Russell Hobbs 23370 Elegance Digital Coffee Maker-Programmable : Great Product and Great service from Amazon

I shall start by just listing the few minor features that i think could be better. Clock backlight does not stay on and as the machine uses over 1 watt all the time the backlight led’s would make little difference to running costs (or at least an option to choose). Cup level marks on the jug matching the reservoir marks (the last model had them). A bit more weight in the base, it is a little wobbly when you try and press one of the buttons (also make sure the mains lead is on the correct place or it will be really wobbly). Other than those niggles it is fine. Setting up is straight forward, it has a 2′ / 60cm mains lead coming from the base of the machine at the rear. Setting the lcd clock (24hr format only) is pretty easy (no power cut memory protection) and in normal operation it is pretty fast doing a brew and it keeps the hotplate hot for 40 minutes (countdown time shown below the main clock display) – press power button to turn off early.

It does what it says it is supposed to do, and the it’s beautiful. I had a ‘little’ problem with the glass carafe and was solved by amazon on the next following day. It was a 5 stars customer service experience. Just a quick note- before reaching to amazon’s help, i have contacted russell hobbs 3 times – by email – and i am still waiting for their answer. . To provide me a spare part.

I bought a coffee machine a few years back, a big, sexy, all-black, macho thing, brand name escapes me now – but compared with my usual method of filter paper, melitta ceramic filter holder, and mug, it was a tedious, inconvenient pain in the neck, and achingly slow. The timer mechanism was sufficiently obscure that, if i hadn’t used it for a while, i could never remember how to make it work; and reverting to the melitta cone and mug one morning in complete irritation, i felt such relief that i promptly gave the macho machine away, with no desire ever to try another – until, that is, the diminishing grip and increasing clumsiness of old age resulted in scalded toes one recent morning. So the invitation to review this rh product was very timely. And i have to say at once that it represents a sufficiently significant advance on its predecessor to convert me totally. The timer is intuititive and easy to deploy, and it makes my 750ml of morning coffee (my ration for the day) in 5 minutes. My previous two main objections to machines are therefore eliminated at a stroke. I recently reviewed a russel hobbs hand blender and was impressed by the thought and care that had gone into the design – and the same may be said of this. The lid for the water chamber lifts off – much safer than being hinged – and the reusable filter and its holder slot automatically, easily and firmly into the correct position, as does the jug. And although this product – like just about every other – is of chinese manufacture, the manual is an exemplary model of brevity and clarity. I tried very hard to find something to complain about – and i did.

We have a high-end modern kitchen and this absolutely looks worthy of its place and like it ‘belongs’. Aesthetics aside, having faffed around with the full on gaggia machines in the past, i find the simplicity of this more realistic to the daily routine, without any perceptible compromise (to my senses) to taste. A world above instant coffee – thousands of beans out there to try out till you find the one that suits you. The speed at which it gets going is great – if you experienced filter machines in the 1980s and remember 20 minutes of drip drip and gurgling noises – forget that. This will have a decent brew in about five minutes, and keep it warm for about forty. Nice to have a timer function too, and the filter is easy to clean.

It has an attractive design and is well constructed. It is easy to use with straightforward digital settings and most importantly it makes good coffee. The coffee is not scorching hot, but nor should it be. If i were to have a criticism, it is that everything needs to be reset on each use – nothing can be saved – but this is not a serious issue.

This is a decent coffee machine and does the job but isn’t special and some design flaws could be improved to make it better. The measures to show how much water you need for x number of cups are on the side that is most likely to be against a wall/other implement which is not helpful. Coffee made really quickly – is that good or bad?. Good if you want a quick cup of coffee, but some might say bad as there isn’t enough time to absorb all the flavour. The compartment that holds the coffee can be tricky to clean.

This is a lot bigger than i expected and it’s a bit like a coffee version of an old fashioned teasmaid. It takes a bit of setting up like setting the timer etc but once done you have a functioning coffee machine. This is quite handy during the day when you have a few people round who might all want a coffee. Because it’s all in one pot though it doesn’t make it very special. This looks smart and the jug is easy to clean etc.

This looks nice on the counter minus the fact that the glass jug got a brown film on it after use 1. I have tried vinegar and all kinds of cleaners to get it sparkling but nothing works. The coffee is fast and tastes good but i will say it doesn’t stay hot very long so you’ll need a carafe.

