Pump Audio Mix, In Ear Earphones with High Quality Sound, Extra Long Tangle Free Flat Cable, Inear Headphones With Mic for Sport, Running, Cycling, Gym With Case – Black : Name says it all!

The earphones are good and have a good bass as well. Trebles are well defined and overall it has a good sound stage. They do not sound tinny, but they do not sound as warm as other headphones. I used the silicone eartips and can hear distinct cracking in the left earphone (not so in the right one). I tried other eartips and the problem still persists. Also on the video that amazon has uploaded, it says 90 day trial and if not satisfied, product can be returned for a refund. However the standard 30 day return has been applied to this product by amazon. In that case, it would be better to buy directly.

These headphones pack some serious punch. Great clarity on both the bass and treble. If you’re an audiophile these headphones are insanely good. Love the iconic orange as well.

But out of order in 6 months.

The pump mix headphones are really a bit special. The sound quality is excellent, with deep, precise bass and a clear, natural tone that sounds, well, lush. Packaging is high end, build quality lovely and the ascetic spot on. They are comfortable as well, allowing a custom fit for each ear and they sit properly without falling out. I would definitely recommend giving these a go – the sound is absolutely ‘right’. I’ve now bought 3 pairs for other people in my family, once they heard mine, they too fell in love with the bass and quality of sound.

My daughter is pleased with this order.

The earphones are good earphones. However, the memory foam earbuds are terrible, within a few days of me having them they have fallen apart. It is a shame because if it weren’t for that, the earphones would have got five stars.

I have been using pumps now for many years and use them everyday, i have tried loads of different brands of earbuds before but pumps are the best quality and their customer service is second to none. Please buy with confidence im sure you wont regret it.

These are great for a mid-price set of ear phones. I started off with a pair of boom just to get a feel for ‘pump’s and after a few months upgraded to ‘mix’. Both are great and i continue to use both (boom for the gym and mix for work / walking about). The sound quality is great but don’t let the heavy bass turn you off, i find it livens up the music and i’m more of a rocky guy than a dance guy. If you’re sick of buying cheap earphones that sound tinny and break after about 3 weeks, i’d give these a go, if you don’t like them you can even return them but give it a try, support local uk business and don’t go buy those crappy expensive beats headphones :).

  • VERY good sub bass, tons of fun and not just for bass junkies
  • Best earphones I’ve owned.
  • The top end is a bit more difficult to enjoy, specifically around the upper mids where there seems

Pump Audio Mix, In Ear Earphones with High Quality Sound, Extra Long Tangle Free Flat Cable, Inear Headphones With Mic for Sport, Running, Cycling, Gym With Case – Black

PUMP Audio was originally founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Adam Blair. Today the company is quickly becoming known as a high quality headphone producer in the UK and across the World. Pump Audio iconic wired in-ear earphones, now in an even better 3rd generation design, Pump Mix. Loved by independent DJ’s for the surprisingly great sound quality and excellent music detail particularly good for lovers of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). These Pump earphones will delight your ears and make your favourite music tracks sound fantastic.

Strong attention to detail delivers a high quality product, with extra earbuds in both memory foam and silicone to ensure you get the optimum comfort and sound isolation. Flat extra length 1.2m tangle free cord and a hard case to protect your earphones when you need to store them in your pocket/ bag. Above all else. Tell your friends its not about the label its all about the sound. Choose to be different.

Premium 3 button mic

Premium 3 button microphone integrated into the flat tangle free 1m cord

Pump barrel design and metal finish

Earphones with Pump barrel design and metal finish for a lighter weight (15g) style and our neodymium drivers to ensure the sound quality

Clamshell design hard case, memory foam and silicon earbuds

Clamshell design hard case to keep earphones safe and protected, lapel clip included along with memory Foam (S/M/L) and Silicone (S/M/L) buds to ensure the perfect fit and superb isolation

Sound. Above All Else.

PUMP Headphones are specifically designed for lovers of dance and electronic music. They are equally at home in the gym, on the commute, or just kicking back with your favourite tunes.

Great sound wherever you are

Pump headphones are high quality, well engineered, and excellent value for money. We even offer an extended warranty. We’re fixated with the sound, but also about the quality.

About the Startup

Adam Blair, Founder

“Our headphones have quickly caught the attention of some of the biggest up and coming talent, through to some true legends of the music industry. The noise around PUMP Audio is only getting louder and we are only just getting started. You can read about how PUMP compares in blindfold tests to some major brands in the “PUMP vs” dropdown on our website.”

Describe your products in 3 words.

All about sound

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

I didn’t feel that any of the headphones in the market were delivering the best sound for dance music. They were often focused on image and celebrity status, but not on the sound. I know this is marketing, but wanted to develop something different, a brand of headphones that was about sound quality, not image.

What makes your product special?

The unique sound signature is what makes Pump Audio headphones special, we have tirelessly slaved over getting this sound right. Sound Above All Else!

