RHA T20i High Fidelity : Excellent Sound Quality

I have had many different brands of headphones, and do like to hear a decent level of sound quality. Previous headphones have included atomic floyd ear darts, and atomic floyd ear drums. These rha t20i beat the atomic floyds in two areas:comfort – the rha t20i seem to be able to be worn for long periods of time with no ear discomfortmicrophone – making/receiving calls the microphone quality is higher than expectedi believe that there are two downsides to the headphones – and this is where they lose a star. Firstly the construction for a relatively high end product isn’t as perfect as it should be. My headphones arrived with a kink in the spring that shields the cable where it is attached to the headphone jack – this doesn’t effect the sound quality, but is annoying to look at. It shouldn’t have passed quality control like that. Secondly, the bendy mechanism that folds over the top of your ear to keep the headphones in place, is already bunching up on both sides of my set. Its looking like it will wear through soon and expose the metal/wire underneath. Again, this is a disappointing build quality issue where better materials could have been used that would be more durable – bear in mind my head phones have light daily use, and are only a couple of months old at the time of writing. One minor gripe, and this is true for many headphones that try to seal the headphones into your ear canal, is that when you use the headphones on the move you get that annoying application of your foot steps thudding in your ear.

To this price level, after analyzing the theheadphonelist sound ratings and reading to a lot of reviews, seemed to be the best solution for this price level. And i am really glad this was the choice. Great great sound, possibility of smooth sound adjustment by changing the drivers and silicon-foam combination, solid piece, very well finished, confortable, great noise isolation, big but very good case. To improve: the hook behind ears. It is comfortable, but the position is not very easy to keep with the foam pads.

Speaking as a general music lover who enjoys multiple types of music and has used various brands of headphones i would say that these are by far the most flexible and customisable yet best sounding headphones which i have ever had the pleasure to use. I will try my best to explain why that is in the following review:firstly the first thing you will notice is the packaging and sheer number of accessories they come with. The fantastic packaging oozes quality upon first impression and once opened the you are presented with various sound filters and earbuds designed to suit all ear preferences and music types. In addition to this you also get a convenient carry case to easily store your headphones along with all the accessories. So needless to say your first impression on a physical level will be a positive one that i can guarantee. Now onto my statement about them being the best headphones i have ever used. My reasoning for this down to 2 key aspects: sound quality and design. Firstly and most importantly the sound quality. I have used various headphones who state that the quality of sound is first and foremost there main goal and ususally find this to be not true (prime examples being my beats solo and urbeats headphones) however with the rha t20i’s i have found that the quality of sound has clearly been put before anything else. Quite frankly the clarity and quality of sound coming from these headphones is exquisite and that’s on the standard settingonce i got into the headphones more and really the tried various sound filters to find the right filter for my music i discovered whole new ways to enjoy my music dependant on genre; each filter adds a whole new level of depth to any type of song so i would say taking the time to find the correct filter for your music will take your audio experience from excellent to second to none.

Bought these buy accident, even though they fit nice, sound nice and look nice i just couldn’t justify paying the price.

Hi,so first up, i think these earphones are incredible sound quality-wise. However, i was on the underground just now and someone bumped into me whilst i was wearing these. My right earphone popped out and when i went to put it back in, the earbud and filter had fallen out. I spent a lot of money on these earphones, and a major selling point was the build quality so i’m a little disappointed to have lost the filter and earbud that suited me.

One of the best in-ear headphones .

I’ve had these for around 4 months now and enjoy the sound a lot. In fact i recently popped my rha 750i s back in to see whether there was really any difference. Much much more detail, much wider sound stage, excellent. I also own some oppo ha3s and they are in the same league despite costing 100 quid less. The reason for not giving 5 stars is the build quality. The memory over-ear wire hasn’t lasted. I’ve been gentle with them but to no avail, the memory cord now has alzheimer’s and the insulation has now wrinkled and torn to expose the wire beneath. I am hoping this is a one-off because the sound is really really good.

I recently purchased these not via amazon (sorry amazon people) as a impulse purchase. The sound quality is trully superb, i have used many sets of iem and none have even come close to these in terms of overall quality. The bass mid and treble all work together brilliantly no overlapping of frequency ranges at all. The build quality and retail package experience is again flawless and better than nearly all others (think apple)after i had been using these for some time, i noticed a ringing in my ears. It only seemed to come when listening to t20i. After some time and many visits my ear doctor explained i had very mild tinnitus and the frequency range of the t20i basically aggregated the tinnitus causing the ringing to start. Dont think of this as a negative as it only affected me cause of the tinnitus and other iem never caused this as there sound quality was not as refined as the rha products. So this is not something that is going to effect other users. Anyway i contacted rha support and had several email discussions with them. They were always professional, helpful, understanding, and more importantly were caring to my situation.

