Russell Hobbs 25141 Eclipse Polished Stainless Steel and Midnight Blue Ombre Four Slice Toaster – Industrial strength toaster , looks really stylish

Looks great and works perfectly.

Well, its big , so you do need a larger kitchen i think for this – a smaller galley kitchen is too small for thisbut it looks really stylish and it really quick toasting stuff – so the ‘have a quick check; feature is handy but i don’t think its essential. The toasting is even all over and that’s a really must have. Its a stylish toaster , that does exactly what it says it does.

I pop the toast in, walk through to the lounge to give my son his milk, walk back to the kitchen and hear it pop up on the way. 3 is the perfect setting for golden brown toast.

You would think most toasters are pretty much do the same job – but after trying this i realise i had been missing out – it is packed with loads of great ideas – wide slots for thick bread and crumpets, variable browning, removable crumb trays. The design is really modern and stylish – it has 2 separate slidebars at the bottom for the length of toasting you want and a defrost and keep warm function. You can brown 2 or 4 slices at a time. Thw wide slots are great – ideal for crumpets and it has has a high pop up so you are not struggling about trying to get smaller items out of the toaster. I was also really surpised how quick the toast took and also the even colour from edge to edge – the toast was perfectly browned but still lovely and soft in the centre. I love the fact it has two crumb tray slots to remove crumbs and prevent burning and build up. The only thing that did annoy me was a small white sticker on the front which is really hard to remove – its left most of the backing and glue on the toaster – i am sure it will come off with a gentle nail varnish remover – i didn’t want to scrub or push to hard.

This toaster looks great , its fast toasting but my only problem was that we buy standard well known brand bread and its too big for this toaster, our previous toaster took normal size bread but this one doesn’t seem to fit.

There’s a lot to like about this toaster – it looks excellent, it’s super-quick, delivers a fairly even toast, and the ‘lift and look’ function is a nice touch. However, for its massive size – it infuriatingly doesn’t fit warburtons standard size ‘toastie’ bread. Which is what my family has eaten daily for years now. The slots – while being ‘extra wide’ – only allow for the bread to be loaded upright, and this particular bread sticks out by probably 3 to 4 cms. I can’t understand why a toaster would be designed to only accommodate smaller loaf sizes, particularly a toaster than is so large to begin with. And it’s not like that bread is a rare one. Such an irritating design choice that lets down what should’ve been a 4 or 5 star product for me.

Lovely but it is actually a lighter coloured copper.

Not quite what i expected as the colours look better in the pictures. A normal size slice of bread doesn’t really fit had to flip over half way (hovis) tried it side ways doesn’t fit either.

This is a great and good looking toaster. When you want to do toast for two hungry boys in the morning this does the job. Its easy to clean out as well and looks great in our white gloss kitchen.

Does the job and much quicker than my last one.

A good toaster toasts your bread evenly across the whole area of the bread and this one does just that.

Looks fantastic and very stylish. More importantly it toasts very fast.

Ok, lets start off with the elephant in the room. Yes there are cheaper toasters out there, yes they will toast your bread however what i’ve found with the cheaper ones is that whilst they do toast every day sliced bread, they’re not so good at other things like baps, crumpets or bagels. They tend to burn them and for me i hate that. Morphy richards has always done my toast right with no burnt edges regardless of what i’m cooking. Burger baps are excellent (no burnt edges or sesame seeds), crumpets perfect and of course those days when you just want doorstopper bread to go into soup or just for comfort smeared in butter, this does it perfectly. Yes it still does the shop bought sliced bread nicely but if you’re going to buy something for the kitchen that does one thing or an item that does multiple. Add to this a stylish look, matching kettle and the quality name of morphy richards and all round its a product that will be a hardworking piece of kitchen hardware that will last years.

Ideal , smart and easy to use.

Was worried about fingerprints etc when handing product. Decided to order after reading helpful reviews. Looks great, works great, even browning. Only slight issue is the small sticker i removed from the front of it, it left a sticky area, which i’ve tried to remove with a wet cloth. Probably not tried too hard, still a little visible.

This toaster is a stunner – the ombré effect stainless steel body is a lovely touch, not too in your face, but classy and modern with a twist. Unlike most toasters i’ve tried, this one doesn’t have a dial for the time your toast cooks but rather it has a sliding lever at the bottom of each lever. Aa with most toasters, it has the standard “pop up” button (to finish cooking the toast if you want it to stop before the timer is done) a defrost button and a reheat button. The buttons don’t light up, but still look lovely. The toast cooks fairly nicely, i did notice though that each side of a slice of toast looks different, the outside slice facing me had four symmetrical grill marks while the side facing away from me was toasted all over with no grill marks at all. One slight iffy thing i did note is that my slice of multigrain warburtons barely fit to the slot, i had to force it a bit, so the slots are a bit lacking in length, the height looks to be “new standard” for the smaller slices of bread, not the older standard of “tall loaves”. I don’t know what this trend is with short bread and toasters that can’t accomodate a wider taller slice but this is one of those ones sadly. It toasts four slices at once and i will say although i put my toast in for five mins, it was ready in what felt like two or three, it’s a very fast toaster – might be worth getting if you need toast in a rush or hate standing around waiting for it.

But slots are not very wide for thicker bread.

Toasters are all the same now. Designed by accountants and marketed as premium products. This is like all the rest – cheap mass produced internal mechanism encased in a shiny but very thin casing. The sides can actually be bent very easily simply by pressing one’s finger on them. Control buttons look and feel very cheap. Came with a sticker on the front saying it only operates when plugged in with the socket turned on and that you should remove the sticker. This is actually rather difficult as it leaves a nasty, unsightly residue on the toaster and spoils the looks. Warburtons slices do not fit into the slots without some pushing. Toasting is fairly quick and even.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic.
  • Looks great!
  • almost great

There’s a lot to like about this very stylish four-slice stainless steel and copper toned toaster. Each of the two sets of two-slice slots is independently controlled, so if one family member likes their toast gently golden, where another likes it bordering on charcoal, this can be easily done. The buttons and slot levers are at the front of the toaster, not the sides, and very easy to see on a crowded worktop. Just as well, this is a big toaster, and needing extra space to access the sides might be problematical for some. I liked the easy to read slide controls underneath the levers. It’s difficult to choose the wrong setting with these. The silver buttons alongside the levers are embossed silver on silver which is slightly difficult to read, but they are reasonably clear. The top button is the eject button, should you run out of patience, waiting for your slice, or realise that your toast is possibly a little browner than liked. The middle button toasts bread from frozen, and the bottom button is the reheat button, for those times when you get distracted, and come back to cold toast waiting in the slots. I gave it various tests, including danish bread from frozen, and it is significantly faster than standard toasters.