Quest 35409 9 Litre Mini Oven and Grill – Great buy

Bought for a friend, he is very happy with it.

Works well and can accommodate in a small space.

Quick to do burger and bacon etc, browns and bonus to gets so hot, it can toast the inside of the bunsbargain at £22.

Nice size that does not take up much space.

Works well to cook, took this on camping to use so it wasn’t just a gas cooker to cook, it’s a bit on the small side had to cut a 10′ pizza into half and cook in 2 goes but they came out well. Not a bad purchase just be aware of the very small size, cooks really nicely though.

Takes up minimal space on kitchen worktop, very useful for quick snacks.

As it said on the box, handy little oven for one person’s use.

Love this, wish it was a little bit bigger but i guess that’s why it’s called mini.

Easy to use good for cooking small amounts better than having to heat up big oven for them.

This little oven is excellent because it has two simple controls ie the temperature and the timer. The timer means that you can put something in to cook and go out not worrying about forgetting to turn it of. I wish i’d bought a mini oven before, massive saving on our electricity bill because i no longer use my main cooker oven and we dumped the microwave because this is again cheaper (a rated) and also food actually tastes good again reheated. Good for the planet, a huge reduction in the amount of electricity we are using and we use a slow cooker for larger joints now as well.

Brought the item thinking i could use it as an oven for one – you can only fit a couple of croissants in there so to me a great novelty for the kitchen – not a practical purchase for day to day use.

I think this was made for a dolls house. Couldn’t believe how small it was. I haven’t found an oven tray small enough to fit so can’t even cook chips. Just about fits a dinner plate. Here are the specifications for the Quest 35409 9 Litre Mini Oven and Grill:

  • COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING – A mini oven is a great way to save space if your kitchen’s space is limited without compromising on cooking power or capabilities.
  • LVD TECHNOLOGY – At 650W with LVD technology and double layered heat resistant tempered glass doors with 2 x Quartz Heating Elements.
  • POWERFUL – Adjustable temperatures of 100°-230°C, 60 minute timer and a bell to alert when your cooking is finished. 2 shelving heights.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES – It comes with aluminium baking tray, chrome wire rack and handle that can be used for either tray or rack.
  • OTHER QUEST COOKING APPLIANCES – The Quest brand covers many cooking appliances ideal for giving you a helping hand in the kitchen although we can’t guarantee they will improve your cooking skills!! Search Quest on to view more items such as Omelette Makers, Waffle Makers, Teppanyaki Grills, Kettles, Airfryers and much more.

I’ve used mini ovens for years as ideal cooking for one at much lower energy cost than a standard oven. I was disappointed at first that this was not halogen as my previous one but it works as well, fast to heat and same cooking times as halogen and the slightly larger volume gives more options, including baking. I use it for everything, from scrambled eggs to roast veg, victoria sponge to flapjack, warming food, cooking from scratch or a piece of toast. The temperature range is quite large, maybe about gas mark 2-6. It’s easy to clean, very light to move about if required and fits neatly in a corner of the worktop.

Great for quickness instead of using cooker.

A brilliantly good discovery. I used to cook my baked potatoes in a regular 2400w oven then discovered this product which used a quarter of the energy and cooks as quick. Great for climate emissions and so easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone so much so that i bought one for a friend.

I’ve always hated toasters as they’re hard to clean and usually don’t have real timers. This toaster oven is so much easier to use and more versatile than a regular toaster. Very happy i impulse bought this.

Grilled french stick pizzas. I did turn it on with no food in it first time, stood and watched it, it got a little smoky which i think was the oven just burning off the newness. It’s compact great on the work top.

Originally bought to use in our motorhome this has made its way into the kitchen at home where it is in regular use. We use it instead of the kitchen oven for small things as there is now only thever two of us at home. Easy to operate and to clean we have used it to bake bread, grill/bake fish, chicken and potato cakes and waffles.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very Good Value
  • Should have bought one years ago!
  • Love it

This is a great little oven that cooks for 1 person at a time. I live on my own so it’s great.

The grill isn’t so hot, so needs longer than usual. I also think older people and disabled should treat this with caution as the outside necessarily gets hot and it would be easy to pull the thing over if just pulling the door and not having a finger on the body.

Had this for my static vanideal for snacks. Pizzas,jacket spuds even done sausages in it.

I have had this little oven boxed for 2 months and finally on monday night decided to try cooking a roast in it itits not big enough for a whole chicken but ideal for those roast chicken portions you can buy for 4 people in supermarketsall i can say is the chicken was perfectroast potatoes turned out crisp and delicious and the yorkie puddings were greatgonna buy one for the pub i work atit heats up really quickly and is great for a very quick meal. That needs an oven rather than a microwavevery impressed.

I love this little oven , i got it for my polymer clay charms and it’s doing a great job. It’s small though so you can’t bake something big and bulky. But for those small elements it’s great.

Got this for £18 (supposedly damaged) looks totally perfect to me and is a nice little oven for a single person.

But doesn’t cook everything even.

Neat little oven, perfect cooking results every time, easy to clean, clear glass windows gives you the opportunity to check on the progress of your cooking. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a space saving kitchen assistant.

Only thing i did not like was i cannot pull out the tray from the bottom. So any food crumps that fall from the tray will be hard to clean.

Brilliant, had this as a stop-gap when our regular oven died and it was perfect. Was sceptical as looks tiny, but fits more than you’d expect and cooks quicker than i’d expected too. Quite sad to pack it away now we have the new oven.

Great little oven for single people or couples. Food takes a bit longer to cook and battered fish may not be quite as crispybut its still a good oven for the price. Great for someone who lives in a bedsit, students ect. I bought this when my cooker broke down asa back up and found it did the job. Not tried to cook a chicken in it but would imagine a small chicken would cook okay butremember to leave it in longer than you would normally do.

Came in a well-packed parcel. Been using it in a while now. My only concern is when i used it the first time, there is a white smoke coming out from the oven and smells like a burnt plastic. After a while, the smoke is gone, could be because the item is warming up for the first time. It got a timer, so i can leave and come back for my food after.

Buyer beware, not sure how much the 9 litre size matters as you can only really fit in food on the trays provided between the 2 heat elements (top & bottom of the oven) so a tall pie etc will fit in the door but not in the oven. That said it has been ok for me and served me very well for the weeks it took me to get a new full size oven installed in my kitchen.

Good wee oven but timer broke after two uses.

Good enough for that garlic bread.

Bought while my oven broke for use as a temporary. Will take this camping next time with me. Easy to use, but does take a couple of attempts to get temp and time correct. It’s small enough to store in the cupboard without taking up too much room.

Value for money and easy to use.

Use this in our motorhome and was really impressed. It is lightweight and only slightly larger than a 4 slice toaster. Cooked pie and chips in it while we were away and the only thing i will say is that you cant get two thing in it if like pies they are quite tall.

Very good, the down side its very small and i had to buy smaller cake bases.