Roberts Radio Stream217 DAB/FM/Wi-Fi Internet Radio – nothing like as good as the mighty Roberts stream 83i

Cant charge rechargeable batteries internally although roberts website said it could at the time i bought it. Should have waited till there was some reviews. Still a nice radio with good sound but should have bought the 93i.

The buttons light up – a silly thing i know, but it’s quite pleasing to see and looks a bit like a spaceship control panel 🙂 the buttons only light up ithe radio is on. The radio has a handle – very useful – and sturdy. It is adjustable in that it folds away. The volume button is a round turn button – so turn one way for more volume and vice versa. Much better than buttons you have to press up and on to adjust volume. If you lose wi-fi connection and you were listening to internet radio, when it re-connects, the radio re-starts the station that was playing, so no re-tuning. The sound is very good and not tinny at all. There is an equalizer but it’s not very effective.

Very good radio, no problems so far. Apart from it freezing and having to turn off at the mains and then back on. Internet radio is outstanding.

. Nothing like as good as the mighty roberts stream 83i , only £20 more.

Web radios, linked to dlna home network to play music, autoupdate itself, stereo sounds ok.

Beautifully simple to operate. The instruction manual is easy to follow, and once you get familiar with the buttons and knobs, it’ll become second nature. The sound is very clear and crisp, especially on dab stations.

We have entered the era when radios are no longer just radios as we’ve come to know them at all. In the multi-platform digital streaming era of the internet, catch up and podcasts the radio is now having to compete with mobile smartphones and tablets in order to stay relevant. 00 roberts stream 217 dab/wi-fi and internet radio with another added extra; it will also stream your digial music library from your ios or android smartphone, although roberts appear to make the last option more complicated than it really is, and the manual doesn’t help to clarify things either. But i’ll assist you with that later in the review. Firstly let’s start with the basics. On taking it out of the box the radio looks smart and contemporary with a clean interface. It is very easy to set up and you don’t need the manual to get it up and running. I simply plugged it in at the mains socket, pulled the aerial up and switched it on. The various function buttons are illuminated with a blue background that adds a nice touch.

Very good radio but it is very plasticky but other than that good speakers and functionality.

I love all the stations more than enough to listen to. I would love the volume to be louder and to navigate around the station a bit easier.

Fantastic radio i love the wifi. So easy to set up and it stores many many stations. Overall i’m very pleased with it. Glad i purchased it from amerzon for next day delay.

I’ve already got another stream radio so i knew what to expect with this model. Sound quality is good with low noise on all the inputs – radio ip etcuse this on the mains so cannot comment on portability.

I had high expectations for this radio. Yet after a good play with it i found the sound not acceptable enough. I guess i’m so used to bose. Returns was easy with amazons great service.

The radio dab roberts stream 217 has confirmed the expectations, it is very simple to use and really immediate to connect with home wifi network. The sound is good, sufficient for home use; with a maximum level of 32, i use not more than 22-24, but also at the higher level the sound remains good without any distorsion. The portability of the device is assured with 6 batteries (not included); radio stream 217 can function also as speaker of a tablet or a smartphone if connected with a double jack 3. Here are the specifications for the Roberts Radio Stream217 DAB/FM/Wi-Fi Internet Radio:

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    by entering your model number.
  • DAB/DAB+/FM RDS and Wi-Fi internet radio.
  • 30 station pre-sets. Two alarms and aux-in
  • Audio: Full-range driver: Yes (2). Equalizer: Yes (7 Position equalizer & separate bass / treble controls)
  • Headphone socket
  • Six position equaliser and separate bass and treble

As usual with roberts they have got a perfect product.

Excellent quality and service.

Great price, quality & sound. Easy to operate, with internet radio & podcasts etc. Control the unit, also with your mobile phone. Simply instal ‘undock’ app- simplicity & ease of use. Best get yourselves an upgrade, like this. You will never regret & will love it so much. Don’t hesitate, get the best yet .

