Russell Hobbs Compact Home Small Electric Kettle : Cant fault

Perfect size for my mum who was struggling with a bigger kettle.

What i like – the neat smart feel, including a metallic rather than plastic base, and strong blue light that shows when the kettle is on; the easy hold handle, on-off lever and one finger button for raising the lid; the lightness which would make it easier for an older person to hold; two minute boil when full; the compact design which means you can tuck it away in a small kitchen corner. What i do not like – the high price; the limited capacity, so not very useful if you need to fill a big pan with boiling water; the hinge which could easily scum up in a hard water area and require cleaning so the lid will still shut.

The brushed metal finish with bright handle, the polished base with blue illumination, and the upright shape with flat lid give this russell hobbs electric kettle a solid yet cute appearance. 8 inches tall including base, and 5 inches diameter. 3 feet long and it can wind into the base. The kettle takes up minimal room but still holds approx. 1½ pints and is therefore ideal for small kitchens, student apartments, hotel rooms, camper van etc. Functionally it is smaller than traditional kettles but its 2200 watts power is quite sufficient with equivalent boil-time. There is a filter in the drip-free spout, the lid pushes down to close and there is a release button on the easy to hold handle. The kettle incorporates a water level window, on/off switch and automatic cut off – what more can be asked for – it fully deserves a 5-star rating.

This is a brushed steel stylish little kettle. It is a lot smaller than a standard sized kettle and is especially useful for a couple or single person, who may not necessarily boil a lot of water or the occasional tea drinker. This is more energy efficient and less wasteful, although i agree with another reviewer that using an average mug these days, it won’t quite fill 4 and is closer to filling 3. The kettle has a removable mesh filter, so you can protect your kettle against limescale flakes going into your drink. This is especially helpful in the midlands, where we have very hard water and kettles get a lot of limescale build up. I do think that the kettle is a little overpriced however, as it is smaller and my bigger kettle cost less than this one.

Bought for my mother as a gift as she struggles to hold a large kettle. She loves it compact design and is easier to manage for her and will save money over time as your not boiling wasted water every time. Great for someone single or a couple.

It is just what we wanted nice and light and suits us fine.

A durable small kettle that looks nice. I like:=>the pop-up lid for easy and fast water refills. =>a clear water level window so i know how much water is in the kettle=>the led illumination when water is boiling (very cool)=>accurate water spout for accurate transfer of water to a cup=>the brushed steel look=>the compact size takes less space on tables.

This russell hobbs small kettle is designed with space saving and energy efficiency in mind. 85l, which makes it perfectly capable of doing four decent sized cups of tea or coffee at a go. The time taken to boil when full is at least as good as other kettles i’ve used. It’s a sturdy silver metal jug construction which fits neatly on the power plate base unit. In use, i’ve noticed no leaks or water pooling in the base. The clear plastic panel on the side of the jug allows you to adjust the fill level with accuracy, depending on how many cups you need. I’d be confident that that appears well built enough to give many years service. If you’re frequently filling a large kettle for boiling water for cooking this may not be for you, but as a supplier of the hot stuff for a cuppa then it’s perfect and small enough that i now have space for another gadget on my counter top. Nice item, although i think at the current price point a little expensive.

  • Cool even when it’s Hot!

  • Brilliant little kettle

  • Easy to use

Russell Hobbs Compact Home Small Electric Kettle, 0.85 Litre Cordless Stainless Steel Jug Kettle, Silver

Product Description, Russell Hobbs Compact Living Premium Silver Kettle – perfect for your first home
The Russell Hobbs Compact Living Premium Silver Kettle is a 30% smaller design vs Russell Hobbs Kettle 21600-10, perfect for apartment living or if you don’t have a lot of room to spare on your work surfaces. It is stylishly designed in premium brushed steel with chrome details and has a handy viewing window that allows you to check water levels as you fill it up.
Illuminating light ring
The kettle also features an illuminating blue ring that lights up when your water is boiling – a modern twist on the classic on/off switch light. The compact jug has a capacity of 0.8 litres which makes approximately four 200ml cups with every fill.
Complete with a range of practical features
The kettle’s push button lid ensures it’s easy to top up and to empty. It has a removable, washable filter that helps to prevent the build-up of lime scale over time, potentially increasing the longevity of your kettle. So that it can be easily stored away when it’s not in use, the 360° base has integrated cord storage to keep things neat and tidy. With its premium stainless steel housing, built-in features and 60% energy saving by boiling 1 cup (235ml) vs the full kettle, the Compact Living Premium Silver Kettle is a stylish and modern addition to your kitchen appliance range.

