PSB M4U1 Headphones – Baltic Grey : Wow! I believe these have got everything.

When i bought these i slapped myself too because i previously owned a pair of £350 (if i remember right) beats studio pros and these sound considerably clearer. They have a bit less bass but its still powerful. They are sturdier, the cables are very well built and the cups are very comfortable.

Just to be sure,- let me say wowseriously – i cannot imagine that for this price you will get any better headphones. You’d probably have a hard time fining better ones at any price below 500. Sound: big sense of space for closed back headphones. A space in which you can clearly spot the location of any given instrument. For example – if there is bow noise on a string, you will hear it distinctively and a cello is not just a warm smooth sound but a smoky vibration of thick strings on a big wooden body. Are these headphones neutral?. Yes i think so, but don’t ,mistake neutral for dry or less fun here. They simply don’t seem to emphasize neither bass, mids nor heights on their own, without asking the music.

I’ve had these for just over a year and i truly enjoy the music and any sound i throw at it. I’m by no means an audiophile, just someone who wants to enjoy a good sound at a reasonable cost. And note: good recordings from spotify hi-quality / tidal hi-fi / and rips at mp3 320 / aac256 / flac all the same to me. Sources:after a couple of days break in it went from good to great. And once i added the dac magic xs to the laptop and more recently the oppo ha-2se (to all sources), the sound was lifted further. Using sources as the laptop (with its better than average dac), to a fiio x5ii, to a galaxy s7. Music ranging from a mix of mp3 320, aac 256 and flac; diverse genres classical (from strings to symphonies, no arias), metal, rock, pop, instrumentals, all are so well presented by these its a joy to listen. (even older very compressed music do better than ever before). Movies sound output from headphone socket on my roku 3 is also nothing shy of staggeringprevious main headphone / sound and comfort comparison:my previous headphones were the akg 550 which i loved and were unfortunately destroyed by a toddler diving on the.

I listen mostly to classical music and the sound here is neutral and just great. The earpads are very good at keeping out noise from the outside.

Wouldn’t buy the active version (which needs batteries) as these are well loud enough to have your gp warn you about becoming deaf at an early age. Amongst the best headphones i’ve ever heard. They even give you spare parts with the purchase.

I’ll try and make this short but detailed:sound quality: incredible. Have you ever pressed your over-ear headphones tighter against your head, improving their sound greatly, and then thought ‘man, i wish they sounded like that all the time. ‘ well that’s exactly how the m4us sound. In fact you can’t actually improve their sound by pressing them tighter against your head. Like one of the other reviewers my main headphones before these were the sennheiser hd202s. Those headphones are great for the price, however i began to long for something more, something i couldn’t quite put my finger on. Then, after about a year, the senns broke (cable issue) and i had an excuse to upgrade. Without going into a long story about my amazing journey from then to now, i ended up deciding between these and the hp100s by soundmagic. Firstly, what the hd202s lacked that i couldn’t put my finger on before was separation, soundstage, imaging and timbre, as well as balance and clarity (so pretty much everything except bass). The m4us deliver beautifully in all said areas and have certainly fulfilled that longing.

I bought these about 2 months ago, and have given myself a while to get used to them (i use them daily, around 6-8 hours a day) and so have got quite a bit of use out of them now; so i’m hoping my review will be of use to whoever reads itfirst, sound quality:i switched to these from a cheap pair of sennheiser 202’s, which were great for the money, but obviously not comparable to the likes of these. Before buying these i’d also listened to competing products and pretty much all ranges of headphones, from at m50’s to sennheiser 600’s to (yes, i know, fashion accessories) beats by dr dre. These blow all of the aforementioned out of the water in terms of audio fidelity. I’m going to be clear and not sugar coat the fact, however, that these are not what you’re looking for if all you’re interested is an ‘exciting’ or ‘punchy’ sound. These do sound fun, don’t get me wrong – but they don’t do anything to the music. Literally, they have a completely flat frequency response and audio reproduction. For audiophiles and people like myself who want to hear things how they were produced and meant to be heard, not through some equalizer, these headphones are a dream come true. I’m not exaggerating my statement when i say these headphones make you want to listen to every song in your music library all over again, because you hear new things you’d never known existed in the songs before, and just in a completely different way. (assuming what you’re listening to is well produced and a good quality copy.

Comfortable, clear and ergonomically terrific. Highlights:* separate cables with non proprietary connectors. * option to connect to either side (so useful)* many cables supplied in pack* easy, but solid, folding* nice case.

  • Wow! I believe these have got everything.
  • Wow!
  • Are you a bass-head? Not for you. Do you appreciate good, proper sound? Buy these now.

PSB M4U1 Headphones – Baltic Grey

Product Description, On a train, on a plane, from your computer to your bedroom, PSB headphones are lightweight and ready to pack up anywhere you want to go. Fold ’em up into the protective travel case and you’ll never be far from true hi-fi listening. We even added a thoughtful touch for your comfort-dual input connections on either side of the headphones means no more crossed wires. Just plug in the cable on the left or right and be within easy reach of a headphone jack no matter where it’s situated.

Box Contains, 1 x pair of PSB M4U1 Headphones 1 x Protective travel case 1 x pair of spare earpads 2 x 1.5m cables (1 with mic & stereo controls) 1 x 6mm jack adaptor 1 x airline adaptor 1 x cleaning cloth

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I’ve been looking for a portable headphone by reading online reviews ad nauseam (whathifi, cnet, techradar, engadget, amazon customer reviews). I settled on the psb’s because i like the design, it’s gotten good reviews, and i’m not looking for a super high-end headphone, but a portable one that’s good for long journeys by plane, listening to podcasts, but not necessarily for daily commutes (this is why i didn’t need a noise canceling headphone). Unfortunately, i’m sending these headphones back after two minutes of wearing them. First of all, i’m a woman, and although i’m in shape and thought i had strong neck muscles (), these headphones are relatively ‘heavy’ and i could not envision myself wearing them for long periods of time.Such a bummer since i really do like their design. As far as sound quality, i did listen to the intros of a few tracks on my ipod- u2, foo fighters, frank ocean- and the music sounded great. I’ve read a lot of reviews that seem to indicate that ‘neutral sounding’ headphones is somehow a negative. Seems to me that ‘neutral sounding’ simply means there’s not too much nor too little of bass or treble. Is that a bad thing??i’m only disappointed with the weight of the headphones, hence the three stars. I’m sending them back and after doing another round of reviewing reviews, once again ad nauseam, i’ve decided on a pair of v-moda xs, not only for their quality sound and build, but also because they come in white, so are more feminine.

  • Wow! I believe these have got everything.
  • Wow!
  • Are you a bass-head? Not for you. Do you appreciate good, proper sound? Buy these now.

PSB M4U1 Headphones – Baltic Grey

Features and Spesification

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  • Forty Years of Award -Winning Acoustic Design.
  • Designed for people on the move. Foldable design with travel case. Dual inputs on right or left ear piece avoids tangled cables. 6mm jack and airline adaptor supplied.
  • “Room Feel” Rich and natural acoustics.
  • Stylish and Ergonomic design, for optimal comfort over long periods of use.
  • iPhone, Blackberry compatible cable supplied with mic and stereo monitor controls
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