My wifi keeps chipping out – hence finding it a pain at 5 in the morn, beltin back and forth pressin me wap key to get farming today back on line. Gona have to re-jig my router so can ethernet the radio rather than rely on the wifi – coz it takes ages while it is ‘searching for a connection’ – very exasperating. Other than that, very pleased, it’s a beast, lot bigger than i thought – chunky – like that, and i can get all my alternative radio stations for some decent music and am not shouting at radio 4 of a morning and thinking the world is totally mad, now i can listen to my music and dance myself off to work in a happy frame of mind.

Nice design, easy to operate, good sound.

I almost can’t fault this at all, compared to the older stream 202 version this has had an excellent ‘upgrade’ now has 40 presets for each mode dab. Once you turn up the bass and treble to 14 in ‘my eq’ the sound improves drastically and gives a rich depth which the 202 can’t match due to no way of adjusting the sound on that radioalso dab reception is excellent. Very sensitive and sounds great also on the new dab+ stations. Fm reception also surprisingly good and very selective as well, so good for weaker stations close to strong onestwo remote control ‘apps’ available also for android and ios are ‘connectr’ and ‘undok’ work faultlessly when connected to your wi-fi network. The only negative issue is the 30 sec up time from switch on when connecting to any internet station on batteries, 20 sec for dab or fm, on mains power though almost instant connecrtion / reception.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stil Love this radio though
  • An excellent radio
  • Good where it matters, but a couple of small issues prevent it from being perfect

I bought this radio for my parents, as they needed to update their kitchen radio. They could not believe the choice of stations, ease of use and sound quality – this was a revelation. They loved this gift and i said i would write a review to tell everyone how good this radio is.

This is a pretty expensive radio and, given the £150 price tag, the radio looked disappointingly plasticky when out of the box – strange as roberts products are usually pretty stylish. The instruction manual is intimidatingly long and detailed but the set up is actually fairly straightforward as long as you have the patience to wade through the manual. Sound quality is good and you can spend hours trying out a fraction of the weird and wonderful channels. The spotify streaming only works, of course, if you stump up for a subscription. So overall a good radio for the techy minded, but a shame that the design isn’t more impressive.

Excellent radio that i use everyday. I love the connection to spotify and the upnp when i want to listen my library music on my mac. That roberts radio is one that i prefer in my collection.

I already have two stream 93i radios (one for the bedroom and one for the living room) which, whilst superb in themselves are not exactly meant to be portable as the stream 93i can only be used through a mains power connection. By contrast, the stream 217 has both ac and dc power capability, which obviously gives it the edge over its sibling model, as far as portability is concerned. However, be warned that you will need to invest in six size d batteries to power the 217. Rechargable batteries are clearly a sensible choice, in the circumstances, but you will also need to invest in a separate battery charger if you do opt for reachargable batteries, as the 217 cannot charge batteries itself, whilst they are inside the radio. I like the neat and slim design of the 217, as well the bright and clear top display, nicely angled for ‘user-friendly’ visibility. Sound wise, the 217 is impressive (although in this department it does not quite match the 93i, which has a rear-firing woofer, which the 217 does not have. Nevertheless, the 217 coped with the demands of classic fm and radio 3 admirably) setting up of the internet mode is a doddle, and took less than 10 minutes, using the setup wizard. Just make sure you have a good wi-fi connection/signal in order to avoid irritating interuptions to your listenting, which can and do happen with a slow download speed from your modem/router. Overall, i have been delighted with the 217 since i first used it and so would highly recommend it to anyone who wants quality performance, combined with the added convenience that portability brings through the option of battery power.

Good sound and easy to use but let down by wi-fi aerial keeps losing its wifi signal when not connected via ethernet cable.

Could do with double the number of station preset buttons (12 easily do-able on the fascia) and integration of presets across the sources, to make favourite station selection less fiddly. Also the preset buttons are flat and undifferentiated, as opposed to raised or dimpled, which would make station selection easier, especially for the disabled. Reception is ok – fm is a bit hissy, but better quality than even dab+ or internet (a function of the latter platforms’ poor compression algorithms). Set sound quality is only above-average. The speakers are peaky, the cabinet could be ported for better bass, the eq presets are useless, there should be a midrange eq adjustment to complement the boom and tizz bass and treble. Or roberts could spend £2 more on better speakers and make this unit sound more balanced – like my 1970s b&o, grundig and panasonic sets. The unit feels more like an £80 set than £150 and is more cheaply made than the similar, older ecologic 4. However, this is the future.