From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs Compact Home Kettle 24190

Russell Hobbs Compact Home Small Electric Kettle 24190

Russell Hobbs logo

About the brand

Modern life is so busy that we rarely stop to appreciate things. Nobody has any time anymore.

We’re in a social era, but we don’t meet up. Life just goes on at too quick a speed.

As a brand, we’re just trying to remind people to slow down, and appreciate the moment more. Whether it’s a moment to celebrate or not, something big or small, every day or once a year, it’s about going round and getting the kettle on, getting together for a brunch, or even just taking a second to reflect.

Russell Hobbs Compact Home Kettle, 24190

The Compact Home Stainless Steel Brushed Kettle combines contemporary style and premium performance whilst still saving you space in the kitchen.

In a premium brushed and polished stainless steel, this kettle may be small in size but it makes a stunning statement on your kitchen counter.

  • Premium brushed stainless steel kettle with polished accents
  • 30% space saving vs Russell Hobbs Kettle 21600-10
  • 2200 W performance

Product features

30 percent smaller design

save up to 60 percent energy

perfect pour spout

30% Smaller Design

30% smaller design than Russell Hobbs 21600-10 Kettle, so you can enjoy more space on your kitchen worktop without having to compromise on your cuppas.

Designed to be 60% energy saving*

The Compact Home kettle saves your energy costs whilst doing your bit for the environment.

*Boiling 1 cup (235ml) vs full capacity

Perfect Pour Spout

With a perfect pour spout in a specially designed shape, you can avoid any water spilling and splashing onto the worktop or you.

boxed product

Full specification

The Compact Home Stainless Steel Kettle is an ideal size for those of you with less space, your home away from home or if you’re just looking to keep your worktop clutter-free.

  • Compact design, 0.8 Litres
  • Water window
  • Push to open button lid
  • Perfect pour spout
  • Blue Illuminating light ring
  • Removable, washable lime scale filter
  • Concealed heating element
  • 360 degree base with cord storage
  • 2200 Watt

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This russell hobbs compact home small electric kettle is 30% smaller than standard kettles at 0. 8 litres, but is an ideal size if you live in your own or as a couple, or live in a small apartment where space is at a premium. This kettle is sleek to look at and has all the design features you would expect in any standard kettle (pop-up lid, filter, water fill markers), with the brushed metal and polished metal accents, giving it a high quality look and feel (the blue light is nice too). The kettle is easy to keep clean, with the covered element making descaling simple. In terms of overall design i think i prefer the glass version of this kettle, but it does attract an additional £10 premium. , so it depends whether cost or design is your main driver for the purchase, as realiabikity and longevity will be the same, as well as the warranty. In use the kettle is quick and quiet, with a full kettle (0. 8 litres) taking 2 minutes and 23 seconds to boil. The description suggests that a full kettle makes 4 cups, but in reality when tested it was more like 2. 5 standard mugs, though if you used tea cups then you it does deliver the 4 stated.

Absolutely love this smart little kettle. It is near, great quality and quick.

Lovely little kettle makes 3 cups and very handy for older person, very light best thing i have bought for a long time.

I bought my mother one, and i was impressed with the quality and design, so i bought one for me and my wife,.

I can’t fault this kettle from russell hobbs – compact, stylish, pours well, probably enough for 3 cups, doesn’t take ages to boil. I am going to be using this in my summer house at the bottom of the garden. See my photos for size comparison with my main kettle.

The russell hobbs compact home small electric kettle, 0. 85 litre cordless stainless steel jug kettle, silver, is terrific. It holds enough water for three good-sized (300 ml) mugs of tea or five 150 ml cups with a bit over. No, i don’t understand why the figures don’t add up either, but i measured the mug/cup contents three times.Anyway, this is very efficient kettle and the blue light which goes on when it’s heating is rather pretty. It takes up very little room on the work surface and pours like a dream. It is also light to hold and therefore manipulate. I have taken one star off because the outside heats up horribly and i really wouldn’t recommend it being used where there are small children or adults with vision problems. There is a protective bar between the handle and the kettle wall, which makes that perfectly safe – no unexpected knuckle contact with a hot surface. Apart from that, we love this kettle.

I like the look and feel of this kettle. There’s a plastic heat barrier between the handle and the metal body, the lid pops up with just a gentle touch, it’s light and fits the hand well, it boils enough water for myself and the occasional guest quite quickly. I was disappointed that it wasn’t smaller, but i got used to it. And, for a compact kettle, it’s a little expensive.

