Rave Coffee AeroPress Coffee Maker : Nice Coffee Maker, shame about the coffee

Fed up with normal coffee filters and cafetieres giving me cold cups of coffe i bought an electric percolator. It was very good but broke down after less than year. This time i decided to try an aeropress and am more than satisfied at the quality of the coffee. Not only is it hot, it also tastes good. The device is easy to use, is very easy to clean, far less messy than a cafetiere or percolator.

Does what it promises very easily.

This is easy to use and clean and comes with lods of filters and is a great new system. In saying that i am not sure it should be costing this much for what is basically a plastic tube.

Great to have a set that includes nice smelling coffee. Made a good present and i’m told it works well, especially for someone travelling a lot.

One for me and one for a friend. It’s simple, quick and makes the best coffee.

Bought for my son he uses it every day thinks its great. He used to use a cafeteria but prefers this.

Maybe i’m still getting the hang of it but i think i prefer the proper 15bar espresso machines, this is a lot cheaper though. Have to wait to get the water the right temp, leave the water in just the right time and the press is something else again. I really don’t have time in the mornings for all this.

My son pointed me in the direction of this coffee maker as had been recommended to him by a friend. Tried it out while at home over xmas and seems to be as good as the reviews read. Very impressed and may consider buying one for us too.

  • The Best Cup of Coffee – Ever!
  • LOVE THIS!!!
  • great little device!

AeroPress Coffee Maker with 250g Rave Coffee and Gift Box including Brewing Guide | Complete Coffee Gift Set For Coffee Lovers

The new Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker utilizes a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted. Using the ideal water temperature and gentle but rapid air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness. The result is ultra smooth coffee. Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full, rich coffee flavor. Micro filtered for grit-free coffee – unlike other press-type coffee makers. Fast, the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker takes you from start to finish in only a minute.

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I bought this as a valentine’s day present for my boyfriend, as he’d wanted one for ages and he absolutely loves it. The aeropress itself works really well, but the rave coffee that comes with it is the real star – it makes delicious coffee. Would recommend one of these for any coffee lover.

Nice product, easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space. Personally i find the inverted method works best for this device as after stirring you can leave it for a few seconds before pressing through and it doesn’t leak coffee staightaway (as it does using the standard method) before pressing.

Best coffe maker, inexpensive, easy to carry anywhere you want, now i can’t live without it.

Having used various coffee machines/devises over the years, i thought i would give the aeropress a go. More recently i had been using a moka pot, and a tassimo t65. I believe the moka pot gives me fantastic coffee, but just not often enough, one coffee can be sublime, and the next be bitter or tasteless. Just not enough consistency. The tassimo makes fairly decent coffee, but the best ones seem to be only found on the web site, the super markets only seem to stock the same ones like costa etc. Personally i find these very bland. Now the aeropress is very easy to set up and use, but personally i would take a look on youtube to see how its done the first time you go to use it. I personally use the inverted method, which i find seems to be slightly better. Just remember to screw the filter part in, otherwise there will be an almighty mess.

It was a gift for my girlfriend. She has now been using only this saying the coffee tastes better.

The aeropress is a great product – its very easy to use and creates a very smooth & tasty coffee with minimal mess in a small amount of time. Saves me time queuing for expensive coffee. The rave coffee signature blend is a great complementary coffee to buy with your aeopress to get you on your way and i have bought it separately too, as its so good.

Wonderful piece of engineering, best home coffees i’ve had ♥️.

I bought this as a present so haven’t used it personally but the recipient is delighted and uses it frequently and rates it highly.

  • The Best Cup of Coffee – Ever!
  • LOVE THIS!!!
  • great little device!

AeroPress Coffee Maker with 250g Rave Coffee and Gift Box including Brewing Guide | Complete Coffee Gift Set For Coffee Lovers

Fantastic coffee maker, easy to use and clean, makes great coffee would highly recommend this product.

Bought this for my husband and he is delighted with it. Makes a lovely cup of quality coffee, and is pretty simple to use (ok, i did it upside down the first time i tried, but it was early in the morning in my defence. Was a lot cheaper than the previous one we’d had and just as good if not better.

So much easier to clean than a big coffee machine and easy to use. The rave coffee is one of the nicest coffees he’s had and he loves coffee. Only problem is it can be a bit messy at times if you plunge a little to quick.

I can’t understand the hype. It makes a decent enough cup of coffee but my stove top italian mokka pot makes a stronger brew. It does have one major plus though, it’s really, really easy and quick to clean. Enough for me to give it four stars.

I am the only coffee drinker in my house so having a large coffee making machine seems silly (also my kitchen is tiny) so i thought i would give the aerobie aeropress a go and i am so pleased i did. Its the perfect size to either leave on the side without cluttering the worktop of fits nicely in a cupboard or even a draw. The aeropress is so easy to use and makes a gorgeous cuppa. I would also like to add that the rave signature coffee that comes with it is absolutely gorgeous.

This was recommended by a friend and have purchased two one for home and the other a present.

Bought this with the added coffee as totalling up buying separately would have come to more. Its very simple to use and makes a good clean tasting espresso for one or two people. I used the videos on origin coffee (vimeo) to learn a bit more about using it. A good purchase as you can use at home or away.

Bought as a gift but we have one and love it. The packaging was really nice for a gift too.

A must have for travelling i take it everywhere nothing better on the market.

I own one of these machines myself and i am keen to make any coffee lover aware of how good they are. This one was bought as a present, and was very well received. Great idea to have some coffee bundled with the rest of the gear, you can get started making a cup straight away.

Bought this for my other half who loves his coffee,it looks more complicated than it is and he loves it. Says it makes the best home made coffeee he has ever had.

It makes really nice coffee and the aeropress gizzmo works like a charm; very easy to use and also clean.

As a norwegian in the land of tea and instant coffee (the uk) the aeropress has been a lifesaver. I don’t even slightly miss my coffee maker back home. Only drawback is that is uses a lot of coffee grinds but i can live with that. Delicious delicious coffee is worth it.

I bought this for my boyfriend who is obsessed with his coffee. He could never quite replicate the standard of coffee shop brews. However, now the aeropress has created the opposite problem, where now he can’t buy coffee as good as the one he can make at homei would highly recommend this, quick and easy, with much less mess than other brewing methods. The signature coffee provide was delicious and i would highly recommend getting the two together for the perfect gift.

Bought as a present for christmas and my boyfriend loved it.

Aeropress is good the coffee from rave was old and had lost most of its flavor.

I don’t usually like coffee – i’m a tea fiend. However, this thing makes an absolutely excellent cup of coffee, with very little effort. The coffee from rave was great as well. Infinitely better than what i’ve tasted from supermarkets, and fresh. Roasted two days before i received my package.

Would have prefered if the coffee was not pre ground.

Features and Spesification

  • 1 x Aerobie Aeropress
  • 1 x 250g Fresh Roasted Award Winnning Coffee Ground for Aeropress
  • Coffee Ground Specifically for use in Aeropress
  • Includes 350 Filter papers
  • Packaged in a Gift Box