Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker 1 : Coffee maker

It’s a good looking machine which matches my kettle. The stay hot setting is disappointingly brief. It switches off after only 40 minutes. My last one stayed on for 2 hours.The dial doesn’t show how long coffee has been on, so i have to keep checking so i can put it on again. Also, the water indicator is hard to make out. It does make good coffee though.

This russell hobbs luna is a surprisingly classy looking machine. It’s considerably bigger than any filter coffee maker i’ve owned before, and i’ve owned a lot of them. I mean, even the best machines reach end of life eventually, some surprisingly quickly. 5cm wide and 23cm deep and you need to make sure you have spare room on your work surface. For the record it’s just under 34cm tall, and a whopping 55cm tall with the lid open – does it fit under your kitchen cabinets?when you look at the luna from the front there’s a fair bit of chromed metal – vertical panels on each side that run from top to bottom – the one on the right has a cutaway to show you how much water you’ve poured into the reservoir. Down the bottom below the jug is another strip of chromed metal, this time with russell hobbs stamped into the metal from behind giving raised letters, and a black rh logo to the left. The jug is bigger than average and has a chrome strip on the black plastic handle. Like a lot of filter coffee makers there is a clock with a timer function but this is pretty useless to me – i unplug my coffee filter so often to juggle the various electrical devices in our kitchen that i’d be forever resetting it. I guess there are people out there with well planned kitchens with tons of spare plugs, in which case it would be a useful feature.

This appliance is extremely easy to use. It is a matter of adding the water and coffee and pressing one simple button. The instructions say that a child of 8 years and above could use it and i am sure this is the case. It allows you to add the exact amount of water and coffee that you need which means that you do not have to waste any brewed coffee. So far i have only made up to 3 cups of coffee in one brewing but it will allow you to make up to 14. There is a timer feature which is very useful allowing you to wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee to start your day. The filter is very easy to clean and there is no need for any extra paper filters. There is a coffee strength feature which means you can choose from 1-4 and the coffee strength varies by whatever you choose. The hotplate stays on for 40 minutes but i do not think that the quality of the coffee was particularly good after this amount of time. I personally think it best to brew the coffee freshly but only as much as you need.

I’m not sure why the other reviewer has given this only one star on the basis that the hot plate keeps the coffee warm for forty minutes, as this is clear on the packaging/ product description. Overall, it’s oretty great. It can make up to 14 cups of coffee, no paper filters required and clear instructions on how to use this. It has a timer, so you can make sure it’s there for the dreaded monday morning. It looks chic and works a treat.

This is a really nice looking machine that’s easy to use. You don’t need filter papers for it as it has a reusable filter. I have an old machine that’s similar to this and they are great for parties etc. This was easy to set up and to use. The coffee tastes good and it was kept hot for 40 minutes after it was made. You can then press the button to keep it hot for longer. For me that’s enough or the coffee gets over stewedthe machine also has a timer that can be set the day before. I’m going to use it to make nice coffee that i can put into a flask and take to work.

Does not stay hot long enough.

Lovely coffee maker, so easy to use. Makes a tasty cup of coffee.

It takes more space on the worktop than i had expected, but this is a great looking machine; i have the copper version and it suits my kitchen perfectly. My normal method of making coffee is with the excellent aeropress, but as that’s best for making just one or two cups at a time it can be a slow process to make coffee for a group. That’s where this machine comes into its own for me as it can produce up to 1. I like that it is fairly simple to use, especially after some practice. It is the same with any coffee maker and i find that it is always necessary for some trial and error to find what works best for you and your tastes. Changing which brand of ground coffee you use, and how much you actually put in will alter the drink a great deal. That doesn’t mean it is hard to make fantastic coffee, but you shouldn’t switch this machine on for the first time when you have friends around if you are expecting it to make half a dozen cups of perfect coffee. I’ve noted that the warming plate under the jug only operates for around 40 minutes; according to an article that i read in which magazine it’s the result of a power-saving initiative which will apply to all manufacturers. That’s plenty of time for my own purposes, and coffee can become bitter to taste if it’s kept heated for a long time anyway.

