Russell Hobbs 23380 Elegance Two Slice Toaster – A good toaster

The best thing about this toaster is the slot shape; it’s a single 2 slice long slot whose thickness means you can put things like potato waffles in without them getting stuck and burning to the side, and you can take them out easily afterwards without having to prise them out with a knife. Even better, you can put things like yesterday’s naan leftovers in for a quick warming; take-out curry always tastes better the day after, but with this toaster you don’t have to mess about with warming the non-standard shaped breads that come with it. Oh, and its also a pretty decent standard toaster. It really does toast faster than our old traditional 2 slot toaster, and it takes normal size bread, which many of the cheaper toasters no longer do (the top 2cm seems to hang out the top on many of them). Downsides?the thing that would justify the price would be that the body is stainless steel. I can’t find anything that says it is, so it might just be plated aluminium. The toaster is heavy and sturdy enough though, so the jury is out on that one. One of the product pictures shows the glass side lighting up. It doesn’t do that; the picture is a cutaway and the glass stays black. Here comes the science bit – concentrate.

First out of the box, i thought this would be stainless steel for the price, but the weight doesn’t indicate that. It does look very nice, although the panel on one side is black, presumably just to look nice. The instruction leaflet is small with only a single language for a change. I followed the instructions for before use to ‘cure’ the elements and then cooked a single slice of toast. One of my bugbears with two slot toasters is that if you cook a single slice it is often unevenly toasted with one side over-browned and the other side under-browned. Although the sides were the same, one corner was slightly blackened. I left it to cool completely and then tried two slices. I then found that the bottom of each slice was better done than the top, so i cannot honestly say that this toaster is worth paying this much for. Two weeks laterthis needs to be used several times. After two weeks of use, we find the toasting is much more even.

A very smart and modern looking toaster which is replacing an old conventional two slice russell hobbs one. This one is much sleeker and neater looking and the polished silver colour with black glass front is very smart. Fits neatly on the worktop but is obviously both longer and half as deep because it has one long slot for bread instead of two side by side. While the new design is perfect for unusually shaped bread like naan, pitta etc, it appears that one long slot isn’t quite as long as the total length of the two slots in my old toaster. This means that if you have sliced bread that’s wider – e. A bloomer – it’s tricky to toast two slices at a time. It’s also not quite deep enough to toast two tall slices of bread upright. The other difference from my old rh model is that this toaster has lights for ‘browning level’ as opposed to numbers or a timer. So you might find a bit of trial and error before deciding which level (indicated by the number of blue lights) works for you.

I wrongly assumed with this toaster having a side made of glass, that you would be able to view your bread being toasted. However, you can’t see through the glass side. Whilst this adds some visual appeal, i was quite disappointed that you couldn’t view through it. The box it arrives in even makes it look as though you will be able to see through it, so its a bit misleading. This is quite a large toaster, and i like that it fits larger warburtons bread in it. I can also easily fit in larger items in no problem. It toasts very quickly, definitely quicker than my old smaller toaster. The ‘lift and look’ feature is very handy, as you don’t need to restart the toaster (and i often then forget to check again and end up burning my bread) this is a feature i’ve used a lot. I’m not sure if this is worth the rather high price tag, but i do think it’s a good toaster overall.

This is certainly a toaster that stands out in your kitchen. It’s highly polished and extremely stylish. Before using, you will want to run it once to burn off the factory oil – the instructions call it curing, but it’s probably to avoid making your bread taste funnythe toaster itself is wide enough for three pieces of bread (cut from a non-factory loaf) or two pieces of toast of the mass-produced factory variety. You can set the browning factor by using the handy buttons on the bottom of the toaster and with a bit of experimentation, 4-5 produced a fast and adequately toasted slice of bread. The toasting speed with toast bread was extremely quick (at least 50% quicker than my older toaster) although it took longer with “real” or homemade bread, which is to be expected. There is a very handy crumb tray which can easily be removed and replaced without having to fight with it. It also makes cleaning easy as there’s no ned to tip it upside down to get rid of any bready remnants. Another great feature is the ability to lift the toast to see if it’s ready and drop it back in again if it’s not quite ready. Pressing a button on the front panel ejects the toast and completes the toasting cycle. The description mentioned a glass front, which it is and adds to the stylish quality, but you cannot see the toast inside it (just in case you were thinking this) which stands to reason as the heating elements are in the way.

