Roberts Radios Roberts Radio Retro DAB/DAB – The white one

Roberts have definitely put a lot of work into the design of the istream3. It’s a stunning looking radio and its sound quality is amazing to behold – warm and detailed with plenty of punch for a radio this size. Packed full of modern features, this radio is hard to beat for value and it blends in beautifully just about anywhere at home. From the moment you see the box, you know that the radio inside is an exceptional product – and it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed – the radio comes with a compact mains adaptor and a printed manual. Plugging the radio in, you’re greeted with the roberts revival logo on the small colour screen lcd display and you are then guided through the set-up. It’s quick and easy – i was soon connected to the internet and able to receive streamed programmes – and when i then switched to dab the radio brought in 53 stations without me having to extend the built in telescopic antenna. With a little bit more effort (downloading the undok application) i was able to connect to amazon music and select some of my music streams. Spotify integration also works well too. Connecting to the frontier silicon website it was also quick and easy to register the radio and get access to my favourite stations and podcasts. There is an eq included with the radio – you can dial in preselected profiles or adjust bass,treble and loudness yourself and save the profile.

Sounds and looks beautiful, easy to work and control from your phone even from the next room. Having access to internet radio is fantastic (especially fip) and it works with lots of other apps too. Nb: only paid spotify accounts though. The only downside is that i now want another one for my lounge and bedroom.

This is a great all rounder – great sound, feature packed and a beautiful device. What clinched it for me is the integration of spotify, deezer, amazon prime music and tidal. This negates the need to be tied to your phone when using your preferred streaming service. The interface is intuitive and the undock app, although basic, does the job. Plus the wife loves the design :-).

Arrived perfect condition (i’m abroad so not always the case from uk)i am a technophobe so i waited for my bf to do the set up but it was actually very easy and the instructions, should you need them, are simple. The undok app is easy enough for me to install and use (see above technophobe comment 😉)i wanted something to just press a button and it to work. My boyfriend is an audiophile and loves playing and adjusting to get great sound quality. When placed in a position by a wall, radio had internet connectivity issues, moved location and seems much happier.

I really like this radio the quality of the product is excellent the sound is perfect it has lots of other facilities too.

I’ve got this item very quickly in three days to germany. Possibly you have to change the equalizer settings with less bass. Something about energy:idle 0,9 w, standby with lan about 2w, power 3w, with charging about 6,5 w, working with nimh 330 ma, charging 450/250 ma. Therefore my eneloop aa nimh with 1900mah are lasting for 5. This is very short but there are very few chargable wlan-radios in the market. I suppose alkaline-cells will last four timesthe outfit is nice and the quality of manufacturing is very well. Good connectivity of wlan, dab+. Dito bluetooth and the earphone socket is working well.

I’m amazed how good the sound is given it’s size, particularly on spotify with its high bitrate. Excellent on radio both fm and internet. No dab where i live so cannot comment on that.

I was going to buy one of these several months ago, but i let which?. Recommended the older model istream 2 instead; fewer features (eg. No bluetooth), but much better sound quality it said. Turns out i was a bit of an eejit to do so. Unless you are the true audiophile, this newer version will more than do the job. It has just the one speaker, but the sound is perfectly adequate. An initial complaint, and it isn’t really the machine’s fault, is that although set up is very straightforward, it’s time consuming and a chore organising your presets and so on. There’s a long instruction manual, but it’s all mostly intuitive, especially if you have any other roberts stuff in the house.

Bought for my father who seems to love it.

This is my 4th or 5th dab radio, and by far my favourite so far. I was an early adopter and its amazing how the radios have progressed since my first bulky, lacking in features dab radio. The roberts revival istream 3 smart radio is a musical powerhouse. It links to your wi-fi (with an easy to use set-up – i managed to hook up to my home wi-fi without even needing to read the instructions). The istream gives you access to internet radio stations, connects to your phone / tablet via bluetooth to let you stream from your device and offers a wide range of dab radio stations. Firstly the most important part of any musical playback device, the sound quality. Whilst the roberts revival istream 3 has a mono speaker, the sound is excellent, and it is easily powerful enough to use in a bedroom, front room or kitchen. The eq settings are good – i use a personalised setting, although there are presets too. Output via headphones (plugged in, this device does not support wireless headphones) is stereo. After tuning in, finding dab stations was easy, and although i mainly use the istream as a device to stream music from my mobile devices, i often listen to dab radio (for sport as well as music).

Beautiful look, great sound (not extremly loud, wouldnt make disco), easy to access internet radio stations, but the best is streaming service integration. I bought it cheaper at johnlewis, amazon delivery time was a joke.

This version of the revival gained a 5* rating with what hi-fi magazine and for this reason i decided to replace my now only partially functioning, rather tatty, 10-years old, fm/dab only version. When i bought the original, my wife loved its retro look and i thought it was rather poor value for money, mostly because of its very retro sound quality. This version is as if from a different planet. Gone is the fully opening box and its view of the back of a nasty little speaker. Whatever is inside a now sealed unit delivers sound quality easily comparable to the excellent sonos play1 (i own two of those). Despite a plethora of functions and services, the revival is intuitive and quick to set-up with navigation easier than on my £1000 dedicated network player. Overall build quality is just excellent and the built-in battery charger a fabulous idea, as conventional batteries just aren’t cost viable given the inevitably high power consumption of any unit of this type and capability. You can use conventional batteries, although for extensive portable use it isn’t recommended you do so. Overall i am very, very pleased with this purchase. Completely up-to-date electronics beautifully packaged – the retro look is indeed the only thing retro here.

Here are the specifications for the Roberts Radios Roberts Radio Retro DAB/DAB:

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    by entering your model number.
  • DAB/ DAB+ / FM RDS and Internet WiFi digital Radio allows access to thousands of Radio stations and Podcasts.
  • The iStream 3 is a voice controlled smart speaker that utilises Amazon Alexa devices to become a smart music system (works with alexa device).
  • Bluetooth speaker audio streaming from iPhone / Smartphone or stream as a spotify player, Deezer, TIDAL and Amazon Music.
  • Acoustically tuned Retro, Vintage 1950’s style wooden cabinet with 6 position equaliser + separate bass and treble create a sublime sound quality.
  • Becomes an alarm clock radio with 2 alarm timers, Includes colour display with dimmer adjustability, , built-in battery charging for NiMH AA cells transforming the device into a compact portable wireless speaker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Worth every one of its five stars
  • Energy-management
  • So nice I want another one