Russell Hobbs My Breakfast Two Slice Toaster : What it’s made from

Up until now, i have only used the very durable steel kettles in the russel hobbs line up. This is plastic, but still feels well put together. What i like about is are the extras the most durable version does not offer. The water window is very important to me. I can see without opening the kettle. The second very nice feature is the flip out lid operated by a button conveniently located at the top of the handle. The pour filter is removable and easy to put back. This may not be as strong as the steel version but i like the few extras.

It was described in the listing as being stainless steel but as you know it’s plastic. I only bought it because i thought it was stainless steel. Just have to keep it as i needed a kettle.

This is a very nicely designed plastic kettle. You can see very clearly how much water is in the kettle which is a great plus,and a light shows you when it is on. For the price, i think this is a very good kettle suitable for use all the time, not just for breakfast.

I had the basic rh kettle before this one pours so much better.

Just wanted a basic black and white kettle that would match my kitchen, looked at 100s and various prices but in the end went for this one. Happy with it quick boil and looks good and very reasonably priced.

Russell hobbs 25070 my breakfast electric kettle, 2200 w, 1. 7 liters, white/blackthe kettle. This is a cordless kettle from russel hobbs. 7 litres of water and comes in black and white, a nice change from the usual silver. It is well made and comes with a standard 2 years warrantee and another year if you register your purchase on their website. It has a large viewing window to see the water level and an illuminated ‘on’ light. It is a 2200-watt kettle so is not the fastest boiling kettle we have had.

I am very happy with this kettle but it does take a lng time to boil.

It shows how much water is in the kettle. Is easy to clean and boils water quietly and rapidly.

  • it works
  • Reliable and good value
  • A decent budget kettle from a trusted brand – matching toaster also available

Russell Hobbs My Breakfast Two Slice Toaster with Kettle – White and Black

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This basic kettle from russell hobbs is 2200w, ice white and midnight black monochrome, 1. 7l and is ideal for smaller kitchens or those of us who just want a simple kettle. This is great value and a good quality product.

This is 2200w and marginally cheaper than more powerful 3000w kettles. Because it has lower power, it takes marginally longer to boil. A full kettle – of the kind you might need to fill a pan of water – took almost five minutes to boil. It has a shorter lead than kettles that are a few £s more – only 27 inches. Other russell hobbs kettles have leads which are ten inches longer, which can be important if it is difficult from kitchen layout to place your kettle right next to the socket. It’s made of plastic rather than metal – so a little less robust. It also has a hinged lid, which means it is easier to open with your thumb while holding the kettle underneath the tap, but which also in my experience is a hinge that breaks after a year or two of hard water use when the scale damages the spring. Plus points – it has an integral element, so it is easy to keep clean in hard water areas. It has a window so you can see at a glance how much water is inside. It has a light to show the kettle is on – which is good because it takes a little while to tell you with a water-warming-up sound.

Used in church catering setting and we have 4 in regular use.

I’m a big fan of russell hobbs and over the years have had many of their products. It is good to see them changing styles to meet modern tastes whilst keeping the quality that the brand is ultimately known for. We are big believers in only boiling the amount of water you need for the job. 7 litre kettle is a good size for us and the water level indicator is very useful. The kettle has a matching toaster too. Very pleased as this kettle does not take too much room and the lead reaches the socket nicely. The white and black makes it quite neutral.

Though called the breakast kettle it has proved efficient and relatively quiet thoughout the day. The décor fits in well with our newly redesigned kitchen. Design has the main features we were looking for, visual level, wide top lid which is controlled by a covenient push button, and removable filter. Well thought out design, full marks.

A stylish and effective kettle, which looks fab and works well. Fast to boil, it is a little loud compared to our previous kettle. But it works quickly, and water stays beautifully warm too.

I wasn’t sure if i’d like a white kettle, although admittedly this is a white and black kettle. I think the advent of coloured and silver finish kettles has pushed the white kettle out as the colour of choice which it was when i was little. What makes this kettle great for me is that, unlike my recent coloured or silver kettles from russell hobbs, this one has both a gauge to measure how much water you’ve put in but also a light to say the kettle is in use. I could cope without the gauge but not having a light is terrible so this kettle has been welcomed with joy.It boils fast and it pours well so is a good kettle performance-wise too.

In describing this as a basic plastic kettle i’m not being unfair, that’s what it is. The power cord is quite short, and having just a 2. 2kw element it’s rather a slow boiler, but one always has to consider the price.

  • it works
  • Reliable and good value
  • A decent budget kettle from a trusted brand – matching toaster also available

Russell Hobbs My Breakfast Two Slice Toaster with Kettle – White and Black

I liked the look of this kettle and it replaced one which i could no longer use.

A good kettle for under £20, from an established brand. The window on the side is a good size to see the water level. I half filled it and it took just under 90 seconds to reach boiling point.

This russell hobbs 25070 my breakfast electric kettle is a decent budget model with all the extra features most users will need. The kettle is finished in a smart ice white plastic, with black trim, and suits our black & white themed kitchen perfectly. The kettle’s capacity is a decent 1. 2kw element it boils reasonably quickly; there is a clear window to check the water level and the switch is illuminated for indicating when the kettle is on. The 360° base features cord storage and is suitable for both right and left hand users, the lid has a switch-type action for easy filling and a removable filter helps to keep any bits out of your cuppa. At around twenty quid currently from amazon this kettle will not break the bank and is perfect for everyday use – and not just at breakfast time. As you might guess there is a matching two-slice toaster, which is also around twenty pounds currently from amazon, and the pair would look good on many breakfast-bars.

Features and Spesification

  • High gloss plastic, ice white with midnight black monochrome design
  • Variable browning control ensures your toast is done exactly how you like it
  • High lift function makes it easier to remove items such as crumpets and bagels
  • 2200W, ice white and midnight black monochrome 1.7L kettle, fits perfectly with any kitchen
  • Easy view water window to ensure you have just the amount you need
  • 360° base with integrated cord storage to fit around the style of your kitchen, while making ease of use for both right and left hand users