What has been the best part of your experience?

The best part of the experience has been the amazing response from customers, and producers, who have been so supportive. The Pump community has almost become like a family to us now.

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These are my 6th pair of pump headphones, have 5 in ear for me and different members of the family and 1 overhead pair. Not going to go into details about frequency response and the like as i’m not an expert at all. I’m just a normal guy that loves the look and sound of these. I did hear rumour that they were going to re release their bluetooth zeus set. I missed out on these on 1st release so i’m really hoping the rumour is true.

The sound is increadible even better than the dr beat ones i had before. Love the earbuds variety and all gives different sound . Excellent buy at this price. If you’re looking for a wireless earphone this is it.

These pump bass like no other. I have used many other brands but these set the standard for solid bass tones for all kinds of dance music.

Great headphone at a good price.

Let’s start at the beginning:-delivery was fast, (next day). Packaging was excellent, spare earbuds, really comfortable, sounds is amazing, no outside sound hence person next to you cannot hear anything.

Just like the pump air speaker amazing sound quality cant wait to get the next set of pump earphones top shelf quality made to boot too keep up the awesome work u guys an gals at pump audio.

A couple of years ago i won a pair of pump audio v2 and fell in love with the sound. When they broke, through my own fault, i decided to get the b&o play h3 earphones as there was a very cheap deal on. Big mistake, despite the usual price being £130 they were nowhere near as good as the pump’s. So i found myself buying the pump mix wired earphones, they’re so much better than the b&o pair, and also an upgrade over the old v2. I can hear things in songs that i had never heard before. These sound great to me with any type of music, from pop to rock to classical. I’ve had a lot of mid range priced earphones over the years and i’ve always gone with widely recommended models from the likes of sound magic and sennheiser, but these are by far the best. There is no problem with the cable getting tangled, and i think the cable is the perfect length. The carry case that comes with these is nice and sturdy and comes with a net pouch inside which is handy to carry an extra pair of earbuds. Even the packaging looks great, it’s the kind of quality i would expect from a significantly more expensive pair.

Very good sound quality and i like the style. Unfortunately not for me, they are too tight on the eardrums.

  • VERY good sub bass, tons of fun and not just for bass junkies
  • Best earphones I’ve owned.
  • The top end is a bit more difficult to enjoy, specifically around the upper mids where there seems

Pump Audio Mix, In Ear Earphones with High Quality Sound, Extra Long Tangle Free Flat Cable, Inear Headphones With Mic for Sport, Running, Cycling, Gym With Case – Black

I’d bought the cheaper boom earphones and was really happy but just upgraded to the mix earphones. Amazing (better than apple) packaging, great sound, brighter colour, option of memory foam buds (although i prefer the normal rubber). Great for the gym, hardwearing, don’t tangle. I used to get sennheisers but am a full convert to pump now.

Forget beats, forget anything else. These headphones are the best ever made. The sound quality is absolutely outstanding, and the clarity and bass production is out of this world. Audiophiles and bass junkies rejoice, these cannot be beaten.And that’s without connecting them to an external amplifier. When you do connect them to an external amp, you’d better prepare your senses. Because these things become an animal, but in the best way possible. I’m not joking, i’m stunned by these.

You can’t ask for a better product for this price. The audio output is world class and completely blows you off. Full marks for an amazing product. Fits well and can be used for commute and work-outs.

Bought these pumps after trying my palls ,o dear they are fab ,great bass sounding and all over great sound quality. G vf will not be pleased with them as they won’t be off my earsgreat sound great valuejust great.

Only had these a few days – still fine as you’d assume. Much better than the other £15 earphones i normally end up buying. On the pump audio website there is a 5 year warranty thing going on so sign up to it if you get any of their products. They have a plastic feel but seem sturdy enough. The only irritating feature i’ve found so far is that when putting the ear phones in you heard a horrid squeeking sound of the rubber as the earphone are placed in your ear. Other than that they are brill.

These manage an insane amount of detail in the low end for a product which is built on a loudspeaker not much more than a centimetre in diameter. The top end is a bit more difficult to enjoy, specifically around the upper mids where there seems to be a focus. True to their sales pitch though, they do seem to fall into a semblance of balance when the kick is belting and the bass is rolling. If you like deep house, tech etc these will do well but you’ll hear some weaknesses if you move away from the preferred hot/busy mix material.

I’ve had these for a few weeks now, i think they are great value for money but i was hoping for a bit more bass (i’m using foam tips but i will try another brand). That being said, it does pick up very low frequencies and do a decent job. I’d be happy to buy the more expensive set in the near future, the cable quality is great and when using for hands-free phone usage it’s very clear. I’ll give them 4 for now but once i try some other foam tips (the official ones this time), i’ll come back to the review. Listening to a wide range of music (death metal, dnb, dub, classic rock etc).

Battery is way too poor to qualify for a fifth star.

