Russell Hobbs 24610 Plastic Jug Blender – good blender

. Good for shakes // veg // ice cream // erbs.

I bouget this to help me eat not much gòod at that.

Blenders seem all the rage these days with people making up all types of smoothies and knocking up home-made soups so i thought i’d see how this unit from russell hobbs measured up. 1 x 43cm high the blender comes fitted with a 400 watt motor and has jug capacity of 1. The base unit comprises a single rotary control knob which rotates clockwise through ‘off’, speed 1 and speed 2 whilst turning anti-clockwise gives a brief operation for as long as the switch is held in that position. The jug locks to the base with a bayonet action and the cutting blades, which are located at the bottom of the jug, can be removed for cleaning. The lid pulls off for filling and houses a pouring spout at one side and an ingredients flap at the other to allow additional items to be added without removing the lid. In use the blender is not particularly noisy although you wouldn’t get away with using it in your local public library. The blades tackled the various bits and pieces i threw in to test it without problem or complaint. I found the ‘short burst’ position very handy particularly when starting off a heavy mix. It’s a straightforward no-frills machine and if it fits your needs i’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Too noising but ok for the price.

For the money this is a great buy if you’re after a no thrills blender. The blender has a choice of 2 speeds and a pulse setting. The blades rotor can be removed for easy cleaning and some parts are dishwasher safe. The lid has a flap for ease of adding ingredients.

I will recommend it it’s a master piece very good machine.

Really good buy, blends ice easily as well as other solid hard substancesworth the money.

This is a cheap and cheerful little blender that sits fairly unobtrusive on a kitchen top given it not huge. It can be tucked away in a cupboard of course if you’re already packed out with gadgets, or otherwise short on space. My kitchen is small but i found a space for it fine. So it’s basically a cheap plastic effort. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as it does the job pretty well at a fair price. It’s super simple, which is also a bonus. You can unpack it and easily put it together in less than a minute and without reference to the instruction book. This booklet is very clear by the way. Again, you can skim through it in a minute or two, but it’s such a simple unit that i reckon you will only need to note the various safety points and pay attention to them as you use the unit. There are two speeds and a pulse action.

The plastic feels a bit cheap but seems durable. Blends everything i’ve tried well.

If all you want is a good small, easy to use, basic blender at a cheap price this one is hard to beat. Ok – it does not have a dozen different speeds or the ability to smash huge chunks of ice – but how many of us really need all that capability anyway?. This does all the basics at a bargain price.

Easy to assemble , excellent for soups and smoothies.

So easy to use, simple and effective blender as you would expect from russell hobbs. It has two speeds and a smoothie was made in seconds. Easy to clean and sits neatly on the worktop for the constant use it will get from us. Smoothies, soups and general blending – it does it all.

The blender is a very simple to use model with a knob that turns clockwise between fast and slow and anticlockwise for speed pulse. It is a 400watt model so you can’t expect it to be as fast as the higher wattage models but it does the job all the same (just takes a fraction longer to get things really smooth). The blades are small and screw onto the bottom of the jug. The lid has two openings; one for pouring out the contents and the other for adding water or extra ingredients without removing the lid. The jug pours quite well with the large tapered edge and is easy to fit onto the base. You can wash the jug and blades in the dishwasher but they are easy to clean by hand (just be careful with the blades). A useful 2 page instruction sheet is included which informs you not to use liquids above 40’c for safety (almost scalded myself once ignoring this instruction, the lid blew off and contents spewed all over) and has the customer service number should you want to contact them or wish to buy another jug or parts. There are also details of how to register your product online to enter a prize draw. Although the machine looks a bit plastic and cheap, it is very easy to use and blends well. It isn’t too large and sits nicely in the corner of my worktop. All of my appliances are black and white so it fits in well. For the price i don’t think you can grumble and the product is guaranteed for two years. It would make a nice housewarming gift for any young couple. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs 24610 Plastic Jug Blender:

  • The Russell Hobbs jug blender 400 W is a multi-functional blender with two speeds and a pulse setting
  • 1.5 Litre detachable plastic jug and detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • Removable filling cap – makes it easier to add ingredients as you blend
  • Safety features – sturdy non-slip rubber feet
  • Manufacturer 2 years warranty included

It just clicks into place, no turning and twisting to make sure it fits. No leakage from the bottom which i had with a much higher price one. Easy to wash , no unnecessary gadgets, so can store away easily. Easy to pour from after you have made your smoothie or milkshake.

How nice to have a short instruction manual in decent point size telling you what you actually need to know instead of tiny print the warning against using hot liquids because there could be steam formation is sensible. ( some suppliers seem to want to cover all eventualities, no matter how remote the chances of it happening, such as telling you not to operate the appliance while hang-gliding. – ok, that was an exaggeration, but only just. ) the design is equally straightforward. The jug has an open base for easy cleaning, to which you screw the blade unit (with waterproof seal), and the whole unit slots easily into the motor base. Simply add the top which has covered spout at the front for decanting, and a covered slot at the back for adding ingredients and you’re there. Operation is also simple; slower speed for thick liquids, higher speed for thin liquids, and a spring-return pulse system for blending in. The results are as good as you’d get with more expensive blenders, but is rather more user friendly. Time will tell how the components withstand the dishwasher, but you always have the option of washing by hand.

