Russell Hobbs Food Processor – : Four Stars

It leaves a little bit of unshredded or unsliced food when processing, but other than that, this is a nice food processor and blender combo for the price. Also note that the blades are very sharp, so handle carefully.

Having never had such an item before, choice was not easy. So many brands, models, and prices. We wanted a processor and blender if offered, for general use, to make life a little easier slicing veges etc. Russell hobbs is well known to us, looked robust, and a blender included. Reviews were good, and not too expensive. We purchased, had to waite a month, as it came from spain, but arrived when estimated. It stands on the worktop in a corner, for easy access. It is easy to use, easy to clean. The results are very pleasing too.

Great product at a very low price. Still can’t believe what a bargain it was.

Bought this food processor after reading the good reviews, it was on offer for £30 and because i already own a russell hobbs iron, which has been performing very well for over a year. As for the food processor, i’ll review its features one by one. The blender: used it for making pureered soups and baby food, it does not blend unless the vegetables are really soft and soggy and pushes the pieces to the sides- i could only make it blend everything in it by shaking it vigorously while it was turned on. The chopper: it does not chop carrots and potatoes in small chunks as i thought it would, but it shreds – which could be good for pureed soups if you want to put it in the blender afterwards. I found the only other use for it is chopping onions because i dont mind them grated and shredded rather than cut. The grater: the round plastic attachment is narrower than the jug with some 1. 5cm between the jug sides and the attachment disk, so it only works if you’re grating a big piece of hard cheese, if you have several cut pieces, they’ll be blown off by centrifugal force to the sides and into the jug and will not be grated, the same happens with the remaining piece of cheese. The slicer: the same problem as with the grater as they’re attached to the same round disk, only about two thirds of what you slice will be sliced while the remainder will be chunks. Apparently, a bad design of this food processor can explain the average quality of its blending/cutting/grating. My verdict is that it can be a reliable gadget that is likely to last however for what it does it is mediocre.

Brought this for my daughter for christmas and she loves it uses it every day, said she has increased the amount of vegatables she now eats which has got to be a good thing. Its not too big, sits on the side without taking up all the space and its easy to clean.

Easy to use, simple instructions. Unpacked and used on day of arrival and was really pleased with results. Added bonus having the blender on top.

Little disapointed with the quality of the plastic bowl, seemed a bit thin so need to be careful. Do not overload the bowl as it can be a bit sluggish in chopping or mixing. Good suction feet on work surface so does not move when on.

Good for the beginner and a solid kitchen utensil for those that don’t want to spend a fortune but would like to be more adventurous in the kitchen.

  • Pleased with our choice.
  • Good product for the price paid.
  • Food processor

Russell Hobbs Food Processor – White

Style Name:Steel Blades
Product Description,
Russell Hobbs 19001 Food Processor, Food processors are designed to take the hard work out of food preparation and the 19001 Food Processor by Russell Hobbs is a valuable addition to any cook’s kitchen. There are many people who prefer to have home cooked food with every ingredient prepared from scratch, but they also do not have the time that food prepping takes. The Food Processor is designed to help with slicing, shredding, rasping, whisking and blending and it looks stylish on your worktop too. The Russell Hobbs 19001 Food Processor is designed to make your life easier and mealtimes more efficient by peeling away the effort and time it takes to whip up lunch, dinner and even snacks.
1.5-Litre Capacity Bowl, With a 1.5-litre capacity bowl you can process plenty of ingredients to create dishes to feed the family. You can slice and grate vegetables, chop and mix sauces and salsas, knead cake, pastry and dough mix and even whip up cream using the different attachments.

1.5-Litre Jug Blender, The 600-watt Promo Food Processor has a capacious 1.5-litre jug blender, allowing you to make large amounts of smoothie and soups for the whole family. The jug also comes equipped with a removable filler cap which allows you to add ingredients whilst blending without making a mess.

Stainless Steel Blades, The stainless steel blades are durable with serrated edges for effortless blending.

2 Speed Settings and Pulse, The Russell Hobbs 19001 Food Processor has two adjustable speeds so that you can alter the speed depending on the ingredients you are blending. It also has a pulse function which can be used when you need short bursts of power at the optimum speed.