This set surprised me with its features. Lots of pre-configured internet radio stations with the option to add my own stream urls via a web site (quite easy). 40 presets, including 5 instant presets accessible via buttons. More options to save my favourite stations through the favourites menu (althouth the favourites menu, unlike the presets, cannot take my own stream urls). Good sound quality for everyday purposes. This set also has the option to catch streams from other devices i use at home. I tested this and it works (e. I could make a whole drive of music available to the roberts set from my desktop computer, using software called universal media server).

I’ve hankered after a dab radio for some time and this one is everything i had hoped it would be, and more. I’ve never had one before and i did struggle a little bit to set it up at first but a read through of the instructions a few times and i got it sussed eventually. It found my wifi no problem at all and once it is all set up it is really easy to find and choose stations. The sound is great and the availability of stations is staggering, i’m spoiled for choice and am like a kid in a sweet shop. What i really love about the roberts though is the internet radio function. I just love country and western music and have long hankered after a radio station but if there are any out there i haven’t found them. With the internet radio though i have my pick of 100’s. It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to switch on the radio and hear my favourite music, something i’ve never been able to do before. My new radio is on from morning to night and i can’t see me ever tiring of it.

Good signal, easy to tune the stations in. My main reason for the purchase was to have a dabs radio alarm clock. All the other extras like internet radio was a bonus. The manual is well written and easy to follow. Set up the wireless connection in minutes. This model also comes with a network port at the back for those who have network ports in their home. Having the pod casts was also a surprise, cookery in particular for our invalid mother who has no mobility and a lot of time on her hands to sit and listen to these.

Now its like visiting another country, i can just shut my eyes and imagine that i’m there. When i switch this radio on ,its like being transported to anywhere in the world. This radio has a good quality sound and more stations than i could ever need with genres plus podcasts etc.

Great piece of kitnice sound, lots of features, couple of niggles:1) menu fiddly for free text searching, especially if you are old2) should have more presets (so as to make life simple for the aged)having said that, it is a simpler piece of kit to operate than the denver ip radio, and has better sound.

Good audio and easy to link to the interent.

Seems a well made radio, good performance.

This is a great modern radio. Its features are perfect for the modern era concernig the amount of choice you get in what you can listen to, from spotify, digital and internet radio. The way to use it it is very intuative, and easy to set, and get to program. However, my one when not in use and just left with power going to it in standby mode gives off a horrible noise like a quiet isdn router working from teh old days and teh only way to get rid of it is to switch the radio off at the plug which means you lose things such as the clock. Also you not going to sleep through this backround noise so you cant use it as an alarm. I recomend it for funtionality and hopefully its just mine that does this, but i suggest if you buy this radio make sure this is the first thing you check to make sure its working correctly.

Just discovered internet radio. I really love this roberts radio, so many features. I already have a roberts dab bt so will be looking to sell that although that is a great radio too. I have always been limited to 2 spots in out house where i can pick up a good signal, dab or fm so internet radio is the answer as it picks up everything and more anywhere in the house and no fading out, brilliant. Although the dab and fm signal are far better than any other radio i have tried and i have had a few. I also joined spotify which is really easy to set up and having the mobile and fire tablet remote control the radio is magic along with my usb stick full of my own albums i am setup with my music. I was disappointing with the delivery box. The amazon outer box was fine but the actual radio box had a great cut in it which went right through the box. However no sign of any damage to the manual or the radio but not good if i wanted it as a present or to sell it later on. Also within 2 day the radio had been reduce by over £13 but i see it is back up to the price i paid now.

Dab can’t i test until i’m going to norway.

Radio arrived in good packaged order and in good time. Machine is very good across the three bands (fm, dab and internet).