  • Great Product and Great service from Amazon
  • Glass jug permanently looks dirty
  • Great to wake up to the smell of coffee

Russell Hobbs 23370 Elegance Digital Coffee Maker-Programmable with 24 Hour Timer, Reusable Filter, Hot Plate and 10 Cup Capacity

Product Description, Prepare the perfect cup of coffee with ease with the stylish Russell Hobbs elegance filter coffee maker. Clear backlit LCD display with 24-hour programmable Timer gives you the freedom to enjoy freshly filtered coffee whenever you like. Whether you like your caffeine fix first thing in the morning or to combat the mid-afternoon slump, this appliance makes coffee making convenient. Create the perfect cup of coffee with the coffee makers faster brewing technology, which features advanced water filtration to improve the coffee extraction large 1.2L glass jug with cup markings holds enough for up to 10 cups of coffee – that’s more than enough to see you through the day or brew up a round. The jug comes complete with a lid to keep coffee fresh. The coffee maker also comes equipped with a handy hotplate, which will keep coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. Complete the look with the matching Russell Hobbs elegance glass jug kettle & 2 slice toaster

Box Contains, 1 x Russell Hobbs 23370 Elegance Filter Coffee Maker Instruction booklet

From the manufacturer

Prepare the perfect cup of coffee with the Russell Hobbs Elegance Filter Coffee Maker

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LCD Display

Featuring a clear back-lit LCD display with 24-hour programmable timer, you have the freedom to enjoy freshly filtered coffee whenever you like. Whether you like your caffeine fix first thing in the morning or to combat the mid-afternoon slump, this appliance makes coffee making convenient.

Improved Filtration

Create the perfect cup of coffee with the coffee maker’s faster brewing technology, which features advanced shower head water filtration to improve the coffee extraction.

10 Cup Capacity

The large 1.2L glass jug with cup markings, holds enough for up to 10 cups of coffee – that’s more than enough to see you through the day or brew up a round.

The hot plate keeps coffee warm for up to 40 minutes before automatically switching off.

Removable, Washable Filter

With a removable, washable filter, anti-drip and auto-clean features, you can be assured of fuss-free cleaning allowing more time to enjoy deliciously fresh coffee.

About the brand

We’ve been at the heart of homes for over 60 years, bringing an extensive range of high quality kitchen appliances that have been designed and developed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Our commitment to creating products that are stylish, reliable and practical has helped us to build a brand that’s synonymous with trust and high quality.

Whatever your lifestyle, your taste or your individual requirements, we’re always here to ensure that you have access to technology and products that perform perfectly for you.

Product features

  • Stylish glass design coffee maker
  • Advanced showerhead technology
  • Faster brewing technology
  • Improved coffee extraction
  • 1.25L water tank capacity
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • 40 minute auto keep warm
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Auto clean feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Washable filter holder
  • Matching 1.7L Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster available

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Very happy great machine very quick my first machine settings easy only gave this four stars because timer settings are not saved if you turn it offgets nice and hot and drinkable could be hotter i more used to drinking at 100c.

After a series of disasters trying to buy a coffee maker (two broke on the first day of use, one arrived pre-broken – you know, to save me the trouble), i gave up and just bought a press. So i was delighted to get the chance to test drive this one. When it arrived (securely packed in premium, recyclable packaging, and very safely intact) i was extremely impressed with the quality of materials and build. It looks fantastic, operates beautifully and is simple and pleasing to use. The unit comprises a large carafe jug, removable/ washable coffee filter – and of course the base unit, which aside from a few (high quality) plastic elements predominantly encases a clear water tank, led clock, easy to use operation buttons, rapid water heater, warming plate and drip in a high sheen stainless steel skin. At its most essential function, fresh coffee is made at the touch of a button, in a little under 5 minutes – which the hot plate keeps at a perfect temperature for 40mins before switching itself off. The slightly elevated function is the simple timer setting, that allows you to fix up the machine before you go to bed, so that it brews a fresh pot for you to wake up to in the morning/ at a time of your choosing. However, for the asking price i’m not sure that the design and fundamentally basic functionality is enough. Specifically, for one – depending on the beans you use, the coffee made tends to be somewhat bitter. The same coffee i used in my old drip and my press loses some of its richness and smoothness in this.

This is a coffee drinker’s dream. Simply fill tank with water, put ground coffee in and press button. Hey presto, perfect filter coffee in a few minutes. There is a timer function so you can set it up the night before and wake up to fresh coffee. I also like the hotplate so that it keeps the coffee warm. It looks smart on the work surface and is easy to clean and use.

