Russell Hobbs Aura Food Processor – Food Processor at its Best

A good food processor that is stylish and has a small footprint on the counter top. Supplied is the processor unit,1. 5 litre jug and bowl with lids, instruction manual with recipes, various stainless steel blades, a slicer, shredder and grater, also has a grinding mill and dough hook. Has 2 speed settings that are continuous motion and a turbo/pulse setting that you operate yourself to get your desired consistency, more for use when you don’t want your food too finely chopped or blended. I can imagine that the attachments would easily wash in a dishwasher, but i personally don’t have one and wash all mine by hand well enough using washing up liquid and warm waterthe only downside, as with the majority of food processors, is that once you open the box and throw it away, you don’t have anywhere to store all the bits, so they do take up extra space in your cupboard or drawers. It is really good for making fruit smoothies and soup, which is what i have used it for so far and it is a really good value processor for the price, which is very reasonable compared to some other food processors which are much more expensive, but not necessarily any better than this one.

There is a manufacturing problem with a batch of this current model. The edge of the motor unit has a switch that is triggered by being depressed by an extending piece of plastic on the underside of the food processor jug. There is a batch where this length of plastic isn’t long enough to depress the switch, and while the motor unit isn’t faulty, the manufacture of the jug makes the motor unit fail to work, although it works fine with the mill and the blender jug. If you order this then before you do anything else on delivery test that the food processor jug works with the motor unit. Russell hobbs are aware of the problem. I’m having difficulty getting russell hobbs supplying me with a working model.

It’s been a long time since i used a food processor. I bought one about 30 years ago, used it about four times and it’s still in the cupboard. The problem was the difficulty of cleaning the thing. There were that many little sticky out bits of plastic where food caught that it, if you take the cleaning into account, it was actually quicker to do the job without the help of a machine. Anyway, when this came up for review, i thought that maybe it’s about time i had another look at these machines and see what’s changed. What you get in the box is the usual heap of plastics. First there’s the motor base which is around 8 inches a side and almost 7 inches tall. Next comes the mixing bowl, which has a capacity of 1. 5 litre capacity blender – or as i used to know them – liquidiser. An added bonus is a coffee grinder attachment. As well as this lot is a spindle that attaches to the base and drives some mixing bowl accessories; another spindle that fits inside the mixing bowl and is used for the blades; a slicer; two graters; a whirly thing with two very sharp blades, and a whirly thing with two plastic blades; and a creamer – which is another plastic disc with a wavy surface. It seems very similar to other food processors, and if you are used to processing food then all of these things will be quite familiar to you. In use i was pleased to discover that it all works perfectly well and i managed to chop, slice, grate, and even make pastry without losing any fingers at all.

This is a great piece of kitchen equipment and unlike old style food processors, takes up far less space on the counter (though you will still need space to store the attachments. This food processor comes with a 1. 5 l bowl, which takes several types of blades for different chopping and mixing needs, a blender jug and a grinding mill. This pretty covers many different aspects chopping and preparing food, from chopping up meat into mince to shredding vegetables to make coleslaw, both of which i have successfully done with this food processor. However, it did take a bit of trial and error to work out what all the different blades did and it is very easy to over process some foods like vegetables. It also has a dough tool, which can be used for pastries, cake and bread mixes. I have used it to make short crust pastry and scones successfully with very little effort, though cleaning the equipment afterwards takes longer and is more fiddly than just the traditional tools of a bowl and hands. I have used the blender to make smoothies as well as blending soups, making soya milk and hummus with ease and the jug is easy to clean – just pop into a dishwasher. I was very pleased with the mill attachment which i ground coffee, chopped nuts and spices with very little effort. The manual was a little bit brief and there are a couple of recipes, but not many.

A really nice bit of kit for the kitchen, with interchangeable blender jug and grinder. To be perfectly honest i don’t tend to use the little plastic attachments but they’re there, and they are potentially very useful, along with grating and slicing attachments. I especially like that the lid for the blender jug is a tight fit with grippy concertina bits – excellent. This is a good all rounder and i recommend it.

Good quality well worth the money.

