Russell Hobbs 18980 3-in-1 Hand Blender – Replaced a stand blender and food chopper and couldn’t be happier

Good robust tool, feels powerful, liked the colour.

Very happy with the purchase, very useful tool for smoothies and cream soups. The blades could be a bit sharper.

A good product for sure but it doesnt chop chocolate well at all.

I use this mixer for multi purpose. When i wash the parts the water comes inside the part. So, i must keep sure there is no water inside them.

Better products at the price but okay as it does the job well.

Have only used the stick blender so far but it works very well. The only thing i could wish was that there was an on/off switch – my thumb gets tired holding the button down for a long blend. It seems robust and solidly made – pleased so far.

I was debating between buying this set or other more ‘well-known’ brands that were only selling the blender without the accessories and were a lot cheaper, but it turns out that i’m using all the accessories all the time. The blender works perfect so far and it’s super easy to run and to clean.

I have checked other review after buying an item, i was really worried about quality but this blender is great. Dont try to blend rock like others.

Fabulous and small enough to store in a small kitchen. I bought as a gift for my friend who was just beginning to take cooking seriously and she was so thrilled and uses them all the time. The price was also impressive and was delivered with no problems at all.

As soup season is coming up, excellent to have to hand and forget transfers to processors. Robust to use, gets through about anything you could want in a sauce or soup.

Simple to use product that combines a couple of kitchen gadgets saving space. Works really well and looks fairly solid so i’m sure it will last.

I had the breville active blend and food chopper which was great but had so many parts – when it came to blending anything i normally had to partition it out and put it back together – not idealthis has been brilliant, it takes up little to no space and packs a proper punch – maybe not great safety wise around kids as the there is no safety activation for the blades. However i can blend everything straight where i cook it e. It doesn’t scratch and it makes it so easythe ability to switch between devices is fantastic too, so i can chop and blend without having to have lots on the counter.

Crushing biscuits for cheese cakes. Mixing ingredients for salsas. And even making a qwick smoothie in the tall pot. It really is easy and simple. And is suitable for soo many jobs. It’s very powerful and doesn’t strain at all. Highly recommend, i went and brought my mum the same one. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 18980 3-in-1 Hand Blender:

  • 400 W at max load (300 W rated)
  • Two speeds
  • Detachable stainless steel shaft with stainless steel blade
  • 0.5 L capacity beaker
  • 0.5 L capacity chopping attachment with stainless steel blade
  • Item Dimensions: 5.5 x 43.4 x 5.5 cm

Excellent value for the price. Obviously you can get more powerful units thay cost a lot more. But this is great for the price. The hand blender attachment is able to get through sweet potato which is very hard.

The three in one hand whisk was great for whipping cream and blending. Also easy to clean and take apart. A good and handy gadget to have in the kitchen.

Better add 5-10gbp and purchase quality brand blender. Not powerful, cheap plastic. Only 3 words – better than nothing. You will probably want to purchase better blender.

I love this, easy to use, easy to clean, what else can i say worth the money.

I had a cheaper version before which finally broke after a few years of use, this one just does not chop as well (i mainly use the small chopper to make guacamole, mix my spices/marinades etc), pity as the perfect size (my previous one was a little small).

Great value and sturdy product. Blender has two settings to blend your ingredient/s and ease of handling is good. Can be use in a cooking pan or any type of dish as the blade doesn’t touch the surface of the pan etc. . Just needs to take extra care whilst blending as no matter how careful you are, guarantee you still get splattered here and there with the ingredients like i did with pureed spinach as i blend it in the pan off heat( wouldn’t advise to try to blend something on heat). All the other attachments came with blender is useful for future use am sure. An absolute must have if you are a smoothie fanatic on the go. Blend an avocado, a banana, sprigs of mint leaves, coconut and almond milk, chia seeds with a teaspoon of honey and you are guaranteed an energiser drink on the go.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Feel free to add extras like poppy seeds or cinnamon
  • Great.
  • A friend of the kitchen

I use this to make my famous banana pancakes consisting of 1 bruised banana, 1 cup of oats, 1 large egg, blend and fry. Feel free to add extras like poppy seeds or cinnamon. Healthy, low fat and milk free. Can be gluten free if you use gluten free oatsi literally bought this blender for the purpose of pancakes and i love it. Also is easier to store than a table top blender.

Just the thing we should have bought ages ago. Helpful in preparing soups, ingredients for ice cream making. Very easy to wash up and stores in the kitchen drawer and cupboards without taking up too much extra room.

It’s very compact and works very well. The chopper is very fast but you can only use small portions. The only down side is i didn’t realise the whisk was quite so small.About the size of your palm.

