Russell Hobbs 4008496937660 RU-24540 3-in-1 Sandwich/Panini and Waffle Maker – Brilliant value and great appliance

So easy to use and so easy to clean. I’m disabled and even i can manage it very easily. A few people said the clip breaks easily but if you don’t over fill and push down slowly, it clips very easily. This really does a great job of sandwiches. The plates are very non stick so food pops out without trouble. Even melted cheese just peels right off. If you want to use something to help get food out, bear in mind the non stick coating shouldn’t be scratched with metal utensils. Cleaning them is a breeze, just a wipe down with damp kitchen roll is all it takes. I wouldn’t advise putting it in a bowl or soaking. It doesn’t need it and it looks like it might rust.

This sandwich maker has three sets of plates. A waffle maker, the grill and the traditional sandwich maker. All the plates come out – then nonstick – so they’re easily washable. All you do is plug the toaster in and wait for the green light to show which means it is reached the correct temperature. It recommends fresh medium sliced bread – and of course you butter on the outside. The sandwich takes approximately 4 to 5 minutes to cook. You can also use pizza base or ciabatta or presumably panini although it doesn’t mention this in the instructions. It suggests also fruit loaf. The grilling plates work just like an ordinary grill with which you use a little cooking all butter. The instructions come with a few recipes which includes a recipe for making waffle batter.

I am partial to a cheese and ham toastie, have been since my teens, and my diet at uni would have been all the poorer without one. This is the first time i have tried a non breville, and this russell hobbs 3 in 1 is pretty good and is ideal for smaller kitchens or groaning gadget cupboard like mine. The controls are it’s on or off, and there is an indicator light when ready. The plates are easy to swap out, and assuming you don’t overfill, (years of scraping welded cheese have taught me not to) are easy enough to clean and are dishwasher safe. The sandwich plates are deep enough for a reasonable amount of filling, the panini or grill plates produce a good result, but some kind of temperature control would have been useful, and the results of the waffle plates were devoured in seconds. Not made them from scratch before, so the batch got better with practice, but even the ugly ones were gone in seconds. Reasonably well made, and should last, and against the breville at least, competitively priced.

If you have separate waffle, panini and toastie makers then you will love this and save a ton of space. If you don’t but enjoy eating them then you will love this too. The beauty of this thing is that it does all three and it does all three very well. Ok, i could grumble just a tad at the plastic but the stainless insert does raise the perceived quality just enough to earn a 5***** review. The plates just snap in and out no problem. The real boon for me is cleaning the plates is literally take them out, put in the dishwasher and relax. The whole toastie maker cleaning properly problem thing is over. Maybe just maybe it’s a little over what i’d prefer but the easy use/clean just about compensates.

This is an easy to use toastie and waffle maker. There are three sets of interchangeable plates that easily clip in and out. The plates are non-stick, which meant that it was easy to lift items out when they were cooked and also easy to clean. If i had to find a fault it would be that the item was quite light and had the feel of a more budget toastie maker because of this.

I truly can’t fault this very versatile sandwich toaster – not only can it toast sandwiches but it can make waffles as well which is a nice extra and something we haven’t tried before but having that option is certainly fun. I’m pleased that this has the clip to clamp the maker down – this makes the sandwiches toast better and keeps them together night and tight. There’s only one heat setting but this is effective and heats up very quickly – it makes perfect sandwiches and with practise, perfect waffles – it takes a few go’s to get the correct time to cook them for etc – but however they came out they were still delicious. Nice to have a waffle maker and sandwich toaster in one – if you were interested in both appliances then this is obviously a space saving option. Recommended, can’t fault it.

So far so good only used the waffle maker my grandchildren loved them.

Having a teenage son means we have to provide unlimited carbs at any hour, the russell hobbs sandwich maker has given my son the chance to make food himself. Making sandwiches is of course very simple, the sandwich maker turns them into toasties without fuss. My son has tried ham & cheese and tuna and they taste pretty good. The problem now will be to stop him making so many. Waffles not tried out as too much fuss reallyconstruction of the machine is the usual rh quality, no issues at all, it feels very robust. Great product which will get a lot of use.

Just got it made two excellent sandwiches and not a single mess. Really happy to get this, it’s a keeper 😊😊.

