Russell Hobbs Luna Long Slot Toaster – Fast toasting technology

The toaster was well packaged and delivered ahead of schedule. It looks very smart and toasts quickly and perfectly.

If you are looking for a good looking, fairly simple toaster then this will be right up your street. In use we have got good, even toasting at all settings (i’m a light brown, my wife close to charcoal). It is not the most robust toaster but we think it is ok for the cost. Perhaps a bit of style over function if you are being picky.

Perfect for those that like toast , but not crispy toast.

It toasts fine but build is a bit tinny.

I am just using morrison’s standard toasting loaf and inserted upright as shown in the product pictures the top of the bread hardly gets toasted. It does a better job if you put the bread in on its side but still leaves the area which was at the top of the slot under toasted. The toaster looks really good but to be honest my old one does a better job. The toast lower lever also can not be raised during the heating cycle to check progress which is a feature that some more modern toasters have now.

Toaster certainly looks the part being stainless steel with copper coloured sides. The sales pitch with this is it is much faster than a normal toaster and rather than having the standard two slots, it has one long slot. The toaster has the standard controls of defrost, reheat and stop. The box mentions it has a lift and look feature to see how your toast is doing but i’ve had this for donkeys years on my toasters so not sure why they are trying to sell that feature. Timing-wise, this is indeed a fast toaster, beating mine hands down. I also noticed that the browning seemed much more even in this toaster which is a nice feature. It also comes with a 3 year guarantee, a rarity for a product like this. Practically speaking, the long slot is a good idea for those slightly longer breads but, personally, i do use a bagel feature quite regularly and this doesn’t have it. If you want a toaster that looks swish, not bothered with a one-siding ability and only ever need a maximum of two slices at a time then this fits the bill. Currently just under £40 it represents good value.

With its stylish brushed steel sides and copper-coloured ends, this 2-slice/long slice toaster fits well into a modern kitchen – as does the similarly-styled kettle. Be aware, though that the metal construction means the sides of the toaster get hot in use. The brownness of your toast is controlled by an easy to use slider – with 6 settings – at the base of the toaster and there are buttons for frozen bread, reheat and manual pop-up functions. You can also lift up your toast, to check if it’s done, without cancelling the cooking cycle – which is clever. It’s more expensive than a plastic toaster, but it looks a lot better on the kitchen worktop and comes from a well-known manufacturer, so the price difference is largely justified in my opinion. My only, slight, reservation is that it’s quite big and some 4-slice models aren’t much larger.

Toaster works well if a little fierce. The surface is toasted but the inside of the bread is a somewhat soft.

It looks sleek and seems to toast the bread much faster than my old one. It has all the features that you would expect e. Toasting from frozen, but the one i really love is that you can take a peek at how well the toast is doing without disrupting the cycle. May not sound like much but to me that it is fabulous and has transformed my breakfast time (sad i know) so i would really recommend it as a great mid range toaster.

It is difficult to see the setting of the toaster; the lever is low down. There is nowhere to rest the plate above the heating toast so as to warm the plate. Rather narrow gaps to allow you to toast teacakes, or rolls etc.

Ace product, matches new r/h kettle to match my new jnk kitchen.

Perfect for these long slices.

It actually toasts the bread evenly. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs Luna Long Slot Toaster:

  • Stainless steel body with copper accents and integrated cord storage
  • Fast Toasting Technology – Up to 55% faster toasting Vs Russell Hobbs toaster no. 23251-56
  • ‘Lift and look’ feature – check your toast without cancelling the cycle
  • 2 slice long slot for longer and bigger toasting treats with removable crumb tray
  • Cancel, Reheat & Defrost functions

Nice product colour matches my kitchen units only drawback some sliced bread does not fit in very annoying.

External appearancethis toaster comes in shiny silver with black sides. The external surfaces are attractive and will work well if your other kitchen appliances are also stainless steel. The surface does attract finger marks quite easily but is easy to shine up. It does not have a bread bun warmer on the top as with some more upmarket toasters. The size is typical for a modern 2 slice toaster (quite large. )the crumb tray is a typical flat design. I often find this to be difficult to empty and does not remove all the crumbs from inside the toaster. The browning modes are controlled using a slider on the bottom which is a little antiquainted these days but easy to use. There is also the usual defrost, eject, and quick reheat mode buttons. The lift and look feature is no different to most other toasters and is nothing revolutionary.

