Russell Hobbs Allure Hand Mixer 18275 : Good mixer

This product from russell hobbs, it is great hand mixer, easy to use and nice looking, powerful. It’s just perfect for making cakes.

Bought it as a present for my son. He said its fantastic he said its more than he expected. No problems at all, and quick deliver too.

Very good, simple and effective looking mixer with a few different speeds making it easy to mix cakes or bread dough.

Easy to hold and six speeds. Gets a lot of use as i bake for a cafe. There is a problem though and that is that the cable is far too short. It barely reaches from the plug socket to the mixing bowl on the table. I did try another brand as well but sent it back to shop for the same reason. Mixer is nice and speedy for cakes and biscuits.

Wonderful mixer at a great price. The digital function is useful. The quality of the mixer is great – whips up a flawless merengue in 5 minutesgreat buy.

I’ve used this several times since purchase, although always with the whisks and not the hooks. The slow speeds are great for cakes and it feels sturdy and well built. I would buy this product as a gift. Delivery was great – arrived promptly. A good, reasonably priced hand, mixer.

This looks smart and the choice of speeds is very useful (on first speed possible to start mixing using machine without everything spraying the kitchen)i would choose this again – the only caveat is that unless care is taken it is possible to change speeds inadvertently by hand pressure alone.

After my little phillips hand mixer finally conked out after 15 years of use i looked for another, only to find they don’t sell them any more. I then tried two others, one branded and one cheap, and they both failed within a year. I bake regularly so was getting desperate, when i saw this one. It’s great; has 6 speeds, copes with stiff dough and more importantly has a slow enough first speed so that you don’t cover yourself and everything else with cake mix.The lemon cakes i made today are the lightest i’ve ever made and i can’t praise this mixer highly enough. Can’t comment on the dough hooks as i don’t make bread.

  • Good solid hand mixer
  • Good mixer
  • A good, reasonably priced, hand mixer

Russell Hobbs Allure Hand Mixer 18275

Product Description, The Russell Hobbs Allure Hand Mixer is easy-to-clean with removable attachments for versatility, including beaters for making cake batter and hooks for mixing dough. The six different speeds are ideal for fast or slow mixing, while a wide base enables the mixer to stand upright, aiding storage. The mixer has simple controls and a digital timer, displayed on a cool blue backlit LCD screen, making it easy and quick to use which is ideal for the cook in a hurry. The Allure Hand Mixer has an eject button for the easy removal of accessories and its beaters and dough hooks are dishwasher-safe.
Sophisticated, simple, straightforward design make the Allure food preparation range from Russell Hobbs an eye catcher in the kitchen–with a British understatement. Designed in-house by Russell Hobbs highly skilled design engineers the Allure food preparation range follows the successful Allure Kettle, Toaster and Coffee Maker range making it the first ever fully coordinated breakfast and food preparation range in the market. For comfortable, easy and precise handling, all products are equipped with intuitively positioned control switches. Black elements and an embossed Russell Hobbs logo add to the stylish contemporary look of the Allure food preparation range.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Allure Hand Mixer
  • 2 x Stainless steel beaters
  • 2 x Stainless steel dough hooks
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Registration card
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    I love this hand mixer, the timer and 6 speed setting is very useful.

    The mixer is great when it works. I have purchased two of these and they have both had the same problem – after some normal cake making use (1st – 2 weeks, and 2nd – 8 weeks) the attachments no longer go round. If they do, they go round very intermittently. Ok, so after the truth, there are good points too:-pros:1. I love the screen which shows speed, it is illuminated so easy to see even in low light2. The boost button is great for short bursts of full speed when needed3. The controls are nicely positioned and easy to to use by thumb4. The unit looks lovely, aesthetically it is very nice5. Comes with several different attachments which is nicecons:1.

    Am very pleased with the item but it is so much heaver than my kenwood use to be. That is the draw back of buying on line, you can’t feel the weight of things.

    Brilliant bit of kit, highly recommend.

