Rode Smartlav : Broadcastable quality excellent lavalier microphone!

Great sound quality is a must for everything i produce, and the rode smartlav + for smartphones is exactly what i was looking for. Broadcast quality, plug’n’play and easy to get to grips with – this is a great mic for anyone looking to get into diy broadcasting via their smartphones. Reasonably priced for the quality received. I haven’t tried the app as i’ve not yet had the need – just make sure you check your phone is compatible if you’re an android user as i believe that not all devices are supported. Thankfully, i’m a mac girl through and through so the iphone doesn’t have any problems integrating with the mic.

Provides better sound quality than some of the big mic’s on the market.

I use it plugged into a zoom h2. However you do need to purchase the sc3 conversion lead to be able to do this. The supplied tie clip can be a bit fiddly and it isn’t immediately obvious how it attaches to the mic.

Wish it was a bit less expensive – but hey, at the end of the day it is a quality item so i am pleased with the purchase. Big sound improvement – big.

Here’s old review – just taken delivery – it simply doesn’t work on iphone 6+ nor my ipod video recorder. I looked at the rode rec app that was suggested but this is quite useless and does audio only. Took me a massive period of time to find their real website and send an email. Really unimpressed and my time completely wasted. Here’s new review -sometimes you just have to own up to your own mistakes. Rode did come back with some offered solutions inc getting filmic pro app. Will still consider this but needed it ty work with basic iphone video (eg for facebook live). Then my stupidity struck me – i had left the mic socket in on playback. Even more annoying because i did exactly the same thing when i bought my mic for the desktop.

The clip for this mic broke after just a couple of uses, the wire that holds the mic separating from the clip. Rode were very quick to replace this foc. I like the mic but it leaves me with some questions about the clip quality. Time will tell if the replacement also gives up.

I love this microphone, its very compact, easy to use. I am using it for filming my youtube videos and i have to say, it is worth the price. Sounds are amazing and i love using it. I have seen comments, that the cable isnt long enough, but i dont think thats true, at least for me, i think i could do with shorter one for sure. Anyway, love it and i am happy, that i picked this product. Works great with any free voice recording app, so no issues found.

It works with my sony xperia z3 phone, although there is currently no android app. You will need a third party app. That was found and works a treat. Quality of sound is a vast improvement over the last. There is no buzzing or hissing noise. When you look at the product you cannot believe that such a small product can be worth the high price they ask. Its what inside though that counts and now everything that i record, i use this. Comes in a neat little pouch aswell for storage.

  • Records well, but everything else poorly delivered. Not plug&play as you might expect.
  • Great mike, but highly overpriced.
  • Expensive, but good quality.

Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone with SC1 Adaptor

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What a difference this has made to the audio quality on the video. You must get one one of these – it’s a quality product and worth the money for the improvement it makes but it would be good if the sc3 adapter were included (you need it to attach this to an audio recorder or camera) as i’d guess many people need it and it’s expensive to purchase given it appears to be quite a simple accessory.

Using it in conjunction both with my smartphones and voice recorder. I would just have preferred the cable to be thicker. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Sound quality is pretty damn good and it’s an elegant solution if you already own an iphone and don’t want to shell out loads of cash on wireless lavs. I use this with an older release of the rode app on my old iphone 4, but have also used it with my iphone 6 and no complaints here.

Was looking for a more cost effective way of using lav mics for my filming, and this product did not disappoint. I now have a killer lav mic set up (broadcast quality) using 3 of these mics with 2 zoom h1’s and a zoom h2nall monitored with a 3 way bluetooth transmitter and headphone set up .

This product was part of a batch of video equipment i purchased, great quality for the price.

Exceptional product for the price. Great quality mic pickup although the foam shields are poorly made with the rubber grommets coming off after around 2 weeks’ use. I got a free replacement the first time from rØde however my second one has started to fall apart suggesting that they are just poorly made. Bought a pack of generic ones for any lav mic and they work just fine.