Very good dab radio with internet & spotify, which we just happen to use in the kitchen, but can be good anywhere in the house. Took a while to get it connected to wifi, but seems to be ok now.

Great radio got the lot clear sound and wi-fi as well.

Very good radio, battery life not good but i think this is par for this type of radio.

I was thrilled to receive the roberts radio as i have wanted a dab radio for quite some time. It has more than lived up to my expectations in both quality and sound. It is dab/dab+/fm and wifi radio, you can preset favourite channels and there is a mode button for switching between formats. Internet set up was easy and quick with just a glance at the manual. You have more than enough stations to choose from every genre imaginable. You can use spotify if you have a premium account but i haven’t needed this as i am spoilt for choice with so many other options. It has been fun rolling through all the different music channels and getting a feel for something different. It does seem a bit pricey for what it looks like out of the box. It looks cheap and not very durable. But, in spite of its looks, it has held up to much use by all of us in the family.

I am very happy with the radio, easy to adjust and the sound is good for the size. The price is close to the limit. Unfortunately, the alarm does not work on battery power, which for me is a knock-out criterion for this radio. How far the engineers have thought of roberts radio?.Many people use the radio by the bed to be woken up with a good sound, what about when no power outlet is nearby ???. The radio but has a good sound and wifi is very wide and stable, i will keep it.

I bought it to listen to uk radio whilst in spain where they do not have dab and only local stations on fm but i can stream from the internet from a huge range of stations using this little box of tricks. Easy to set up and use and more than acceptable sound quality – it is a radio not a hi-fi. The only reason i have given it 4 stars is because it does not have the facility to connect via bluetooth and play music from a mobile phone. Not everybody needs this and it is not a big deal for me really – just a nice to have. Feels solid, good quality and i like the look of it. Modern rather than the retro look that so many radios have at the moment. Happy with my purchase and would recommend.

This is a great little radio – lots of features, looks good, and works well with the mobile phone app. Things i’ve noted:- bass is a little underwhelming, but it’s adequate. – wifi connection is knocked-out by the microwave, which isn’t ideal being placed in the kitchen. Have therefore had to hard-wire into a homeplug. – occasionally doesn’t fully turn-off (i. The backlight on the buttons will sometimes remain illuminated even after switching off, and then the unit is non-responsive so necessitates unplugging and plugging back in to the power supply). However, this is relatively infrequent. I’ve used it to play music from my pc on the radio in the kitchen (via spotify), as well as using the app to select tunes from my home music server (nas), but for the most part i use internet radio (no need for dab when you’ve got internet radio). With all of these it works great.

This is a present for our son , we chose well as he is very happy with it as we are with seller.

It’s simple to setup and easy to use. I found the stations i was looking for on the internet radio mode. The manual is bit confusing at first but once you read through it properly it will make sense. Sound quality is quite good too.

In my view best radio ever made amazing performance.

This replaced an earlier version i had been using. This updated version has several improvements: remote control via a smartphone and wi-fi; 12 presets per band (fm, dab and internet); favourites are accessed remotely, but the 12 presets offset this. Display is coloured and clear; controls are fairly intuitive and uncomplicated. Fm reception is good even in a poor signal area, dab is impeccable, but one would buy this radio essentially for internet radio. Another improvement is ‘standby’ mode which allows very quick access to internet on switch on, whereas starting from cold involves a certain delay contacting. This is appropriate only to mains use since there is a small residual current use. The radio works on mains and battery. My old radio was heavy on batteries (u2). I have not yet had occasion to compare the use of this radio on batteries alone. Sound quality is clear and bright. Overall i am delighted with it.

It is very attractive to look at. The best value roberts i have ever bought.

I bought this radio because it scored highest in a test by a german consumer magazine. It does its job as a kitchen radio: easy to use (can be controlled on the mobile phone if you download the undok app), dab and internet radio work fine – i have no experience with spotify though. Being quite small, don’t expect a big sound. Interestingly, it was about 30 pound cheaper on amazon uk than on amazon germany or italy (if you order from europe, don’t forget to order a uk to europe adapter). All in all, definitely a good buy.