Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer – Excellent

Great all round fryer, easy to clean, decent basket size.

Very easy to clean great product.

Hard to clean basket not large, will go back to my old model. Like the filtering and lack of oil splashing though.

Not a bad bit of kit, cooks enough for 3 big portions, seems to heat up well and cooks the chips well. The heating element lifts out leaving the oil pan behind which also lifts out so you can pour the old oil into a suitable container. The only downside is that with proper potato cut chips there is considerable leakage of steam and oil vapours . So ideally needs to be under an extractor.

Cheap does the job but 1 its a nightmare to clean and 2 there’s a filtered vent on top that is completely useless because when you close the lid while in use the steam seeps through the lids seal rather than through the provided vent.

This is our first fryer and we’re really impressed. It has a nice stylish look to it and the square design slots in nicely to a space underneath our wall mounted cupboards on the counter. I was a bit concerned about how easy this would be to clean but i needn’t worry as the bowl can be easily removed and cleaned when necessary. The controls for this are simply making it easy to use. It has a digital timer (similar to my george foreman grill) and you just enter the amount of minutes you would like and it counts down. On top of that there’s a window so you can see how the frying is progressing. It looks good, works well and is easy to use and clean – what more could you want?.

This is my second russell hobs chip fryer and i must say it is great. The design look’s fab and the actual fryer does exactly what is say’s. The handle was a bit fiddly but i have got used to it now and do not have a problem at all. Cooks absolutely spot on and the timer is an added bonus. I do recommend this product.

I like this product because it is easy clean and maintain.

It’s been a good few years since i used a deep fat fryer, preferring to use an air fryer instead. I had a yearning to go back to cooking ‘proper’ chips and the 24580 presented itself for review. It’s nicely made and has a very generous capacity basket. So generous that it cost me of £6 in oil to fill to the recommended level. For my first use, i cooked fish and chips, all at once. It took around 7 minutes for the unit to heat up to the recommended temperature. Everything turned out perfectly hot and crispy, and it was with pleasure i ate my ‘proper’ chips. The fish batter was done to perfection and the cod stayed moist. The walls of the fryer stay moderately warm to touch when in use, and the whole unit can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

Expecting more food capacity but overall good quality.

Works brilliant, cooks fast ,timer is a great help. Very good size for a family.

Cooks lovely and easy to clean. Just wish basket was a bit bigger.

Good product, does what it says on the tin. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer:

  • Large 3 Litres oil capacity and a 1.2 kg food capacity, means you’ll always have enough room in the fryer to cook up enough tasty treats to feed all of the hungry mouths
  • Complete with a digital timer that you can set each time you are cooking, keeps everything succulent, tasty and cooked to perfection
  • The specially designed basket ensures you can access your food easily, safely and without fuss
  • Designed with a super handy large observation window, you can keep check on your food whilst frying without having to open the lid
  • This Fryer benefits from a variable temperature control function which allows you to cook food at its optimum temperature according to the type of food you are cooking and of course, personal taste

Great quality and does the job.

The basket seems to wobble and sits in the oil in the raised position massive unit diddy basket not that impressed the only plus is the bowl is easy to clean.

I found this product very easy to use and clean. The heat distributes evenly so that my scotch eggs cooked beautifully and they all came out crunchy and in the same colour. Easy to clean because you can remove the oil bowl, and you can also time your frying time. Don’t worry, it will bleep after cooking to alert you. And ohh it has a filter which reduces the smell of oil.

The basket capacity is small compared to the size of the machine.

I have only given it 3 stars because when you open the lid there is a lot of condensation on it and the droplets tend to fall into the fat causing quite a bit of hot splashes meaning you have to stand well back from it. Also the handle is a bit fiddly and my husband has a bit of difficulty in getting the handle lifted rom the bottom of the holder as there is not much room to prise it up. Apart from these 2 comments it’s a good fryer and very quick cooking chips.

Minor quibble on the design – the temperature dial has black-on-black markings, so is quite difficult for older users to see what’s set. Other than that, no complaints.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The best user-friendly deep fryer Waoh

  • Great fryer

  • Small basket

I had the previous model for about 5 years before the basket handle broke. The fryer is very easy to use, the oil bin is removable and it’s easy to strain the oil and wash the bin after. The lid is also removable and i put it in the dishwasher. The whole thing is easy to wipe and keep grease free. The fryer works well and produces lovely, crisp. It holds enough chips for 2/3 people. Once clean, i keep it in a small cupboard. It’s lightweight once it’s empty, so easy to lift and move.

