design. How cool is that

I’m not quite done here though, as in the background you will also see some bright, un-focused spots of light and they are the Talking Tables Table Lights*. Now, when I first saw these I just thought, ‘Ooh, fairy lights!’, because who doesn’t love fairylights? I’ve even done my very first DIY post on how you can build a fairy light photo collage in just a few simple and cheap steps!

However, with these lights I read ‘Table Lights’ and was like, ‘Hmmm’. They are operated by 3xAA batteries (not included) and make the perfect background prop. If you’re photographing some close-up macro shots like so, these make the perfect addition for the background to help break the image up a little. I also like the subtle reflections I’ve managed to achieve in the front of the image, which were unintentional – but that’s always the best way! I’m thinking these lights will be used a hell-alot for my Christmas-themed posts, don’t you?Honeycomb Garland by Talking Tables


Got a bigger prop to photograph? The vast majority of photographs I take for this blog are smaller flat lay-style images or close ups of products, never anything big such as home decor – other than my DIY fairy light photo collage I did a while back. For those who are more DIY inclined or do bigger projects that involve photographing larger spaces, you may be on the lookout for some decorative pieces to fill in the blanks. This is where I love this Honeycomb Garland* filled with pastel pinks, purples, yellows and blues. I have high ceilings which means the area by my TV is just bare, but with a rented flat I don’t want to do anything too drastic, which is where this garland comes in handy.Rose Gold Polka Dot Paper Treat Bags


Can we take a moment to admire how beautiful these rose gold polka dot treat bags* are? If you are a food blogger, or post the occasional recipe here and there, these would be ideal for the smaller treats; say mini dougnuts, brownie slices or perhaps some homemade cranberry biscuits! I’ve stuffed the bag full to brim with mini Flumps (marshmallows) – because everyone should have a big bag of these in their cupboards – and you can see how pretty they make any photo!Tropical Paper Plate Set and Marble Napkins


The Flumps have made another appearance, but they were out so why not? These tropical pattern paper plates* are the coolest thing ever, with their non-traditional hexagon shape they make a modern twist to any party spread. As for the folded-out napkins, this is a duo set of long napkins* in the beautiful white and gold marble and also the grey and white striped napkins with a random metallic strip. I just love how contemporary these part accessories are!Gold Ribbon Set


Oh ribbon, I do love thee. The last item I found hiding at the bottom of my parcel was a barrel (not quite the size of a barrel) of 4 different gold and beige coloured ribbons. These aren’t your traditional silk-like ribbons, but instead you have: a wavy metallic ribbon, this gold sequin-like ribbon, the beige feathery ribbon with gold strands within it and also a standard gold ribbon for the simpletons.


What do you think of all these prop ideas? Which is your favourite?