Russell Hobbs 23240 Luna Filter Coffee Maker : Simple, easy to use

This is a nice looking coffee maker that has a couple of neat features that separate it from some others. The water doesn’t just stream through the centre of the coffee above, it has a diffusing tap thing so that water covers the grounds which i think leads to a better tasting cup. It also helps with the stronger cup setting. For no reason i can discern, this button on the front says 1-4, suggesting that there are varying strengths – when it fact it is simply stronger or not. The filter is plastic, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacement paper filters and is pretty easy to clean (although that pristine white plastic is going to be stained immediately). There’s a also a timer so that, like a teasmade, you can set it to make your pot for the morning. The hot plate will keep it warm for 40 mins or so afterwards. At the end of the day it’s an old-school coffee percolator and that’s never the best tasting cup of coffee but this machine does the job well enough.

Not used a coffee machine for quite a while having now gotten used to a nespresso machine but this is really nice. First of all its a nice looking machine not massive so it will fit well into even a small kitchen. Its very easy to use and the hot plate is very good keeping coffee warm for another cup. Its easy to clean and put away and feels robust enough to last a fair bit as well. All in all i have been impressed with this coffee machine.

For a busy household, those who like to entertain, or the individual who seeks to become more wholesome – this is an ideal coffee maker with a ‘large capacity’. As with most russell hobbs products the device has a simple elegance, and is very well made despite the combination of plastics and aluminium trims. It is very well moulded and doesn’t feel cheap at all – much like a bosch product. The glass pot isn’t the most heavy set, but that’s ideal when it is filled with boiling hot water. The plastic lid can be seen as little disappointing for the price, though i’d argue it’s lighter and easier to clean than other materials. The device is incredibly simple to use as it basically only has three primary functions; to boil water (and then keep the pot warm on an inductive surface), to set a timer and to set the clock. Water is stored inside a reservoir built-in to the device (that you fill yourself, obviously), which upon pressing the boil button is then pumped up into the ‘sprayer’, drops back down into the filter vessel (where you lay the coffee granules, in all their smelly glory) and is gradually tapped into the pot. The process isn’t loud at all – in fact i quite enjoy listening to it spit and gurgle away.

This is a good machine from russell hobbs and makes pretty good filter coffee. It has a pretty large footprint and to earn its place on your kitchen top i think there has to be a fair few morning coffee drinkers in the household. It has a programmable timer and it’s a nice idea to think of freshly brewed coffee waiting for you in the kitchen when you get up. It has a led clock which is easy to set up and which allows you to use the timer function. I think it looks great and has a modern design with red – it is large and could serve a small office situation. I agree with the reviewers who are bemused at people criticising this for cutting out after 40 minute since that is an eu directive and frankly coffee that has been on a hotplate for a length of time is usually barely drinkable. It has an easily removable permanent filter which save using paper filters and comes with the usual russell hobbs guarantee.

This is a really smart looking coffee maker, which doesn’t take up as much space on the counter as i feared it might. The chrome looks really smart, and it seems solidly made. I’ve never used a coffee maker before, but it couldn’t be simpler to operate, simply fill the reservoir with water, put coffee grounds in the washable filter, and press the button that looks like a coffee cup, and you’re away. It’s also really easy to program the timer – simply press the timer button, use the hour and minute buttons to set the time, then press the centre button, and you can wake up to the smell of your coffee brewing.The hot plate keeps the coffee warm for 40 mins before switching off, which is more than enough for me, as there are only a couple of us in the household who drink coffee, and only a cup at a timegreat machine, simple operation, and tastes so much better than the instant coffee i was used to drinking – i’m a convert to ground coffee, and loving the ease and functionality of this coffee maker.

An easy to use coffee makerit used normal ground coffee so no need to buy any dedicated capsulesit’s very easy to usekeeps your coffee hot for just under 30 mincoffee tastes as good as from any other machineeasy to cleanvery happy as it looks good and smart toobut big though.

This is a stylish and simple filter coffee-maker, it makes really nice coffee (improved, i think, by the fact that the water is dripped all around the filter, and not just at the centre), and it can be programmed to turn on up to an hour in advance. It’s slightly annoying that the hot-plate turns off after only 45 minutes, as i often keep a pot running all day, but i gather this is required by eu energy-saving laws and, anyway, it’s easy to turn it back on to stay warm.

