QUEST 43890 Halogen Oven Low Fat Fryer Glass Housing – Fantastic piece of kitchen

I purchased this after only hearing they existed very recently, but once i mentioned them to a friend it seems like half the people i know already were in on the action and swore by them. My cooker kept tripping the mains and eventually blew up so it was time to tak the plunge and move up to the latest cooking gadget. This came well packages and set up ready to go. Very easy to use, literally 2 dials- one for the temperature and one a timer. It cooks faster than a conventional over, the food tastes great and it is super easy to clean, what more could i ask for. Well one thing perhaps, if there was some way of tilting the lid or something to put it down on such as a stand, but i just leave the top on the hob, however i can’t drop a star for that, very, very happy overall.

Buy round trays for cooking separately as not included.

Last one said goodbye and we were lost for the 24hrs we had to wait for the replacement. This arrived and was not working but amazon sent out a replacement immediately and handled everything for us. The replacement is working very well.

Love the little halogen ovens. Had 3 over the past 20 years.

I got this halogen because although it was’nt the dearest,it was’nt the cheapest either. It compares really well with the more expensive one i had before. I think it’s a very good oven and cooks really well. The only downside if you can call it one is that when you put the handle down it does’nt seem to click down. It could be that it’s not supposed to or it’s just mine and i’m only going by my last oven. It does’nt cause any problems anyway and i like it. I would’nt be without a halogen again and i would by another one of these.

A brilliant and safe way of roasting every meat, and very cleanice and hygienic, and economic.

I had a cookworks for ten years, and used it every day in fact it was the most used equipment in my home as a single father i cook, no fast food in our home. When it finally packed up i bought this, i can not live without them, in fact having tried this one i have just ordered another, as all our meals are baked in this. I like my large microwave for chicken and making stock from the chicken but for cakes, yorkshire puddings (not shop pre made), eggs, bacon, steak, fast chips, beef, lamb, caseroles etc this is my cooker. I have never used the oven in the kitchen, just the hob, occasionally, it is this cooker and the microwave. Some person here said they could not get it to work, duh read the manual, you have to press the handle down to switch on, lift to turn off, why because some fools would lift the lid off and put it on the side still on, safety switch.

Here are the specifications for the QUEST 43890 Halogen Oven Low Fat Fryer Glass Housing:

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL COOKER – Halogen, convection and infrared power, one can prepare the tastiest fried foods with little or no oil for healthier cooking
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Just set time and temperatureand With a capacity of 12 litres, you can roast joints of meat for the whole family or use the racks to separate the food during cooking
  • FAST COOKING – Cooks over 3 times faster than standard oven with 1400W Power & saves 60% more energy
  • AIR CIRCULATION – Hot moving air circulates around the food, cooking evenly, also has Unique self cleaning mode and accessories racks and recipes
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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Every home should have one.
  • Excellent
  • Perfect cooking gadget!