  • Coffee ready when you want it
  • switches off after 40 minutes
  • The stay hot setting is far too shortonly 40 minutes.

Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker 1.8 Litre Programmable Coffee Machine with Timer and Auto Keep Warm, Copper, 24320

Product Description, Cure your coffee cravings every day with the awe-inspiring Luna Copper Coffee Machine. Whether it’s a strong early morning cup needed to kick-start your morning or a well-deserved brew after a long and tiring day, there’s always time to enjoy the magical brewing experience of the Luna Copper Coffee Machine. In statement stainless steel and alluring copper, this enchanting coffee machine is the perfect addition to any worktop. Simply retreat to the kitchen and enjoy the beautifully rare experience of a lunar eclipse on your kitchen worktop and a delicious tasting coffee in peace and quiet.
The showerhead technology on the Luna Copper Coffee Machine ensures the water is fully distributed, enabling full coverage over the coffee grind, to improve the temperature. But most importantly, to create that delicious taste of coffee that you love.
This 14 cup capacity carafe is perfect for you serious coffee cravers out there. Being spectacular in appearance and extraordinary in size, the Luna Copper Coffee Machines’ 1.8L water tank is perfect for catering for large groups. Simply set the machine to pour the amount of cups you need and sit back and relax whilst it makes everyone a delicious coffee.
A soothing blue LCD display illuminated screen is both easy on the eyes and a calming colour. Designed to create a tranquil atmosphere in your kitchen you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in serenity.
If you need more than one cup of coffee to start your morning and often find yourself going back for another then you’ll love the Luna Copper Coffee Machine’s auto keep warm plate. This heated plate keeps your carafe of coffee heated for up to a 40 minutes, meaning you can go back and enjoy another cup of delicious coffee without needing to brew a new pot.
With a washable filter holder, the Luna Copper Coffee Machine ensures you won’t have the expense or hassle of having to replace the filter. Simply rinse it under the tap to clear out the build-up of coffee in your filter after each use and you’re set for many more enjoyable cups of coffee.

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This russell hobbs coffee maker is straightforward and easy to use, it has a programmable timer so is perfect for having your early morning coffee ready and waiting when you get up. 8l filter coffee maker looks very nice with its black and chrome finish and can make up to 14 125ml large cups or 21 small 83ml cups. The led clock is clear and easy to read and required for the timer functions, it does not need to be set if the timer isn’t needed. The hotplate will keep your coffee warm after it has completed brewing for 40 minutes. This timing is not adjustable and set in accordance with the latest eu energy saving regulations. In use its quicker than my previous filter machine and even using full capacity it only takes a few minutes to complete its brewing programme. The coffee when brewed is hot and there is also has a coffee strength adjustment button which i found does give a slightly stronger coffee taste though it does also slow down the brewing cycle. The permanent filter is easily removable for emptying and washing and the machine is straightforward and easy to use. It also has a built in descaling programme.

This is a filter coffee machine that is big enough to support a small office or perhaps a family of heavy caffeine addicts. The machine is well packed with plenty of wrapping to keep its coppery/brass effect body shiny and scuff free in transit. The instructions included are short and clear, so i had no problem getting it loaded up and ready to brew. The jug holds just under two litres and makes around a dozen cups in my office, though how many you get will depend entirely on the size of your cups. The timer setting is a nice feature, meaning it can be filled in advance and the coffee is ready for you later on. The best feature for me is that it has a built in filter, meaning i don’t have to keep buying paper ones. It just needs the coffee grounds to be tipped out and a bit of a rinse, then you’re good to go again. Coffee stays hot for 40 mins after making, after which point it is either stale or (most likely) drank. A really good coffee machine that is getting regular use.

Appears exactly as pictured and looks great on the counter.

