Russell Hobbs Oxford Kettle – Bruno

The thermostat was a bit iffy at first, the water would reach the boil and the off switch would not trigger. Then sometimes the water would not have reached boiling point but the off switch would trigger early. This lasted for a couple of months and as of now it seems to have ‘settled in’ and the thermostat / switch is operating as it should. The best thing about this design is no level indicator to fatigue and crack and the water level marker inside is.

I am unable to fault this kettle for the money i paid for it. Neat, fast easy to fill and clean and now i have one i see several when i notice the kettles others have bought.

When delivered it was left outside behind my black bin, which i wasn’t happy with. The kettle boils very quickly but the downside is its very noisy.

Chose this kettle over many others as my friend has one so i knew the feel of the handle and pouring action was right for me. The only criticisms are i like others, would prefer to have a fill level visible on the outside and the spout filter comes loose every now and again. Not a problem as it’s easily put back, just irritating.

The kettle is compact, fast to boil, etc. Only feature missing is a light to show that you have actually turned it on. But is is our spare when the aga is unavailable, so not a big issue.

Very pleased with this kettle, doesn’t have a water level indicator externally but is nice and compact.

Really happy with this purchase. A good quality sturdy kettle without a complicated lid mechanism that breaks – you simply pull the lid off – perfect. We have had a lot of very expensive kettles in the past that didn’t last long, scaled up and died. This is showing no signs of scaling, was value for money but still looks stylish. Would defiantly buy this again but hopefully won’t need to too soon.

I bought this kettle five years ago and it it has been in daily use without any problems or leaks. It boils the water and i make the tea.

Very small filler opening via spout and no ‘on’ light when it is active. Heats quite quickly but i would spend a bit more for the reasons outlined.

Great replacement kettle, good price.

It does have some smell when boiling like other reviewer said. I’ve already took off the plastic red level inside, but smell remained, so i was thinking maybe it’s the top covers’ plastic giving that smell. I treated it with hot boiling water, sank it down until it filled the inside space (the middle of that plastic cover is empty), repeated few times. It improved a lot, so i will keep it.

Its a kettle what can u say it does not leak lol.

What can i say apart from its a kettle. It does what a kettle supposed to do and that’s about it really. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs Oxford Kettle:

  • Brushed stainless steel kettle with plastic accents
  • Rapid boil zone feature denoting 1/2/3 cup volumes
  • Easy pour spout
  • 1.7 L capacity
  • 360 degree base with integrated cord storage

I was very pleased with this kettle initially. It looks good and has the helpful feature of tabs inside the kettle to indicate how far to fill it for 1 – 3 cups. It developed a fault after a couple,of days and refused to work at all. Then as i was looking up how to return it, it spontaneously started working again. So i’m feeling a bit less confident about giving it more than 3 stars.

Wish i’d bought this item years ago as it the best kettle i’ve every had and i’ve had a few over the yearsas my kettle is always on.

A pretty standard kettle, slightly annoying that you have to take the lid of to see the water indicator but overall it does what it is designed to do.

Really impressed with the quick delivery also great price for the value def recommend.

Good looking,very good value bought to replace similar product which suddenly died on me after 3 years. Hopefully this will last a bit longer. Only disappointment is there is no water level indicator on the outside so you have to keep checking water level.

It is a bit tinny there is nothing special to talk to you about the russell hobs it is a basic kettle that will do for now. It was just there was no water level out side the kettle which i have been use to and i thought the switch was a bit flimsy but it worked very well and it was fast boil and there was no mental taste with the drink i tasted which is good , although i would rather have this metal kettle than a plastic one. I actually gave my brand new one away and went out and brought a better brand which was cheaper but much better , i would also say that i brought a russell hobs toaster but it kept tripping all the electrics in my kitchen , i must emphasise that i did not purchase this toaster from amazon but another well known store where you use their catalogues to order goods. I may have been unlucky with my russell hobs items but it does not mean the kettle was no good it was but it was not what i thought it would be, i read most of the reviews before purchasing and there was some very good reviews for this brand, i was just unlucky with the toaster i guess. And the well known store was very good and refunded my money without a quibble.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect eco kettle but starts to dribble after a while
  • It was just there was no water level out side the kettle which I have been use to and i thought the switch was a bit flimsy but
  • A top kettle!

I had one of these kettles and when my mums kettle broke we replaced it for her with this kettle, easy to clean, good price and works very well.

Russell hobbs quality pros:reaches boiling point fast. It is not incredibly loud as some others i have used before. (it is not silent either, though)i read reviews that it can cause horrible smells when in contact with hard water. Not my case yet and i have been using it for 4 months. Will update if notice anything.

