Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23331 – : Delivery price!

Great that it holds large pieces of bread that i make in my breadmaker. Toasts evenly, though i do find it is best to turn the toast half way as i obviously don’t cut the bread straight. I have found no problems with it being too hot as some reviews say.

Great toaster, every size of bread fits in. Would gave got 5 stars but says free delivery but charge £3-86 for first class delivery. And it’s not royal mail who deliver🤔.

Toasts very quickly and easy to lift toast to see how its doing without stopped the cooking cycle. Can get quite thick toast in – including crumpets and fresh hand cut bread. Nice, clean, upmarket looking toaster. Usually had cheap toasters, they only last a year – this one much better . Several £s cheaper than a leading store beginning with a.

This is a replacement for an old one for my mother-in-law. It works just as well, and all the buttons are the same, so it makes life easy for an 85-year-old.

Also first batch of toast in the morning is underdone. . But subsequent ‘toastings’ burn on the same setting unless you turn the thermostat down.

Good toaster -i don’t bother reviewing things often but after a month i thought i would share as it did seem difficult to find the ‘one’ now i don’t go to shops ( actually the 6th ‘one’ or so over a few decades ) – its fast, slim on the outside with good slot length and capacity 17 x 3. No unnecessary buttons and can pull up to view while still toasting. Obviously has evolved over time and not much to dislike. Less room for crumbs to hide in the bottom. Will need to see how long it lasts but the omens are good.

I have now had this toaster for just over a week and i’m not thrilled with it. It give a very uneven toast, one side browns much quicker and unless it is on the lowest setting the second set of toast burns. You have to stand their and watch the thing, a pain in the morningsi wouldn’t recommend nor would i buy it again.

All previous toasters have always been frustratingly poor but this seems to be ok. Takes good sized slices of toast. No superfluous options & buttons.

  • Lovely, very pleased.
  • Great toaster, but you need to learn to love it
  • Probably the best toaster to date

Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23331 – Black

Colour:Black  |  Style Name:Toaster
Product Description, Russell Hobbs 23331 Colours Plus 2-Slice Toaster, Black.

Box Contains, 1 x Russell Hobbs Colours Plus Black 2 Slice Toaster 1 x Information Booklet

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Colours Plus 23331 Black 2 Slice Toaster

It’s time to add a splash of colour to your kitchen with the Russell Hobbs Colours Plus Range. Designed in a range of popular colours from smart black to fiery red, the Colours Plus collection allows you to add a hint of style and personality to your home.

The glossy black casing combined with chrome accents gives this toaster a real modern feel and is an affordable way to update your kitchen on a minimal budget.

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Clever adjustable browning and larger slots

One setting doesn’t suit all, that’s why the Colours Plus Toaster has variable browning control which lets you make your toast just the way you – or your family – like it. It also has wider slots to accommodate thicker slices – ideal for toasting crumpets, tea cakes and even fit larger bread slices.

50 per cent faster toasting* technology

Why wait for your toast when you can enjoy it that bit faster? The Colours Plus Toaster has built-in faster toasting technology that means you won’t be kept waiting for your favourite snack.

50 per cent Faster Toasting* Technology.

Designed with a ‘lift and look’ feature

It can be difficult to check on the progress of your bread when it’s inside a toaster but with Russell Hobbs’ ‘lift and look’’ feature you can see how your bread is browning without cancelling the cycle. Then, when it’s done, the High Lift function lifts the bread out of the slots so you can remove it comfortably and safely without having to touch hot slots.

Extra features

The Colours Plus Toaster also features a Frozen Bread function that allows you to toast bread straight from the freezer – a right time saver if you’re rushing around in the morning. And its handy built-in crumb tray can easily slide in and out and keeps your work surfaces mess free and stops bits getting everywhere.

As well as boasting a range of functions, this toaster’s vibrant lacquered finish looks appealing too. It has a clean, modern design that’ll add style to both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

  • Removable crumb tray
  • Variable browning control
  • Fast Toast Technology
  • Lift and look feature – check your toast without cancelling the cycle.
  • Fits all bread sizes.
  • Frozen bread function
  • Cancel function
  • Red indictor lights

About Russell Hobbs – At the heart of your home

At Russell Hobbs, products offer more than just quality, style and innovation – they help create delicious moments to be savoured. That first cup of coffee in the morning, the warmth of a freshly ironed shirt, the simple joy of sharing a freshly cooked meal with family – these are the things that truly matter. From kettles and toasters to irons and food preparation, all appliances offer stylish ways to make life easier. Designed with real people in mind, for solutions that help make home life even more enjoyable.

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The toaster is a nice shade of cream, toasts the bread well, as wide slots for thicker bread, easy to adjust the darkness of whatever you are toasting. Like the fact that you can check the bread during toasting without affecting the timing of the toasting process. All in all pleased with my purchase.

It seems a dull thing to spend time thinking about, however, it’s a product one tends to use every day and a good toaster is importanti i found other reviews helped me decide. It is efficient and delivers very quickly and the bread is well toasted with good browning options available. I found it works better than a much more expensive brand i had before. It’s has a nice design as well.

Little bit disappointed as i thought this was same size as my last cream toaster, but this one is slightly thinner. As a result, it doesn’t take anything but the thinnest slice of regular bread, and also toasts more at one end of both slices. Also, every time i press the button to end the process quicker which i often do when having bread with a meal, a blue light flashes and makes s noise as if something has broken which is a big disconcerting.

I’m disappointed that the colour of this toaster is a different colour to the red russell hobbs kettle that i purchased from amazon 3 weeks ago. Both are described as red on their website, but one is a dull red and the other a bright red. As they are side by side in the kitchen, they look very odd. Why do rh have more than one shade of red???.

This is a high power toaster. You get your toast super-quick, but it is toasted on the outside and still cooler in the middle. Well it is quick, but you have to accept slightly ‘floppy’ toast, unless you leave it for a while after it pops up, then you have lost the benefit or very fast toast. . The look and see feature is sheer genius – how come all toasters don’t have this?. The frozen button works well. The toaster does not exude crumbs everywhere – again, how come all toasters don’t have this?so, great toaster, but you have to learn to love ‘different’ toast.

Great value, great quick toaster. Settings are sensitive, so sometimes i will stand and wait rather than let toast burn (still getting used to settings)looks neat and goes with the matching kettle i bought too :-).

Fantastic addition to my new kitchen and it takes full slices of bread good price too.

Bought as a replacement for my old russell hobbs toaster. It lasted 6 years and was still working fine but looked a bit grubby living beside a deep fat fryer. Hopefully its new location will keep this one newer for longer.

  • Lovely, very pleased.
  • Great toaster, but you need to learn to love it
  • Probably the best toaster to date

Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster 23331 – Black

Features and Spesification

  • Lift and Look feature – so you can check your toast without cancelling the cycle
  • Fits all bread sizes
  • Frozen bread function, cancel function and variable browning control
  • Removable crumb tray