This kettle has a quality feel, with well matched materials and good finish. It holds 800ml of water, which with ‘normal’ 30ml mugs means it’s good for 3 cups of tea (with milk) not the 4 it suggests. 2kw it boils fast, and if you only occasionally need more water than that, should prove ideal. The cable is short – ish at about 1 metre, but i don’t like having long wires around the kitchen anyway. If your sockets are badly placed that might not be something you can easily disregard. Overall, if you are kitting out a bedsit, granny flat, or small apartment, or just live alone, this would be just the job.

  • Cool even when it’s Hot!

  • Brilliant little kettle

  • Easy to use

Russell Hobbs Compact Home Small Electric Kettle, 0.85 Litre Cordless Stainless Steel Jug Kettle, Silver

It’s a £40 kettle yet offers fairly basic operation compared to other options available in a crowded market these days. Yes, it’s quite nice in stainless steel but it then misses what should be automatic added value features for the money like a soft open lid (it just pops up) and fast boil. The heating time is ok but nothing special: watts wise it’s not high so for sure it’s not fast boil. Russell hobbs has way cheaper models with higher wattage. I guess the argument is it’s limited water capacity means it’ll boil quicker. The main plus point i suppose is its smaller size. It is neat and dinky but that surely can’t explain the cost?. So it’s an oddity for me with perhaps a quite niche buying audience. If you’re a single household in a small studio flat and want to spend more on something small then go for it. I suggest most of us can shop around and either get as good or better for less money. You can even get full on temperature control models these days for similar prices. So, a fair average rating from me.

This is a good quality kettle. It’s well made and easy to fill and use. Great for someone who doesn’t eat to lift a big kettle. . Good for older people and people on their own.

I ordered this as i needed a lightweight kettle. Is a nice size and is light.

I really like the look of this little kettle – the brushed steel looks good with the thick black handle, and the viewing gauge is large, making it easy to see the water level – and it really is compact with only an 800ml capacity. It’s quite cute for a kettle. The small capacity might make it more economical to use in the long run, but i’m not sure quite why it’s so highly priced. It lacks the premium feel that the premium price would suggest.

A lovely looking compact brushed chrome kettle. Neat with a handy lid opening button. If filled to maximum boils enough water for just over three mugs of tea/coffee. It can be filled quite a bit over maximum though without it bubbling out of the kettle so easily boils enough for 4 cups if needed. Love the blue light at the bottom when it is on. Disconnects and connects to the base very easily. We are really impressed with it especially as it is supposed to be very energy efficient.

This kettle is a bit smaller than the average kettle and is designed for the smaller household, couple or single person. Because it holds less water it boils quicker and uses less electricity. The design is modern and the stainless steel finish is stunning – easy to clean with a wipe over from a kitchen wipe. I choose this for my elderly mother who found carrying a full kettle was too heavy for her and also because she rarely makes more than 3 cups of tea at a time – mostly its just her.

being smaller, it encourages you top up fresh & boil just the right amount of water as you require it, rather than re-heating the same old water several times over – which is both inefficient & not recommended, apparently. Looks very neat on it’s stand, with it’s satisfying ‘cool’ blue glow when heating & with it’s compact footprint, takes up a lot less space than something that’s. also boils super quick, thanks that smaller volume. Just don’t grab it by anything other than the handle once it’s done. Uninsulated, single skinned stainless steel.

Lovely kettle with an expensive quality feel to it, saves a surprising amount of space on the work surface over a standard size kettle, lid operates nicely and is a nice sealed fit, easy to judge and fill with just the right amount of water saving a bit of money and as a result boils super fast, even the on/off switch feels quality in operation, very pleased with this kettle.

I ordered this primarily for my partner’s benefit, since i very rarely drink hot drinks anyway. Since it’s a nice small kettle, she took it into work to use in her office, where she’s generally only making coffee for one (though sometimes it’s a large travel mug). It’s more compact than a standard kettle. Obviously, one limitation of this is that you can’t so easily boil a large amount of water in a small kettle (you have to run it twice), but this is more than adequate for her needs. Even her travel mug is about 420ml, so could be filled twice out of this kettle. It has a blue light while in the process of heating the water, but this turns off once it’s reached boiling. (this is better than my mum’s kettle, which has a light all the time, meaning she switches the plug off to avoid wasting energy. )it boils quickly, as you’d expect given that it’s for a small amount of water. Of course, you can boil a small amount of water in a large kettle (saving time, energy, and money) – it only takes longer if you over-fill it. Still, you can’t over-fill this one by much.

