Quest Benross One Cup Filter Coffee Maker : Great for making just one cup of real coffee

Great little machine, brought it recently for my boyfriend who loves filter coffee and refuses to buy from high street chains. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a prefect cup of coffee. The mug keeps the coffee warm for ages but stays cool to the touch so no risk of burns.

I bought this for my husbands xmas and he loves it. The fact that you can take the cup out with you in the morning is a plus.

Very easy to use & brews coffee fast. Recommend if you wish great tasting coffee in a rush.

Bought this gadget a while ago and i am delighted with it. I use it everyday with an ordinary mug. It makes a mug of coffee in under a couple of minutes. I would recommend warming your mug with boiling water first but that’s just if you are as fussy as i am.

Brilliant machine and cup combo, hot fresh coffee made easily.

Simple and effective; works better with lid removed during brew cycle but insulated cup keeps the coffee hot for a surprisingly long time.

Purchased for my husband who uses it everyday, fits snugly in the kitchen next to the kettle & produces a great cup of coffee. The only real problem we have is we are running out of filter coffee 10 times more than before.

The quality of this product is pretty low, the power button in particular is quite nasty. It has a lot of movement in it and you need to steady the unit to be able to turn it on. On the other hand, you get real coffee instead of that freeze dried rubbish for only £15 so who’s complaining?good for making tea too. If you’re going mobile with your coffee then you might want a mug with a decent lid or even a thermos but that’ll cost you more. For my needs i’ve had no problem with drinks staying hot for ~30min.

  • perfect cup of coffee every time
  • This is my new best friend! I use a normal mug with it
  • It was doing the job perfectly until it began to

Quest Benross One Cup Filter Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Lid, 700 Watt

Product Description, The Benross Group, provider of quality items for your home and garden. This great filter coffee maker is perfect for people on the go or for those at work who crave that cup of exquisite coffee rather than the cheap instant rubbish most office kitchens seem to have. Using real filters this is designed with a simple one touch, to make a perfect cup of coffee that then decants into a smart 420ml travel mug which has a lid too so you can drink your coffee on the move. As the machine is small it will fit into any office and so you can create a quality cup at your desk and be the envy of all your coffee drinking colleagues. Please search for more great items from the Benross Group on including an extensive range of Christmas, Garden, Solar Lights, Tools, Polaroid Batteries, Agfa Tablets, Silentnight Heaters, Toys and Gizmos, Camping and much more.

Box Contains, 1 x Coffee Maker 1 x Travel Mug with Lid

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I have been using my one cup coffee maker now for several months with no problems. I use a normal mug from my kitchen cupboard, the supplied mug only gets used when i take a drink on my travels but when i have used the mug it does keep the coffee warm and is comfortable to use. Simple to use, put your preferred filter coffee into the filter, place the filter into the machine, add one cup\mug of water to the water tank, close the lid, place your cup into the machine and turn on, wait 5 minutes and you have a nice warm cup of coffee, nothing easier. The filter and filter holder are easy to remove and easy to clean. I have mine sat on the kitchen worktop all the time ready for use.

Takes up hardly any space, is quick, quiet, easy to clean, and makes 1 or 2 cups without wasting water or coffee. If i make 2 cups, i can drink one and keep the other warm in the thermal cup provided.

I can think of no ressons to drop a star on this, it’s quick (not much slower than boiling a full kettle), simple to use, makes coffee, what’s not to love?however i do wish the cup had a proper lid like a flask so that you could take it out and about – i had the impression that was the case. No biggie tho, you can of course use alternative mugs, cups etc.

Excellent just what i wanted is as advertised.

It was doing the job perfectly until it began to play-up. Today, after 26 days in use, once a day, it has decided to pack up. Within seconds of switching on, the machine gets very hot and the power is cut off. I have tried to restart it after it has cooled right down, without success, except that this time, not only does it cut out, there is also a burning smell. The case gets extremely hot and without percolation. I am requesting a replacement or a complete refund.

Good product – delivered on time _ well packaged really simple to use -no timer just wake up press button hey presto – like other reviewer i use a normal coffee mug instead of insulated mug.

Perfect for coffee before lectures. Quick and easy, the included travel mug is nice. Nothing fancy but does the job.

