Russell Hobbs 24570 Deep Fryer : Value for money.

Fnoor the prinoce you could not expect any better.

Love this and was so surprised for the price.

Best deep fryer, nice and light.

Perfect little fryer, just suits me, cooks perfect chips, and crispy fish, easy to clean , nice that it doesn’t get hot on the outside, doesn’t take up a huge space on the work top, looks lovely.

I don’t make a great deal of fried food, and already owned a tefal mini fryer when the opportunity to receive and review this came my way. I decided to try it, as my existing fryer is a bit of a pain if i’m making my dad’s favourite fish supper for the family. I fry the fish and cook oven chips (because i. Dad’s in his 70s, so we brokered a deal where he doesn’t eat takeaway and i make him an occasional homecooked version of something naughty that he really likes), but even so could only cook one piece of battered fish at a time. This fryer is quite nicely made. The mid-sized unit is reasonably compact. There are three temperature settings and two lights – a power light and a readiness indicator. One thing i don’t like so much about my little tefal fryer is that there is only a readiness indicator, so you don’t get a visual reminder that the unit is on. This russell hobbs fryer has a large viewing window, so you can see through the lid when food appears ready without having to keep opening the top and affecting the temperature of the oil.

Excellent product large basket very pleased with item.

Just the right size for 2 people, really. No bigger than a toaster, this neat little machine needs approximately 2. 5litres of oil and you are on your way to lovely crispy chips or croquettes. . I’ve also made a few doughnuts but given the size, it is a long process as no more than two can be done at the same time. One dial for the temperature and a nifty handle to lower the basket in the oil. As a precaution i never use a fryer indoor (too many horror stories), so have a long lead to use it outdoors. Also helps not to have the house smelling like a chippy. Good addition to the household but will try to limit its use so that it stays a treat.

Nice product, works well however not easy to clean.

  • Safety

  • Five Stars

  • Brill and looks nice

Russell Hobbs 24570 Deep Fryer, 2.5 L, 1800 W, Black

Product Description, Friday nights never looked so good. Featuring a new, sleek design, the Russell Hobbs maxi fryer will bring your Friday night feast to life thanks to its spacious 1kg food capacity allowing you to cook up to 4 portions at once. The large observation window and adjustable thermostat allows you to choose the heat setting of your oil, enabling you to cook a wider variety of food and means you can keep an eye on it whilst it’s cooking, for perfect results every time. A carbon odour filter ensures your house stays fryer fragrance free whilst using the maxi fryer.

Box Contains, 1 x Russell Hobbs 24570 2.5L Deep Fryer 1 x frying basket and handle 1 x Carbon odour filter 1 x Instruction booklet

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I was a little disappointed that this fryer was smaller than my last one but it does exactly what is says and is light enough to move around my kitchen. I did find first time use was not great as smell lingered in kitchen for a while but on second and third use the smell has vanished within minutes after use.

I guess most folks have got so used to oven-chips, plus the health-scares over ‘bad’ cholesterol that deep-fat frying is something they only know about from history books. That said, dishes like fried camembert with redcurrant sauce aren’t possible in the oven and oven-cooked breaded fish always comes out dried-out and hard imho. So the russell hobbs 24570 digital deep fryer. Firstly, i can see no way this qualifies as ‘digital’, there’s just the rotary control for temperature. Equally, it’s not got ‘cool touch walls’, they get blooming hot in use, not enough to burn you but think of very hot hot-water bottle sort of temperature. In use, 2l of oil is needed to get any depth for frying. It’s handy the lid can be secured before the basket is lowered, avoiding hot splashes. Also, as the unit it quite petite, i could open the lid while the unit was under the kitchen cabinets so the unit can be pushed right to the back of the work surface for safety. The mains lead is quite short. In use for a week, the carbon filter did a reasonable job of removing strong cooking smells.

The plastic handle snapped after 2 months.

I cook the best chips ever though so it would be.

Good for the money easy to use.

I got this unit as my usual fryer is one of the cool zone types with the exposed element which is great apart from when i need to make donuts or battered fish. This mid sized unit heats quickly and fries nicely at the temperature set. The rise and fall basket is great when frying as it allows the lid to be closed to stop all the spitting of the oil as the food enters it as well as not causing any oil drip to the front where in my other fryer you have to have to hook the basket over the side to lift it,the viewing window is large and easy to see through. The unit also has a metal permanent filter to reduce smells and it seems to do the job. I have yet to try cleaning the unit but it looks as if it would be fairly straight forward.

Although this is a lovely looking deep fat fryer i have to say it’s not the best we have used as a family. Although that sounds a lot it’s really not when split between 4 adults. We ended up having to do 2 servings. Perfect for 4 kid size servings. The digital timing and temperature is good. All in all this is ok for the price. Perfect for a student or couple who are setting up home.

Great for the price does what it says.

  • Safety

  • Five Stars

  • Brill and looks nice

Russell Hobbs 24570 Deep Fryer, 2.5 L, 1800 W, Black

The handle just releases and drops into fryer.

Brilliant best fryer i’ve ever had.

Smaller than i thought but cooks the food nicely.

When i was using this product the spring on the basket broke. It fell into the hot oil burning my hand. I was so shocked by this i have never had this happen to me i can’t use it now due to the basket handle broken and to be quite honest am a little bit frightened by this happening again. I think you should be aware of this it could have been a lot worse i was very lucky.

Quite a messy fryer tbh the oil seems to go everywhere you literally have to wipe it 3-4 times when frying something. Also seem to taste of plastic dunno how 🤷‍♂️.

Easier to clean than any before.

A deep fryer from russell hobbsit comes in a black colour with a large observation window on top so you can see whilst fryinga handle lifting system that allows you to raise the basket with easeremoveable basket and non stick coated oil container for easy cleaningadjustable variable temperature control and built in filter to reduce odoursit can hold 2. 5 litre of oil which is suitable for frying upto 1kg of foodworks great and produces good fried foods.

I liked this product from the start it is so easy to use and the chips that come out taste amazing.

Good size for two to three servings. Not too bulky and easy to keep clean and change the oil. Very easy to use and sturdily made.

Like this product and the basket is perfect size for a family.

Really happy with the fryer.

Works perfectly as described.

Small but cooks well and fast.

Lovely fryer, just what the grandparents needed for feeding the grandchildren. Small enough to store away, big enough for them to cook one sitting for kids.

This product has proved to be excellent for deep frying food. Quick to heat the oil and easy to clean.

Its very very hard (maybe even impossible) to clean.

Really fits into my black/white high gloss kitchen it’s easy to wipe down guide heat up and perfect portion size for a family of 3 and nice that the lid closes whilst you cook so not splattering and reduced smell would highly recommend x.

This fryer is brilliant very easy to use and great value for money would definitely recommend to others.

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