It’s been a number of years since i last used a machine like this. I had become accustomed to the pod style of machine and drinking lots of espresso’s. The way that this machine soaks the coffee by spraying in different angles over the coffee seems to get more from your ground beans than any style of machine similar to this. At first i was a little confused as to how i get 8 cups of coffee in the jug. I then realised that the machine will pump out whatever amount of water you put in the top and spray this all over your coffee grounds. Therefore only add the required amount of coffee to the basket otherwise you’ll have a really strong pot of coffee. Once i had got this sorted i can now gauge what i need and it makes a terrific brew. Another plus point for the machine is the integrated timer to have your coffee ready for when you get up. Come on let’s face it there’s no better smell to wake up to that brewing coffee, how does the phrase go?.”wake up and smell the coffee” the basket is easy to wash out overall cleaning of the machine iseffortless which is a huge plus for me.

With a capacity of either 14 mugs or 21 cups this is an easy coffee maker to set up and use. Instead if pouring water from a nozzle into the coffee, it sprays it and does appear to make a difference to the resultant drink. There is a setting to change the strength of the drink but that only appears to make a small difference. It can be set up to activate via a timer, which is very easy to set up (the manual is barely required for any aspect of this machine). It keeps the coffee warm for 40 minutes and then switches off, to prevent that wonderful aroma of burnt coffee wafting through the house. My only issue with it is that the buttons are all silver with their function embossed onto them – no colours, so therefore difficult to make out at a glance. However, that aside i do think this is a very nice machine.

I already had a very decent coffee making pot but i thought i’d try this out for comparison. The advantage i can see with this is that you can make more coffee and it stays hotter for longer. Therefore, i use this when i have guests and it really is simple and effective to use (there’s a timer on it if you need your coffee fix as soon as you wake up or get home but i’m not that addicted). Some have complained about the coffee plate turning itself off after 40 minutes or so but this is not an issue for me as the coffee is always drunk with that timeframe – and it looks like a simple button press to start the reheat process, should you need to. I like the smart look of this machine: there is a digital timer and just a few buttons; russell hobbs have not tried to reinvent the wheel or make this overly complex. This is a great machine that makes good tasting coffee and keeps it tasting great for as long as i need it. Simple to use and importantly, very easy to clean.

Bought in winter and it is used daily. Easy to clean, no problems with timing and coffee stays consistently brewed.

Works well in our house and i think it’s good value for money. We use it once a day (mornings) and it’s big enough for everyone to have coffee with breakfast and then pack some in our travel mugs for work. The machine is very easy to use and we’ve had no issues with cleaning. We set it up in the evenings and it’s lovely to have freshly brewed coffee ready and waiting at a precise time in the morning. This machine is great if you want a no-frills machine that makes good coffee without all the palava of a ‘bells and whistles’ machine with functions that you never use.

  • Coffee ready when you want it
  • switches off after 40 minutes
  • The stay hot setting is far too shortonly 40 minutes.

Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker 1.8 Litre Programmable Coffee Machine with Timer and Auto Keep Warm, Copper, 24320

This is a really attractive machine. I comes well packaged and well wrapped with covering on the chrome so no scratches. For a very long time i have been doing the work on my old coffee maker by turning it on and off so that only a little water hits the coffee each time. So that it makes a slow brew. It tastes so much better that way. This great machine does that for me with its showerhead technology. So that part is great as are the morkings that make sure i do not over fill.

This is a stylish and simple filter coffee-maker, it makes really nice coffee (improved, i think, by the fact that the water is dripped all around the filter, and not just at the centre), and it can be programmed to turn on up to an hour in advance. It’s slightly annoying that the hot-plate turns off after only 45 minutes, as i often keep a pot running all day, but i gather this is required by eu energy-saving laws and, anyway, it’s easy to turn it back on to stay warm.

I would like to see manufacturers make displays easier to read. The tiny cup which says you are making coffee should be larger for us old folk. Do you really need to tell the time whilst making coffee.

An easy to use coffee makerit used normal ground coffee so no need to buy any dedicated capsulesit’s very easy to usekeeps your coffee hot for just under 30 mincoffee tastes as good as from any other machineeasy to cleanvery happy as it looks good and smart toobut big though.

