RHA T20i: High Fidelity Noise Isolating DualCoil In-Ear Headphones : Made For Man Geeks

First amazon review here, so obligatory life story thrown into the mix. I listen to music between 5-10 hours a day and was looking for superb sound quality for the office (spotify on pc) and commute (spotify on s9+) after destroying my samsung ig955 akgs which i always thought were pretty good. My brother is a classical music analyst and said “no question, get the rha t20s”. Of course i didn’t listen thinking that, as the older brother, i could do better. I was concerned about the durabliity of rha cables which get a very bad rep and brother had destroyed his twice in 3 years. Although rha’s 3 year warranty replaced his, this was a concern for me. So i ordered a pair of bose qc35 ii, which i’d kinda always wanted. Burn in debates aside, i was impressed by the noise cancelling but shocked by the lack of depth, instrument separation and clarity which i expected to be significantly better than my akgs. Really disappointing at £250.

I most recently purchased a set of custom in-ear monitors (iems) which meant i went to an audiologist to have impressions made which in turn were used to make custom earmolds for the monitors. My experience wasn’t so great: the first set didn’t fit very well, so i went and had a second set of impressions made and whilst the second set fit better, they would only fit correctly if my head was in a particular position. For example, they don’t fit very well if i lie down. I received my t20i only yesterday, so it’s still early days. However, they fit much better than the custom monitors. You have to play around for a while to find the best ear-tip. You also have to get comfortable pushing the earpiece in such that it forms a total seal. For me, it means pushing the lower side of the earpiece in further than the upper side, if that makes sense, such that it is a bit at an angle. When i do that, i get a total seal.

I really really wanted to like these headphones. My previous pair was the fender cxa1 and they were absolutely great – might have scored lower than other earphones but the comfort and quality for the price was a great bargain. After extensive research, i decided to go with the t20i. Pros- builtthe metallic finish and the connection jacks are simply fantastic. Very sturdy and if looked after they will last for a long time. Some people mentioned that the earhooks break down eventually but for the moment i do not see any signs of that yet (bought a few days ago). -soundthe sound is very clear, so if you like it flat then you will love these. Conns- comfortthe earphones do not sit inside my ear canal and they kept popping out of my ears. I had to change multiple tips in order to find something that kinda fit. Other brands are a lot more comfortable on that front (my previous fenders for example) and they are able to cover the whole ear canal very easily which leads to an immersive experience.

People say that these earphones have too much bass response. If you are coming from cheap flimsy iphone earbuds, then you might be prone to draw to such a conclusion. On the contrary, i find these earphones to be very linear in response. In fact, i sometime tend to experience them as a bit tight/lean on the bottom end (that’s how i like them) with the middle filters fitted. Mids are punchy and tops are crisp. Construction is very sturdy, the metal casings are solid and the weight keeps them securely in position. The overear loops are a tremendous help, and due to the sturdy cable, they won’t slips out of your ears easily. Once minor gripe, the jack is a very high grade piece, and seems to be a slightly higher gauge than standard earphone jacks. As a result, the connection sometimes falters and the jack requires a wiggle or twist to get it working again. However, i wouldn’t consider this a problem with the phones, but rather with the socket inside my phone.

Sent back for a refund, yes they are good quality but not particularly comfortable, they are also very impractical as its too time consuming to fit them in your ears. The cable is also ridiculously long, heavy and thick.

I originally bought these for my wife because i thought she would appreciate the audiophile soundscape, build quality & 3 year guarantee. But she found the over the ear loop fiddly & the heavyweight earpieces uncomfortable so i got her some sound magic e10’s which are lighter & easier to put in the ear & have a thinner, lighter, shorter, prettier cable. I think these earphones are designed for man geeks like me who want earphones that have great sonics & the range rover build quality that is backed by a 3 year guarantee. 3 year guaranteeto give you some idea of how good these sound, they make my westone 3’s (which cost me £280) sound like bean cans attached with a bit of stringthey are epic & make my music sound new, detailed & lush. I keep thinking of songs i want to listen to with them & it’s exciting. They are heavy, but comfortable, solid & don’t move whilst i’m running in them. The cable is long, thick & rubbery which may bug some people but i really like it. Everything is engineered to last. I’m using inairs 1 size medium. If you’re a geek wannabe audiophile you will love them. Your wife, not so much, in my experience.

