Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel: Will it do the job?


Oh Real Techniques, how I love thee. This is a brand that has hit the beauty industry by storm over the years, with their range of makeup brushes being a firm favourite for many. Other than their overly expensive Bold Metals range, I own all the other brushes in their core and starter sets and use every one with ease.

When it comes to cleaning makeup brushes, I struggle to find a cleansing product that removes all excess makeup and other impurities to give them a thorough clean. I’ve tried hair conditioners, baby oil, fairy liquid and other advised products that apparently does the job. But nothing has quite hit the spot just yet.

The Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel is a great product to use though. All you need is a small pea sized amount in your palm to remove makeup, oils and impurities from your brushes for a fresh and improved performance every time.

After placing a small amount onto your hand, swirl the brush around your palm, rinse with water and repeat, before rinsing again and letting it dry flat or upside down. The gel itself smells nice, isn’t over powering or filled chemicals that will irritate the skin.

Brushes are left feeling super soft, smelling fresh and looking as good as new every time. In order to try this product out, I received two trial sachets of the cleansing gel. I clean my brush every Sunday, or try to at least. At the least, I will clean them every fortnight. Having this routine meant this small 15ml sachet lasted me roughly 2 months. Therefore you can imagine how long a 50ml or 100ml bottle will last you. This will also depend on how many brushes you need to clean, as mine is usually only 5 every time.


What cleansing products do you use for your brushes? Plus, what are your cleaning techniques?