We love the slow brew of a french press, but sometimes you need more coffee that lasts a little longer over the morning and doesn’t require messy resetting and most importantly isn’t instant coffee. This filter coffee maker does all that. 3 heavy scoops of your favourite coffee will make a delicious pot of coffee that is kept warm over a few hours. The shower head (see that red spout under the cover in the video) helps to evenly distribute the water over the grounds and the 14 cups tank produces around 12 in the jug – once it’s gone through the process. No need for filter papers, as it has a built-in filter. Quick and easy and can even be set up to run with improved strength (i’ve only used this version and not the weaker option) and with a timer to make your saturday morning that much easier.

This is a nice looking coffee maker that has a couple of neat features that separate it from some others. The water doesn’t just stream through the centre of the coffee above, it has a diffusing tap thing so that water covers the grounds which i think leads to a better tasting cup. It also helps with the stronger cup setting. For no reason i can discern, this button on the front says 1-4, suggesting that there are varying strengths – when it fact it is simply stronger or not. The filter is plastic, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacement paper filters and is pretty easy to clean (although that pristine white plastic is going to be stained immediately). There’s a also a timer so that, like a teasmade, you can set it to make your pot for the morning. The hot plate will keep it warm for 40 mins or so afterwards. At the end of the day it’s an old-school coffee percolator and that’s never the best tasting cup of coffee but this machine does the job well enough.

This is a very stylish coffee maker, with a relatively small footprint compared to a previous coffee machine that i had, as this has the carafe, and coffee filter stacked, rather than side by side. It is very easy to set up and so simple to use, by simply adding your chosen coffee to the mesh filter and adding water to the water tank. The water on this is also much better than my old machine, as this has a shower spray effect, which ensures that the water is evenly dispersed over all of the coffee, so you get a fuller flavour, where as my previous machine only had the water draining through the centre, so a lot of the coffee was dry and unused. With this, you don’t feel like any of your coffee is going to waste and you are getting the most out of the flavour. The carafe claims to hold up to 18 cups or 12 mugs, but i find this quite inaccurate to be fair. It rather depends on your size of cup or mug. I have quite large mugs to be fair, as many mugs are these days and i’d be hard pressed to get 6 mugs out of it to be honest. I think 18 is a fantasy unless you are using tiny espresso cupsit is quite a quick machine to though, so doesn’t take too long to filter the water through the coffee. I think it took about 10 minutes for a full carafe. The hot plate will then keep it hot for up to 40 minutes, then it will turn off to save energy, but it can be turned back on easily enough if you went back to it a bit later.

This is a very simple, non-pod, coffee machine which makes tasty coffee and keeps it warm when it’s done so, for 45 minutes or so. It arrives practically fully assembled, just the protective wrapping needing removed from the various bits and pieces. Coffee is loaded into the non-disposable filter under the top lid of the machine, with the appropriate level of water poured into the reservoir around it. The water level is marked clearly on a small tube which runs down the front of the maker. Then, using the buttons at the front and the small lcd display (which also functions as a clock and a programmable timer) you tell the machine how strong you’d like your coffee to be and away it goesthe coffee, once prepared, drips into the well made glass jug which sits on a hot plate. As other reviewers have mentioned, this hot plate only stays warm for 45 minutes before switching itself off. Yes, this is quite a short time for a large pot of coffee but the makers don’t hide this specification and for me, making just enough coffee for one person, 45 minutes is more than enough time. Buyer beware though if a long heat time is important to you. As usual with these permanent filter machines, cleaning can be a bit of a chore, the removal of coffee from it not being the most exciting of tasks but in reality a tap into the bin to empty and then a good rinse under the tap suffices with this device. You could also use paper filters over the top of the existing one, and chuck the lot away each time, but that seems wasteful and really isn’t required.

I had recently ordered a filter machine from amazon but due to unfortunate circumstances it never arrived so i was contemplating ordering another when this came up. I really like this machine it is a simple elegant design and surprisingly compact for its size it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on the counter top. It has a timer function so you can programme it to have the coffee ready for when you get up if you want. The clock has a nice stylish blue backlight display. The machine is easy and straight forward to use quick to fill and has a fairly quick brew time for a full pot and keeps it hot for 40 minutes. It comes with a permanent filter which is quick to wash but i have found it easier to use a paper filter as well for a quicker clean up. I have recently decorated my kitchen and this makes a nice stylish addition to the room.

