Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle : Letting off Steam!

Great value and stylish kettle. Works well, nice illumination.

This kettle has an led light along the handle and the red colour fits in well with my kitchen. There is virtually no noise from it when it is boiling which is fantastic as i could not hear anyone talking in the kitchen when my old kettle was boiling.

Having read some bad reviews about this kettle i decided to give it a try due to its low price tag. I only have it a few weeks but have found it very satisfactory. It boils a lot faster than its predecessor . Only bad point (in my humble opinion) is the colour is a lot less glossy than it appears in the photos. Having invested in kettles at double the price tag , only to find them slow boiling or chipped to pieces within months, i think this kettle is stylish and excellent value for money.

One of the best kettles i’ve ever owned, quick boil, quiet, easy pour, steam only comes out of spout, doesn’t drip or leak, and easy to hold.

Replaced my de longhi with this cos it showed every mark and needed cleaning all the time, spat boiling water if you didn’t let it rest after boiling and never showed the correct level. This is just the opposite and has a more comfortable handle.

Works as a kettle should do. I wish the bit where the water was poured out was metal, rather than a plastic that might break easily, but so far have had no problems.

It’s ok when filled to appropriate mark at top has tendency to boil over and spill from spout.

For me this wasn’t the right purchase as it was made of plastic inside and outside. I wanted a bpa free kettle and i thought this would be it, however i returned it because it wasn’t bpa free. I didn’t use the kettle but it looked pretty good.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Large capacity, light up, swivel base, easy pour spout, flip up lid for easy fill – black/silver design looks classy in kitchen
  • Aa excellent design butgive it time.

Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle + 2-Slice Toaster, Black

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Really pleased with this kettle it looks good and does what it should do a great complement to the 2 slice russell hobbs toaster which i purchased at the same time.

Received my new russell hobbs kettle today (15/02/17), ahead of expected delivery dates. The deep red colour is really nice. It does as a kettle is meant to. The blue light is attractive and looks different against the red.

Got this as a replacement kettle, cost effective for size and light up feature. Have had this now for many months, it is used daily for cups of tea and boiling water as required, and i have had no issues with it so far. The spout is easy to pour from so no drips, and the lid flips open/attached, so allows for quick and easy fill. Lovely item, sits on a swivel base so can point to left or right to fit in with your kitchen requirements. A lovely item, and i would personally buy it again.

Excellent kettle at the price takes rather a long time for the thermostat to switch it off but that’s not a massive problem. Plastic interior doesn’t affect water taste.

The cattle design is beautiful and the led is great but the limescale problem does exist in this product have to wash it twice a week even after using filtered water.

Boiling could be faster but i am used to a rapid boil so can’t really complain. Plastic for switch, spout and filter seem cheap but again for a cheap quick purchase as our previous kettle broke it will do. Actually we have not yet replaced with a more expensive model as this kettle doesn’t seem to have the limescale build up our previous ones have suffered from. . Which is a plus that far outweighs the cheaper build quality.

Excellent quality for the money. It looks better than on pictures and boils the water really quick and silent would definitely recommend to anyone.

I like that this is both a left handed and a right handed kettle, in thati, as a left hander can easily see the fill line. It’s nice and quiet in operation and the flip up lid operates smoothly. The only downside is the shape of the handle; it’s a little thick neat the top making it a bit awkward to hold when it’s full. At my age with a touch of arthritis in my fingers this may cause a problem.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Large capacity, light up, swivel base, easy pour spout, flip up lid for easy fill – black/silver design looks classy in kitchen
  • Aa excellent design butgive it time.

Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle + 2-Slice Toaster, Black

This kettle is very well made and works very efficiently. Very happy with my product and i would recommend it. Love the light feature on it.

Lightweight kettle, looks stylish, quick to boil. Recipient very happy with it for those reasons, bought it as a gift to replace a broken one.

I don’t know what some reviewers expect from a kettle but for me this boils quickly, is not too noisy, it doesn’t drip or leak when pouring and the lid is easy to open.

The best kettle for the best money u can’t beat it. Had the older version of this and it lasted 2+ years so fingers crossed this one does good capacity not loud and it’s a russel lol.

Great kettle good value for money.

However after 3 months the blue light stopped working, doesn’t effect its use but a little annoying.

Reasonably quick and not too loud.

Quite disappointed although i have left the lid open for several days when i used the boiled water for tea or coffee there was a strong disinfectant taste to the drink and i don’t know how to cure it, sop i’m afraid i am back using my old one.

I did read the reviews warning of the plastic taste, which i did taste slightly on the first few boils, but after the a few boils is no problem at all. The filling is very easy and due to the plastic sides the kettle is not that heavy. The pouring is the best i ever had very fast and precise. Doesnot seem to be any slower to boil or more noisy than any of my previous kettles. Very good buy for the price.

Followed instructions before using boiled water but liquid still tastes. We will persevere and hope the nasty taste disappears. 10/11/17now used this kettle for over a week and the strange taste has all but gone from the boiled water.

I bought this as a replacement for an old version of a similar rh one. It seems to have the same boiling time, which is fairly slow (full capacity). I was hoping it’d be quicker. Not a deal breaker though, it’s a lovely looking kettle. Noise is average, not quiet but not really loud either. Don’t expect luxury, it is plastic-y, the picture makes it look more sturdy. Pouring is nice and drip free. The blue light looks really good as well however i never understand a blue light when you’re boiling water. Happy with my purchase overall and can’t go wrong for £23.

Bought to replace an old office kettle and this one does the job perfectly. Nice red colour, good filter inside and compeitive price.

Boils pretty quick, looks great, easy to setup.

Attractively priced and well worth the money. Russell hobbs is a good make with an excellent reputation for durability. Little blue light a novelty.

Features and Spesification

  • Easy pour spouts with push to open hinged lid
  • 360 degrees kettle base with integrated cord storage
  • Toaster has variable browning control and width bread slots for thick and thin slices
  • Defrost, reheat and mid-cycle cancel functions