Russell Hobbs Kettle 13949-10 – good appliance but noisy

This is the second of these kettles i have. One is for at home, this new one is for work. What makes this kettle so special is the speed at which it boils water and the way that after you’ve filled up the kettle and place it back on it’s round base, you simply slide your hand down and switch the kettle on by pressing the bottom of your hand on the red button – such a good design. The button then lights up to confirm the kettle is boiling. Another nice thing is that you don’t see the element so it prob looks cleaner if you’re looking inside it. The lid can be a little bit awkward to remove but i always just fill it from the spout anyway. In terms of reliablility and build quality i think it’s about the same as any other kettle. The water level indicator tube started leaking on my montanna home kettle a few years ago and i just bunged the tube up with something and it’s fine since then but now the water level always shows empty so i have to guess how much is in the kettle by weight. I’d be interested to see if this new kettle for work ends up having the same problem. Overall, i’d recommend this kettle as it just makes your life that little bit easier.

My previous cheap white kettle had to retire after 2 years of use. It used to take ages to boil water, and it was quite difficult to clean the calcification from the exposed coils. This kettle, in comparison boils water rapidly. Because there are no exposed coils, it’s easy to clean too. It’s beautiful and complements the kitchen very well. The lid looks a little flimsy, but i think it should last the lifetime of the kettle.

Good service and top product ppp p pp ppp p pp pp pp p p ppp p pp p p.

Already owned one of these before and very pleased with performance.

I bought this kettle from another supplier years ago. Eventually, it gave up the ghost and died but wanted another one.

A stylish addition to any kitchen. Good looking, takes up less room on your work top and particularly like the enclosed handle which makes it both safe and easy to lift. The on/off button is situated within the handle so that it can be activated without conscious movement as the kettle is placed on its base. 7 litre kettle is quick to boil and very quiet.

It is a good kettle but very heavy when full. I mostly have used russell hobbs kettles and toasters and been satisfied.

I bought this kettle recently to replace my old stainless steel prestige jug kettle, and although it looks nice, the thing that really bugs me is just how loud it is. Yes it boils quickly, but you can hear it doing it all around the house. This is nosiest kettle i’ve ever owned, and i’ve had quite a few over the years. Also the stainless steel isn’t quite as shiny as some, it isn’t brushed, but it does look a little dull and doesn’t have the really high shine of other stainless steel kettles i’ve owned. The old fashioned manual style removable lid is a bit disappointing when i’ve been used to the ease of a pop up lid, but at least it should be harder to break, which is in fairness what happened to my old kettle and the reason i bought this one, and am writing this review. All in all, a slightly disappointing purchase. I can’t say it’s awful, but the noise really is a negative feature to me, but like most things i’m sure i’ll get used to it.

Have had this model before and find it excellent.

I originally intended to buy the dualit kettle to match my toaster, but thought better of it after reading the reviews. However, i’ve had the montana kettle for a month now and, although the reviews were largely favourable, on the whole i’m not impressed. It’s noisy and the water gauge is inconvenient, both in location and scale. On the plus side it boils quickly and looks shiny.

I could give it another half star, as it operates well and looks good in the kitchen, matches up for me and great for families. One drawback, if you only want to boil for one, you have to fill it more than i expected but would recommend it.

Bought to replace a much-loved 15 year old kenwood kettle – this is the closest to it i could find. Stylish and robust – it has a classy appearance, boils quickly, and, despite the comments from some other reviews, is not particularly noisy. It pours beautifully, and the handle is well designed. I wanted a removable lid ( although it is easy to fill it through the spout), a polished finish, but didn’t want a fill-level indicator as it would spoil the visual styling. This has an indicator, but it is incorporated in the handle and hardly visible – if you want a highly visible and easy-to-read indicator, this kettle will disappoint. As mentioned in a previous review, the black line in the photo is a mirage – it doesn’t exist, thankfully. For me, then, an excellent kettle, and highly recommended.

