PSB M4U1 Headphones – Monza : Best up to £300 and beyond

Org is saying that they are better all round than his very expensive audeze lcd2. I have the philips fidelio x1s and i prefer the more natural balanced sound signature of these, they are also more detailed and precise in imaging and individual sounds, however these are closed so the soundstage is not quite as wide. Having had them for a week or so, i cannot comment on durability although i handle them with extreme care and there is a 2 year warranty from the ebayer that i bought them from. Apparently psb had problems with the plastic cracking on the early models, earlier at least than the serial number i have which is 17020_203xxxto summarize, i think these are great value at £139 and are targeted for audiophiles. Sound is very sharp, detailed and accurate and the room feel gives a nice airy soundstage with natural sound signature.

Bought with my own cash money. Update — 24/3/16 —-still simply stunning (sound wise – still not sold on the look or longevity of the build quality but so far so good – i’ve taken to just not folding them). Wonderful neutrality is still bringing me back to these day after day over other supposedly technically superior cans that i own such as the beyer dt1770 and sony mdr-z7. So much so that i think it prudent to stick with these and let the others go. Amazing clarity and detail straight out of my iphone 5s and tons of volume (which is super rare – believe me i’ve tried every supposedly easy-to-drive headphone on the market and have always been left wanting – especially for older recordings). They also (to me) sound better out of said iphone instead of through my oppo ha-2 dac/amp which itself is a great amp (especially for the beyer & sonys i own) but i’m of the belief that the psb m4u1 is such a sonically well designed headphone that there is very little room for improvement. I have tested and tested and tested until my wife is ready to kill me but for my home closed audiophile needs it seems it’s the psbs that win out over the parade of £600 cans and £400 amps that have come through the door. Original review —2 years of headphone evaluations and 40+ cans and these lil suckers blew me awayi’d loved the nad viso hp50’s but their unique (clumsy?) build quality stopped them from being truly portable greats for me so i settled in with my oppo pm3’s for the long haul.

This pair of headphones was bought at £119 direct from amazon. Soundthe m4u1’s are a detail-hunter’s dream sound-wise. They are neutral sounding with a slight mids boost, leaving female vocals silky but male voices slightly harsh. This can be used to good effect depending on genre, i find them a great match for complex genres such as metal/rock where the natural signature can replicate the typical v-shaped sound applied to rock tracks. Other headphones may struggle as mids become recessed, however the the slight mid boost of the m4u1 keeps music sounding well balanced. It is best to leave any eq set to flat when listening unless you have a preference towards a particular frequency range. However, these will not blast your ears out with bass, as they are not intended for this purpose. Detail retrieval is really where these excel at. Soundstage is fairly wide for a closed can and imaging is adequate as well. Comfortthe earcups are very snug for over-ear headphones, although this is not a detriment.

These are pretty good headphones, probably quite good enough for all but the outright audiophile. There is nothing really outstanding about them and they can be bettered for much less money. Plus:no obvious exaggeration anywhere in the audio spectrum. Fairly ‘spacious’ sound for closed back headphones. Comfortable enough for a couple of hours and they don’t squeeze my ears. Pretty good at displaying the majesty of a full orchestra. Good at blocking out ambient sound. Easy to drive – even a sansa clip sounds ok. Minus:initially they seem a little recessed – you need to get used to not hearing things clearly.

Can either put to the cable on the left or the right side (don’t need to put at both sides). Not to mention my previously bought earbuds are broken because of a disconnection of the wiring inside the cable, so hopefully, this pair of headphones will last for much longer. Quite heavy on the head to be honest. I feel like i can’t move my head too much when putting it on. The earpads also insulate air quite effectively to the point that i can sweat from my ears. Useful during winter, not as much during summer. Very good portable headphone except for the comfortability i say.

I own the audio technica ath m50’s and the akg k550’s but these are on a level of their owni’m not saying the the audio technica’s are not great because they are but these unravel layers of music and go into extreme depths detailing songs and don’t give you a pain in the head with thumping bass, the sound they produce is so sweet, i have a fiio amp and it gives the music an extra bump, the build quality is excellent and that of what you would expect from psbi am extremely happy with my recent purchase and would definitely recommend these without a thoughti never review anything on amazon but i had to with these because there special.

Great headphones, good sound, very comfortable. Not sure about value for money but certainly ‘beats’ most of the competition. Would definetly buy again but would have the black version, red isn’t as nice as i thought.

These headphones may be the best for iphone at any price. They have a wonderful level of detail without any harshness and a very impressive sense of space and acoustic. I have all the competition including nad viso hp50 which is a close cousin sharing the same designer and philosophy and focal spirit pro and classic; bandw p7; and sennheisser momentum the psbs are the best and have rejuvenated my headphone listening. Not only do they sound good they are also very comfortable. They look rather clumsy to my eyes but this is only superficial. They are strong and well made; they are unusually comfortable and they sound superb. Don’t hold back; buy and enjoy.

  • Quite simply the best kept secret in Audio!
  • Wonderfully Neutral
  • Incredible clarity, Incredible Headphones

PSB M4U1 Headphones – Monza Red

Product Description, On a train, on a plane, from your computer to your bedroom, PSB headphones are lightweight and ready to pack up anywhere you want to go. Fold ’em up into the protective travel case and you’ll never be far from true hi-fi listening. We even added a thoughtful touch for your comfort-dual input connections on either side of the headphones means no more crossed wires. Just plug in the cable on the left or right and be within easy reach of a headphone jack no matter where it’s situated.

Box Contains, 1 x pair of PSB M4U1 Headphones 1 x Protective travel case 1 x pair of spare earpads 2 x 1.5m cables (1 with mic & stereo controls) 1 x 6mm jack adaptor 1 x airline adaptor 1 x cleaning cloth

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Not the most comfortable headphone to wear, but one of the best sounding headphones i’ve ever tried. Top build quality, top natural, detailed and gorgeous sound.

  • Quite simply the best kept secret in Audio!
  • Wonderfully Neutral
  • Incredible clarity, Incredible Headphones

PSB M4U1 Headphones – Monza Red

Features and Spesification

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  • Forty Years of Award -Winning Acoustic Design.
  • Designed for people on the move. Foldable design with travel case. Dual inputs on right or left ear piece avoids tangled cables. 6mm jack and airline adaptor supplied.
  • “Room Feel” Rich and natural acoustics.
  • Stylish and Ergonomic design, for optimal comfort over long periods of use.
  • iPhone, Blackberry compatible cable supplied with mic and stereo monitor controls
  • Manufacturer warranty will not apply. Please review Amazon’s return policy, which usually offers free returns within 30 days of receipt.