Safety and Stability, The 19001 Food Processor is not only functional but it takes safety into deep consideration. With its double safety lock, one on the base to stop the base from separating and the other on the lid to prevent the lid from coming off mid blend, you can rest assured you will be safe at all times. It also has non-slip feet for increased stability.

Cord Storage, For those who suffer from messy cupboards don’t panic as the Promo Food Processor comes equipped with handy cord storage beneath the base, enabling you to wrap the cord neatly underneath the blender.


Chopping blade, This tool is a great all-rounder for chopping, mixing and processing all manner of ingredients from vegetables to cake mix and sauces.

Slicing and shredding disk, With the slicing and shredding disk you can prep all kinds of ingredients such as onions, potatoes, lettuce, carrots and cucumber easily. Making coleslaw or ingredients for soup is made more efficient. Just simply pop a blade into the main disk and away you go, professional results without the hard work.

Dough Tool, The dough tool makes kneading dough more convenient, as it allows you to thoroughly mix the ingredients and does the initial kneading of bread dough in no time. It also works wonders on pastry.

Creaming Disc, The creaming disc takes the effort out of whipping up cream for cakes and desserts.

About Russell Hobbs,

At the heart of your home, At Russell Hobbs, products offer more than just quality, style and innovation – they help create delicious moments to be savoured. That first cup of coffee in the morning, the warmth of a freshly ironed shirt, the simple joy of sharing a freshly cooked meal with family – these are the things that truly matter. From kettles and toasters to irons and food preparation, all appliances offer stylish ways to make life easier. Designed with real people in mind, for solutions that help make home life even more enjoyable.

Box Contains, 1 x Russell Hobbs 19001 Food Processor1 x 1.5 L Jug blender1 x Chopping blade1 x Slicing blade1 x Shredding blade1x Processing disk1 x Dough tool1 x Creaming disk1 x Instruction booklet

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Great product, just as described. Really good help in the house.

5l double safety lock on base 2 speed settings & pulse ?1. 5l plastic jug blender attachment includes slicing disk, shredding disk & dough tool stainless steel blades, cord storage & non-slip feet. Had loads of fun with this, made soups, mixed cake mixture, even mixes dough, it’s so versatile, it chops, shreds , slices and is relatively easy to clean. An absolute must for anyone who loves to bake and cook without all the hard work.

Perfect, well worth the money.

Wanted one for a while, spent hours on the internet reading reviews and looking for the best deal, found a different one on sale from curry’s, went there and they were out of stock and finally got this one from argos and i am made up, i have had it for a week and have been using it every day, will never have to slice an other vegetable ever. . Still have to try the doh tool, and the smoothie thingy which i’m sure will be easy to use. It is really fast and does not move on the worktop while in use which is a good thing security wise. At that price i don’t think you can find any better, really happy to have gone for this one in the end.

Compact and does what it says, neat for storage but i cant get all the attachments back inside as it says for storage.

Excellent performance and value.

So easy to store and to use, does what it says on the tin.

So i’ve wanted a food processor for ages to help make coleslaw and soups. The reviews for this one are pretty varied. However i’m really impressed with mine. Comes with loads of little slicers to either grate or slice (stops the eyes running when chopping onions). The blender is also really good and i made a nice banana milkshake straight away. I would recommend this product for someone who will use it a couple of times a week for food prep, soups etc. I haven’t made pastry using it as i make it by hand.

  • Pleased with our choice.
  • Good product for the price paid.
  • Food processor

Russell Hobbs Food Processor – White

Great asset to your kitchen looks great on kitchen unit, one thing though when using flour unless you put a cloth over the top it does puff out the sides of the lid.

I am very impressed with this product and have used it many times since receiving it. The processor comes with two attachments; the one seen in the image and a long taller one, that is designed specifically for juices and smoothies. The processor is very simple and easy to use, simply click it in and turn on the power. There are 3 different modes, speeds 1 and 2, and a pulse option which must be held into place by the user and released as required. I have found that the processor blades, on all the attachments, to not be very sharp. This means that it can take a lot of time to thoroughly blend dry items, and find liquid is needed (and sometimes manual shaking) to initiate the process. There are about 5 different blade attachments which i have not used. These are all covered in the instruction manual, as well as some example recipes to get you going with the blender. The simple plastic finish means that the blender is very easy to wipe clean, and all blades and attachments will survive a spin in the dishwasher. Very simple and easy to use for occasional use, however, i would consider a more powerful, quicker machine if i were to use this daily.