For a busy household, those who like to entertain, or the individual who seeks to become more wholesome – this is an ideal coffee maker with a ‘large capacity’. As with most russell hobbs products the device has a simple elegance, and is very well made despite the combination of plastics and aluminium trims. It is very well moulded and doesn’t feel cheap at all – much like a bosch product. The glass pot isn’t the most heavy set, but that’s ideal when it is filled with boiling hot water. The plastic lid can be seen as little disappointing for the price, though i’d argue it’s lighter and easier to clean than other materials. The device is incredibly simple to use as it basically only has three primary functions; to boil water (and then keep the pot warm on an inductive surface), to set a timer and to set the clock. Water is stored inside a reservoir built-in to the device (that you fill yourself, obviously), which upon pressing the boil button is then pumped up into the ‘sprayer’, drops back down into the filter vessel (where you lay the coffee granules, in all their smelly glory) and is gradually tapped into the pot. The process isn’t loud at all – in fact i quite enjoy listening to it spit and gurgle away.

My husband really loves this coffee making machine (i don’t drink coffee) and according to him there are just so many reasons to like it. First of this luna grey coffee maker from russell hobbs has a large 1. 8 litre water tank capacity (equivalent to about 7 x 250ml mugs). Aesthetically its a good looking machine measuring 34cm in height x 22cm in width and depth with its polished steel, grey metal and black plastic design. The blue lcd screen although rather small shows black numbers which are easy to read. The box contains:russell hobbs 23241 luna grey filter coffee makerglass jugfilter holderinstructionsin use this machine has an easy to set 24 hour programmable timer, this is the feature my husband likes the best. He sets it before he goes to bed and when he gets up in the morning he is greeted with the aroma of good coffee just sitting and waiting to be poured and best of all i didn’t have to make it. The coffee machine has an advanced water head technology and instead of the usual single drip hole there is a whole series of holes that spray jets of hot water into the coffee filter. This really improves the taste of the coffee immensely (or so my husband says). Others features include a removable cleanable permanent filter, a built in descaling program, a coffee strength adjustment button (noticeably stronger when used) and an auto keep warm plate which will keep your coffee warm for up to 40 minutes.

This is a good machine from russell hobbs and makes pretty good filter coffee. It has a pretty large footprint and to earn its place on your kitchen top i think there has to be a fair few morning coffee drinkers in the household. It has a programmable timer and it’s a nice idea to think of freshly brewed coffee waiting for you in the kitchen when you get up. It has a led clock which is easy to set up and which allows you to use the timer function. I think it looks great and has a modern design with red – it is large and could serve a small office situation. I agree with the reviewers who are bemused at people criticising this for cutting out after 40 minute since that is an eu directive and frankly coffee that has been on a hotplate for a length of time is usually barely drinkable. It has an easily removable permanent filter which save using paper filters and comes with the usual russell hobbs guarantee.

I’ve used a slightly older version of this model, and there are a few improvements:-the new showerhead water sprayer (as opposed to a single dripper) prevents waste of coffee if only making a cup or two, rather than a whole pot. -the timer is lit, which makes it easier to check or to set it up for a timed boil-the water level is easier to read and more prominently placed than previous russell hobbs modelsotherwise, it has kept all the good features. 8l capacity jug is well made and doesn’t feel like it would shatter easily. The lid is easy to open, and is wide enough to make it a doddle loading the filter paper and coffee. The timer means coffee can be ready whenever you want, as long as you’ve set it up with coffee and filter. The keep-warm plate is hot and keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature. The 40min auto turn off means no more “did i turn the coffee pot off” moments. The main parts are easy to remove, making cleaning easier (especially if you have a dishwasher). It can be quite slow to make a full pot, but you could say the same about some of its rivals.

This coffee machine would be fine in a larger home or office (or if you need between 1 – 1. 8 litres of coffee all at once). Energy saving legislation says any coffee machine without an insulated jug must turn off after 40 mins and there seems no option to turn it back on (when the water tank is empty). The measure scales on the reservoir and jug start at 8 big/12 small cups which measures as 1 litre which is quite a lot of coffee. The maximum is 14 big / 21 small cups which is 1. So unless you are going to drink at least 1 litre of coffee in 40 minutes this machine is not for you. If you do need that amount of coffee it works great, but it does have to be 5cm from the wall (or the lid won’t stay up while you fill it) and has a 63cm long mains lead.