If you want a comfortable in-ear set of earphones which are beautifully made and sound fantastic, then look no further. Out of the box with the standard earpieces and the reference filter in place, they sounded great and fitted my ears beautifully. They are a good noise isolating design. The over the ear mouldable wires remove the weight of the earpiece and they are comfortable to wear for very long periods of time. The soundstage is wide and the stereo image is outstanding. With a three year warranty and tank-like construction, it is unlikely that you will ever need a warranty replacement. The accessories which are included include a clothes clip, 2 x foam ear pieces, 2 x double flanged silicon ear pieces in two sizes and 6 x single silicon ear pieces in s, m and l sizes so it should be possible to find a comfortable fitting option for almost any pair of ears. There are also 3 sets of screw-on earpiece filters to enhance the bass or the treble and the out of the box reference filter is already installed onto the earphones. The earpieces and filters are attached to stainless steel credit sized card for the earpieces and a small metal slab where the spare screw-on filters are attached. All of these items can be packed into the supplied zippered case.

I bought these to replace my shure se215, and although the sound is excellent i wasn’t convinced about the ear tips at all. I always use memory foam ear tips and the ones on the se215 fit perfectly. Unfortunately, the foam tips supplied with the t20i are woeful. Most tips work by rolling them in your fingers and placing them inside your ear. Then when the foam expands back into shape it creates a perfect seal. These do not do that at all. There is no ‘memory’ aspect to the foam tips, and they are unable to be squished down which means they are unable to expand in your ear. It is just about possible to shove them in using brute force, but it’s not ideal at all. Unfortunately this means that on top of a £189 pair of headphones, you’re forced to buy an after-market pair from comply making it a more expensive deal. The earphones themselves sound great, but seriously rha – get some proper foam tips in there.

  • Very good purchase
  • Expensive – but as the cosmetic ads would say, you’re worth it!
  • Outstanding sound and build quality – highly recommended

RHA T20i: High Fidelity Noise Isolating DualCoil In-Ear Headphones (Black)

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These took time for me to pick a set of tips which were comfortable and gave good sound transmission. Almost all of the tips were the wrong size for me and if the fit is bad they sound bad. Fortunately there are so many tips provided that you’re most likely going to find a pair that fit. Now they are fitting better (and my ears have adjusted to the size and shape better) i can say that i’m blown away by these iems. Wowcoming from some sony mdr-ex300 (comparatively quite cheap and crude, but good value) i note a far flatter frequency response, with the ability to reach down low without losing much lf definition and – amazingly – give the same sort of physical hit on powerful bass thumps as i get with my big floorstanders (ma silver 6) at home. I’ve never had that with headphones, let alone earphones (in my quite limited experience). Listening to violent femmes the other day revealed a complete transformation of some tracks with details and textures beautifully presented. Highly recommended(tested with a fiio x5 second gen using the reference filters.

Wow where do i even begin 😮 these are amazing. Bought them for my nexus and they exceed all expectations (and should for that price). As soon as i got them i tried out the audio test : http://www. Php passed all with flying colours especially the binaural test, it actually made me turn around. 5/10low: 10/10all round great performance, personally i prefer a lot of bass as i listen to loads of house/deephouse/electro e. So i just pop in the bass filter and boom base goes way up groundshaking. Also bought the comply t400’s to accompany and they pair very well increasing comfort and noise reduction. Build quality: 10/10sound: 9/10value: 8/10gladly recommend these to anyone, regardless of what music you are into theres a place for you.

Very good sound , but noise isolation could be better. I’ve tried all the different earpieces supplied, none works as well as the best of my other headphones.

I was looking for a replacement for my klipsch x10s which finally bit the dust after several repairs. These popped up during my search and the reviews pointed towards a sound profile that i enjoy. I took the plunge – these are expensive iems compared to what i’ve brought before; but i listen to music on the go a lot and i figured, wtf; i deserve them. When they arrived and i first tried them i was initially disappointed. I’d heard they take some burning in so i left them playing for a few hours. I tried a couple of the different tips; changed to the bass filter and bamm – the sound was there. Really clear, excellent, big soundstage, natural, etc, etc. It really is so important to get the fit right; and my previous iems always fitted perfectly and i’d taken that for granted.