Love the quality, the sound is excellent, isolation really good and at a very reasonable price. I am not sure why people pay more for a better known brand when you can such a great deal from pump audio.

Great sound, great battery life, great fit, all round my favourite headphones ever. They smash any of the big name high cost brands.

Received my pair of phones and put them straight to use. I must say the sound quality is just brilliant. The fit is also good, no aching ears, as with some headphones.

Well, after thinking these were nothing special, i gave them a couple days to let myself get used to the sound. I have/had up to 80 sets (mostly earphones, then headphones) ranging from the budget (£20) up to £300. I bought these on a whim after there claim to have excellent bass. At first i thought it was a little too bass heavy but it does grow on you pretty quickly. Bass – very low and mostly behaves quite well. It has decent resolution, but sometimes can be a bit boomy and overpowering. Still, it’s fun and musical and works across most genres like pop, rock, hip-hop and obviously edm/dance as they have marketed them. Mids – they are relatively detailed, but the dominant low end can intrude a bit and effect overall detail. They are slightly recessed, and follow the v-shaped sound of the boom (v-shape means more prominent bass and highs/treble with mids slightly back in the mix). It’s mainly micro-detail though that they struggle with, but they are still enjoyable and musical.

I bought these at the gadget show a little while back when i visited with the intention of buying myself and my brother some new headphones. These were positioned by the guy at the stand as being ideal for lovers of dance music. That being me and my brother, i bought us both a pair (albeit much more expensive than they are now)i run these using a fiio a3 headphone amp with custom in ear mould’s, and i have to say, the sound quality is excellent. There is plenty of bass, but it does not drown out the mids like some of the competitors in this retail space (monster), and the mids and highs are also very crisp. When running them direct from a mobile phone, they do require a little more power to really show off what they can do, but they are still good headphones with that output, the volume is just a little bit low. They are not without their faults though unfortunately. The kit comes with a very nice hard case to keep them in, but this has caused me issues in the past. Both my brother and i have had a problem where by one earphone stops working, or intermittently works by moving the connection. That being said the customer service is fantastic and a new pair were delivered under warranty. However i can’t ignore the fact that my brother is on his second pair and i am on my thirdi wish the quality control was a little better on these as they are a fantastic sound for the money (even though i paid around £75 a paid i believe).

This is my 4th product from pump, means that every one in the family now has one, these ones are for me. They really are the best sound quality you can imagine. I’m not a professional but my daughter is, 2nd year studying sound technician, and she really raves about them. She has been in the fortunate position of trying out some far more expensive headsets and she tells me these are just as good as any she’s tested.

Speaking as a big music fan and an audiobook-listening commuter, i love this product. Brilliant sound and brought an independent british company – what’s not to like.

Extremely pleased with my set of pump mix. The product oozes quality on all levels, pump clearly care a great deal about their products, these are not some cheap and nasty import. The packaging is gorgeous, the earphones themselves are lightweight and classy. They come with both silicone and memory foam buds, a good length cable (1. 4m), and a good hard case for safe keeping. I listen to a wide spectrum of music, from classical film scores right through to drum n bass, the depth of sound on these earphones is off the hook. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you are in the market for new earphones, you should seriously consider a set from pump audio.

There’s a lot of very mediocre headphones available these days. I’ve got two pairs as i like them so much. Good on the bass, for sure, but overall sound quality is great. You wont get better at this price bracket in my view.

I’ve had a set of these earphones for a few months now. I discovered the brand looking for an alternative to another brand. I didn’t want to sacrifice sound but i didn’t want to pay over a hundred pounds either. I’ve owned bose, panasonic, sony’s, ultimate ears, sound magic, shure so i was comparing the sound from those. In short i think i’ve found my perfect solution. These earphones have an amazing sound. They have amazing bass without sacrificing the higher frequencies. If you listen to any form of dance music then you won’t be disappointedthe remote mic works well as do the controls. The flat cable resists being stuffed into a pocket and isn’t a chore to untangle. I went with the “classic” orange pair so that i could spot them in my bagcomply make foam eartips if you want to splash some cash but you can order pump’s own direct from pump which are half the price and in my experience get delivered super quick.

Features and Spesification

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  • [Sound Guarantee] MIX Earphones have been designed in the UK using the most current technology to produce precise sound definition. 2 Year Guarantee.
  • [Secure Fit and Noise Isolating] MIX Earphones come with S/M/L memory foam and silicone earbuds to ensure secure fit, ambient sound isolation and sweat resistance. Perfect for commuting or the gym. Hard case included for secure transportation.
  • [Lightweight Design] Featherlight design (18g) composed by neodymium drivers that drive high quality bass and maximise comfort. Perfect for dance and electronic music.
  • [Robust Flat Tangle Free Cord] 1.4m of flat cord to optimise movement whilst running, cycling or working. With integrated multifunctional 3 button microphone, perfect for making calls on the go.