It’s very stylish and beautiful.

This is quite a smart looking toaster – in shiny stainless steel metal, with plastic-coated brushed copper effect end panels. The shiny side panels do show fingerprint marks really easily, so this needs quite a lot of cleaning to keep it looking smart. Although the metal sides of the toaster are nicely made, the plastic buttons, lever, and toast darkness adjuster are all made from plastic, and feel a little bit tacky. The single toasting slot is wide enough to accommodate slightly wonky cut at home fresh bread, and the extra width lets me test slices of home-made sour dough without needing to turn them part-way through. However, the slot is not deep enough to accommodate some of the most popular sliced bread types (warburton’s toastie, and similar style toastie loaves), leaving a section of bread sticking proud of the toaster, so you either have to tip the bread on its side, and cook one slice at a time horizontally since the slot is not long enough for two pieces put in this way, or put two in vertically eject them, and turn them the other way up part way through cooking – which doesn’t make for the most even of cooks. The toaster comes with a 2 year warranty, that can be extended to 3 years as long as it’s registered with the manufacturer within 28 days of purchase.

I was a bit disappointed by the appearance as the picture makes the front panel look a very dark grey whereas, in reality, it just looks one colour aluminium, at least under my lighting it does. If you look carefully, you can see it is two colours, but it’s not striking. It works really well, although i miss having a bagel/crumpet setting which toasts one side. I also miss the reheat function of my last toaster. It toasts really evenly and very, very quickly. Good wide slots and a frozen bread setting.

There is nothing left to invent with toasters, so they are sold mostly on looks – apart from that patronising student toaster from tefal that has a baked bean warmer. Toasters are awesome though – what used to involve making a fire and burning your knuckle with a toast fork now involves laughable easy. Since toasters first appeared on the scene they have added variable controls, thick/thin slots and toast from frozen. They can still burn toast though. By now there should be a toaster that will simply refuse to make charcoal. Anyway, there are only three things to note about this toaster:1. It is a competent toaster and does everything that every other mid-price toaster does; as a functional toaster it is neither amazing nor rubbish. The claim that it toasts more quickly does seem to be a bit true, but it is nothing to get too excited about2. It does look very smart, but clearly that is highly subjective. I reckon most toasters these days are bought on the basis of looks plus brand reliability.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stylish and quick

  • Nice toaster but its power cable is short!

  • Nice looking

Its easy to use, fast and efficient. The crumb tray is shallow it should be at least 1cm deep to collect the big crumbs.

Disappointed with toaster, the bread doesn’t fit properly so you have to turn it round half way through toasting to get it all brown.

I bought a toaster previously that looked like it would be a metallic red like this but it was matte and was ugly. This one is lovely and shiny and of course, does its job.

The one slot allows for some sliced bread to be turned sideways for full toasting. Love the toast warming button.

Well it has a ridiculous claim that it uses ‘fast toasting technology’. I think they mean it’s very hot. Well despite the silly description, it does work fast and is fine for my gf toast 🙂 others may find it too crispy on the outside, soft in the middle due to it’s ‘fast toasting technology’.

You know when you fancy a piece of toast and cannot wait for the toaster to do its business, well this toaster must have had this in mind because it seems to toast so much quicker than my old one. This lovely looking toaster really looks the business on my worktop; all shiny and well designed it is a credit to russell hobbs and makes my kitchen look great. In use the toaster is quick, but it is also very controllable by having a slider control for how you prefer your toast. Above the slider are three buttons that cancel, defrost or reheat. You can also lift the toast up to see how its doing, without stopping the actual toasting – very useful. The toast comes out evenly toasted but can be very hot, owing to the element getting somewhat hotter than a lot of toasters. The crumb stay is a good size and is easy to pull out and empty. The extra wide slots mean you can easily toast think bread without having the force the bread down. All in all an excellent toaster than looks great on the worktop, especially with the luna kettle that goes with it. Although i feel this is somewhat expensive, i cannot remove any stars as it is an excellent and high quality toaster.