This was a present for my dad in december 2015. He has used it daily for the last year. Thermal cup with lid keeps the coffee warmer for longer. Thermal cup is robust, dad takes it into the workshop and greenhouse, been knocked over a few times, but still going strong. The filter is nylon mesh, so no need for paper filters, much more eco friendly. A good buy and worth the money.

  • perfect cup of coffee every time
  • This is my new best friend! I use a normal mug with it
  • It was doing the job perfectly until it began to

Quest Benross One Cup Filter Coffee Maker with Travel Mug and Lid, 700 Watt

Got this for my son for christmas as he is a real lover of strong coffee. Very easy to use and the travel cup is a great idea as he will use it to take to college with him. Very happy with this purchase. It’s a clever little machine at a really good price.

This is a brilliant coffee maker at remarkable value. I have used medium ground coffee and finely ground (lavazza) – both produce fantastic tasting, roasting hot coffee, though with the lavazza don’t overdo the amount or you will end up with grounds at the bottom. The icing on the cake is that it is very easy to clean and the stainless steel mug is brilliant (i’d buy this on its own if i saw it in a shop). If you are a real coffee-holic, buy this, you will be delighted.

This arrived faulty ,problem with the power switch, having to return it.

This is my new best friendi use a normal mug with it when i make weekend cuppas, but on work days i make it in the supplied thermos mug and take it to work, still hot couple hours later. I take the thermos cup with me if i have to travel by train and transfer any bought coffees into the cup as it keeps hot for ages (i like to sip my coffee through day and not in few gulps. Keeps me going)perfect size for my little kitchen, can even be used for making tea if that’s your preference. Think i may buy few more for xmas pressies.

Great for just making the one cup of coffee. 🙂 any cup or mug will do, just will your cup with a tiny bit more water than you want (as a little gets absorbed by the coffee), pour the water into the tank, add coffee to the filter, and turn the machine on. Lovely coffee in a few minutesthe on button is the left hand side, so you need access on that side to press the button. Also take into account that the lid on top needs to be lifted, and also to leave room for the pouring of the water. Pic shows it next two a two-pint of milk (i don’t have the patience to wait until all the coffee has trickled out on the end of a brew, hence the little bowl to collect the last few drops of coffee). The travel mug is fab, and will keep the coffee warm for ages. The downside it that it feels really cheap. More like a toy than a coffee maker. The on-button is the flimsiest little thing ever. That said – it makes excellent coffee, and is fairly quick. Getting the coffee right is of course trial and error, i suggest starting with three teaspoons to the travel mug, so see how you need to adjust it from there (my ideal coffee worked out as 3 and a half teaspoons to the travel mug. Or three topped teaspoons to the mug i generally use for it).

Just what i needed for my bedside table. No going downstairs for my first coffee now. Works equally as well with tea and coffee bags.

Easy to use and a great cup of coffee. Keeps my drink hot for a long time.

Ok but doesn’t make as strong a mug of coffee as i would like.

Bought this for my son for christmas, he loves coffee but his wife is not a fan so this is perfect for when he just wants one cup of real coffee. He used it yesterday (christmas day) and said it did the job and he was looking forward to using it on a daily basis. It arrived in good time and was well packaged.

Just what i needed, very quick and easy for a lovely fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Excellent machine makes really nice coffee.

Such good value, an excellent litte one cup coffee maker.

It does the job but the hot water spray leaves dry patches in the coffee grounds. Pour boiling water onto the grounds as a starter and then proceed as directed.

This does the job perfectly, really happy with this product.

Fill it up, push the button, hot coffee in around two minutes, unit switches itself off. The filter basket is good, doesn’t leave much sediment in the bottom of the cup like my cafetiere did. The build is quite flimsy, hence the price no doubt, but it’s a simple contraption anyway, so how sturdy does it need to be?.I am a bit concerned about the long term reliability but time will tell. I don’t use the free mug supplied, i don’t like drinking out of metal.

But ii bought it to make tea. I add a tea bag instead of coffee to the little basket at the top of the machine. It is a little noisy and it makes very strong tea.

The mug keeps it hot for a long time.

Replacement arrived in two days. Bit slow brew but good coffee.

Features and Spesification

  • One Cup Coffee Maker
  • Includes Travel Mug with Lid
  • One Touch Operation
  • Ideal for home or Office
  • Black and brushed aluminium finish