Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Fast Breadmaker – Bread maker

One of the best things i’ve ever bought. Mine works perfectly and the smell of fresh bread is amazing. It’s easy to use and doesn’t use much electricity.

After 1 month of using this machine, i have to say that i’m not impressed about it at all. My previous breadmakers (even the cheaper ones) made a lot better loafs. Neither the texture nor the taste of breads made by this machine aren’t really good. I guess people who voted 5 star haven’t had a really good breadmeker yet. I can’t recommend it, sorry.

Great bread maker,easy to use.

Excellent machine, quick and easy, on offer price brilliant, definitely a good buy, if youve never had a bread maker this is the one to try. Makes a lovely loaf and makes the house smell great. Very pleased, highly recommended.

The bead is like from the bakery it’s a little gold mine my 1st ever loaf was perfect don’t pass this one up so easy to use i love it and i can’t stop trying it out next shop i’m going to get stuff to try the jam programme.

I tried making jam-complete disaster-more like a sauce. I have made 4 medium size wholemeal loaves and each time the paddle stayed in the loaf. Who wants a hole in their loaf?. However, the bread is very tasty.

It’s great i love it, never had a bad loaf.

Second one paddle broke on 1st one but liked the unit,bought same again paddle on this one upgraded a very good all round breadmaker.

I received my russell hobbs bread maker. The lid when closed moves from side to side.

I’m still learning how to make the perfect loaf, not quite there yet. Quite a long wait once on about 3 hours for some loaves. Good item though and very easy to use.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this as the reviews are pretty mixed. I had owned a panasonic for 10+ years but was reluctant to pay the price for a panasonic again as reviews are suggesting they don’t last a fraction of the time that they used to. At the price of this russell hobbs if it only lasted a year i wouldn’t have lost much. Setting it up took a bit of getting used to so read the instructions carefully, if you want to pause the program and go back to where it left off then switch it off at the mains – you’ll have 7 minutes to do what you need to. If you use the start/stop button it will start the program from the beginning. So the 1st loaf i made i had to learn this and the loaf was restarted a few times, it came out not looking too good but tasted fine. I mostly use granary flour and was dissapointed when i saw the size it came out, as it used to be much larger in the panasonic. However, i must admit it was much nicer consistency from this machine which in turn made it a lot easier to cut, so i’m extremely pleased with this. I don’t normally eat white bread but had a couple of loaves for other people who raved about it. I decided to try it for myself on the 3hr+ program wow.

Oh gosh the bread tastes yummy and the smell is wonderful. I bought it because i wanted to make bread with organic flour. Not going to eat bread with bleach or glyphsates in any more.

Makes a lovely loaf of bread. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Fast Breadmaker:

  • 12 functions including: French, Gluten Free, Jam, Whole Wheat
  • 55 minute fast bake
  • 13 hr delay bake timer
  • 3 crust options
  • Dishwasher safe non-stick pan & kneading blades

Easy to use and makes a fabulous loaf.

Used for first time withbpacket of bread mix, turned out very well. Setting up took me a while to work out ‘re setting the time.

Easily the best bread i’ve ever made. Tried the normal and quick bake modes and both are amazing.

Works well i’m happy with it.

For the price you pay this is a great item. I was in need of a replacement for my ageing morphy richards bread maker and wanted to try something a little different. The russell hobbs was in my available price range and had some good reviews. It is easy to use, easy to clean and produces some good quality results and it doesn’t take up too much space in the kitchen. I have so far only made three different loaves but they have all been really good. I highly recommend this product, especially if you are on a budget.

Am missing the paddle in my newly ordered bread maker and i just would like to get it delivered. Kindly asking you to get in touch as there is no possible way to get in touch to ask for a spare part.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Russell Hobbs Compact Fast Breadmaker 23620, 600 W
  • Great Machine.
  • Fantastic and compact – great gluten free bread!

Very pleased with this breadmaker. I have tried several programs successfully. The only drawback is that the mixing ‘paddle’ tends to get baked into the loaf, meaning there is a small hole in the bottom of the loaf when you shake it out of the tin. Nice and compact, easy to use.

Bought to replace kenwood that had lasted 19 years of use every second day. Tried reipies provided the wentback to old recepy which seems to work well. Paddle usually comes out stuck in bread and has to be removed carefully to avoid leaving big hole in base of bread. Also always ues light crust setting as found higher setting left massive hole.

Bought as an anniversary present and the recipients are highly delighted with it.

Easy to follow instructions and makes lovely bread.

Very good for the price, but i think that with any of these bread makers, you have to play around until you find you have to use and play around to find your perfect result its not as simple as you first think. I also find that the control fro the depth of colour to the crust is not as good as it should be.

We had the previous version of this breadmaker. It lasted for 10 years and was a great machine. This new version is absolutely fantastic. We make bread, pizza bases and cobs/rolls. I totally recommend this bread maker.

Follow the receipt and you can’t go wrong just make sure the water is not cold.

Love this, easy to use, lots of settings , compact.

Great breadmaker for the price, it froze once though (holding the start button down for 5 seconds fixed that) but otherwise has been fine.

