Pure Water Distiller 750W 220V 4L Water Purifier Filter Dental Medical Hospital – Well made

Meets and exceeds expectations. Tap water goes in and clean distilled water comes out. Seem to cost about 18p per hour to run according to my smart meter and produces about 1 litre per hour so 18p per liter of pure clean distilled water.

I put the first 4 litres through. Waited until the machine had cooled and then put in fresh water. I had a wee fly tasteof the first batch. The water tasted very, very plastic. I’ve spent an age trying to come up with a cheap alternative that isn’t plastic.

Exellent seller i had an issue and they really went out of way to make it right. This is a great distiller and it does not make water that tastes like plastic like some reviews state. Just don’t use the supplied jug. I found it works perfectly to distill with. It’s as good as the way overpriced true spirits air still. This distiller does not have a vent hole so people who wanted to distill alcohol can do so without worrying. It just works beautifully but heat your water or whatever before use and it works much quicker. Highly recommended for distilling water or spirits.

Read reviews and noted comments. This distiller has worked very well for some time now and is a third of the price of my original. I understand the non-bpa collector bottle taints the water but i had the bottle from my previous one which fits well, hence did not experience that potential. I would recommend this to anyone.

I have used it about 30 times without problems using very hard greek water. I cleaned it with cold water and a non abrasive scourer each time. I gave it one big clean out using descaler. That bought it back to nearly new condition. It’s well made and looks as if it will last.

It cool love it can’t wait to see the health results.

This was cheap i have been after a water distiller for a while now for drinking, unfortunately the water has a strong taste of plastic so is not suitable for drinking for me. I do use it to boil alcohol and does a decent job at this even though its not intended for it. Seems ok build quality looks nice was delivered fast and is working fine after its first few months of use.

I test my water after using this and it’s literally at 0ppm so it gets rid of all the chlorine, fluoride and other nasties from the tap water. The taste of the water is absolutely amazing, better than any bottled or spring water i’ve ever tasted.You can really taste and see the differencealso drinking this water alone without making any diet changes literally makes a huge huge improvement in digestion. Even my other half who has ibs said that this water is making him feel completely detoxed. The machine works very well and is very sturdy and safe on the kitchen counter. It takes a couple of hours to complete a full cycle of water. My only dispute is that i wish it would have come with a glass water bottle instead of the plastic one. There is nothing wrong with the plastic bottle it comes with, it’s exceptional quality and pours well.

Distills water to almost zero ppm tds. The on:off switch broke in the first week and regardless of what you exchange for the plastic (glass container) the water always smells of plastic.

Very happy with it does what it says and can’t believe the shite that comes out of my water. I’m glad i’m not drinking it from the tap anymore. Only thing i can fault it for is the water bottle stinks of plastic and you could taste this in the distilled water. So i soaked it with water and lemon juice. Then used distiller three times and smell was gone great product.

This distiller has everything what needed. It makes about 4 liters of distilled water in one go. If you preheat water to almost boiling point it would take around 2 hours to process full tank (4 liters) of water. Also, there is a little pouch with activated carbon to additionaly filter the water. It can be easily removed or replaced. Only one poor thing is: at the end of the process when distiller runs out of water the remaining lime is usually burnt and gives unpleasant smell. This can be easy removed with vinegar, anyway its a nuisance.

The distiller is alright, however it boils dry and gives the water a funny taste due to the element super heating when there is no water left. On top of that the plastic storage container is horrible. Makes the water undrinkable for me – so have replaced with a 4 litre glass container. I will monitor going forward and will have to manually turn the boiler off before it all evaporates which is a bit annoying.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I had great expectations. I put the first 4 litres through
  • Tainted Taste
  • Perfect distiller! Best on amazon! Cannot recommend highly enough! Life changing product!