Russell Hobbs 24691 Horizon Hand Blender – Small, powerful, easy to use, a must for any kitchen

Our previous blender came without a beaker. I value the breaker tremendously – it is very handy for preventing splashes. The stainless steel leg detaches for compact storage which is a great feature. The detachable parts are suitable for washing in a dishwasher. It has enough power to blend well.

I was pleased to sample and test this russell hobbs hand blender over a two week period on a number ofdifferent tasks. The first point to make is that it is so say to assemble and use. The big plus is that it saves you time and effort in that you do not have to get out the larger blender as withthis product you can use it in the pot. I used it in a large casserole pot when making soup. It made short workof the task. It is very easy to clean after use -and the parts are dishwasher safe. The blender arrives accompanied by a beaker in which you can also blend foodstuffs -for example fruit andvegetables. I particularly liked the fact that is people friendly. Light to handle and use -effective and efficient in its operation. Overall its a cracking blender-i have used it a lot and will continue to do so.

This is very easy to remove from box and set up. A large beaker to place what you wish to blend into and the blender goes in. . I found this useful when i wanted to whip some whipping cream up. Its a nightmare job by hand so i thought i would try this and wow, it works a wonder.The handle is a little heavy which made it a bit awkward for me but its worth the perseverance. I have used other blenders which are good but i like the neatness of this one and the beaker is very handy. I will try pureeing some fruit in it next i think, will be useful and handy in the kitchen for lots of things. I would happily recommend this product.

An easy to use hand blender that has a half kw motor and two speeds to deliver the sort of blending that you most need. Press the top button and it starts to blend at half speed, then press the second button and it switches to maximum speed. Supplied with a 700ml blending jug, this powerful blender has flexibility on its side. The stainless steel blade unit is suitable for the dishwasher so this is really easy to keep in peak condition. I am really impressed that this comes with a three year warranty toothis is more powerful than the cheaper blenders and this one is easy to maintain and clean. It is a dream to use and i am very happy with the results – whether it is a smoothie or a sauce.

This is a well made, solidly constructed and highly effective blender for your smaller blending needs. It’s great for cutting up vegetables, especially onions. We have also used it to whizz up fruit and then added juice to make a pretty fine smoothie. The cup is a good size and feels sturdy and is clearly marked for measurements. I would still rather not test it by dropping it on a hard surface thoughthe blade stem can be detached for easier storage which is good as the device is fairly tall once assembled. This also makes it very easy to clean. It arrived well packaged and protected so this should not be a concern. The only slight disappointment is the rather scant instruction leaflet. I would have liked maybe a few blending ideas for inspiration but i guess most people buying this will already know what they want from it. I cannot fault this for the price though and it does its one job very well.

This is a good well made hand blender. It is a good weight not too heavy to hold while blending your food. It is easy to assemble and take apart to wash and the blend speed and power is good. It goes through quite chunky veg easily for blending soups and sauces and it works easily straight into the saucepan or pot. The beaker is handy for blending fruits and smaller items in a more contained way. It is well constructed which you would expect from russell hobbs and is quite compact when broken down so dosen’t take up a lot of storage space. All in all a decent blender for the price.

The hand blender simply clips together and you are good to go. It comes apart easily to wash and can be stored as two separate parts if you need to save space. The 500ml beaker is very handy too. I used it to blend some pre cooked vegetables that i had cooked to make into soup and it took seconds. This is a very efficient blender at an affordable price.

I’m lucky to have a large american stand mixer and it’s wonderful but, for little jobs this is easier and quicker. The russell hobbs hand blender is well made, works well, is easy to clean and is light and easy to use. It comes with a useful clear jug and the blender comes in two pieces which click together. Electric motor and stuff ~ keep away from sinkblades and stuff ~ easy to clean in sinki think these are a must for any kitchen and my old one with a cracked blade guard is now in the wonderful world of small electrical appliances recycling for its motor and stuff. A great little hand blender.

This is a well made a reasonable hand blender. However it lacks a level of refinement that limits its usage and i would suggest it is only for occasional use. Works well within its limitations (see below). Consmetal end means it can damage pans unless you are very careful. Its heavy to use compared to more expensive mixers. No protective top to the supplied beaker so it could get a bit messy.

Got this to replace an old broken hand blender. Out of the box, it feels more substantial – and heavier. It was easy to put together and straightforward to use. Made a smoothie, no problem with fresh and frozen fruit. Did a bit of experimenting, and didn’t take me long to be able to create different textures. Afterwards, washing was simple, no issues with residue. The beaker is useful as well, always good to have something to measure with. This is certainly a good product. It appears robust, the moving parts can go through the dishwasher, and i forsee getting lots of use of of it.

This blender is easy to use and is perfect for blitzing soups. I prefer sticks like this than going through all the hassle of lugging around and cleaning a large blending machine. This one is good value and easy to store.

Wow, this is a really nice piece of kit, we have a hand blender already but this one looks and feels the business. The fact that its stainless steel just oozes quality. Having a baby in the house a hand held blender is essential, he mainly eats the same food as us so everything needs a bit of a blitz, then when it comes to desert he loves fruit which quickly pulses to a smooth finish. The two speed stick is great as some food need to be left with some texture, i. Carrots and veg needs some texture or it would just end up soup. Everything about the build quality with this blender is first rate, the only slight down side is it’s a bit weighty, but not enough of an issue to deduct a star.

This is a good, powerful hand blender that tears through soups and smoothies. It’s super-easy to use and clean and isn’t deafening in operation. I love the fact that i don’t have to keep getting my foodprocessor out of the cupboard for simple jobs – a really handy product and not one that arrives and then sits at the back of the kitched cupboard.

Very easy to use – quiet and quick to blend sauces, smoothies or soups. The blender has two speeds – slower one is good for soft things like berries, the other is better for tougher things like ice – which the blender handles easily. The included beaker for blending holds 700ml – enough for a couple of smoothies – but you could also use this to blend soup in a large pan. The stainless steel end of the blender is detachable, making it easy to clean.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A great little blender.
  • Terrific Hand Blender-Easy to Use-Efficient
  • Close to perfect, well made and a great price