I bought a bean-to-cup coffee brewer some time ago, and while i liked it, i wasn’t happy that it died after only a few years use. I expect a £600 device to last a lifetime. I replaced the brewer with a different brand, but somehow, the coffee always tastes burnt, even with very light roast beans. I find i prefer the taste of coffee through a basic v60 or aeropress. However, first thing in the morning in the pre-commute rush, a machine with a timer is a god-send. This rh maker is a fairly basic design, based on designs that have been popular in the us since the 1960s. A simple pour over a filter sitting on top of a hot plate and jug – nothing too revolutionary so far. Unlike cheaper makers, the rh spreads the pour of water over the full spread of the filter, soaking all the grounds and extracting more coffee goodness in the process. The maker has a timer function so you set the filter and grounds up before you go to bed, and wake up to a freshly brewed coffee. Cleaning is easy – just throw out the filter with the grounds (or reuse the grounds as compost), rinse the jug and perform the occasional decalc if you live in a hard water area.

This actually does make a lovely cup of coffee, i had to go out and buy the coffee but it really does take lovely, this is a rather large machine, a lot larger than it looks but it’s really smart, black and silver with red. The instructions are simple and it’s easy to use. It is supposed to keep coffee warm up to 40 mins but after 30 mine was really cold hence the 3 stars. On the whole though as a coffee make it’s brilliant as long as you don’t want to try to keep it hot for any length of time. It does have blue light up dials on it to tell you where to fill up for anything from 8, 10 and 12 cups of coffee. If you were in an office this would be ideal. As it’s only mu husband and i who drink coffee and the occasional visitor it really didn’t stay hot for long. That’s the only drawback i found otherwise a great coffee maker.

This is a very nice looking and well-made product, with some good ideas built in. It has a metal and plastic construction and the brushed metal finish looks very stylish. You simply put a filter bag in, fill it with coffee and put water in the other chamber. There is a water measure on the front of the machine, so there is no danger of overfilling it. The very clever part of this coffee maker is that it uses a unique water dispenser which instead of one hole dripping water into the centre of the coffee grain cone, it has multiple outlets for the water and so spreads the hot water all over the coffee grinds. This makes for a better taste. There is also a timer which can be set 24 hours in advance. Everything is very easy to use and it is almost foolproof. The only real issue is the coffee warmer plate switches itself off after 45 minutes, which is not long enough. If you are making a big pot of coffee, you may want it to keep warm for a lot longer. Its so sad that this stupid design kind of ruins the functionality of what would otherwise be a very good product. I think i would return it, if i had bought the item. The item comes with a 3 year guarantee.

I got this russell hobbs filter coffee machine for my workshop at work and straight away i noticed that it was well packaged and had protective film over the chrome finish to protect it from being scratched before use. The body of the machine itself looks very classy and well put together and doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. The initial set up was very simple, with just 2 buttons to set the time. The timer does a cracking job, is easy to program and has a pot of coffee brewing and ready to go when i come in in the morning. The glass jug is a nice looking as it can be, but i wouldn’t like to hit it to hard on anything as it looks quite fragile. I am always very careful when cleaning it out. The hotplate keeps it perfectly hot and the 40 minutes is more than adequate to go back for another cup of coffee. Some people have complained that it turns itself off, but simply press one button and it wakes back up and keeps the coffee hot. It isn’t difficult or a reason to mark this down as most coffee would be drunk in the time it is originally set for anyway. The mesh filter is easy enough to clean, with a tap into the bin and a quick run under the tap and it is good to go.

Features and Spesification

  • Polished stainless steel filter coffee maker with stunning copper accents
  • Advanced showerhead technology – ensures the water is fully distributed, enabling full coverage over the coffee grind
  • 14 Cup glass carafe capacity
  • 1.8L water tank capacity with water window
  • 24 hour programmable timer, 40 minute auto keep warm plate and permanent, washable filter