It came very promptly and is just what i needed. I would highly recommend it to any prospective purchasers.

If you have any issues with the smell, boil some white vinegar two times, give it a good rinse, boil some water, give it a good rinse again. If it smells like vinegar, boil some more water and give it another rinse – this should work. With kettles this is the perfect way to remove any bacteria before using.

Great kettle apart from one feature – spout opening is narrow so need to take lid off when filling.

A smart kettle which matches my other kitchen appliances perfectly. It is robust and boils a small amount of water extremely quickly. I am very pleased with this product except for the water filter which keeps falling out during use instead of remaining tucked in to the kettle’s spout.

Good for the price,looks good,boils quickly,recommended.

Great kettle and gets lots of use round ours.

So far so good, this is a replacement to original order.

Stainless steel with no plastic liner to leach chemicals into the water. No water gauge window to crack and fail, no soft close or hinged lid to break. It just boils water efficiently, and hopefully will outlast all the fancy kettles i’ve wasted money on. And, with the two year eec compulsory guarantee on all electrical goods, i should get at least 2 years out of it at £10 per year. The water level indicator inside the kettle is plastic which is a pity, but it is a minor amount of plastic compared to many kettles. Knobs can come off so the simple pinch lid is another reason why this one might last. It is single walled so hot to touch, but for goodness sake, so were all kettles before they started making plastic and double walled ones.

Looks good and does not feel cheap. Can get slightly hotter than my old crappy plastic one, but it is not a big problem. Will write an update if any problem will transpire in the future.

Very good value and has many features very useful. Delivered in good condition and on time.

Lovely, neat design and even has markers inside for 1, 2 or 3 cups of water. I just wish those markers, too, were of stainless steel. The plastic just is not a good idea, especially when heated up. But for that, i’d give it a 5 star.

This is a perfect kettle for me – no guage on the side to get clogged up in limescale. The inner markers for 1/2/3 mugs are bright red and easy to see – they are red plastic tabs which poke out the middle of the kettle. When the water reaches the first tab it’s 1 mug, 2nd tab reached = 2 mugs, 3rd tab = 3 mugs. And the tabs are spot on too. Proper mug measures not nancy cup measures. Additionally the tabs cannot get clogged with limescale. In the title of this review i have called it an eco kettle. It doesn’t sell itself as such, but as far as i am concerned if you can easily and reliably boil one mug of water time and time again, you will save a fortune. As someone who occasionally works with blind clients, i would be interested to know whether any visually impaired customers have managed to use this kettle – it seems to me that a plastic tab you can feel in relation to water level should be suitable (only when kettle is cold of course). Feel free to comment and let me know***update after 6 monthsthe water started to pour down the outside of the kettle when pouring.

A good quality kettle but more attention needs to be made with regard to the filter as it has a poor fitting which comes loose and drops inside the kettle.

Minimum plastic, and that does it for me. I didn’t have any problem with the metallic taste that others complained of, but i did boil with bicarbonate of soda a couple of times before using. A bit noisy, but who cares?.

The only negative is that it hasn’t got a light indicator to show when it’s switched on. You have to listen for it to click off when boiled. Other than that – a very nice kettle.

My last russell hobbs kettle met an untimely end, thanks to me accidentally switching it on without any water in. I found this one on amazon warehouse deals at a really good price and checked out the customer reviews. (always useful) the kettle arrived really quickly and very well packaged. It’s a great kettle and i love it. It really does boil one cup in 45secs as stated and yes it does pour without spilling a drop. The design is well thought out with a good firm and full handle. (i don’t like those half-handle designs) the lid is easy to lift off and clicks securely into place.

It’s very successful in boiling water. I like it, but the lid is not functional at all. Every time i want to fill the kettle with water i have to disassemble the lid from the kettle and put it somewhere. It’s not the smartest design, but i recommend this product as it’s very simple and have a nice look.

Very pleased with this, especially as it has no external water guage, even when full it doesn’t seem heavy, pours well.

So it does what it says on the tin, but the lid is loose, so it steam escapes the lid. The water level dislpay is on the inside maked on the kettle, which is not easy to see when you have water in the kettle.

Good for single cups as it has measuring stops inside.

The lid is one of my favourite bits. It pops on and off without any hinge. So i’m hoping that’s one less thing to go wrong.

I am very pleased with this kettle. I would not have bought it had it been full price but for £20 had to get it. My last kettle after 6 months was dripping everytime i used it so i saw this and thought good value for the money. Its looks nice, not to noisy and easy to fill.