Unfortunately difficult to gauge as sometimes toast still pale or sometimes too black, although can check it easily you have to stand and watch it.

Toast crust of bread black toast centre of bread brown.

Good quaiity and well made, it’s a shame about the plastic crumb tray but otherwise the toaster is all metal. The slots aren’t wide enough for a lot of breadcakes and the browning is slightly uneven but to be honest i haven’t tested a toaster that browns perfectly for decades. The toasting is good and reasonably quick, that’s the main thing. If you fancy a bit of red in your kitchen then this small toaster is recommended.

Quicker than most toasters we have ever owned which can sometimes be a disadvantage as the toast can still feel a bit soggy even though it is brown on the outside.

This is a very well made, and high quality toaster. The finish is a dark red than the image may suggest. The high lift function is great and helps when an item tears of you have inserted a small slice of toast or are doing a tea cake. There is nothing to not like about the excellent quality toaster.

This is an attractive, easy to use, quick toaster. Takes two slices up to 26mm thick. It has a defrost function enabling you to set your usual browning level, insert toast, press defrost and voila.I like the defrost toast slightly browned since it retains some moisture in the toast. A nice toaster which matches well with the sister luna kettle.

Nice toaster, very fast at toasting, but as with most toasters they just aren’t quite big enough to fully fit a standard slice of bread. Width is fine, but height is not quite there.

Really pleased i bought the toaster and kettle from this range. They look really stylish, somehow both contemporary and retro at the same time, and many friends have remarked on their appearance. I was originally looking for stainless steel but this finish is unusual and so much easier to keep clean and smear free. The toaster is super fast and as others have remarked it can be a disadvantage but personally when i want 2 slices of toast i usually want them quickly and would use a grill for a family breakfast. Too early to comment on durability but seems well built.

The size of the toast is limited to traditional sliced bread (square) in this toaster compared to the previous version i had. But it is quicker and easier to clean.

Looks good and value for money.

This russell hobs luna moonlight (grey) toaster features two slots, a ‘lift & look’ feature, variable browning control, frozen and reheat settings and its stand out function is that it claims to toast up to 55% faster than another model in the russell hobbs range. You get an instruction guide included and, if you register the product, you can get up to a 3 year warranty. The unit features rubber feet and a cord storage facility underneath plus the button controls are electronic rather than mechanical. At its current price (£50) i’d regard this as a lower mid-price toaster. Out of the box the toaster looks well enough finished although it feels a bit lightweight. Personally, i don’t think it looks as unique as the product description suggests, in fact, i think it looks a bit ordinary and arguably slightly dated. There’s also an anomaly, on the russell hobbs website the toaster is billed as coming with a bun warmer – there wasn’t any reference to this on the box i received and no bun warmer included. In use, the slots are quite wide so you’d get away with teacakes etc. And yes, it does toast quite quickly, certainly it’s quicker than my current toaster. The pop-up action feels a bit vague – it’s not as crisp as a sentry presenting arms but works okay.

Only cirticism is that, although a crumb tray is provided, every time the toaster is moved across the worktop, it leaves a small trail of crumbs.

Has 6 toasting levels and all the usual features – reheat and frozen bread buttons, and the ability to lift the toast to see how it is browning. The heating elements are very uneven in their penetration through the retaining plates, and i thought that the toasting would be extremely uneven as a result. Well it is a bit uneven, but not actually as much as i feared. It does toast very fast indeed, but unlike my previous toaster it doesn’t have a ‘ping’ sound upon completion, which for me is a significant drawback as i’m often doing other tasks elsewhere while waiting for the toast and rely on the ping somewhat. The sound of the popup is not very loud at all and can’t be relied upon if you are in a different room.

Nice looking toaster, which does the job. It just fits in two large slices on side, but only just. I needed a toaster that was not too wide, with one slot, so the measurements are perfect for me. The only surprise was the short power cord. For many people that will be fine and avoids coils of excess wire, but for me i needed it longer to run behind my microwave into a corner socket in my kitchen. But if you need a long cable, 1 to 2 m, be warned, this does not have one.

Easy to clean and quick to toast. You only need a low setting and even lower for fruit loaves. You can toast from frozen as there is a defrost setting. It has a high lift so no burnt fingers lifting the toast out.