REDMOND Multi Cooker RMC-M4502E : So far so good, well pleased

Was delivered today it came in the retail packaging and the machine has a dent on the front of it. It works ok just tried the steam function and it works ok.

It can cook almost anything. I have used it almost every day since i had it. It is also very good looking and sits proud on my kitchen work top.

So easy to use, so quick and tasty food.

Before order the cooker, i was undecided whether to get an instant pot or a multicooker. I am glad i made the right decision after hearing an horrendous explosion incident of a pressure cooker. I took other people’s recommendation here and bought the cooker from its own website. And here’s my review after 4 months of use. The reason i ordered it was because of its time delay function, however, it turned out the instruction that came with the machine gives the total wrong direction. After contacting the company’s customer service and made a video to show the fault it turns out- the instruction was misleading. Anyway, so here i can confirm, it does have a time delay function just don’t follow what the booklet says. The machine itself is a little gadget that i could not live without. I use it to cook all sort of dishes, rossitto, stew, plain rice, curry and moroccan chicken. It is nice and makes my life so much easier when dinner is ready or will be soon ready after a hectic day.

Looks great and cooks great,very pleased and would recommend.

This little machine is awsome it cooks anything porridge , steak pasta ,roast chicken,stews, not tried cakes yet but no dought it will do that well and only 800 watts it will pay for itself in no time.

This is the best product i have bought in years. It does all it promised to do. I have used it during the last two weeks and have cooked stews, soup and oatmeal. I have steamed fish and fried meat. I have used the timer and it worked brilliantly. The food is ready when we walk in the door and we do not have to wait to cook it. The food was cooked to perfection and the keep warm function keeps the food ready to be eaten. This is ideal for people who are working and a great comfort and time saver when you arrive home tired and hungry. I would recommend this to everyone. It is expensive compared to other multi-cookers but well worth the extra money.

Still learning how to use it but this is a great product, we mostly use it for stews, steaming veg etc, highly recommended its economic and minimum mess.

  • Good looking multicooker.
  • My like rice cooker
  • Excellent.

Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M4502E, 42 programmes, 1000W, Ecoceramic (Black)

Product Description, This compact, stylish, and easy-to-use multicooker features a wide range of automatic programs. Its key feature is a unique program called MULTICOOK which allows the user to adjust the time and temperature as required. This smart appliance can cook any dish to perfection and makes a variety of healthy and delicious meals! It has 34 programs – 16 automatic and 18 manual programs for perfectly cooked meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, porridge, soup, pasta etc., also, deep fry, make yogurt, bake, and more.

Box Contains, Multicooker (M4502E)Mains Power cordRecipe BookUser Manual1 spoon / 1 paddle / holderMeasuring CupSteaming basketDeep Fry BasketBowl Removal Tongs

From the manufacturer

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3D Heat

Technology implemented in the RMC-M4502 assures optimal temperature for each meal. Microprocessor control, featured by the appliance, automatically controls the heating process which helps to preserve your food’s vitamin and mineral content. 3D heating (on the bottom, sides, and top) allows the heat to conduct evenly, which favourably distinguishes the quality and flavour of the meals.

Time Delay Function

With the Time Delay function, you can set the programme to start with a delay of up to 24 hours. Your meal will be ready for an early breakfast or by the time you come back from work.

Multicook Programme

The key feature of the RMC-M4502E, which distinguishes it from the others multicookers on the market, is the versatile programme called Multicook. Now you can cook any meal using any cooking method you prefer. The device features a wide temperature range from 40°C up to 160°C with 5°C intervals and time range from 5 minutes up to 12 hours with 5 minute intervals. Multicook is perfect for traditional meals, as well as your own inventions like yoghurt, cottage cheese, fondue, chips, and chicken nuggets. With the help of this program you can also bake bread, prepare baby food, proof dough, pasteurise, sterilise, and more.

Recipes Cookbook

A colourful recipe book has been created by a team of Redmond chefs. Each recipe has been adapted for this particular model. The book gives a step-by-step instruction on the ingredients used and the procedure recommended. Follow the recipes from the book to treat your family and friends every day.

42 Programmes

Steam ,Fry, Pasta, Stew, Quick Cook,

Cook, Porridge, Soup, Bake, Etc.

Recipes From Redmond Published Recipes Perform Only Advisory Role

Recipes can also be found in the Cook with Redmond mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

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Item advertised as 5 litre capacity, this is incorrect it is only 3 litres.

Only just got it but did a pizza, no problems using the settings. My only complaint is the instruction booklet, they could hardly have got the print much smaller have to use a magnifying glass to read it. Bit worried about doing cakes would they stick to the pan but no problems with the pizza having a crust and melted cheese using a spatula it just slid out. So far so good, well pleased.