  • Very good purchase
  • Outstanding sound and build quality – highly recommended
  • Made For Man Geeks

RHA T20i High Fidelity with remote and microphone Dual Coil In-Ear Headphone

The RHA T20i is a high performance in-ear headphone featuring revolutionary Dual Coil dynamic driver technology capable of outperforming conventional drivers in levels of resolution, clarity and detail. The injection moulded stainless steel housings feature a tuning filter system to adjust the sound signature, while a comfortable, noise isolating fit is ensured by patent pending, mouldable over-ear hooks.

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These aren’t bass head earphones like the t10s. Instead they sound more refined and neutral with very detailed mids and treble. The treble extension is thrilling for single dynamic drivers. This is down to the dual coil design which effectively adds a tweeter in a single diaphragm. The bass is punchy and natural. Their soundstage is broad giving live concert recordings an exciting realism. Construction is top notch, they fit in my ears comfortably and they look great. There’s a 3 year warranty which a friend of mine used on his 750i’s without any hassle so i’m comfortable they stand by their stuff. I recommend some burn in but the changes will be very subtle. Call quality is good and the overall package is great value for money.

Very well made earphone, the design is very nice, modern and stylish. However, be cautious if you have very small ear holes like me. None of the ear pad would fit thus no comfort. I had to sadly return it because of it.

I bought these to replace my shure se215, and although the sound is excellent i wasn’t convinced about the ear tips at all. I always use memory foam ear tips and the ones on the se215 fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the foam tips supplied with the t20i are woeful. Most tips work by rolling them in your fingers and placing them inside your ear. Then when the foam expands back into shape it creates a perfect seal. These do not do that at all. There is no ‘memory’ aspect to the foam tips, and they are unable to be squished down which means they are unable to expand in your ear. It is just about possible to shove them in using brute force, but it’s not ideal at all. Unfortunately this means that on top of a £189 pair of headphones, you’re forced to buy an after-market pair from comply making it a more expensive deal. The earphones themselves sound great, but seriously rha – get some proper foam tips in there.

Owned these since christmas, and they have worked just fine. Pros:- good audio quality- broad selection of tips to suit your ear- filters change the sound to adjust bass and treblecons:- ear tips and filter can fall off and unscrew pretty easily, i have already lost a few, but there are replacements online. – since the outer part of the earphone is metal, when you have a wet ear like coming out of the shower, you can get small annoying electric tingles.

Great product even better customer service. I loved the sound quality and built of the product. I had an issue with my pair, rha customer care immediately sent a replacement pair within days and responded very quickly.

Took a little while to adjust to the fitting , but after wearing them for a while it settled in. I like the interchangeable tuning filters, as i listen to classical music a lot, i put in the treble filters and they are really very good. I’m using them with a sony hd walkman and they make all the difference.

Pro’s:- very sturdy build- responsive and enjoyed the amount of customisation available with the earphones- carry case felt very nice to hold- cable seemed to be quite resistant to scratching when it brushed against clothes during listening- a lot of ear buds provided to help find a good seal- have a good weight to them and have a premium feel to them but it may be quite heavy- surprisingly light on the ears and can enjoy listening to them for an extended period of timecons:- cable is unnecessarily long- foam ear buds aren’t very ‘foamy’, they feel a bit like plastic- clothing clip very hard to put onto the cable.

These are great headphones, the sound quality is excellent, noise isolation is great when fitted correctly within your ear. That said, these are my second set of t20i headphones as the cable which fits around the ear started to break apart after a couple of months, hence the 4 stars – i’d expect headphone at this price range should last, so if the second set fail then i won’t be re-purchasing.

