Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Electric Kettle – Weird !!!!!!

Having been through 2 russell hobbs cambridge kettles in a short space of time i frankly can’t believe i bought this. Love the cambridge for the shape and capacity but base power supply it not up to scratch, can’t cope with 3kw, the wiring burns out, is quite noisy but fast. Last cambridge burnt out after 359 days and rh is not a helpful firm; however amzon did come up trumps. Have never had a plastic kettle before and this one is slightly mad. Almost same shape as cambridge with open handle but in shiny plastic which has to be gripped harder not to slip. Also and amazingly there are 2 blue lights inside?. The kettle as well as the on/off shining blue when switched on. Pretty blue lights inside, but why?. Just hope this wiring is somewhat safer and longer lasting. Plasic taste at first but has worn off.

It boils really quickly and is quieter than the average. The only thing i was disappointed by was the colour. I ordered the red one but when it arrived it was more of a brown red which i don’t like. I would choose the white or black over the red.

Great looking kettle,very fast rapid boil and energy savinggreat product and fadt delivery, cant fault russel hobbs products or amazon well packaged as well.

Love the style and cool sides ( you don’t burn yourself or others) as well as the quick boil. Great for a quick cup of tea but equally good if several cups are required due to its capacity. Really pleased with it and have bought the matching four slice toaster.

I’ve never really bothered that much about kettles in the past. Even when i changed my kitchen i kept my existing kettle and toaster because they were working fine. In the past when my kettle has stopped working i’ve gone down to costco and bought whichever one they had in at the time. And it’s always been stainless steel. Anyway my existing kettle had stopped working a couple of times. My husband fixed it but i figured it was time for a new one. I decided to look on amazon before going to costco. I noticed this, it stood out straight away and so i ordered it. It works just as well as all my previous (more expensive) ones but it looks so much better. It’s the same capacity as all my previous ones so nothing is different there. The lid is easy to take off and so i use that and not the spout to fill. It’s a fast boil and quiet with a white lead as you’d expect with a white kettle. The problem is now i want the matching toaster plus a white white tassimo.

Love this kettle, it looks so nice in my kitchen along with the matching toaster. I love the fact the lid comes off for filling and a lot of people said the water gauge was a problem hidden underneath the handle, personally that really doesn’t bother me. Only thing i will mention which i’d read about in other people’s reviews before purchasing which was really helpful is. Boil the kettle 5/6 times changing the water each time to get rid of the plastic taste. Other than that i can’t find a fault with the kettle.

I am quite pleased with this kettle. One big disadvantage, however, is that the water gauge is not in an easy place to read. However, that is my only complaint. I like the kettle’s sturdy look and the easy removal of the lid. The handle is well designed and it fits snugly on the base without needing to move around (as i had to do with my last kettle). I love the shiny, grooved look of it.

A really nice looking kettle. Boils quickly and is quite silent compared to the old kettle.

Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Electric Kettle:

  • 3 KW premium plastic textured design, complemented by sleek chrome accents with lift off lid and an ideal pour spout
  • Ideal for those with busy days, boiling one cup in just 45 seconds, boiling one cup versus 1 Litre
  • Easy-view water window with delicate blue illumination upon boil
  • Inspiring premium plastic high-gloss textured design complemented by sleek chrome Accents with soft illumination on buttons while in use
  • Lift and look feature, so you can check on the browning of your toast without cancelling the cycle
  • Variable browning control and cancel function for personal toasting preference

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fabulous kettle
  • Style, light and quick boiling
  • Great looking Kettle