The coffee maker has to sit side on so you can get to the controls and it does take up quite a large space. It has a reusable coffee filter that you can just rinse and use again. Instructions say the water reservoir holds 8 (5oz) cups of water which is expresso size. In reality this holds around 4 mugs of coffee with a little to spare. One scoop of coffee will give you two mugs of coffeethere’s five buttons on the coffee machine. The first button you press to start the coffee brewing. The next three buttons are for the clock and timer. If you decide to set the correct time on the machine note it will only keep the time if you have it powered. If you unplug it the machine loses its time. The clock buttons also allow you to programme the coffee maker to be brewed and ready for when you wake up in the morning which is a great feature.

Back in the day my gran used to have a teasmaid but was too scared to use it. She didn’t like the idea of it being plugged in all night while she slept in case it caused an electrical fire. I thought she was worrying over nothing at the time, but now i know how she felt. I’m not keen on this being on overnight either but i might give it a go one of these nights. Still really useful though as my hubby gets up at dark o’clock and sets it so that i have coffee to wake up to. I return the favour by setting the timer so he has a fresh cup to come home to after work. Lovely looking machine and pretty easy to work out once you get the hang of it.

Love it great to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee, well worth the money.

I’m so pleased with this coffee machine. The coffee brews so quickly and the hot plate keeps it warm for a very convenient 40 minutes. You can also set up the timer to brew the next morning so that a jug a coffee awaits when you get up the next day – perfect. The chrome machine looks great too. It’s a little taller than i expected so although it fits on the worksurface underneath the wall-mounted cupboards, you have to pull it out to fill the reservoir with water. Otherwise – a great machine.

I absolutely adore my coffee machine. I’ve never had a proper machine before, only a cafetiere, so this one is used 2-3 times a day and we are enjoying fresh coffee all the time. Not to mention how delicious our house smells all the time now too. Its very easy to use, just press one button to get it started and it heats and percolates the coffee extremely fast, so we have about a litre of fresh coffee in around 4 minutes. The water chamber holds up to 1. 25 litres but we generally don’t fill it completely. The glass jug has a comfortable, rounded, plastic handle with a chrome finish and the jug does feel a bit fragile on first impressions, as does the re-usable coffee filter, so only time will tell how long the filter lasts. But despite these small niggles, the overall impression of the unit is that its well made and smartly finished in chrome and black gloss plastic. We have reached the point where the 60-cycle cleaning reminder has popped up on the digital display. So apparently the self-cleaning programme takes about 45 minutes and requires kettle descaler made up as per the packet instructions, or 500ml white vinegar mixed with 500ml water.

  • Great Product and Great service from Amazon
  • Glass jug permanently looks dirty
  • Great to wake up to the smell of coffee

Russell Hobbs 23370 Elegance Digital Coffee Maker-Programmable with 24 Hour Timer, Reusable Filter, Hot Plate and 10 Cup Capacity

I love this machine even though it’s overkill for my kitchen considering i’m the only coffee drinker and i only have a cup at breakfast and the occasional one after dinner. Preparation is a bit fiddly at first but you get used to it over time. Clean-up is easier if you use paper filters rather than the washable one supplied. The timer functionality works but the keep-warm doesn’t keep it as hot as i’d like. I get better results if i forego the timer and just get the coffee going ten minutes before i want to drink it. This is my first coffee machine and i’m reasonably happy with it. Other reviewers say that you can get more functionality for the same price so from that i would probably shop around. Although i like this machine, i’m not convinced it’s worth the £80 odd that it was retailing at when it arrived. It takes up a lot of space on the counter and i’m torn between having this out or my food processor. At one cup of coffee a day, i think the food processor will win.

Features and Spesification

  • Enjoy freshly Filtered coffee all day long with the stylish and premium elegance coffee maker from Russell Hobbs. The large 1.2L capacity glass jug can produce up to 10 cups of coffee at once.
  • Create the perfect cup of coffee with the coffee makers faster brewing technology, which features Advanced water filtration to improve the coffee extraction
  • 24-Hour, easy to programme, clear LCD backlit display and timer to create fresh coffee exactly when you want it.
  • Removable, washable filter holder, Anti drip and Auto-clean feature for fuss-free cleaning. Auto keep warm function keeps coffee warm for up to 40 minutes before automatically switching off.
  • Water level gauge with markers shows how full the appliance is. Manufacturer 2 year warranty included