Has worked great so far for me making sauces and jams, a little difficult to clean the thinner bottom of the blender but otherwise great product.

This blender hits all three targets extremely well.I was delighted with this blender having spent considerably more in the past for the same thing. Do follow the instructions and don’t turn on go away and continue running for too long and you will not get the burning smell some folks have reported. When they are initially used you will get a little “burn off” smell as the new appliancesettles into its role. I use mine for a variety of purposes and have been delighted with the easy to clean action. If you want an everyday blender that will cope with most things this is the one for you.

I had one of these for years and have only just replaced it.

Looks======straight out of the box this looks nice. It’s a cheerful looking blender. It’s not a premium blender but it works, and works well. It has a plastic feel but for ice, smoothies etc it’s fine. It’s never going to turn heads. But it’s not a turn heads price. Blenders do come in all shapes and sizes and some look nicer than others. Cleanable==========most blender/juicers have at least five separate bits that need cleaning. This is important as once the initial novelty has worn off, an easy to clean blender will have more chance of continued use,if they have awkward shapes they can be very difficult to wash up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • EXCELLENT BLENDER – FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and you won’t be disappointed!

  • Good little blender

  • Great!!!

I actually looked forward to using this when chopping and liquidising food.

It’s a nice simple mixer – it’s easy to clean and mixes well enough for my needs.

Sometimes simple is efficient and that’s what russell hobbs does best. I own one of their toasters which is made to the size of regular bread slices and that’s the simple mission it has in life. This jug type blender does the same. Take it out of the box and all there is to worry about is a jug with blade assembly, its lid and a base unit. There are two speeds and a pulsing effect, and that’s it. Power is a modest enough 400 watts but again that should be plenty for your soups and smoothies. 5 litre capacity, so about a medium bottle of soda in volume. Plenty for two or three people. As long as you don’t do silly things like pour boiling liquids into it then the jug should be durable enough.

Bought this as needed something that would ‘grind’ porridge oats to flour as my stick blender just wasn’t strong enough – works a treat.

Great value for money product and powerful too. Use it for soups al the time.

It is not that strong than i expected.

I like it’s good blending capability.

For the price it is a bargain but noisyalready done our ice cream milkshakes :).

This russell hobbs 24610 400w blender dispenses with gimmickry and focuses on basic functionality making it ideal for those that want simplicity. In the box you get the base unit, a 1. 5l blender jug with lid and instructions. Despite the mainly plastic construction and modest price this unit looks and feels like a good quality item and its black and white colour scheme will help it blend into most kitchensthe base unit features a 400w motor with a rotary control which offers three options pulse, plus high/low speeds and occupies a modest footprint on its non-marking feet. The jug unit fits snugly on top of the motor unit and the lid features an unusual but effective dual flap system – one flap is for adding ingredients whilst the other is for pouring. The jug is dishwasher friendly and the blade unit can be removed for cleaning. I’ve tried making smoothies, soups, milkshakes and purees with this unit and am very impressed by the results. The blender’s stainless steel blades make quick work of vegetables and fruit including carrots and potatoes etc. And you’ll soon be able to judge how long you need to use the machine for to achieve the thickness of product you want. The 400w motor delivers sufficient power for most applications i can think of, plus post use cleaning is easy even without a dishwasher and the plastic seems to be of a durable quality.

Brilliant, just what many of us need. A robust enough, back to basics jug blender that still has some decent up to date design features. What i really like about this jug blender is that you don’t have to spend five minutes locking it in to place on the base, or worry that you are going to accidentally unscrew the jug body from the blade unit as you try to remove it. It simply drops in to position. Other good points:the jug screws in on the blade base, neatly, easily and tightly, it’s not fiddly at all. The blades point downwards and are not supersharp. This is a good thing, a friend put herself in a and e trying to wash a blade unit, that slashed her fingers to the bone. The controls are large and clear. Two speeds clockwise, and anti-clockwise to pulse. The lid is close fitting and simply presses in to place. There is a lid to add ingredients during operation (half a star off here to be honest, it’s a bit too small, the only minus point. Just put the big stuff in before switching on. )a robust handle and jug lip makes pouring easy.

Good and works well but still got bits not blended and the cup is not as but quite solid.

Descriptionthis is a great blender from russell hobbs at a very reasonable price. Features • this well designed blender is made from good quality robust plastic with stainless steel blades. 5l jug has a removeable filling cup which makes it easy to add ingredients as you blend or pulse. • the jug can also be used as a measuring jug (in an emergency) … measurements on the side of the bowl are in ml. • the blending blades are sharp and make fairly quick work of cutting and blending various fruits and vegetables with a liquid of your choice. • not particularly noisy … fairly average in this department. • simple to use, it has two speeds … fast and slower. • the operating switches are positioned exactly where they need to be for easy use.