This fryer is simple to use and to clean – a bonus compared to my previous machine – as it comes to bits and most parts of it can then be washed or popped in the dishwasher. It heats up to the required temperature pretty quickly and tends to hold the temperature quite well. The basket that holds the food for frying is really quite small and barely holds enough chips for our 2 hungry (almost) teenage boys meaning that a family meal including chips requires at least 2 batches which is a bit of a pain. If the basket is filled quite full then it is hard to give the chips a shuffle around to make sure that they’re not stuck to one another and cook evenly and the handle of the basket feels worryingly flimsy. The see-through window is quite useful for seeing how the food is faring without opening the top of the fryer. We don’t tend to use the digital timer although it’s quite a nice feature to have available. Overall this is a decent fryer – especially if you only require it for cooking for 2 people. I’ve docked a star for the flimsy handle and the limited capacity as, in our experience, it doesn’t comfortably cook as much food as it claims.

First time i’ve had a digital fryer and i’m not sure if i like it yet or not. The digital thing i mean, not the fryer itself. The fryer does everything i’ve asked it to do and i’ve no complaints with the operation. Good size for us and easy to use and clean. The digital thing though is more like a suggestion for me as i got on colour usually. I judge if the chips are done by the colour of them. Whether the timer says they’re ready or not is neither here nor there, if they look too pale they stay in and if they look like they’re getting too dark they come out.

The only reason that i did not give five stars, was because like others i noted the basket handle joint was a bit on the weak feeling side. It has not given a problem, its just the way it feels. It does fry very well and is easy to clean.

Good value-good for frozen chips & mushrooms.

Great quality, no-fuss deep fryer that’s a cinch to use safely and maintain. Cleans down easily, heats up quick and holds it’s heat consistently. The viewing window on top is a really useful touch- can see how things are going without continually opening the top and the digital timer is handy too.

Heats quickly, good capacity, easy to clean.

This is my 3rd one find it very easy to use ,timer is a great help. Looks smart i keep mine on top of my kitchen units.

When i first opened the lid i thought it looked small but the black finish is just an illusion as its ample for a good quantity of food as per my previous fat fryers. Lovely finish both outside and in. Easy controls and clear with good basket mechanism and lid closure/opening. Heating time is in par with what i would expect. Nice product at a good price.

Wonderful product and service.

A great deep fat fryer easy to use and easy to keep clean bowl comes out to clean.

Good value for moneyeasy to clean and operate.

So our old fryer gave up after about 5 years of use. Have to say that this fryer is so much better than our old one. Cooks the chips so much quicker and so much better. Easy to clean as well as you can take out the oil bowl rather than having to drain it out via a small tube.

Had a problem with delivery but product seems great.

Not really sure if this fryer. The handle seems to have a mind of its own.

Excellent deep fryer, great chips. Heats up quickly and easy to clean.

Absolutely loved it, i’ve had a few different ones and airfryers and none have been as good as this one. Super easy to clean and change the oil. Is very hot i tend to put it on a lower temp because it’s so powerful. I’ve done loads in it even made my own chinese prawn balls which were super nice.

I love my russell hobbs deep fat fryer – the main reason for which i have a phobia for pen pans of hot oil frying on the stove – – this is clean, efficient and above all if you follow the manufacturers recommendations and instructions it is safe.

Great product good heat for deep frying. Dismantled easy for cleaning.

A good deep fat fryer for the price. However need to turn down the recommended temperature as burnt the chips on first use.

It looks great on my counter top. It is easily cleaned, as the bowl comes away and it can be washed in the dishwasher. The fryer has a large window so you can keep an eye on your food and a foldaway handle. I have cooked chips which i washed in water then dried off, fried them in rapeseed oil and they were beautiful, crisp on the outside soft in the middle. I also cooked fish in tempura batter, lovely. I am really pleased with the practicality of this fryer, its performance, and its modern look. The shape makes it easy to store whether it be on your worktop or cupboard. I am keeping mine out as i know that it is going to be well used, so much better than my old fryer.

It is an excellent deep fat fryer easy to set up use clean and to empty to change the oil.

Doesn’t really trap the cooking smell very well.