Quick delivery, looks good, rapid boil. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs Kettle 13949-10:

  • Polished stainless steel body and spout
  • 1.7 litre water gauge for ease of viewing fill level
  • 3 kW rapid boil concealed element
  • Removable, washable filter
  • 360-degree base for right and left- handed users

Because the lid is removable, it’s easy to fill and easy to clean. You can see how much water is in the kettle so you don’t need to fill it to the top for one or two cups. Wholeheartedly recommend this kettle.

Bought this to replace my old same style russell hobbs kettle. A bit on the noisy side, but i was used to that with the other one.

My boyfriends favourite model, good price and speedy delivery.

This is a good rapid boil kettle. For rapid boil its very quiet. The base is circular so it swivels freely making its easy to use for both left and right handers. There are a couple of negatives. The water level indicator inside the handle is not very easy to see so you end up taking the lid off to see how much water if left. When the kettle boils water vapour condensates in the lid, so if you decide you want to refill shortly after boiling, its very easy to splash yourself with near boiling water from the lid. Another small niggle is you can turn it off. To boil you press down the red button inside the handle, this can’t be ‘unpressed’ to turn it off you have to lift the kettle off the base.

This kettle is greati had a funny taste with a previous kettle which was plastic and a lid which broke in a matter of weeks. So it was exchanged for this one. No funny taste and one broken lid.

So good i had to buy 4 of them, no metal taste and has been working non stop since the day i purchased it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice but noisy!
  • Very satisfied with kettle
  • Good kettle

The picture gives the wrong impression of being white, otherwise very pleased.

Good kettle, but plastic lid handle has lost little bits around the edges around edges (still works, just looks bad).

Excellent product but needs regular descaling if you’re in a hard water area. Otherwise, totally reliable. This is our third purchase of the same model over the years. Operationally, near the boil, it’s infuriatingly noisy, so turn up the volume on your tv or radio.

It was a replacement for the old one. We liked it so much and it was very good for so many years, we decided for the same model.

An old favourite that does its job easily.

This kettle is excellent because it’s one of the few these days where the lid actually comes off (not hinged). Living in a very hard water area this is an important feature, because over time the lids will not go down on a hinged one because of scale forming around the edges of the lid.

Purchased this kettle when i had my kitchen fitted many years ago. It has only just given up the ghost, lasting at least three times longer than any previous kettle. Was delighted to still be able to buy the same model through amazon.

Quick delivery, good quality – better looking than some of the cheaper variants. It’s a kettle and foes what you expect it to do whilst looking good.

Have purchased this kettle before.

It’s an old model, but i bought it because it is identical to the one we have had for many years, that has just failed (a plastic moulding in the base which holds the electrical contact had melted). If this one lasts as long, then i’ll be a happy bunny. It swivels 360 on its base, and you can part wind up the power cord in the base (clockwise or anti-clockwise) to a convenient length.

We bought this to replace our previous brushed steel montana which we’ve had for four years without a hitch. This kettle looks beautiful as you take it out of the box and it just gets better. After following the set up instructions, it boils quickly and without much noise. Makes a great cuppa with no aftertaste or taint. With its stainless steel body it looks fabulous on the worktop and is great value for money.

Great buying experience – ordered one evening and it arrived at 9 the next morning, which was fantastic as the previous kettle had stopped working completely. Kettle itself does what it should (boils water) and is quick – only slight niggle is that it is much noisier than the previous one we had, as reported by others. Best buy and it arrived quickly so no complaints.

This is the second one of these kettles i have baught—need i say more?. Perfect function and good looking too.

The delivrry was later than anticipated but most probably down to christmas postage. Was despatched out last thursday & only got it today (wednesday 17th so going only having it in use since this afternoon so far so good. Replacement for our old one. I hird one we’ve had over the years & like it. Handle very good to hold, doesn’t slip easily from your grip as it is a rubber non slip handle. Having oa the handle was important for me to cope with.