My husband really loves this coffee making machine (i don’t drink coffee) and according to him there are just so many reasons to like it. First of this luna grey coffee maker from russell hobbs has a large 1. 8 litre water tank capacity (equivalent to about 7 x 250ml mugs). Aesthetically its a good looking machine measuring 34cm in height x 22cm in width and depth with its polished steel, grey metal and black plastic design. The blue lcd screen although rather small shows black numbers which are easy to read. The box contains:russell hobbs 23241 luna grey filter coffee makerglass jugfilter holderinstructionsin use this machine has an easy to set 24 hour programmable timer, this is the feature my husband likes the best. He sets it before he goes to bed and when he gets up in the morning he is greeted with the aroma of good coffee just sitting and waiting to be poured and best of all i didn’t have to make it. The coffee machine has an advanced water head technology and instead of the usual single drip hole there is a whole series of holes that spray jets of hot water into the coffee filter. This really improves the taste of the coffee immensely (or so my husband says). Others features include a removable cleanable permanent filter, a built in descaling program, a coffee strength adjustment button (noticeably stronger when used) and an auto keep warm plate which will keep your coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.

  • Makes great coffee easily and conveniently
  • a looker and
  • High Capacity 1-1.8L So It Would Be Suitable For An Office (More So If It Had An Insulated Jug)

Russell Hobbs 23240 Luna Red Filter Coffee Maker, 1000 W, 1.8 Litre, Red

Product Description, The Russell Hobbs Luna Coffee Maker not only looks elegant, but with improved coffee extraction technology you’ll be creating barista style coffees in a matter of seconds. Luna is no mess and no fuss – with the large 1.8 Litre water tank making up to 14 delicious cups (125 ml) in one sitting. With the distinct solar red styling delivering a sophisticated accent for any kitchen worktop, the coffee maker’s 24-hour programmable timer means your delicious cup of coffee can be ready exactly for when you need it. The auto keep warm plate ensures your coffee stays warm for up to 40 minutes – allowing you time to savour each sip between fresh cups. The Luna Coffee Maker’s auto clean feature and washable filter and holder also mean less fuss and more time to enjoy delicious drinks every time.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Russell Hobbs 23240 Luna Coffee Maker, Red
  • Glass carafe; filter holder; instruction booklet
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    This actually does make a lovely cup of coffee, i had to go out and buy the coffee but it really does take lovely, this is a rather large machine, a lot larger than it looks but it’s really smart, black and silver with red. The instructions are simple and it’s easy to use. It is supposed to keep coffee warm up to 40 mins but after 30 mine was really cold hence the 3 stars. On the whole though as a coffee make it’s brilliant as long as you don’t want to try to keep it hot for any length of time. It does have blue light up dials on it to tell you where to fill up for anything from 8, 10 and 12 cups of coffee. If you were in an office this would be ideal. As it’s only mu husband and i who drink coffee and the occasional visitor it really didn’t stay hot for long. That’s the only drawback i found otherwise a great coffee maker.

    This is the latest iteration in a long line of russell hobbs coffee machines. Operation is very similar to the heritage and elegance models. Simple clock set up that can be used as an autobrew timer, stop / start. And a button for extra strength. This model is not the most elegant but the stainless steel finish looks good. The coffee jug is large and fits very well under the drop stop dispenser – better than previous models. There is a removable permament filter and filter holder, which makes cleaning easy. Large capacity for a lot of coffee or a dinner party. Nicely made, this one also has a ‘de-scale’ warning light too.

    This is a really nice looking machine that’s easy to use. You don’t need filter papers for it as it has a reusable filter. I have an old machine that’s similar to this and they are great for parties etc. This was easy to set up and to use. The coffee tastes good and it was kept hot for 40 minutes after it was made. You can then press the button to keep it hot for longer. For me that’s enough or the coffee gets over stewedthe machine also has a timer that can be set the day before. I’m going to use it to make nice coffee that i can put into a flask and take to work.

    Finally a drip pot that still makes good coffeeit hasn’t overheated the coffee on the hot plate and stays hot long enough to drink the caraffe before the plate turns off. It filters quickly and uses a permanent filter although i always use paper ones as the drinkers in this home are fussy. The unit itself works well without too much steam escaping the top ,it is easy to fill with my water filter jug or from the tap as the lid opens up wide enought to do so. All the design an chrome accents make this a very good pot, it looks robust and has no funny tastes after making that some pots i have had over the yearsin short good looks, good build and great simply made great tasting coffee.

    I’ve used a slightly older version of this model, and there are a few improvements:-the new showerhead water sprayer (as opposed to a single dripper) prevents waste of coffee if only making a cup or two, rather than a whole pot. -the timer is lit, which makes it easier to check or to set it up for a timed boil-the water level is easier to read and more prominently placed than previous russell hobbs modelsotherwise, it has kept all the good features. 8l capacity jug is well made and doesn’t feel like it would shatter easily. The lid is easy to open, and is wide enough to make it a doddle loading the filter paper and coffee. The timer means coffee can be ready whenever you want, as long as you’ve set it up with coffee and filter. The keep-warm plate is hot and keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature. The 40min auto turn off means no more “did i turn the coffee pot off” moments. The main parts are easy to remove, making cleaning easier (especially if you have a dishwasher). It can be quite slow to make a full pot, but you could say the same about some of its rivals.