Worked fine but broke after a few goes – better to get a higher quality appliance.

Sorry i wanted to like it but i find that its just not as robust as my old one. I wanted a stainless on but actually the interior is plastic. Haven’t used the other bits. My main objective was a stainless blender with a reasonable price. Thats the only part of the criteria it met-the price.

Great product, fast delivery.

Looks really good – nice colour. Only 2 speeds, but that’s ok, so far. Not been very adventurous yet – but used it as a mini food processor yesterday and made hummus. Easy to use – and hummus turned out really well. Also, really good value for the cost.

Very good for light use as i bought to mash fruits and vegetables for my newborn baby, very easy to use and does the work as it should be.

This bleander is easy to use and its a great value.

Getting lots of use out of this item, the chopper seems a bit naff but i bought for the other bits do not a problem for me particularly and for the price is brill.

Great kitchen gadget at good price.

Does everything i want it to. The chopper makes quick work of onions (the one thing i hate chopping), the hand blender works well, i’ve made pesto and soup with no issues. Not used the whisk attachment yet but imagine that works well too. I do a lot of cooking from scratch so it has been a god send.

Bought it for my girlfriend at christmas and she loves using it to make leek and potato soup. Looks and tastes great and she always has a smile when using it.

Great for bulletproof coffee as the steel will never denature due to consistent hot coffee submersion. Attachments also have their uses.

Having melted my partners plastic hand blender while making soup i had to replace it. I took the opportunity to upgrade and i think i made a great choice with this. Initially i felt it was much bigger than i had expected it to be, i have big hands though so not too much trouble for me, but people who are a bit more dainty might want something slimmer to grip on to. The food processor is possibly the most useful thing i’ve come across and i use it almost daily now. When cooking i use the processor to chop onions and garlic, i’ve used it to prepare ingredients for falafel, hummus, soups, salsa, smoothies and more. The blending attachment and the whisk are pretty much as you would expect, much easier than whisking by hand and the blender is perfect for soups – i’ve not used it for anything else but i also haven’t managed to melt it either.

Just right for madams flat bottom pans.

I think this product is a bit flimsy and is not suitable for ordinary family use but quite adequate for someone like me who lives on their own and won’s be using it everyday.

I love this and use it all the time. It looks lovely and does exactly what it says on the tinlots of power and not overly noisywell worth the money.

Works great however, the motor handle doesn’t secure properly into the lid of the processor container. So when using, you have to have a firm grip on the handle and the lid.

I’ve been using this set for 1 month now. I like russell hobbs product, the quality just seems right when you use the product. In this case what i appreciate the most is the blender is really silent. Besides it was a great deal to buy it with amazon 40% off :).

Ok product everyone is happy. Soup for kids, smoothies for the family and of course the whisk for pancakes .

This is my second purchase of russell hobbs hand blender set. It is easy to use and works for anything, mash, soup, smoothies, etc. It is very easy to store as well as it will fit in a kitchen drawer. I barely use the chopper for onions or tomatoes, and very pleased with it too.

Simple to use and very useful. Since i bought it i have already made soup, smoothie, tiramisu.

The multiple extensions make it very versatile and i use it a lot. I used the whisk once but managed to bend it so haven’t used it again. The stick blender and blender pot are great, they’re small and easy to use. Super easy to put back into the box again for future use, no complaints about this product.

Not used the container yet but the blender works relatively well. Looks like it blends quickly but later find lumps in purée. The blending cup can’t go in the microwave with cling film on which i was disappointed with. Spent ages pealing the cling off.

The blender is amazing for it’s price, very happy with it, super easy to clean. Blends and cuts very nicely.

I use this to make smoothies and apple juice and even to mix my protein shakes the model has 2 speeds and i must say the blades are very sharp and it’s easy to wash out after i highly recommend.

Great product that does everything i need. Only 4 stars as my hand gets tired when holding in the button while baking.

A really versatile kitchen aid good quality and great value.

This is a great little hand blender – i bought it for making purees for my weaning baby, as the cheap hand blender i had previously didn’t work with small amounts. This blender is perfect for what i needed, will easily puree small amounts to a smooth consistency, and as an added bonus to the other hand blenders i’ve had, the chopper attachment is much easier to clean than any other i’ve seen. All the pieces come apart easily with no awkward nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in. I’ve also started using this for general cooking, not just stuff for the baby, as it is so easy to clean it doesn’t put me off using it like the previous one did.Seems solid and well made too, so i expect it should last me a while.

I use it for soups, better than plastic one as it crack.

Great everyday kitchen utensil. A bit noisier than i expected.