It has good sound, not perfect. It’s definitely overpriced though. Not sure if i can recommend it for home use, as there are better alternatives at this price. It’s smaller than i expected, which takes away from the feeling of quality. But for discrete use during an interview or something like that, it’s optimal.

Fantastic sound quality for recording youtube videos.

  • Records well, but everything else poorly delivered. Not plug&play as you might expect.
  • Great mike, but highly overpriced.
  • Expensive, but good quality.

Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphone with SC1 Adaptor

Best lav i’ve ever spent money on. I use this was my iphone, for recording in filming. It’s great for weddings also, attaching to the groom it can pick up his voice and the brides perfectly- and i didn’t have to fork out a lot of money for it.

Probably one of the best mics for action cameras great sound and picks up plenty of ambiant sounds.

It does what it says but i have to be fair and say i’m not that impressed. The volume can be a bit lower than i would like. I need this to help meremember things. If you are outside walking and talking, it’s the best option.

Fit for purpose, i’m glad i bought it.

Absolutely brilliant changed my interviews completely.

It will sound better if you turn up the mids in post-production though.

I bought this microphone for using on my phone and on my computer. It does the job well, but i’ve noticed that quite often there will be a clicking interference about 5 minutes into my recordings that will last the remainder of the recording. It only happens when there’s sound recorded. I’m still trying to figure out what the problem is, but until i do i have to assume it’s a fault with the microphone. Due to this i have rated it 4 stars instead of 5, but it’s definitely a recommend microphone.

Not cheap and not expensive, pretty good at what it does, this got me out of a difficult situation, i mailed it to a client and recorded an interview with her using the smartlav+ into her iphone, which she uploaded to dropbox and i recorded the video off skype, then aligned them afterwards with a handclap, worked really well. All this from the other side of the atlantic.

Excellent microphone – perfect for video production, plugged into an iphone or ipod, sitting in the interviewee’s pocket. High quality audio, with minimal interference from shirt or other background noise. Really pleased with this purchase.

I use this when i run as i often have my best thoughts while out. My voice can be heard clearly above wind and my panting while running. Haven’t had the guts to see how it stands up to the glasgow rain.

This is for mobile phone but can work for external recorders like the zoom h1 with an adoptor.

Easy to use & transfer files, great sound quality & surprisingly good at isolating the voice from surrounding noise. Definitely recommend for capturing pro quality sound.

Works with android phones with paid for apps, quality very good. Can be used easily with editing software to provide excellent quality recordings. Downloaded recforge ii from google play and the results are as good as any professional recorder. Used in conjunction with a samsung note 4.

Really helped in getting clear and professional audio. Im a videographer so i can definiteky say this product is worth it.

Rode quality sound on mobile.

I was surprised by the clarity of sound from such a tiny mic. I lack any form of volume input control on the video camera i use, but find that this delivers a very strong but not distorted signal – to the point where i was reducing it on editing to balance with the camera’s soundtracks.

Surprisingly good microphone for the price, i’ve used this filming several corporate conferences and seminars and providing you do some research into the settings before using the results can be great. Being unable to monitor the sound while it’s recording is it’s only downside, you’re putting a lot of faith in your iphone and trusting it dos the job, and at least 95% of the time it has.

I use these (i have 3) for video interviews. I connect them to an older iphone or ipod. On the ios devices i run recorderhq. Drop the device in the persons pocket and get great audio to sync to the videos. Using ios devices i can send the recordings to my imac via airdrop or send them to icloud directly from the app. The mics work great – have great sound, and are less noisy than the original smartlav. For me it works better than a wireless system – and the only limit on how many you can use is the number you have.

Features and Spesification

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  • The smartlav+ is a broadcast-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever broadcast quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment.
  • With the smartlav+ the user simply mounts the microphone on the talent, connects it to a smartphone or tablet headset jack and records via the rode rec app for ios, or any other audio app of their choice
  • Weight 75gm
  • Dimensions 6000mmh x 3mmw x 3mmd