Love it, very quick to brew up. Very stylish and a brand to rely on.

I bought this from amazon in 2011. It has proved to be very reliable and economical. Since the element is embedded within the base, you can fill it with a very little water and it boils fast and uses minimal power. Ideal if all you want is one cup of tea. It looks pretty good too, and unlike most other kettles i’ve had, it seems to be less prone to furring up for some reason. I highly recommend the product.

Had to replace an old russell hobbs of the same design due to limescale damage inside – looked at other designs none seemed to have all the values required. Good quality, easy fill (lift off lid),easy to read water level, and rapid boil.

I was set on buying a delongi kettle because of the design more than anything else, but after looking at the reviews, i was put off and decided to buy this one. It is really nice in a super modern open plan house like mine, with the kettle on view (and within earshot) from everywhere in the house. Okay, i’m not just a design freak, the thing has to be practical, good value for money and functional too.So, yes, it does what it is supposed to, boil water, fast and fairly quietly, it’s easy to clean and descale, the black cable (i have black granite tops) hides in the base so you don’t have a load of cable on the worktop, the handle is comfortable and easy to pick up when the kettle is full, i find it light, the lid is easy to get off, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions there is no strange taste in the water, and it’s cheaper than the one i had set out to buy. Having said all that, the only negative thing is that the minimum mark on the gauge is 1 litre, which is no good if you only want water for one cuppa. So, you have to peak inside to check the minimum level. Also, like other metal ones i guess, don’t touch it after boiling, you’ll get burned.

When starts to boil is extremely noisy otherwise is acceptable. Would not purchase again due to noise level. Had same kettle before but this one is a lot more noisy.

We had our last one, the same, for 4 years and it had heavy use. The thermostat finally gave out, but the kettle still works, turning off when it reaches boiling, but not when you lift it off the base. It’s now in the loft as a spare and the new one is just as good. Couldn’t find a better kettle for the price. Great quality and thoroughgly reccomnended.

At the moment i am reserving judgement on this kettle as my previous only lasted just over a year, i have gone for the dearer model this time with the separate lid which should resolve the problem of the previous kettles lid breaking off and boiling water going everywhere. At the moment it is doing what it should and i will update my findings in a years time.

Hi, it’s fine, it’s a kettle and it works, last one lid broke, this one lifts off can’t really break.

Boils water in no time at all. A bit of a strange thing to say about a kettle, but i haven’t looked back.

This was a replacement for my origional montana kettle which had expired after some 8 years use. Unfortunately the 1st delivered kettle had 3 tiny dints on it – not what i would ecxpect from such an expensive kettle. However, amazon delt with this in their usual prompt manner and the replacement arrived within 2 days of filling in the request ie before they had the origional back, which was very helpful.

Fairly satisfied with the kettle. Not the easiest to clean the bottom but i think is an issue with majority of kettles you can buy. Filter wasn’t of good quality. Had to order a replacement which wasn’t as good as the original when it came to size.

Had the kettle for months now. It looks fine, holds plenty of water , boils at a decent rate and pours well. It’s not very easy to see how much water is inside at the bottom end (two or three cups worth) but my real problem with it is that it’s a very noisy kettle and not just for a few seconds before it boils. It cracks on at a rate of decibels for most of the boil.

Exactly what we wanted, bought this item previously and it lasted years.

Like the kettle just disappointed it has a pull off lid.

Third one of the rh montana kettles we have had. We like them very much, easy to use, fast to boil, and no sign of any leakage that we experienced with other kettles we had prior to selecting this model.

Kettle still working after several years of use.

Low cost kettle, looks nice and appears to work well, early days yet . One small criticism the water volume tube located in the handle would be a problem for anyone who has a sight problem.

The best, most stable, and easy to use kettle we’ve ever had, and reasonably priced too.