    I bought this when my previous hand mixer (a james martin model) died a slow and painful death – it smelled of burning and could only beat at a snail’s pace until it gave up the ghost altogether. No shame though, i’d used it most weeks for several years and have made all manner of scrumptious homebaked goods with it. Anyway, onto the russell hobbs new mixer. It has a solidity about it that gives me confidence that i can beat anything. I’ve beaten egg whites for souffles, butter and sugar for cake mixtures, flour and water and yeast for olive bread sticks, pancake batter, ice cream, various cakes and biscuits. I like the weight of the machine, and i love that it sits properly on its flat bottom in between beating your mixture. It has good speed controls so you can start off really slowly and avoid spraying mixture all over the kitchen. My only gripe might be that the speed controls are right next to the power button, and i’ve occasionally switched off inadvertently mid-mix.

    Works really well and makes such light and fluffy cakes. The whisk prongs are not flat like cheaper ones, so perhaps this makes the difference.

    I love the design and feel of it and the digital time display is very handy when you need it. It’s quieter than lower quality products which is good when my son wants to lend a hand, he hated the noise of the others i’ve had. The only problem i have with it is you can only run it for 5 mins then leave it for 5 mins to cool down not good when you have a recipe that requires 7 mins mixing, but that’s not often.

    Very nice design (the blue lights and the digital display are particularly good looking) and reasonably well built. Unfortunately, after just several uses, one of the whisks started behaving erratically and stopped spinning so it had to go back (got a refund). I was tempted to get a relacement but then i have noticed other reviewers pointing to the same type of fault, so it might be this a design/manufacturer problem with this particular model. It is a shame as it really is a cool kitchen gadget. (though a bit too expensive for decorative purposes only).

    • Good solid hand mixer
    • Good mixer
    • A good, reasonably priced, hand mixer

    Russell Hobbs Allure Hand Mixer 18275

    This mixer was so much better than expected,super value and very well made. It is so nice in these hard times where money is very tight for every one to find good value for money.

    My previous dulite mixer motor burned out after a year. This one has lasted much longer and is much better. There is no whisk but the one from my previous mixer fits. The only annoyance is the location of the speed function is right on the handle so i often change speen when i use it on accident.

    I bought this hand mixer to replace my 10yr old hand mixer that finally gave up that is also a russell hobbs. The machine itself is not a problem. Works like a dream, beautifully designed, powerful motor compared to my old model which was a 250w. The reason i gave it a 4 star was amazons poor choice of delivery. Yodel the day(thur) when they were suppose to deliver my parcel the did courier guy did not even appear at my door he took it straight back to their depot. When i phoned up yodel and ask why they said it was not the couriers route of delivery and would get the parcel out til mon. Phoned amazon about the problem they said they will contact yodel, yodel finally agreed to deliver it on fri. Phone amazon to aske why this is so as they promised to deliver the parcel on fri. Yodel still insist that they will only deliver the parcel on mon. Came mon,still no parcel,i phone amazon again and enquired to whether yodel had misplaced the parcel and why they had not delivered the parcel as they had promised again they had lied. When i did finally did receive my parcel on tue, the courier guy rang the door bell gave me the parcel did not give me anything to sign and bacially noted that parcel was left on the porch on his system another lie. So amazon, if you want to keep your customers happy and continue having happy customers please do not use yodel or hdnl as they are the same company.

    My mum bakes cakes and does it all by hand the traditional way . But as she reachin retirement i wanted to treat her and give her wrists a rest . It has a timer 5 settings and also has a dough attachment .

    I seem to have had the same issue as one or two other reviewers as one of the mixers on my machine stopped working and the motor made a horrible noise. This happened after only a few months – but i did use it at least three times per week. As i had had my previous (kenwood) mixer since the 70s i was disappointed in this one’s short life – i was expecting 4 years at least. I am disappointed as, until then, i was very happy with the product. Before it broke i would have elected five stars but it seems to have a recurring problem with the mixers – a design problem, possibly?.

    Good mixer – seems sturdy and should last.

    Good mixer; does everything it is supposed to do well.

    Features and Spesification

    • Six speed settings plus turbo
    • Dishwasher safe stainless steel beaters
    • Dishwasher safe stainless steel dough hooks
    • Blue backlit LCD screen with timer
    • 350 W