Overall, i really like this toaster. It has a very sleek modern design – the long single slot is a very clever addition in that it allows for 2 pieces of bread but can also accommodate something longer or more oddly shaped. The blue lights to indicate the heat level add to its modernistic appeal. It does take up a bit more room than our old toaster did but as it’s so thin it feels like it occupies less space. It toasts quickly and evenly and it’s very helpful that you can lift the toast out at any time to check on it’s progress. But that said, i was genuinely disappointed to realize that although one side is made of glass, it is not transparent. To me that defeats the whole purpose of having a glass side. I thought i would be able to watch my toast as it browned and could stop it when i felt the time was right. For this let-down, i have deducted one star, but other than that issue, i think this is an outstanding piece of kitchen equipment.

This is the best toaster with regards to speed, bread pops up so fast and done to perfection – looks smart too.

This is an excellent toaster. It was great value for money for the quality. It cooks toast evenly and quickly. It is easy to adjust the settings to meet your preferences. The slots are wide enough to fit the bread in without squashing it. It’s hasnt burnt a single piece of toast yet. It has a lovely sleek design and looks great in my kitchen. I highly recommend this toaster as it looks great, is reasonably priced and (most importantly) makes excellent toast.

Was a bit disappointed it wasn’t clear glass in the middle it is blacked out but still looks nice. Some bread sticks out the top could do with being taller but not a major issue.

This is an attractive, sleek well made toaster with a small footprint. I’ve been using it a few weeks and like it on setting 3, setting 4 seems to burn the edges of your toast. You do get full coverage toasting quickly but the browning isn’t as even as previous toasters i’ve had hence 1 star off. Plus if you reuse the toaster in quick succession you do get charcoal black bits of toast which i hate.

As you would expect from russell hobbs, this is a high quality product, worthy of the price. It has a very modern, brushed stainless steel, sleek look to it. Maybe then not for the retro or shabby chic or country style kitchen but more at home in a contemporary design. Toasting is very fast and it has a high lift cradle so you can see the progress of toasting. The glass sides and recessed buttons look classy and you have full control over the toasting process, including defrosting. This toaster is weighty and well made and inspires confidence. Rh also offer a 3 year warranty which is most welcome.

This is a good toaster, quite elegant looking, although the glass screen serves no particular purpose as far as i can see since it does not let you see the inner workings at all. The toaster is great if, like me, you make your own bread – mine is generally dome shaped and results in long slices. Otherwise it accomodates two average sliced loaf pieces side by side. There is a wide range of heat settings, six in all and for whole wheat i use setting 3 for a light toasting; lower down the scale is for defrosting or warming, i suppose. There is a button for ejecting the toast before the tier does so and another specificaally for de-frosting. The handle which you pull down to start toasting can also be lifted up to help remove slices of toast. A removable crumb tray allows for easy cleaning. It’s a good toaster without being spectacular, but does its job well.

It looks great, very high-end and contemporary, and is quick to toast on every setting, plus there’s a nice little ‘warm up’ feature that i haven’t seen before. But that’s where the superlatives end unfortunately. It’s fairly light, doesn’t have the weight that you’d expect with premium materials, and the mechanism (vertical lever, crumb tray) feels fairly standard. The side panel is rather misleadingly shown on the product imagery as some sort of window, when in practice it remains black and isn’t opaque. In terms of toasting performance, besides the speed it’s fairly average. It’s uneven, and i’ve found that settings five and six (the maximum) tend to burn the edges of the bread, which makes them essentially useless. With just the space for two slices it’s limited for a family breakfast. All in all this is a nice looking toaster but doesn’t have the performance to match. Besides the warm up mode i don’t think it offers anything in excess of what you can pick up for a fraction of the price. If you like the look then maybe it’s for you, but if you’re after a toaster that has bells and whistles i’d recommend looking elsewhere. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 23380 Elegance Two Slice Toaster:

  • Create a stunning focal point for any kitchen design with the chic black glass finish of the Russell Hobbs elegance 2 slice toaster
  • Achieve a perfect toast every time with an extra-wide 35mm slot and faster toaster technology – delivering mouth-watering results 50% faster
  • Blue illuminating variable browning control and self-adjusting bread guide
  • Includes defrost, reheat, mid-cycle cancel and auto shut off functions
  • Manufacturer 2 year warranty included

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good product generally
  • Great value
  • Stylish Looks, Average Performance