  • Very good purchase
  • Outstanding sound and build quality – highly recommended
  • Made For Man Geeks

RHA T20i High Fidelity with remote and microphone Dual Coil In-Ear Headphone

Great headphones with exceptional audio quality and build quality, however, it only went downhill from there. Despite my fondness of rha headphones since my purchase of the ma 750i, the t20i initially exceeded my expectarions with stunning audio quality, rivalling my over-ear beoplay h7 merely lacking the depth of sound and sound range. Being my go to portable earphones for around 3 months however, i noticed significant deterioration of the material surrounding the ear hooks is was severly strained from bending. Not thinking to much of it, the material broke exposing the metal rings underneath causing a disturbing hiss sound. Only today i also noticed a sharp metal wedge stabbing into the back of my ear and that’s when i reached the breaking point with these earphones. Although i was initially very pleased with my purchase thinking i have found a gem, i am hopefully, fingers crossed able to claim my warranty on these headphones. Hopefully this time, they will last.

This in-ears are so good, i had to write a review. Everything about this headphone is about right; very detailed, crisp highs but not harsh or overpowering, excellent mids and impressive bass and mid-bass response that does not mud any mid-range. If you have read the professional reviews, they are spot-on; the frequency response is just a little bit v-shaped, but not much. But this is in fact good, if you are listening pop, rock, edm or electronic music which makes these speakers a lot fun.This doesn’t mean they are not suitable for classic, jazz or acoustic, i think they are excellent for these types too. The one thing that these in-ears can’t do excellent is the soundstage; but this is inherit for most in-ears. Don’t expect the soundstage and imaging of an over-ear.

Glad i had the chance to try and buy these amazing in-ear headphones. If you are a music addicted as much as i am and you like quality then this product was made for you. I can’t express myself better.

I’ve been using these headphones for around two weeks daily and absolutely love them. They are very comfy indeed – i often use them at work for hours at a time and my ears don’t get tired. I use the foam ear tips and the noise cancelling is excellent, and makes the noise isolation very good. I also tried them with some aftermarket foam ear tips which fitted my ear a bit better and improved the isolation further, but it depends completely on the shape of your ears, i think mine are an odd shapethe sound quality is immaculate, clear highs and lows. The bass is tight and handles being ramped up using an equaliser – i’ve not managed to get them to seem like they’re being pushed too hard. The build quality is excellent, you really feel like they’re build to last. 5mm connector is made of really solid feeling metal with good support where it meets the cable. Due to their metal construction, they are a bit heavier than other similar earphones, but they have a flexible ear hook at the end of the cable that loops over your ear and spreads the weight. As i mentioned before, they don’t tire your ears out and are very comfortable.

If you want a comfortable in-ear set of earphones which are beautifully made and sound fantastic, then look no further. Out of the box with the standard earpieces and the reference filter in place, they sounded great and fitted my ears beautifully. They are a good noise isolating design. The over the ear mouldable wires remove the weight of the earpiece and they are comfortable to wear for very long periods of time. The soundstage is wide and the stereo image is outstanding. With a three year warranty and tank-like construction, it is unlikely that you will ever need a warranty replacement. The accessories which are included include a clothes clip, 2 x foam ear pieces, 2 x double flanged silicon ear pieces in two sizes and 6 x single silicon ear pieces in s, m and l sizes so it should be possible to find a comfortable fitting option for almost any pair of ears. There are also 3 sets of screw-on earpiece filters to enhance the bass or the treble and the out of the box reference filter is already installed onto the earphones. The earpieces and filters are attached to stainless steel credit sized card for the earpieces and a small metal slab where the spare screw-on filters are attached. All of these items can be packed into the supplied zippered case.

Upgraded from an older pair that i broke, was a bit sceptical about spending so much, but they are worth it. I’ve only played a few songs so far and if other reviews are anything to go by then they should only get better. The only downside is the case, it’s a bit naff but then i brought headphones for what they sounded like not the case. I’ll use the case from my older pair which is a much better design. The memory foam buds cut out a good amount of noise, i couldn’t hear my son shouting for help on the xbox so job done.

In short:- fantastic audio, providing a wide sound stage with excellent bass and treble- tremendous custsomer support from rha- very comfortable over the ear which provides excellent fit and great (passive) noise reductionwhy five stars?. Because when this pair finally dies (or i get the inevitable inclinantion to try something new) it’s almost certain that i’ll purchase another set from rha. The only warning i would provide potential buyers is be prepared to hear how appalling most of your music files are, and how good the hifi setting on tidal is. Goodbye spotify and hello tidal. These ear-buds really excel when you provide the highest quality of audio. Used on a lg v20 with quad hifi running android.

Everything sounds so clear and you can even hear bits you didn’t notice before in your tracks.

These are very good but got too bassy for me once burnt in.

