Russell Hobbs 18790 Futura 4-Slice Toaster – Good value for money for a branded named item

Bit difficult to read settings as not really clear. I use a torch to see clearly .

Good brand, good quality, good looking, good price, prime option. Buy it know if you need one.

The only problem is that a slice of bread does not quite fit and leaves the top bit untoasted. The bread is too tall to insert sideways. Other than that a good toaster. Bought it to replace a breville which was too large and the dials difficult to see.

Love this toasterdoes exactly as it says on the packaging. It’s stylish and has multiple function options.

Great toaster, replaces a broken one.

I did find that the toaster is deep for the type of bread i use which is goodcons: the down side i found with this particular toaster it doesn’t toast the bread on setting number 3 you have to turn the dial to 5 or 6 and i did find that one side of the toast doesn’t brown well. My 2 slot toaster from a cheaper brand never had the same issues as this toaster. I am finding myself going back to my old toaster for even toasted bread.

Works very well and has lasted over a year at this point and is still going strong.

The slots which you put the bread in had broken on one side.

Lovely item, looks very stylish and works fantastically.

I’ve always wanted a 4 slice toaster. I finally treated myself to this bad boy. Easy to use, only slightly fiddly to clean (but aren’t all toasters?) and i like that it has dual settings so i can adjust toasting effect for two people.

Love this toaster, with two twin slots i can toast either 2 or 4 slices at a time so am not wasting electricity.

Nice looking toaster, bit of a nightmare to keep looking shiny and newit’s a toaster and makes toast – very little to say about that, it does the joball in all a good price and excellent prime delivery. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 18790 Futura 4-Slice Toaster:

  • Brushed and polished stainless steel
  • Frozen bread function
  • Cancel function. Removable crumb tray
  • Reheat function
  • Maximum thickness of bread: 26mm

Easy to do the 4 slices of bread.

Bought as a present for my mum.

First one came dented but replaced without issue and second one has been flawless. Heating bread is a fairly simple task, but still – never fails.

The power lead is very short saving the maker a small amount of money but losing them a returning customer.

No complaints, great purchase.

I can now toast 4 slices,not just 2 . Nice build quality/functions. Could’ve been better, but the price is alright for what it is.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not as I had thought
  • Good for small slices!
  • A Good Toaster

Dislike the length of cable for the toaster. Also bread for toasting does fit in properly.

Does the job, only one little thing is it toasts more on 1 side than the other.

This toaster is excellent for the price was looking for something stylish to match my other kitchen items. Yet to use it as only just arrived. Now my son can’t fight me for the toast and my old two slice toaster has gone to toaster heaven. Thank you amazon arrived as stated it would in good condition.

Thought i would match this toaster with my rh kettle, very smart looking with being a combination of brushed steel and chrome. Toaster seems fine albeit a little slow but nothing to mark it down for.

Good for small slices but doesnt fit an entire normal size of bread into it resulting in half the bread toasted at a time. Toasts small pieces well though. Shiny ends and matt finish on the sides so cosmetically, looks nice in kitchen.

Does its job and no complaints.

I was hesitant to buy as people said the bread didn’t fit in the toaster- but bought it anyway due to price. I don’t understand why people are so frustrated with this. Surely they can just turn the bread the other way?. Anyway, its great, do purchase it.

Bought as a deal with a kettle, the keetle was good, unfortunately the toaster does not toast very evenly, heat is concentrated at the centre of the bread so the edges barely toast at all.

Excellent toaster i’m very pleased with it.

I find this is easily cleaned after use and you can change how dark you like your toast also. It even toasts straight from frozen.

Does what it should and keeps everyone happy.

My husband wanted a 4 slice toaster as he said that our current 2 slice was too small, given the amount of toast our sons eat. We researched a bit for price and he found one in bhs which he liked and i could have got an extra discount off the sale price as well, but i looked on amazon and found the exact one (this one) and it still worked out cheaper. Obviously, russell hobbs is a well known brand, and therefore should be a good quality item, which it is. The dials and buttons are self explanatory and the holes for the toast themselves are nice and wide, thus allowing for a toasted teacake, or extra thick doorstop bread. You are also able to manually lift the toast holder once the toast is done, so that it comes up higher, thus making it easier to take out the toast. The crumb trays are slightly awkward to get to, being at the back of the machine, but come out easily. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

Toaster was to replace our existing 2 bay toaster, this toaster is great and has been working a treat since we have had it. With four bays its easy and the timer controls are also easy to setup, it has a nice stainless steel finish to it which gives it a nice look to our kitchen. I would highly recommend this product not only for the price but for the quality of the toaster.

It isn’t the latest hi-tech toaster but definitely it does its job perfectly. Easy to clean and standard toast slices perfectly fit.