These are outstanding monitors. The filters do what they are supposed to do, although the neutral filters sound fantastic out of the box. Comes with loads of tips including comply foam tips and a nice case. A well engineered and well presented product. I have been searching for a decent set of iem’s that faithfully reproduces the actual sound coming through my band’s mixer, and these are what i ended up choosing. I have tried a number of iem’s including shure, that were supposed to be designed for this purpose, but none of them came close. I am not willing to spend a fortune on equipment that just cannot justify a £400 – £1000 price tag. Relatively speaking, these are a great value at £150. I think this whole industry is having a laugh, charging outrageous amounts of money for products they can manufacture for less than a tenth of the price tag. I suppose as long as people are willing to pay the price, they’ll be very happy to take their money.

I’m a long-time user of rha products and decided to splurge on these after my long-owned and much-cherished ma750 earphones were beginning to suffer from wear and tear. Listening to them for the first time after years of using the cheaper (but still very good) ma750 model was an absolute aural shock to the system. The sound stage is dramatically wider, with instruments and vocals picked out with much greater precision. Drums sound different: cymbal crashes are less harsh and more refined, kicks of the bass drum have real oomph. In fact, it’s in the lower frequencies where these earphones are a revelation, delivering more power and revolving more detail than the ma750s could ever manage. By contrast, the midrange sounds flat and a little harsh – to start with, at least. But it acquires a bit more depth and refinement after some hours of running the ‘phones in. The key advice for optimum sound quality, as others have noted, is to achieve a tight fit in the ear. Experiment with the wide variety of tips provided until you find something that works for you.

I have had these ‘phones a year now so i thought i should give my thoughts to prospective buyers. In short- i think they are great. I say this because the sound is so much better than any others i have owned over the years. It did take a little time for them to settle in, as other have noted. This was aided by me trying different buds and also using the bass screw in adapter. I think that this combination is different for different users, so there is a bit of trial and error here. As to the things i don’t like, well, there’s the cord which is a bit thick and tangly and i am not a great fan of the ‘mould the cord behind the ears’ method, but it does keep them stable- they never fall out. The build quality is marvellous (so it should be fore the price), and the sound is so good that as i listen to the lindsays (string quartet) playing haydn on my ipad air 2 i feel that the sound couldn’t be improved, it is wonderfully full and musical. They are expensive, but of course you get what you pay for.

For general music it’s great – rock/metal/country – all fine. If classical is your bag, then probably best to avoid as they are too bass heavy, irrespective of which filter is fitted. Note that because the casing is metal, they can be cold when first inserted into the ear, but quickly warm up.

  • Very good purchase
  • Expensive – but as the cosmetic ads would say, you’re worth it!
  • Outstanding sound and build quality – highly recommended

RHA T20i: High Fidelity Noise Isolating DualCoil In-Ear Headphones (Black)

Impressive sound, great quality and easy to hold on the ear. I have bought a few earbuds before this including the rha t10i and i returned them all, i will keep this one after i tried all the others. It is worth every penny and it is durable too. The sound is revolutionary and much much better than the previous version t10i, and it is easier to hold on the ear and lighter for they replaced the metal cable with a light rubber cable.

The rha t20s are stunning soundings earbuds, highs are handled with crisp detail without ever sounding overly bright, mids are subtle and we’ll handled, and the bass is deep while keeping a lovely warm clarity. The construction of the buds themselves are made from finely machined alloy, with three sets of screw in filters to suit your sound style whether it be high, bass boost, or reference. The only major gripe is the flex cables that curve around the back of the ear. These are constructed of a flex coil metal covered in a heat shrink type sleeve, and this sleeve has a tendency to become saggy and uncomfortable to use, and in the year and a half i’ve had my t20s, i’ve had them replaced under rhas excellent 3 year warranty. All in all though, these are an amazing entry for the young scottish sound company, and if this is a sign of things to come, i’m eager to see what they will release next at this price point.

Great sound, personally i have gone for the reference tuning, and it is good enough to show up some poorer recordings. Primarily my focus is on the mid range vocals and reference was better. Bass is enhanced with the other tuning attachment but i found it took away from the overall dynamics (not by much)as to my pet hate – the microphone is high up and not very tactile to find the selection button. More annoying is that because it is so high up, it constantly catches on open collars or jackets during normal wear. I would say that i think this is pretty basic design, and almost like someone forgot that the over the ear loop cuts 2-3″ of the position of the mic. Earbuds, the comply ones are ok a bit slow to expand. I have been using inairs for years with my klipsch iems and tried some inairs1s because of the wider post i needed also to go up from medium to large to fit. Soundwise these are better than the comply but because of the post design you will need a pair every week or two. I would probably buy the t20 instead of the t20i if i need another set.

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