This is a nice multi-functional device, with interchangeable cooking plates for deep fill toasties, panini, and waffles that are easy to swap over – slide two clips for each plate to release catches holding them in place, then simply slide in the desired plates. The build quality is good, and the design nicely compact. This has only one heat setting and gets up to temperature quickly, with a green readiness indicator light coming on alongside a red power indicator when cooking temperature has been attained. In use, the handle remains cool. I have found that when this is set up with the plates to make waffles the cook isn’t entirely even – with the back outer corners of the batter on the underside of the waffles cooking more slowly than the rest.

 we like to make toasted paninis with this – perhaps the easiest. There are two lights – red for power on, and green for having reached the operating temperature. All you need to do is fill the panini (or other soft roll) with your favourite fillings, put in the oven, close and wait a minute. It’s normal to then open, judge whether cooked sufficiently, then move the panini 90 degrees (so the lines cross) and give a further warming, usually for 30 seconds or so. The three sets of plates are easy to change, and being removable, easy to clean too. It can be stored on its side, so not taking so much room in the kitchen.

I like the multifunctionality of this sandwich maker/panini maker/waffle maker, but the lack of a temperature control is really quite problematic. I have an old breville sandwich maker which has been going strong for well over ten years, and in comparison, this one is too low-heat. I realised the low, stable heat is really for the waffle function, but when you want a fast toastie, or you want to heat up something pre-cooked (i. Fishfingers, kebabs, burgers), it really is insufficient for the job. You might say, well it’s not supposed to do that, but i’ve found that when i’ve put meat in a panini roll, it didn’t heat up all the way through even after 10 minutes, and to me, that’s bordering on dangerous, and i ended up opening up the sandwich to properly reheat the meat in a frying pan. That said, i do really like being able to make panini-shaped paninis, and the low temp does have its upsides in that i haven’t had a sandwich burn even when it’s a bit overdone. The waffle function is fun, i followed the recipe and instructions – it takes a little bit of trial and error to get the exact amount right, but they taste good and puff up. Another major criticism i have is that the makers are aware of the puff, but the hinge isn’t sprung – a sprung hingle, so that the upper part would rise evenly as the waffle batter rose. This is also a flaw in the panini function, as a well-filled panini then spills out onto the tray, and this would be easily solved by having a spring on the hinge.

Easy to store, clean and use, the russell hobbs 3 in 1 is a delight to use. Comes well packaged with device and instructions. Instructions are easy to follow and come with basic recipes to get you started. Attach the plates you want to use (and clip in and out with ease), plug it in (there isn’t an on and off button), and wait for the green light to come on (this will tell you when it’s hot enough). When it’s ready pop in your ingredients, and wait. It comes with 3 different plates which will allow you to make a toasty sandwich, waffles or a panini. As the plates can be removed you can clean it with ease. And this is what i love about this product.

Contrary to the description, the plates are not dishwasher safe. The backs are bare aluminium, which are oxidised by the dishwasher into a fine grey powder. The russell hobbs instructions don’t say the plates are dishwasher safe – they say to wash gently by hand. The toaster is quite slow – it takes more than 5 minutes to cook waffles (excluding the warming-up time). Otherwise this is a decent toaster, and the removable plates make cleaning it so much easier.

Toasted sandwich makers are pretty simple beasts so they are very similar. This one is unusual because it doubles up as a panini toaster and waffle maker (i. It simply has three different plates). The by-product of that is that, because the plates are removable, this makes it very easy to clean – far easier than the average toasted sandwich maker. It stores upright (great for small kitchens) and has a cord tidy (i. A piece of plastic that you wrap the cable around). Disadvantages:• it is slightly top-heavy when upright so you have to be careful – catch it and it can tip over. It is the only problem with ittips:• don’t overfill the sandwiches because, if you do, the filling may ooze out and spread beyond the removable plates, which then makes cleaning harder. The solution is simple: just place the fillings in the centre of the bread and don’t add too much. I have to be careful of this when using standard sized bread with the sandwich plates. It is not a problem with the panini plates as the plates are significantly larger than the paninis – there is space for oozing. • ensure the removable plates are dry before inserting them back in the sandwich maker – especially the underside.

Only drops a star for the poor quality of the instructions. The description of the product says you can make paninis but there are not any instructions to that end in the tiny manual. I have not tried the waffle function but the grill and the toasted sandwich maker are good. It heats up very quickly and bread doesn’t stick. The plates come in and out and wash quite easily. However the sprung lugs that hold the plates in place are very prone to catching crumbs or worse that oozes out during cooking.

We had a cheap sandwich maker for years and this was, eventually, given away. We got this one mainly to make waffles. Making waffles turns out not to be as simple as it seems when you watch on youtube, but we got the hang of it eventually. This is a perfectly competent domestic appliance and i recommend it if you want to do anything beyond making a toastie.

Does the job its meant to do. So far no issues, which is very excellent.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Quality product.
  • 3 in 1 hot snack space saver
  • Nice combination sandwich press/panini/waffle maker