Retrospective Jewellery by British Designer, Danielle Underwood

The amount of jewellery I’ve featured on this blog as of late is growing, but here is the newest addition to the set to feast your eyes on. Retrospective Jewellery is run by British designer, Danielle Underwood who provides us with the most beautiful yet simplistic jewellery designs I’ve ever seen. I love my statement necklaces, but modern geometric designs like the ones featured in my post are my absolute favourite of all time!Retrospective Jewellery 1

First up we have these small, but unforgettable Arrow Earrings* from the Deco Frame Collection which I’ve been wearing non-stop. I’m not a huge fan of statement earrings, but I don’t like wearing your standard studs either – talk about being fussy, I know. These arrow earrings however are the perfect combination of simple design, easy wear and are also a style you can carry on into the evening as it goes with almost any outfit. What I love about this label too is that you can choose the finish; Gold plated brass or Silver plated brass. As you can see, I opted for gold and I’m so happy with this choice.Butterfly Mask Necklace


Next up we have this gorgeous Butterfly Mask Necklace* from the Cosmic Dancer Collection. This is a modern twist of the wings of a butterfly and the overall design of this necklace is just stunning. You can choose to have this plated in either Sterling Silver or 18ct Yellow Gold, to which I chose the latter, and this hangs off an 18″ fine chain. The chain makes it for me, as often designers can get what you assume to be the simplest thing (the chain), wrong. Chunky chains are not for me and when it comes to a simple yet very effective design like this one, you need the pendant itself to stand out on its own.

As for the packaging, we all know it’s important to have some good gift bags or boxes to display jewellery in, especially if it is a gift. That’s where I love this; each item comes in this lovely white satin-like drawstring pouch with the label stitched across the front. The necklace however came in the pouch, but was also slid into a branded box with a little pull out draw to reveal the necklace – it’s the little things! So Danielle, all I can say is I love your work!


Have you seen both collections? Which is your favourite?