It was a a little tricky to follow the instructions at first but once you a have a read through a few times it starts to make sense. You can adjust the timer/temperature and duration for when suites you. It’s mainly helped me when i am at work and i know i can set it up to cook and keep food warm for when i get home. It has also helped to prepare easy meals with the guide, though i have not cooked any of the recipes i have used the guide to set up the cooker based my similar choices. Hen cooking you only need to use little or no oil/fat because it’s non-stick 9 super easy to clean) so it’s better for healthier eating, i really enjoy using the steam/stewing and pasta functions. The only things that lets it down for me is that the temperature only goes up to 160 which isn’t any good for deep frying. Other than that i would recommend this product to anything who has little time and wants to east healthier.

This multi-cooker has changed my life. I know it sounds very melodramatic, but i swear it’s trueit cooks everything, literally everything. In 2 days that i have it i cooked 4 meals: mushroom soup, pork and vegetable stew, rice porridge and an apple cake. Everything took minimum effort and tasted amazing.The multi cooker does not require supervision, so you can set the cooking programme and do something else around the house or leave the house altogether. It will finish the programme and turn on the ‘keep warm’ function automatically, so when you come back home the lunch/dinner will be waiting for you, freshly cooked and hot. The cooker comes with a 100 recipes book, and you can find more online. Don’t be put off by the lack of reviews, it is not a popular product in the uk. I myself heard about it from my friends and family in russia, where it is the most popular domestic appliance these days (and a very popular brand/model). Can’t recommend it highly enough.

I bought a morphy richards one years ago and they do not make them anymore, so wondered what this one would be like, and i am so pleased. It is an updated version of the morphy richards intellichef, with so many more programs. I now use both of them all the time, and my oven is hardly ever used. It is quick to use, easy to clean, and you can leave it bubbling away without worrying. Buy one and you will not be disappointed.

Sorry for late review, used for two years now, still in perfect condition, thanks again.

I have received my machine now and have already made 4 meals in it. Easily worth the money it costs fixed costs a part. So i give it 5 stars out of 5. And so i would like to thank amazon for fast delivery from england to sweden 4 days after i ordered it on the internet.

Had one if these with a different branding a few years ago and loved it so was chuffed to find this one on amazon.

  • Good looking multicooker.
  • My like rice cooker
  • Excellent.

Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M4502E, 42 programmes, 1000W, Ecoceramic (Black)

I have just purchased one directly from redmond uk where it is on special offer at £59. Bought the white version and a spare bowl for less than the offers elsewhere, and free delivery. Only thing i don’t like is having to clean the valves every time. It has several things to get used to if you are not using the programs. Lots of you tube tutorials, although most in eastern languages. Nice 100 page cook book, although didn’t recognise some of the ingredients.

Bought as a christmas pressy they love it.

Very good not done much in it but the stew and steam pots is spot on soon it’ll be about the only thing used in the kitchen it does just about everything.

I bought this as an all rounded but how just found out the temperature is not go higher enough to do chips so i have had to buy another pan to do chips in but the redmond is very good for soups stews etc very pleased but only 4 stars because temperature not high enough for chips for a family of 5.

The steam function is brilliant. The cook function is also good. The multi cook, am not sure. The pasta function is excellent. The only thing i did not like is the front panel orange light colour. It does not show the selected function clearly to my eyes. I have slight cataract in my eyes and do not see very well in dim light. It is better off with transparent plastic instead of fashionable orange colour to show the selected functions clearly for imperfect eyesight. It is not user friendly and the instructions in the book are not easy to read and understand how to use each function.

Great product i wish it has a timer that switch itself off.

Delay in delivery, product recommend.

Happy with cooker as it was to replace one.

First impressions i am delighted, bought this for use in motorhome when on electric hook up, made mushroom soup 15 mins stir fried veg & steamed salmon 5 mins and a typical victoria sponge recipe (6/6/6/3) 40 mins today. Have been using a lakeland remoska which cooked very well but was very cumbersome and took up too much worktop space when you had to take the lid off and needed 2 hands to progress a recipe. I burnt myself so many times it had to gothe hinged lid on this appliance seems much safer and the features on this are way more advanced than the remoska with its single temp, amazed that there are so many features in one appliance and so many different dishes to cook, for £99 i am very happy, off on hols tommorow will put it through its paces.

I’m a typical bloke and until i got this machine. Beans on toast and a bacon butty we my limited. Note in making curry, soups, pork cutlet and veg, roasts, even cake. Not only that at 800w, it has to be saving a load over the conventional oven.

Purchased this after reviewing a number of multi-cookers; absolutely love it. It does sooo much and so well. I’ve used it to make pot roast, soup, marinara sauce, stewed fruit – when i first got it i used it to steam mini christmas puddings, does this really well. I’ve just steamed potatoes, salmon and asparagus and it was delicious; tip let the fish and potatoes cook for half the time then add the asparagus. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Very good product very pleased.

Features and Spesification

  • Non Stick Coating by Daikin
  • KEEP WARM and TIME DELAY functions
  • 34 Programs 16 Automatic & 18 Manual