This is the second breadmaker i’ve had of this model. The previous one i managed to destroy by filling it with small sesame seeds that caused problems when they worked their way into the moving parts. I’m very pleased with the bread it makes. I would have preferred it to be taller inside because when i make the largest size of loaf it will often touch the top of the inside of the breadmaker causing it to not form a crust there. The medium size loaf is perfectly ok.

I bought this machine because of the fast bake programme but was very disappointed with the results. I tried it twice to make sure that i had weighed the ingredients correctly but still found an area of barely cooked dough in the middle. I have returned to using my old panasonic machine that i have had for years after i sourced a new pan & paddle. The rapid bake with this machine takes an hour longer but at least the dough is cooked all the way through.

The loveliest easy to operate machine. Programs/options a bit limited, but makes delicious stuff.

Love it to the max, have made many different breads already and a cake as well. Very happy to have fresh bread every other day jam next.

Bought this russell hobbs model to replace my morphy richards as i’ve missed having a breadmaker especially as my local shop has closed down. I am very happy with the performance, ease of use and end product.

I don’t like gluten free but can’t eat wheat – however, spelt is fine, so i bake my own bread. And i can’t imagine eating ordinary bread again. I set the machine going overnight, takes a couple of minutes, and wake to a lovely fresh loaf for breakfast. This is my second russell hobbs bread maker, the other one finally committed suicide by leaping off the worktop – when that first happened i just shoved the dough back and plugged it in and it went on fine; but the second time the paddle must have come off and, although it made a sort of loaf, it didn’t function again. I notice the new machine has a shorter flex and adheres better to the work top. But the old one must have made 200 – 300 loaves before it clapped out.

After a diagnosis of coeliac disease in the family we took the plunge and bought this machine to bake our own gluten free bread. This machine has a gluten free setting and it works brilliantly. I can’t comment on the timer because i’ve not used it but the machine is simple and even i manage to produce fantastic bread – following the recipe in the booklet produced a slightly crumbly loaf (using doves farm gf brown bread flour) so i added 7g of xanthan gum and 10ml of water and bingo.(you may have to experiment a little to find what works best for you but the recipe booklet is a good starting point. )it is as simple as adding liquid ingredients, followed by dry ingredients with yeast last of all (if using the timer you must keep the yeast dry so it doesn’t activate before the machine starts working), selecting your loaf and menu setting (pressing a button until your option appears on the easy to read screen) then. . Let the machine get on with it. I don’t have room to leave this machine out on my work surface – it is compact enough to put on top of the kitchen cupboard and is light enough that i don’t have any trouble lifting it up. I was skeptical about buying this – like many people i have bought brilliant sounding kitchen gadgets only to find they don’t actually work as well as i had hoped or they don’t fit into our lifestyle and they just end up cluttering the place up before being donated to charity but. This beauty gets used roughly every 5-6 days without fail and does a brilliant job.

Bought as father’s day gift. Best i could’ve got as daddy and little ones enjoy using it. Loads of recipes to work through. Does have the annoying hole in the bottom of loaf issue that many bread makers seem to have but pleased with it for the price.

I am really pleased with this bread maker. I had my previous one for 20years+ so was nervous buying the budget/value option but true to other reviews it is excellent. I use the basic program medium size and brown crust which turns out fab every time.

My son love this to make his own bread.

It’s my first and in four days i’ve made six loaves (wanted to share the bread love with friends and try out the timer), and every single one is perfect. As it’s my first, i can’t compare but this one is compact and effective and the bread is delicious.

Exellent product easy to use. This is one of the best bread makers i’ve had and had 3 previous ones but different brands.

Really good and easy to use. Only downside is the paddle makes a hole in the bread.

I have not used this yet but it lookk well made and solid. Edit 14th feb 2019started using this and a couple of things to be noted. # it moves around on the worktops so you need to keep an eye on it. When the dough is in a ball state it thumps around moving the whole machine. So could be dangerous and fall off the counter. # would be better if it had suction feet to give it some stability. I think to feel safe if you can’t be in the kitchen for 3 hours. I would put it on the tiled floor to save any potential damage. # so far i have failed twice, so on my third batch, i would say that’s more about me and not the machine. It does make quite a noise tho.

First one stoped working after using it 3 times but sent it back and no questions asked. A replacement was sent out the next day and have not had an issue since. Dump all your ingredients into it and withing a few hours you have fresh bread.

Used a recipe from the bread machine that i owned before and using the medium loaf measurements and settings gave an excellent loaf of bread. Only thing is the paddle is a bit rough so the bread tends to stick to it when taking it out of the tin leaving a bigger hole than necessary.

I wanted a simple breadmaker and this does everything i could need. I have made several loaves, both fast bake (55 mins), breadmix and full white program. All are acceptable, with the full program bread being best. I have also used it to make french bread dough for baguettes. Very easy to work with dough and results were excellent.

Nice bread maker makes a nice tasty loaf every time and nice fruit cake yummy. Yes i would recommend this item. Yummy yummy yummy i got bread in my tummy.