Russell Hobbs 2 Plate Mini Hot Plate Hob 15199 – Fine – but poor finish

We had a different one before and it never got hot like this one. Fast to heat up, easy to clean.

Takes a good while to heat up and cool down but works well for its purpose.

Good cooking substitute when my aga is turned off during some months, although took bit getting used to.

Works perfect, nice and compact so easy to store.

Does what is says on the box.

1 ring (the larger) stopped working in less than a year. Should have returned it but didnt have time and binned it. For 30£ it served its purpose but for that brand name i would expect it to have lasted longer.

Knob does not have temp dials so could be tricky for elderly or young to use.

Used for months as kitchen being replaced.

Due to an electrical fault with our built in hob, when i saw this at the price it was with next day delivery. Cooked fine and with two plates it makes it easier to cook a proper meal. Ideal stand in and great back up cooker for emergency.

It’s not quick to heat it up.

Works as it should but could do with full, medium and low markings on the knobs, thats my only complaint.

It arrived on time as i needed it urgently because my main hob had broken down and it was booked for a delayed repair job. It works well, in comparison to one i bought before it seems to be lasting. My last one broke down within a few months after purchasing it. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 2 Plate Mini Hot Plate Hob 15199:

  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • 1500 W large cooking plate, 750 W small cooking plate
  • Durable, stainless steel easy clean finish
  • Variable, independent temperature control
  • Non-slip feet

Good price, no thrills, used this for camping.

I have moved home and need something to cook on until i get a cooker. So far i have cooked lots of meals without complaint. Just like a normal hob top but smaller.

Has been very temperamental throughout. Broke after less than a year of using. Only one hob works now and takes forever to heat up.

Very pleased handy to have for emergencies.

I bought one of these for my mother. It was delivered direct to her and so i didn’t get to see it before it was fitted. She’s quite happy with it; it does its job but when i saw it in position today i was surprised by how sharp the metal edges were. When i mentioned it to mum she said that my brother had cut himself putting it in position. It has claimed its first victim and i’m trying to think of an acceptably elegant solution to make sure that my mother isn’t its second.

Does the job, heats up quickly, purchased to use while we have a new kitchen installed.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good little hob!
  • A Good Product
  • 1 ring stopped working

Good product, no problems so far.

Works really well, heats up a lot quicker the my previous hot plate.

It is working very well, and i am happy with this hob. It takes quite some time for the heat to die down to go to a slow simmer setting, so it could end up boiling like crazy even when turned down. You have to keep your eye on it (unless cooking rice when it doesn’t matter so much. It only has to reach high heat for one minute then can be switched right off and the egg will still boil very well using no leccywatch it for stir fries. Needs a close watch on what’s cooking.

I bought this twin hob as a replacement for a previous purchase,whereby the large hob broke down within a year. With this purchase i extended the guarantee by one year by registering on line,i now have a 3year guarantee. I have no complaints regarding this twin hob,what so ever.

I bought this instead of having a full cooker because i don’t use ovens as i’m disabled and only have a small kitchen. It’s extremely easy to use but the numbers on the knobs are hard to see.

Cant go wrong & very portable.

Nice and easy clean set, sits on rubber pads so wont move around. Good quality and well packaged.

Easy to keep cleam as alluminum.

We bought this to use whilst we are having our kitchen done. We are very pleased with it and well worth the money. The only thing that we dislike about it is that there are no markings to know when it is turned off but some white marker solved the problem.

I will recommend this to students who are looking for something affordable also easy to use.

The first one arrived damaged, but the replacement is fine. It’s stylish, fairly easy to clean and is quite quick to heat up.

A great product better then using a cooker.

This little hob is great it has really helped me out while having a new kitchen fitted ,would have been lost with out it,thank you.

Seems like a great piece so far. Only used it once but it reached boiling point very quickly, and no glitches so far. Would be easy to forget about the hobs though so definitely switch it off on the wall. Also the second hob seems to warm slightly when only one of them is used, but not to a dangerous temperature.

Wasn’t sure what to expect as the cooker was a very good price. I have used it daily for the past few months and it is super efficient.

Great product and service and does exactly as it says on the box, thank you.

I’ve only had it for about a month but i think it was great value for money and it heats up quickly so i’m not waiting 20 minutes for a pan of water to boil. The only downside is that the metal gets very hot around the hobs and it takes quite a long time to cool down once switched off.

However it looks tatty after one holiday as the writing came off with a good clean.

Extremely pleased with my purchase. Bought this for my caravan, perfect .

Perfect design, all i do is cook simple foods, why bother with a huge gas cooker, when your food only takes 5 minutes to get hot and prepare ?.

I have building works going on and this i use for cooking right now.

This hob has been a lifesaver during our building work. It heats up in a good time (takes a little longer when with rings are on together). The base is pretty easy to clean, the rings are a little trickier but come up well.