If there are more than two of you in the household, then this isn’t the kettle for you – it’s really quite petite and the recommended amount to boil is just 3/4 of a litre. However, if you can cope with that this is a great kettle. It looks terrific with a shiny chrome finish, and boils quickly.

8l, this kettle saves energy simply because it won’t hold as much water so you can’t waste it by heating water that you don’t need, with a stainless steel construction, this kettle looks really good but is aimed at singles rather than families. A press button opens the spring loaded lid allowing you to fill or to examine the inside. The filling gauge shows you how much water is in though. The plastic handle is well insulated from the body and the 360 degree base allows you to lift off the kettle without trailing wires. 2kw this doesn’t use as much energy as more standard 3kw kettles but it is still fast when you are only boiling around a pint of water. The big problem with full size kettles is that it is easy to overfill them and then to boil water needlessly – this size kettle ensures that you cannot do that. With a high quality finish and a good boiling time this is a super kettle that also benefits from an extra years warranty when you register the guarantee. A very good option for the single person that should be considered.

Being only 2 of us in the house, this kettle does the job perfectly. It only takes about 30secs to boil when full.

This compact-sized kettle from russell hobbs is ideal for someone who doesn’t often need large volumes of boiling water and prefers not to lug a full-sized kettle about just to make an occasional brew. Unlike a standard-sized jug kettle which usually takes 6x full-sized cups of water, this kettle won’t. Confusingly, it quotes ‘4x 200ml cups’ but that’s not a full-size cup volume. Normally you’d base a cup size at around 240-250ml, so that’s a bit strange. In that sense you’d only get 3x regular cups out of it with a bit of room to spare, but you might struggle to get the 4th out of it. Strangely, the measurement markers on the side window are 0. 8l, so not the more handy ‘cup’ sizes – perhaps hinting at the fact that really it’s less of a 4x cup kettle and more of a 3-and-a-bit cup kettle. That grumble aside, it’s a nicely designed, smart-looking thing.

Normally i’d have given this 3 stars for the general fault these kettles have – namely the flip up on off switch which is always always prone to malfunction in this style – regardless of kettle brand – why oh why don’t they copy the excellent system braun has with their tough durable switch located at the top??anyway, apart from that nasty fault which limits longevity (intentional?)this is a lovely kettle – its so pretty – it’s made of a nice metal with natural brushed appearance and feel with embossed branding which adds to the quality feelit has a sturdy comfortable handle and is well balanced – it heats water quick as this is a compact kettle – it’s small – so great for bedrooms, single occupant dwellings, or for travel. It’s also cordless – as has a base. Overall it’s delightful to use and behold – but let down by the obvious design fault -.

This is fine for anyone living alone who doesn’t need to use plenty of water; it looks smart, and is fairly light in weight, with a decent length of flex and an adequate boiling time plus standard filter. I’m not sure why it’s quite so tall, however, as a lot of space is wasted, and the spout is too small for efficient pouring – more than a gentle tip of the kettle and water overflows it and runs down the kettle. It needs to be deeper and wider, and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case – i have another small kettle which is much more successful here, so this one will be my standby, as well as an extra kettle for washing up water. Once again, it seems, design counteracts efficient functioning. I want to heat water, not display the kettle for aesthetic enjoyment. Works well, but needs improvement.

Got this for my 96 year old mum who was having difficulty lifting a normal size kettle. Looks lovely and is perfect.

This is a kettle with a smaller than the average footprint for a kettle. It is perhaps designed for those smaller households, maybe a student. As its size would indelicate you will get less hot water per boil, but you should save on energy if you’re making hot drinks for fewer people. The design is sleek minimalist in nature, with a stainless-steel finish. The whole look would not look out of place in pretty much a kitchen or kitchenette. The design and finish lend itself to relatively easy cleaning. All in all, a good kettle that does its job well.

This is a neat little kettle which does what it claims. Note that you only get two cups/mugs out of it so really suitable for small apartments/single persons or those who do not want multiple cups of tea/coffee. The design is neat and it does not take up much space. Price is somewhat on the high side but it performs well.

Features and Spesification

  • The brushed steel casing with polished accents and viewing window will bring a contemporary twist to any kitchen
  • A compact design meets the needs of limited kitchen space. The 0.8 litre capacity makes four 200ml cups at a time
  • The illuminated light ring brings a stylish feature that gives the base a blue glow as the water boils
  • Featuring a push button lid for effortless filling and emptying and a removable, washable filter that helps you to control lime scale build up and potentially extend the lifespan of your kettle
  • 360 degree base and integrated cord store helps you to maintain a neat and tidy look without cluttering your work surface