Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine : Four Stars

Love the machine but had no brochure or instructions sent with it, so cannot use settings?. Help i am using guesswork to use it right now.

We bought this coffee maker for a small office, and despite only having it a little while the jug has already broke. Can’t seem to find a replacement jug either which is very frustrating. The timing feature is handy because it means we always have coffee available, and it makes decent coffee for a machine in this price range.

I brought this as a christmas gift for my partner, and like other reviews, the jug cracked/broke at the spout. After relentlessly searching amazon, and reading many reviews to find where i could order a replacement. I went directly to russell hobbs. They replaced mine, free of charge, as it was still under warranty. They also have the option to order them if needs be. Otherwise, myself and partner love this coffee machine.

This machine is really easy to use. The coffee taste nice once you get used to how much coffee to put it. I would advise a few run throughs with no coffee in to get the machine clean. First few i did had a horrid plastic taste. It was fine after the 4th attempt.

Got it for my other half for christmas and he loves it. Very simple set up, very easy to use. Perfect for a cup of coffee. Love the 1 hour keep warm feature and the timer setting.These are the main reasons i went for this model, but it was money well spent. Hope to get great use out of this for years to come.

There was a trial and error period of how much water i should put in for a regular sized mug, i now fill it with water up to the marks between 2 and 4 (3 and 6 for espresso). I was worried when i read the reviews about the top lid melting but mine functions normally.

Been a lifesaver in the mornings. Bottom plate keeps the coffee in the jug warm for a while and the timer function works effortlessly. Really easy to clean and we use it every day.

Took a lot of passing water through to eventually rid the product of a metallic taste. Possibly due to this area being particularly prone to hard water. Now works well so very pleased.

  • Cracking little coffee machine
  • Enjoy!
  • Simply brilliant

Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Litre, Black/Silver

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Easy to use, clean and looks nice on the kitchen worktop. There were no manufacture smells, so i quickly started to use it. Turns itself off after 40 mins. , which is important for me. The marks on the jug and reservoir do not exactly fit each other, but it is not a big deal. The button to enhance brewing is not very useful since, to be honest, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I couldn’t live without this machine now. I set it up every evening using the timer so when i get up i can fill my flask and take fresh coffee to work. One piece of advice i would give is to use paper filters, it does come with a filter but it’s a bit of a faff cleaning this after every use.

Bought as a replacement for a morphy richards machine. The coffee is good and the timer works fine and easy to set. The heat plate switches off after 40 mins, which is fine, but the cool bit is that it warns you with blinking light so that if you want to you can switch it on again. The only reason for four not five is the build quality. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as our old one.

Bought for my daughter and she loves it, better to get ground coffee ones as pods are very expensive, she sets it for a morning so its ready for her getting up and again for when she is home from work and school run, so much easier than boiling a kettle and then still not have time to make it or forget and have to reboil. Good choice of coffee to use depending on taste and quick and easy to use.

This is one of my favourite purchases, i use it everyday. It’s a pleasure to use, simple instructions and great tasting coffee. I wouldn’t be without it now, i love coming downstairs every morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Absolutely brilliant coffee maker. I have not had to use one paper filter. The only downside is i put the jug in the dishwasher a couple of times and all the measures have completely worn off from the outside of the jug, so please bare this in mind.

Cracking little coffee machine, bought as a present for my husband. Doesn’t need filter papers which i didn’t realise when i bought it – so easy to empty the built in filter. Love the timer function too. Really excellent value for money.

Easy to use, doesn’t take up much space, and treats the coffee about as well as my v60 dripper – easy enough to calibrate for smaller brews too. I especially like how quickly the coffee as ready, as it means i can have a fresh cup before work even if i forget to set the timer.

  • Cracking little coffee machine
  • Enjoy!
  • Simply brilliant

Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Litre, Black/Silver

Has held up fine for a year. The timer function works just fine. Cleaning the water compartment is a bit difficult. Wish there was a way to have it make coffee and turn itself off immediately after the water runs out. As it is the coffee becomes very hot if it sits on the hotplate for a bit.

Used this for a few weeks now and it works as it should. The only conundrum is with the level markings which show a cup and a mug. Not sure what mugs russell hobbs use but they must be small. The four mug level makes two mugs of a “normal” size – not the larger half pint variety. The amount of coffee has to be adjusted accordingly which is all a matter of personal taste. Coincidently we have a russell hobbs glass kettle which also has the rather fetching blue lighting effect so all in all they both give a very pleasant and “upmarket” light show.

Pretty good for the money but larger than expected. So means you can’t fill it with coffee while it’s under the cupboard as the lid sits too high when open. No big deal tbh as it does the job well enough.

The constitution feels stable unlike other coffee machines and the design looks nice. I like the blue horizontal light that lets me know for how long my coffee is warm. I am not an expert in coffee taste but i only use the filter of the machine and the taste is good.

Love this, does exactly as expected. Very low maintenance, easy to set clock and auto timer. I set it 15 mins before i get u (i work from home) and have a fresh pot of coffee. The hotplate keeps the coffee very hot, not just warm so lasts all day.

We have been using it for the last 2. 5-3 months now and absolutely loving it. It is super easy to use, looks very sleek and really fast. I loved the fact that it doesn’t need filter paper as there is a part inside to do this.

A little unsure of how to sort this out as the machine came with no glass jug. It’s meant to be a xmas present for someone who wanted the same as mine which i love but with no jug it’s not much use. Any help is much appreciated or details of how to obtain a replacement jug ?.

Does what it says on the box makes a good coffee, would like the hot plate to stay on a little longer but that is a minor issue. Love waking and getting up in the morning to fresh coffee using the timer.

I just love this machine, have it 2 months almost and i make everyday over 1l coffee. Coffee is ready fast and it keeps it warm till some point that turn off automatically. Very good quality especially for the price point and looks amazing.

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