I see that most reviews here have already covered the performance aspect of this product so allow me to try and address what is actually in this and how the food processor looks. I will also mention some practical considerations that i found positive about this product. I have attached a pic that lists all the parts and components included. Russell hobbs has included the usual, and useful, bits here: the creamer, the mixer, the regular blade. The different slicers are great; there’s a slicer, a coarse grater and a fine grater (tip: just make sure you take breaks when using these and clear them out to avoid blockages that prevent further grating – easier to do this than waste time powering things through the grater)the entire unit is quite sleek looking and, for the price, looks better than expected (pic attached). A lot of plastic-body cases tend to get quite slippery when using them, especially if you happen to get anything greasy on the jug’s exterior. This one does not get that slippery, so that’s a massive plus. Finally, i also like the fact that most units included are dishwasher-safe, so that saves me a lot of time and hassle. Overall, this is a great value food processor that is perfect for your kitchen if you are on a budget and not looking for something too fancy.

It been some years since i bothered to use a food processor, i only use a blender because of a lack of counter space. So a chance to try this russell hobbs was a good opportunity to find out if it would be worth finding space for. This food processor was easy to put together and simple to use. I particularly like the slicer, as i am rubbish at veggie chopping and i eat loads of them. Also planning to change my diet soon to include lots more veg so the chance to use this machine was timely. With this slicing and dicing i can prep the veggies ready for my juicer so much easier than hand chopping, not to mention quicker. The pieces are all stainless steel and can go in the dishwasher even better. ( but not the actual machine of course). I would use the shredder attachment more as we go into summer, and i want to make lots of salads. I really like my current blender (james martin wahl) , so not sure if i will use this one much but definitely rate the food processor.

This is a superb food processor for all the slicing,shredding,grating, chopping and blending jobs. It is a very stylish food processor so it will not look out of place in your kitchen. It sits neatly on the work surface. This machine from russell hobbs is much more than just a food processor. 5 litre bowl for food processing which is large enough for most uses. 5 litre blending jug for making smoothies or soups etc. A great use for this food processor is for mashing up baby food without any lumps. I make loads and just use it as and when i need to. The blender features a processing disk which comes with three interchangeable blades for slicing, shredding and fine grating which are easy to change and clean whilst taking up little space for storage. It also has a dough tool, which takes the hardwork out of breadmaking. There is also a mill grinder with this machine. Great for coffee beans or spices. It is so easy to clean that i use this tool almost everyday.

Very speedy service and a great aid to my kitchen.

There are 3 components to this processor, and if i could review each of them separately, i’d do so as follows:nut/coffee/spice grinder – 5 stars: unbelievably good. The food processor itself – 4 stars: does everything you’d expect it to. Nothing spectacular, but absolutely no grounds for complaint. The liquidizer/blender – 2 stars: it works, kind of, but it’s pretty weak. The blades are very small, and it really struggles to blend raw fruit for a smoothie, for instance. It’s better on things that contain a lot of liquid, such as soups, but overall i don’t really have much confidence in it. Also, there’s no ability to just tilt the lid; and the hole in the middle is very small; so if you want to add anything during liquidizing, you’ll need to stop the processor and remove the lid altogether.

I researched food processors for hours. I wanted a coffee grinder that worked, a small footprint, a dough mixer and blender. This one did not come up at first but i saw it in london so took a chance. It was only £60 – some of the processors are hundreds. The grinder makes perfect ground coffee from the beans in seconds. I have made a heavy loaf with loads of seeds and fruits – it mixes the dough easily. The same dough tool was used for oat flapjacks involving black syrup that made a very thick sticky mix – all good again. Then i made a cake with coco nut and fruit it whipped that it in no time. I beat some eggs using the beater disk – all good again. So this seems pretty good for the money.

The motor broke within a month of buying the product. It was used by one person and not on a daily basis. Shame because otherwise the blender has the right design. The motor is rather a disappointment. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs Aura Food Processor:

  • Two speed settings and pulse
  • Double safety lock on bowl
  • Cord storage
  • Non slip feet for added stability
  • Comes with a manual and 1 year guarantee

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Grinder fantastic; blender poor; food processor ok – just.
  • The grinder makes perfect ground coffee from the beans in seconds
  • The motor is not up to the job