Very good sound , but noise isolation could be better. I’ve tried all the different earpieces supplied, none works as well as the best of my other headphones.

I originally bought these for my wife because i thought she would appreciate the audiophile soundscape, build quality & 3 year guarantee. But she found the over the ear loop fiddly & the heavyweight earpieces uncomfortable so i got her some sound magic e10’s which are lighter & easier to put in the ear & have a thinner, lighter, shorter, prettier cable. I think these earphones are designed for man geeks like me who want earphones that have great sonics & the range rover build quality that is backed by a 3 year guarantee. 3 year guaranteeto give you some idea of how good these sound, they make my westone 3’s (which cost me £280) sound like bean cans attached with a bit of stringthey are epic & make my music sound new, detailed & lush. I keep thinking of songs i want to listen to with them & it’s exciting. They are heavy, but comfortable, solid & don’t move whilst i’m running in them. The cable is long, thick & rubbery which may bug some people but i really like it. Everything is engineered to last. I’m using inairs 1 size medium. If you’re a geek wannabe audiophile you will love them. Your wife, not so much, in my experience.

Remote and mic with very well with iphone. You can really notice the difference in bitrate from services like spotify with these. Sound can be transformed with the different filters supplied. Not much more to say apart from they have amazing sound quality and are very well built.

These were an upgrade from the very first in ear models that rha released that i have recently just had to upgrade from due to wear and tear over 4/5 years. I purchased these earphones round about a month ago and they have so far been put through as many situations as i can manage on a day to day basis. I have utilised them in a normal setting; commuting, general knocking about the city, whilst operating heavy (and noisy) machinery, running and climbing. Firstly the construction of the earphones is solid without being overly heavy. It’s certainly a better feeling than the plastic ones around the market. The sound quality off of the buds is excellent. It’s clear without an imbalanced response towards treble or bass. Which leads on to the level of customisation that come with the earbuds. Reference has proven to be good for most music genres and i tend to switch to the treble filter for classical and solo acoustic music. The bass filter supplied has been used for most heavier music styles, everything from deep ambient all the way to metal.

I bought these from the apple store where they are available in all black. These are without doubt beyond superb. They come with the reference filter fitted and separate bass and treble filters. The phones and filters are injection moulded steel ‘quality’. The opening song i played, beth hart, st theresa from her new cd was beyond amazing and these headphones get better with a 30 hour burn in, so, how they will sound in 30 hours after play is currently beyond my imagination, i can’t see how the sound i got can be bettered. Don’t consider buying anything else. Rha and apple offer a 30 day refund if not satisfied, who else does that and what have you got to lose?. Don’t hesitate get in and buy a pair, you really will not regret it.

I most recently purchased a set of custom in-ear monitors (iems) which meant i went to an audiologist to have impressions made which in turn were used to make custom earmolds for the monitors. My experience wasn’t so great: the first set didn’t fit very well, so i went and had a second set of impressions made and whilst the second set fit better, they would only fit correctly if my head was in a particular position. For example, they don’t fit very well if i lie down. I received my t20i only yesterday, so it’s still early days. However, they fit much better than the custom monitors. You have to play around for a while to find the best ear-tip. You also have to get comfortable pushing the earpiece in such that it forms a total seal. For me, it means pushing the lower side of the earpiece in further than the upper side, if that makes sense, such that it is a bit at an angle. When i do that, i get a total seal.

People say that these earphones have too much bass response. If you are coming from cheap flimsy iphone earbuds, then you might be prone to draw to such a conclusion. On the contrary, i find these earphones to be very linear in response. In fact, i sometime tend to experience them as a bit tight/lean on the bottom end (that’s how i like them) with the middle filters fitted. Mids are punchy and tops are crisp. Construction is very sturdy, the metal casings are solid and the weight keeps them securely in position. The overear loops are a tremendous help, and due to the sturdy cable, they won’t slips out of your ears easily. Once minor gripe, the jack is a very high grade piece, and seems to be a slightly higher gauge than standard earphone jacks. As a result, the connection sometimes falters and the jack requires a wiggle or twist to get it working again. However, i wouldn’t consider this a problem with the phones, but rather with the socket inside my phone.

Features and Spesification

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  • Revolutionary Dual Coil dynamic driver engineered to deliver refined, high resolution audio with a neutral tonal balance.
  • Noise isolating design
  • 3-button remote and microphone
  • Metal injection moulded, stainless steel construction
  • Interchangeable tuning filters with holder