    I already had a very decent coffee making pot but i thought i’d try this out for comparison. The advantage i can see with this is that you can make more coffee and it stays hotter for longer. Therefore, i use this when i have guests and it really is simple and effective to use (there’s a timer on it if you need your coffee fix as soon as you wake up or get home but i’m not that addicted). Some have complained about the coffee plate turning itself off after 40 minutes or so but this is not an issue for me as the coffee is always drunk with that timeframe – and it looks like a simple button press to start the reheat process, should you need to. I like the smart look of this machine: there is a digital timer and just a few buttons; russell hobbs have not tried to reinvent the wheel or make this overly complex. This is a great machine that makes good tasting coffee and keeps it tasting great for as long as i need it. Simple to use and importantly, very easy to clean.

    I’m not sure why the other reviewer has given this only one star on the basis that the hot plate keeps the coffee warm for forty minutes, as this is clear on the packaging/ product description. Overall, it’s oretty great. It can make up to 14 cups of coffee, no paper filters required and clear instructions on how to use this. It has a timer, so you can make sure it’s there for the dreaded monday morning. It looks chic and works a treat.

    It takes more space on the worktop than i had expected, but this is a great looking machine; i have the copper version and it suits my kitchen perfectly. My normal method of making coffee is with the excellent aeropress, but as that’s best for making just one or two cups at a time it can be a slow process to make coffee for a group. That’s where this machine comes into its own for me as it can produce up to 1. I like that it is fairly simple to use, especially after some practice. It is the same with any coffee maker and i find that it is always necessary for some trial and error to find what works best for you and your tastes. Changing which brand of ground coffee you use, and how much you actually put in will alter the drink a great deal. That doesn’t mean it is hard to make fantastic coffee, but you shouldn’t switch this machine on for the first time when you have friends around if you are expecting it to make half a dozen cups of perfect coffee. I’ve noted that the warming plate under the jug only operates for around 40 minutes; according to an article that i read in which magazine it’s the result of a power-saving initiative which will apply to all manufacturers. That’s plenty of time for my own purposes, and coffee can become bitter to taste if it’s kept heated for a long time anyway.

    • Makes great coffee easily and conveniently
    • a looker and
    • High Capacity 1-1.8L So It Would Be Suitable For An Office (More So If It Had An Insulated Jug)

    Russell Hobbs 23240 Luna Red Filter Coffee Maker, 1000 W, 1.8 Litre, Red

    This russell hobbs coffee maker is straightforward and easy to use, it has a programmable timer so is perfect for having your early morning coffee ready and waiting when you get up. 8l filter coffee maker looks very nice with its black and chrome finish and can make up to 14 125ml large cups or 21 small 83ml cups. The led clock is clear and easy to read and required for the timer functions, it does not need to be set if the timer isn’t needed. The hotplate will keep your coffee warm after it has completed brewing for 40 minutes. This timing is not adjustable and set in accordance with the latest eu energy saving regulations. In use its quicker than my previous filter machine and even using full capacity it only takes a few minutes to complete its brewing programme. The coffee when brewed is hot and there is also has a coffee strength adjustment button which i found does give a slightly stronger coffee taste though it does also slow down the brewing cycle. The permanent filter is easily removable for emptying and washing and the machine is straightforward and easy to use. It also has a built in descaling programme.

    What a stylish bit of kitchen equipment this is. The copper effect front gives the unit a very chic stylish look. I found the whole experience one of sheer pleasure. Setting up the coffee maker couldn’t be simpler, after rinsing out the jug and filling the reservoir to the maximum line, i ran the coffee maker through without coffee to clean the system. Filling the reservoir again with water, i added the correct amount of coffee ( approx. 6-7g per cup of ground coffee)and pressed the middle button to start the making process. My coffee was strong and hot, just the way i like it. The unit has a clock which was easily set and can be used with the timer control, if wanted. Just make sure the clock is set at the correct time. The unit also has a “coffee strength” button, which can be found on the left hand side, of the three main front buttons.

    This coffee machine would be fine in a larger home or office (or if you need between 1 – 1. 8 litres of coffee all at once). Energy saving legislation says any coffee machine without an insulated jug must turn off after 40 mins and there seems no option to turn it back on (when the water tank is empty). The measure scales on the reservoir and jug start at 8 big/12 small cups which measures as 1 litre which is quite a lot of coffee. The maximum is 14 big / 21 small cups which is 1. So unless you are going to drink at least 1 litre of coffee in 40 minutes this machine is not for you. If you do need that amount of coffee it works great, but it does have to be 5cm from the wall (or the lid won’t stay up while you fill it) and has a 63cm long mains lead.

    Features and Spesification

    • 1.8 Litre water tank capacity
    • 24 hours programmable timer
    • Auto clean feature
    • Auto keep warm plate
    • 2 years guarantee