Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 Panini Press – Amazing Russell Hobbs grill

Purchased as a gift and he loves it. Easy to clean and heats up quickly.

Just what i wanted, i was very pleased with the quickness of my delivery.

Excellent grill, heats very quick, makes lovely and delicious meat sandwiches cheese sandwiches. Looks very nice, very good size, non stick, easy to clean, better than george foreman grill, perfect grill and griddle, very good price worth every penny you spend, highly recommend.

We’re well pleased with the choice.

Have to be awere that this grill cannot be turned down ,can burn , but if watched makes good toasties.

This is a great product, and in in constant use in our house. The press works really well and we use it for lots of things not just toasted sandwiches but for toasting rolls, and other foods. Something we cant live without now.

Makes great paninis, heats up fast less than 1 minute – but the downside is that there is no temperature control hence when the grill gets too hot it does burn some parts of the panini. To avoid this i had to switch off the power when the bread looks crisp enough and just let it sit under the grill to allow the cheese to completely melt without burning the panini and setting off my smoke detector.

Excellent quality, one complaint it had a george forman grill instruction book instead of russell hobbs?. But product does exactly as described.

Good little machine, my only gripe is on other russell hobs i’ve been able to adjust the height of the lid, handy for melting cheese etc. This model does not have this option. Plus the ‘ridged’ plate style makes it a little harder to clean vs flat plate.

Having a love for paninis, i decided to buy this for myself, as opposed to getting them in a cafe etc. Great machine and can be used for toasties as well.

This was bought to replace an old sandwich toaster. It makes the most amazing toasties with an even finish and no squirting out of the fillings due to the lighter, even pressure provided by the self-levelling lid.

I bought this item for my mum as a gift as she loves paninis and she loves it. Great for paninis as well as using as a general grill where you can cook things such as steak, burgers or even veg. A healthier way to eat those foods you shouldn’t but you love.

Bought it for my boyfriend for christmas since he enjoys his cooking. (the title is what he said when asked about it). Great bit of kit the 3-1 feature george foreman grill. Keeps itself tidy with internal drip tray. Big enough to fit 4 chicken breasts.

Great value for money, easy to clean.

We all love it in the house especially my son.

Pretty good in making grilled sandwiches. Even though it’s written 2 can be made at a time. But better make 1 at a time. Because if the height of both the sandwiches is not same (which will be the case). You will find uneven grilling. And this will be true for any sandwich maker. We even tried grilled quesadilla & it was awesome.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Always being used
  • Lovely for toasties!
  • Value for money