Item arrived in good time and was as described.

This seems a very good, compact food processor. The tools all seem to work well; using it is very simple, and the instructions are very easy to follow. The sharp main blade has a useful safety cover for storage, and a safety lock prevents the unit from starting unless either the bowl or the jug is in place. The large control knob at the front offers two speeds, and you can turn it anticlockwise for a quick bust. The rubber feet grip well and help to keep the processor stable. Only one slight gripe, the sharp-bladed slicer and grater need to be attached to the plastic disk. They fit onto this quite tightly and are quite difficult to later remove, especially when wet.

Not as good as my 30 year old braun, over engineered, too many moving parts.

My magimix finally started to fall apart after over 26 years of good service, and faced with quite a wide range of processors, i was rather unsure which one to choose. I finally decided to buy this one as it had good reviews and it has a jug as well as the bowl. So far,i am very happy with my choice. It is far lighter in weight than my old one (i guess things have moved on a little in 26 years) and so i feel more like taking it out of the cupboard to use it. It is very easy to assemble and use. So far, i have mixed sponge cakes, and made lots of soups, as well as using the jug for fruit-smoothies. It’s not a large machine, but it is plenty big enough for my family’s needs and i would recommend it to anyone.

Very pleased with this product.

Feels a bit flimsy, but it really does the business.

Very good as described good value.

Fantastic i’m so pleased with my purchase.

Item is big, just what i wanted as i do a lot of cooking. Had it for a couple of weeks and it seems fine.

Love it as i had to make over 50 mince pies over xmas and it did it in no time best thing i ever bought.

This blender is medium in size, but has 1. 5l capacity, multiple speed settings, and additional containers and blades for blending, slicing disks, shredding disks. Containers are easy to wash and the unit is very steady and durable.

This is a solid food processor and blender, which would be an excellent addition to any kitchen that doesn’t already have one. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the pricier models, but the price reflects that and it is very good value for money. It has a normal stainless steel slicing blade and a mixing blade (made from plastic), which look the same. It has a couple of discs, one which grates and one which slices, which work as well as other food processors that i have used. It has a dough tool as well, but i don’t tend to use this as i use my breadmaker instead for these kind of jobs. However, for anyone else, this could prove quite useful. The main bowl curves up and out slightly from the bottom, which means that if you are chopping a relatively small amount of vegetable for example – an onion or a couple of carrots, i found that the pieces fly up and stick to the bowl sides, just out of reach of the blade – which is just smaller than the size of the bottom of the bowl (obviously). I wish the bowl had been made with straight sides as although aesthetically pleasing in the curved design, i think it means that some bits get missed in the chopping. Having said that – overall it chops well and you can either stop and scrape a few bits down half way through, or you accept a slightly uneven chop – depending on what you are cooking. The blender is great, blending smoothly and easily and the jug pours quite well, indeed much better than some blenders i have used in the pastthere are two speeds – slow and fast and also a pulse setting.

Nt up too russell hobs standered,does,nt mix properly,i am disapointed with the quality,more like what u bye at market.

I am loving my new food processor and blender. So far they both work great and make life in the kitchen so much easier.

Who would have thought that i needed one?it was the fish cake recipedoes the job and i am happy.

Product met the description. I wanted an upright food processor to take less space on the work top, rather than a side-by-side model. This is neat, and easy to use. I like the safety feature that it won’t switch on if the bowl/jug/lid aren’t locked on. It does have a problem that small amounts of food don’t chop/mix properly as they get stuck to the sides, but if i’m only doing a small amount probably easier to do by hand anyway. It did take considerably longer to arrive here (cyprus) than expected.

Features and Spesification

  • 500w (at maximum load)
  • 400w rated
  • 1.5l usable capacity bowl
  • Includes stainless steel blades and slicing disk/sgredding disk & creaming disk
  • 2 speed settings and pulse for optimum controllability