Russell Hobbs Dorchester Kettle : Great value for ££

Was disappointed that it is not possible to see how much water there is in the kettle without taking the lid off each time.

As described, good quality kettle and very easy to use. Quite quick boiling, lovely colour.

This stylish yet practical kettle adds a splash of colour to your kitchen. It looks neat and stylish with an element of luxury and is also functional as well as energy efficient. Inside this roomy kettle is a concealed element so less chance of limescale buildup.

Just needed a new kettle as the old one was over 7 years old.

I like the 1 cup boil feature.

Cheaper than i usually pay but other than being noisier does the job fine. But had to keep the old electric unit ( the base )as the new one didn’t reach the plug.

Love this kettle it has to be the best i have ever had. Like all russell hobbs item, which i have a few, this is easy to use and excellent quality.

This is my third russell hobbs kettle very good good colour.

  • Inexpensive and gets the job done right quick

  • Red kettle.

  • Less than expected

Russell Hobbs Dorchester Kettle, Red, 1.7 Litre, 3000 Watt

Colour:Red  |  Style Name:Kettle
Product Description, The Russell Hobbs Dorchester kettle features a rapid boil zone which means it can heat up the tap water from tepid to boiling in just 45 seconds – that’s really handy for those times when you could kill for a cuppa. It can make one to three cups in super-fast time. It has a handy ideal pour spout design so the water can be poured evenly into mugs and cups without spilling all over your worktop. An internal water indicator tells you how full you’ve filled it so you don’t boil it dry or over fill its 1.7 Litre capacity. To keep your kettle clean and fresh and free from limescale, it has a removable, washable filter that you can simply flip out, rinse through and pop back in.

Box Contains, 1 x Dorchester Kettle – Red 1 x Base unit 1 x Instruction booklet

From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs Dorchester Kettle

The Dorchester Kettle is both elegant and innovative and will look at home in any stylish modern kitchen.

With a bold, modern, gloss finish and multiple clever features, this kettle will be the envy of your family and friends.

Rapid Boil

For those days when you are in need of a quick cup of tea the rapid boil zone can heat 1-3 cups of water from tepid to boiling in just 45 seconds.

Perfect Pour

The handy ‘perfect pour’ spout design enables you to pour water evenly into mugs with minimal overspill. What’s more, an internal water indicator tells you how full the kettle is so that you don’t boil it dry or over fill its generous 1.7 litre capacity.

Removable Filter

To keep your new Kettle clean, fresh and free from limescale, the Dorchester also comes with a removable, washable filter that you can quickly and easily flip out, rinse through and pop back in.

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Product Features

  • 1.7L capacity
  • 3000w
  • 61cm Power cord
  • Rapid boil zone feature denoting 1/2/3cup volumes
  • Easy pour spout
  • Stainless steel kettle with plastic accents
  • 360° base with integrated cord storage
  • Concealed heating element
  • Removable, washable filter
  • Internal water indicator
  • Product Dimensions HLW 21.7 X 22.5 X 15.5CM
  • Product Weight – 990g
  • Matching 2 Slice Toaster available

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I am pretty happy about my decision to buy this. I actually tested if it brings 250ml (about a cup) of water to a boil in 45s as advertised and it took 46s which was surprisingly close.

Fast service lovely kettle does what it says on box.

Excellent cannot find a fault with it very pleased.

Good kettle just what i expected and it is working well as you would expect from this brand.

The water boils very quickly, it is easy to clean and has a lovely design.

Easy to use, would buy it again.

 i’ve wanted a british kettle for a while since they can boil water faster than american kettles. This kettle is a zippy 3kw compared to 1. 5kw kettles available in the us at the same price point. It works with the 240v outlet with nothing more than a plug adapter. It’s also safe to use in the us because the heating element is fully isolated from the rest of the kettle, an important feature given that us power is -120v to 120v versus 0v to 230v. As others have pointed out, the kettle is more of a reddish color than it appears in the pictures. I didn’t pick up a plasticy taste, but it could be masked by the tea. It does boil room temperature water in around 45 seconds, as advertised. I don’t mind the lack of an external water gauge, as i think it looks better with just the internal one. Markings of 1, 2, 3 cup and 1.

I’ve just got this kettle & it does what it says , but why is the cord so short it is one foot my old kettle is two foot four so some buyers may be limited by such a short cord that’s the reason why i’ve given three stars , & its not easy to use if the cord can’t reach your socket.

  • Inexpensive and gets the job done right quick

  • Red kettle.

  • Less than expected

Russell Hobbs Dorchester Kettle, Red, 1.7 Litre, 3000 Watt

Looks great, works well and arrived on time.

Bloody great, goes great with my kettle.

I am very happy with my red kettle which matches my other red russell hobbs kitchen sciences. I purchased it to replace my other russell hobbs kettle. Not only is it good quality, it is also durable and very easy to use.

Amazing product beautiful and easy and fast to use.

Good kettle and looks great. Only drawback is a very very short wire – you have to keep it very close to the plug point.

I like the shape and colour. The kettle is very basic manual lid, no button,no light on switch and no gauge for filling but i knew that. It boils water and pours without dripping. I bought it together with the toaster for a good price. Chose it for make and colour mainly to brighten up my kitchen. I don’t think the colour will last long as it is coming off around the lid after only a few weeks.

This product wouldnt work after 6 months of use and kept tripping the electric.

Great value for money and looks nice in the kitchen. Miss the water level gauge but did buy knowing this wasn’t a feature.

A very nice looking kettle seems to be well made and some hady things in the kettle to make sure you fill it up for 1/2/3 cups. But how do they know what size cup you have ?. . My only reason for not giveing 5 stars is the fact that this is a rather noisy kettle . You can hear it upstairs in our house from the kitchen . Should be quiter than that this day n age .

I bought this to replace my old kettle, which was also russell hobbs and even the same colour. Unfortunately, this one has a much smaller cord and it accumulates scale much faster than my previous version. Still, it works perfectly and it will do for now.

Fabulously light and a beautiful colour. Works perfectly, excellent value with fast delivery as always.

Was not impressed with the size, the picture looks impressively large.

Bought as ‘like new’ from amazon warehouse at a reduced price, however from the onset the kettle wobbled on the base and didn’t sit flat, this didn’t affect the performance of the kettle itself which despite being extremely loud whilst boiling. . Which incidentally makes the kettle rock severely. . It very quickly boils the water. Fortunately after bringing it to the attention of customer services they refunded me £6. It doesn’t show how much water you’ve got, but it’s pretty obvious by weight i find. All in all for the price i feel it’s a decent kettle.

Despite the noise made by this cattle it does the job well and quick enough.

This kettle is fine as it stands, but. I suppose i should have taken more notice at the time of purchase, but because i’ve never come across this problem before i never thought to look. The kettle itself is fine and boils water fairly quickly. However, to assess the amount of water in the kettle one is required to remove the lid, there is no window to view the contents. Also a minor irritation is the fact that there is no lamp to indicate that the power is switched on. Personally, i would not buy another, and i would expect better from russell hobbs.

Good value for money and looks stylish. The absence of of a fill level indicator on the side can make it tricky to use.

I like this item because being partially sighted it is easy to use and very safe.

Features and Spesification

  • 1.7L red stainless steel kettle with black plastic Accents
  • Matching 2 Slice toaster and other colours available
  • Rapid boil Zone feature denoting 1/2/3 cup volumes
  • 360° base with integrated cord storage
  • The perfect pour spout means you’ll have no splashes or spills with this kettle, but instead you’ll get a smooth and safe delivery